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  1. His design is shite mate. Exaggerated as much as he could to produce a limited capacity. Probably paid for by Milne. Plenty of people have shown how modern stands can fit in the existing footprint of Pitoddrie. It isn't hard to see how Aberdeen fans are being hoodwinked into thinking they can't renovate the current stadium.
  2. Lol. That post on Dons Talk where these supposed professional architects couldn't be bothered to look up the standard pitch size and just made it as big as possible.
  3. Best sim-free Phone <£200

    Erm no. If you have O2 (or any MVNO that uses their network Giff Gaff, Tesco, Sky) you won't get a 4G signal if you don't have Band 20 (800MHz) https://www.4g.co.uk/4g-frequencies-uk-need-know/ 800MHz is the best frequency for wide area coverage and indoor coverage since lower frequencies travel further, bend better and penetrate walls better. My phone is showing VoLTE on Three which means it is actively using Band 20. https://www.4g.co.uk/what-is-volte/ EE does seem to be doing some shady things with their 800MHz band but that is only one carrier.
  4. Best sim-free Phone <£200

    I just got my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 yesterday. Less than £120 for 5.5 inch 1080P screen. Belter. https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_704640.html On the smaller version, nothing wrong with the 720P screen. The linked model doesn't support 800MHz 4G, kind of a big issue since all carriers use that band. O2 only have 800MHz 4G and you will have diminished coverage with other carrier. You need to get the Global Version https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_625751.html?wid=4 So just make sure you check you get the correct version. FDD-LTE B20. TD-LTE doesn't matter, it is only used in China.
  5. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    Could be pish but I think it wouldn't be a bad gamble. He can't be any worse than Fisher. The usual Motherwell source Scott Mullen is in Dubai. No idea who the sun reporter is either. His name might be as fake as the story.
  6. The Graeme Murty's Rangers 2017/8 Thread

    Pretty sure that is supposed to be MOtherwell. Betting Rangers to finish bottom is dumb since they would only get a 15 point penalty for entering admin. Putting them 7th and only a point outside the Top 6.
  7. Seems like an odd decision. Blacking out visitors viewing threads is usually reserved for Kickback/RangersMedia meltdowns.
  8. Give us a couple of links to these forum threads please. I only really go to afc-chat to see Aberdeen implosions and I don't see any stadium thread on there.
  9. Celtic v The Rangers*

    I thought the game was alright. Tavernier MotM by miles, should have 2 assists to his name. Celtic were completely pish going forward and could barely pass it out from the back.
  10. Agreed Barring the actual distance to Aberdeen it is quite a good away trip. Never had issues with parking, usually park at the beach and jump into one of the golf clubs next to Pittodrie. Going up on the train is fine as well. 30 minutes from station to the ground with a few pit stops along the way. About the same distance as Waverley to Easter Road. With Kingsford it looks like the train is right out. Parking is going to be shocking. So it seems like the supporters bus is the way to go.
  11. Again 3 holding players in midfield did us no favours. And two of them were shocking. Grimshaw is a clogger and McHugh is running about without a clue. All the more damning because the Dundee goal came from McGown coming untracked from midfield and he could have scored again with his chip shot that clipped the bar and was again in acres of space. I thought the defence actualy played pretty well and Carson was again fantastic. Going forward Tanner was the only real bright spark. Tait was so-so and Cadden looked half fit from kick-off. We need to sign another striker in January that is for certain. We seemed to have rushed everyone back too early and it seems like Cadden, Frear, Hartley and Carson are going to be out again. Without knowing what players have said about their own fitness it is hard to put the blame on the manager but we played down a man for most of the 2nd half. So I suppose credit for gutting out the draw when Dundee were really pressing in the last 15 minutes. Still a disappointing game overall.
  12. Project Brave rumbles on..

    Aye the SPFL is also shit at marketing.
  13. I don't know if they gave offside or for studs up as the keeper was going for the ball. After throwing the first half hard to be raging about anything else. Made our own bed. Went to the bottom of the league, just skelped at the weekend and sat 8 men behind the ball and even then we couldn't defend
  14. Robinson is an idiot not starting Tanner and Bigi who were both excellent in the 2nd half. Grimshaw is a clogger and Andy Rose is even worse. Shocking tactics and line up. Blame lies with the manager given the exact same thing happened at Tynecastle.
  15. The Spittal Special was straight down the keeper's throat. Griffith got himself in a mess and flapped right past it. 2nd goal Dunne actually did no bad stepping out but no midfielder looked for an easy pass. Ball given away for an easy goal. 3rd we just fell to bits.