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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Him and Bene were having a laugh and a bit banter the first game we played away to United last season so it must've happened after that if there is any bad blood between the two.
  2. Week 13

    Whats actually went wrong in Kansas? How have they just went to utter shit.
  3. Week 13

    Keenum is a stud, bye week is looking very likely.
  4. Week 13

    Game in MetLife has been v good.
  5. Week 13

    What is Gronk doing
  6. Week 13

  7. Week 13

    Very tentative game in Atlanta so far, both teams with missed opportunities, win this and I'll start thinking about a bye week.
  8. What Culture

    I miss Adam, can't help but feel he has made too big a deal about this as well.
  9. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Which hotel was That? The only hotel in Glenrothes I can think a wedding would be at is the Gilvinbank and they definitely have Tennents on draught.
  10. Week 12

    Maybe if sanu was QB they would be having a better season.
  11. Week 12

    Sanu is 6-6 with 3 TDs
  12. Thanksgiving Thursday 2017

    That got a little worrying at one point there but very good win. That's us in the playoffs I reckon start to look at a bye.
  13. Thanksgiving Thursday 2017

    Underrated? He's the highest paid QB in the league.
  14. Thanksgiving Thursday 2017

    Keenum is a stud.
  15. Thanksgiving Thursday 2017

    Not even close to a TD