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  1. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

    They look a lot better than we do, much like the first game and the away game.
  2. NFL General Discussion

    He's still the boy, that will never change.
  3. Irn Bru

    If nothing had been said about this changing no one would ever have noticed. I got a bottle yesterday without realising and it's identical to the original.

    f**k yaasssss

    What a catch. f**k the Pats, put up some numbers Eagles
  6. Overtime ??

    I work pretty much every Saturday morning at 1.5x my wage, 6 hours a week beings me an extra £350 a month which I put away for holidays or just now my wedding. It's not a bad system as I still have from 12 on Saturday until I go back on Monday off.
  7. Divisional Round

    Just woke the bird up with that what an end.
  8. Divisional Round

    Oh my fucking days what just happened
  9. Divisional Round

    This is horrible.
  10. Divisional Round

    2 completely different saints teams in each half. Makes for some ending.
  11. Divisional Round

    Blistering start from the Vikes, gotta think the D will hold firm.
  12. Divisional Round

    Huge pick.
  13. Divisional Round

    f**k yes, KAMON
  14. Divisional Round

    That was exactly what I was hoping for There, I'd much prefer to play the eagles of we progress rather than the falcons even if we have to travel. Buzzing for the game tomorrow, home game and excellent defence should see a nervy win.
  15. There's a proper Yer da behind me today, cringing at everything he's coming out with.