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  1. Exactly. Which is why union flag-waving is seen by many in this country as a symbol of oppression. I think the UK could do a lot worse than ditch it in favour of something that better reflects our multicultural society. Vaguely straying back to the subject of the thread, the demise of Rangers may help bring this day closer.
  2. I don't think there's much point in debating whether or not Newco Rangers can claim the history of Oldco Rangers, because they are going to do it anyway. I don't have any particular problem with that - a team called Rangers won things in the past and a team called Rangers might win things in the future. The financial/legal continuity wouldn't be a problem to me if it was Stirling Albion - I support the team on the park not limited company number whatever it is. But I would like the the history to be corrected to have any trophies that were won through cheating removed from the official record. And I would be particularly delighted if one of the awards removed from the record books was the title "won" by Billy Dodds.
  3. No. This is entirely the wrong approach. The door is ajar here - encourage it to open further, don't slam it shut. The black-and-white view of the world doesn't encourage the change I think we would all welcome. Communication, dialogue, and shades of grey. Oops that just slipped out.
  4. For those who still regard the the old firm as two cheeks of the same ar$e, doesn't it now seem a particularly lop-sided ar$e?
  5. Cheers - good advice. I've got bills to pay, financial obligations to meet.
  6. Last night I heard the Rangers singing their songs New co players going cheap cheap Woke up this morning and the Rangers were gone New co players going cheap cheap Where's your Rangers gone? Where's your Rangers gone All your titles gone All your titles gone Little Sammy gone Little Sammy gone Fan-tastic day
  7. Mrs 8? You might have saved a lot of bother by telling any of the previous seven all they had to do was book you a holiday.
  8. I think the point is that Aberdeen were the accidental beneficiaries of a rule change - the rules weren't changed on their account.
  9. Disappointing. Not enough inflammatory hate-filled rhetoric. Are you sure you're even trying to stoke up sectarianism?
  10. No, I'm saying the demise of Rangers would alleviate and might even eradicate any sectarian problem at Celtic. If it's true it takes two to Tango maybe changing the dance to a bit of solo riverdancing would get rid of a lot of the bile and hatred.
  11. Yes I thought so. Making looking forward more difficult. Hopefully there aren't too many like you who are prepared to keep the sectarianism fuelled up even after the demise of Rangers.
  12. I'm moving on and looking into the future. Not sure what you're doing. Making that more difficult?
  13. I'm not sure that's true. I think they would continue be able to exploit the Irish traditional stuff. It would be a lot less bigoted and hate-filled but that's a good thing.
  14. I presume this has been argued to death elsewhere by more knowledgeable people than me, but I can't see why it's a given that the SPL needs Rangers. Granted, Celtic will lose out, but then they have the near-certain championship to compensate. The closest potential challengers (eg. Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd) will lose two big gates a season, but if they are competing for second place I could see them making that up over the rest of the home games. The others such as Motherwell*, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, St Mirren might also benefit from bigger travelling supports from the first four named. Plus there would be 5 places up for grabs in the top six rather than 4. As for TV money, overall cake smaller, but everyone gets a bigger slice no? *very unfair on current placing I know!
  15. Unless forced to by UEFA like the Swiss FA were over Sion