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  1. Queens v Pars

    Definitely looked like two teams going nowhere today. Absolutely awful game! We may see a few more good performances this season but we don’t have the consistency to finish fourth and we definitely don’t have the consistency required to actually do anything in the playoffs!
  2. Queens v Pars

    Any commentary on Pars tv today?! I only have video
  3. Re live streaming; they will be allowed to stream everything except Saturday 3pm. http://www.worldfootball.net/news/_n2894909_/english-clubs-to-stream-games-under-new-deal/
  4. League 1 & League 2 Clubs in England have signed a deal enabling them to broadcast a live stream not only to foreign viewers but UK based viewers also. Is this a good or bad thing? Overall I’m not sure. Would such a service be beneficial to us if the Scottish league does the same? It’ll probably continue to affect away attendances (I think the foreign streams already do,) but would a few of the fans who can’t be areas to turn up shell out a few quid to watch in their living room?
  5. It’s a bit silly to use that season as an example. We got lucky with a few of the young players all reaching a good level at the same time, complemented with others in form such as Lyle. We are not going to be able to put a squad like that together very often even with excellent stewardship at the club. We were also unlucky in the sense that any normal championship season that would’ve been a title winning/challenging team.
  6. It is relevant as it shows we are capable of big performances this season. We just lack consistency and are unable to do that week in week out.
  7. Our away support also seems pretty poor these days. What happened to that? Did the central belt fans lose interest? Less folk travelling now with quite a few games live on the internet?
  8. Full time football seems safe for next season but money needs to come from somewhere if we want it to continue after that. There’s no quick fixes re crowds. Obviously if we manage to have a playoff or cup run this season/next season that should help a little bit. Perhaps a small increase in gate prices is due this summer. Any further increase should only be to subsidise kids getting in for free imo. For me part time football would be hard to stomach after the relatively successful period we’ve enjoyed. If it does happen though we should treat it as a wake up call to build again for the future.
  9. Leighfield was solid enough again wasn’t he? I’ve got sympathy for Martin’s injury situation but surely Leighfield deserves some more game time. When he was about to come on on Saturday GN said to him “it’s a difficult game to come into, just go and do your best.” Doesn’t suggest he’s confident in him. Tbh it irked me a bit, surely it should be more along the lines of “we’ve got every confidence in you, go and take your chance lad!” (St Mirren tv which I was watching live had a guy near the dugout.)
  10. Surely Leighfield should be given a chance?!
  11. Sounds like Leighfield was good on Saturday? I would like to see him get more game time.
  12. Nowhere near our top priority when we already have Dobbie and Lyle. Having said that if he was willing to take a pay per play deal I would take him back and he would be a good option in the event of a Dobbie injury.
  13. Ideally three players required but I would definitely prioritize 1) CM 2) CB 3) LM. If we only sign one more player but he is a decent central midfielder I will feel more optimistic about our prospects. IN that case we would have replaced like for like in defense, made a huge improvement in midfield and slightly weakened ourselves upfront which is better prioritisation IMO. I think Del still has something to offer. The only concern really is that we’ve lost the pace of Kane. In that regard hopefully Dykes will play upfront if he’s going to play as I feel he offers a lot more there than in midfield.
  14. That is good transfer business so far. CM is the priority for sure. How was Fergusson getting on at Annan?
  15. It does look like a lot of kids attend games which is a good thing. Maybe we will see the benefit in years to come. Keeping them interested - probably best to bridge the gap from junior blue to full adult price. I think the club already does this? If a new ‘young team’ emerges in future perhaps we can learn some lessons from the past and try to nurture them. Again I’m not overly criticising the club, maybe we could all find a better way to move forward with such a group. Something that relates directly to me - keeping expat fans interested and involved. There will always be young folks moving away from Dumfries and Scotland. Probably larger numbers in future. Can we keep them more engaged through things such as live streaming of games? That debate has already been had on here but it’s something we should look to do in the long term. I haven’t ruled out volunteering myself when I move back to Scotland!
  16. I’ve defended him up till now but I’m starting to lose my patience with Naysmith. I find it really frustrating that we’re not capitalising on the benefit of having Dobbie in the team. Against Dunfermline you see what we should be capable of but our inconsistency is so frustrating. Why is this? I believe our failure to address the midfield issue in the summer is our biggest problem. The weakness of our midfield is well documented and even when we win games, we rarely boss the middle. Getting Thomson in, or someone similar/better should have been a higher priority, even at the expense of Kane. There’s a lot of debate about our defensive problems recently and they do exist. But our defence is always under so much pressure because of our lack of midfield and our inability to manage games and keep possession. Possession at home to Dumbarton was 49%. Going through the team; you can’t really criticise him for Martin, everyone thought it was a great signing. Getting rid of both Higgins and Dowie seems the wrong move, may have been best to keep one and at least we wouldn’t be so reliant on loan deal Kerr who appears to be on his way out. Mercer isn’t the worst player I’ve ever seen but didn’t we pay money for him?! Crazy if we did. Midfield. Well, Rankin probably should’ve been given a deal to the end of last season. When it became obvious that Thomas and Thomson were pushing him out of the team that should have been the end. Instead because we offered him a two year deal it’s starting to feel like we’re stuck with him. There could be a player in Murray but he’s not ready to be relied upon yet. I’m hopeful that Thomson will get better as he settles but who else do we have in midfield? This is the most pressing issue and I would be looking to sign someone else for central mid as a priority, preferably to replace Rankin. What we should be doing is building a decent solid team that gets the basics right around Dobbie. Instead I don’t really know what direction we’re going in. At one point we were even trying to fit McFadden into a team already containing Dobbie, Lyle and absolutely no midfield energy. I’ll be delighted if I’m wrong but I don’t think we have what it takes to finish in the top four this season and even if we did we would have to win or draw potentially six games against 3rd, 2nd and a prem team. There is no way we have the consistency for that. Is there really much point in scraping 4th place with no real belief that you’ve got any chance to go forward? I’m sure there’ll be a few more amazing wins this season when the opposition gets it wrong or Dobbie has an unplayable day. But I would rather grind out a few more results and be a bit more solid/consistent. That’s the way forward for me. We’re only two points from 4th so I’m not giving up yet but this window is Naysmith’s last chance to prove to me that he’s actually got what it takes to move us forward. I know our budget is not the highest but I believe we are capable of better, especially with a fit Dobbie. Dobbie may sign for one more year and it may be best to let someone else try and make the most out of this amazing asset.
  17. He was great for us for many years but he was gash when GN got rid of him. Right decision imo and one good performance for the Pars won’t change my mind.
  18. Re crowds I believe the Rangers decision put off a few hundred of our regulars. But our crowds were already going down before that happened. I think the board are doing a good job overall, I don’t really think they can do much more to entice fans and don’t forget they managed to bring Dobbie back. There’s no evidence that reducing prices brings fans through the door long term. A winning team used to be a guarantee of more support coming in but even that seems increasingly debatable. Look at teams like Hamilton and our crowds when we were top last season. There are no quick fixes. Engaging with the community is probably the best long term solution. Getting kids interested and then keeping them interested in their late teens is also a way forward imo. But the board have at least tried to address that. Maybe we should look at examples of other clubs who’s attendances have gone up a lot over the last decade. What did they do that we didn’t? Someone mentioned Falkirk’s attendance v us and it was indeed very impressive considering where they are in the league. Other examples would be clubs that have recently enjoyed much more supporter engagement. That seems to get everyone on board and boost the crowds; Hearts, St Mirren and the Pars for example. Maybe that’s where we should look to go in the long term. Btw I’m not saying they’re doing a perfect job (And the Rangers decision still disgusts me,) but I don’t think they deserve some of the criticism being dished out on here.
  19. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    The only positive you. An move forward with is that Thomson looked good and should start next match.
  20. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    Against us it is not a surprise
  21. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    Well done Dobbie. Might just have given us some hope. But we need to be a different team 2nd half, and I would start by getting Thomson on. Still, It was terrible defending that gave away the first two...
  22. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    This is embarrassing
  23. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    Just rotten at the back and nothing happening in midfield
  24. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    I would honestly get Thomson on at half time!
  25. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    No replays on FTV but looked like really bad defending again