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  1. Like you said it’s probably a youth player? Many in the first team? I’m not a Livi expert...
  2. A lot of chat on social media about Queen’s “very low budget.” I’m going to try and bring some facts to the table if I can! If anyone can provide more details or more accurate info please do so! Championship Budgets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Queens £400k 8 Livingston £350k 9 Dumbarton (presuming 2nd lowest) 10 Brechin (presuming it’s the lowest)
  3. £400k including or not including Dobbie’s wage?
  4. Queens v Inverness

    If I was Dougie (the dug) I would’ve been in there blasting them!
  5. Queens v Inverness

    2-0 down. Bad defending?
  6. Doonhamers v Bairns

    Two separate issues currently; one is the general decrease in attendances over the last few years. The reasons for the recent very poor crowds are more acute imo and at least partly down to the manager and home form.
  7. Doonhamers v Bairns

    Even when it was in our hands there was very little belief that we would put the results together to finish 4th. And absolutely no belief that we could do anything in the playoffs. This is highlighted by our recent awful attendances. There’s a bit of negativity around the club at the moment and that doesn’t help the home form which is shocking. Personally I don’t think Naysmith is getting enough from the team.
  8. Are these awful crowds going to force the BOD’s hand?
  9. A lot of people talking about budgets. Where are the facts that our budget is so apparently low? Or are you just basing it on crowd figures?
  10. There could be some difficult years of cost cutting ahead but if there is any money left in the bank let’s use it to bring in a new man with the mandate of building a decent promotion push around the one amazing asset we have; Dobbie
  11. Yeah there is evidence that even some of the hardcore are starting to not turn up which is very worrying. Sniffing around the playoffs we should be at least getting the hardcore 1400 in plus a few more. Did anyone see the away section at Dunfermline? That was not an away support that believes we’re going anywhere this season. The board even acknowledged that the turgid home form is affecting attendances. I don’t think Naysmith is doing a terrible job, and of course we should wait until the season is mathematically over. But I think he needs to go. Our budget is irrelevant to this argument really unless you believe he is getting the most out of the players at his disposal. It’s probably going to be Dobbie’s last season next year. I would really like to see someone else get a shot at building a decent solid team around the Dobmeister. Naysmith has failed to do this imo. Naysmith has a good eye fora player. For all we hear about his amazing training, we don’t really seem to see the evidence on the pitch every Saturday. He seems unable to get us organised or improve players through coaching. I believe this team is capable of better and therefore we say thanks to GN for doing a great job keeping us up last year and signing some good players. But let’s see if someone else can come in and 1) get the defence sorted out. 2) get the presence back in midfield and put a better product in front of the fans at Palmerston.
  12. Dunfermline v Queens

    I don’t think we shaded it but there wasn’t much difference between the teams. The third goal has gone in when we were desperately chasing to get back in it.
  13. I would rather see a change in manager. Naysmith has done ok but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a bit more from this squad, especially with Dobbie.