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  1. Nobody thinks Hilson's release was based on ability though do they? He's a good player. He's been released because of his injury record. So even if he scored all 9 against Nairn it's irrelevant really.
  2. We do have a slight geographical advantage with tapping into youth talent don't we? I think the club on the whole is being run well off the pitch. Of course we should try everything to boost attendances but in the meantime we can take heart from the fact that revenue aside from crowds has increased. Youth is the answer if we are to punch above our weight on the pitch. There won't be too many more Dobbies on the horizon!
  3. Maybe I'm starting to show my age but I remember us playing top of the table games in the championship to crowds of 4000. Sadly we were nowhere near that last season when top. In the same way it was disappointing to see your crowds when you were 'challenging.' But as you said we are moving away from the days of crowds alone dictating budgets. And that is a good thing for us right now!
  4. Short term you're spot on but we do have Dobbie. If he stays fit and with a bit of luck we can maybe aim for playoffs. But medium/long term there is no reason why we can't aim higher. Hamilton have shown what can be achieved if you are run well even with lower attendances. And we surely have the potential to generate bigger crowds than they do. I'm not sure why our crowds have dwindled so much. Is it just stagnation? The Rangers vote? Interestingly the same thing seems to have happened with Morton. Like us they used to be able to generate very big crowds on occasion and when doing well.
  5. It is sad that the article seems to confirm that we have a budget in the bottom half of the league. But that is our level if crowds are anything to go by. A combination of Dobbie magic, one or two quality signings and a little bit of luck on the injury front could still see is do well IMO. It would also be nice if one or two of the youngsters really make an impact! Are budgets really that important when compared to the other teams? Obviously Dundee United and ICT will have a bit more money than the rest. Falkirk are such a huge club their budget will be miles ahead of anyone else. I would expect the other full time clubs are similar with some of the better supported ones having slightly more money to spend.
  6. Sorry but this sentiment that Lee should stay "because he's a legend" is a load of nonsense. This is a football club and Lee knows that as much as anyone else. Clearly he has been replaced by someone better and that is a good thing for Queens. If stays as goalkeeper coach fair enough, but it may also be a good thing if his wage is freed up for another position in the team. I love Lee and his hair, and everything he's done for us but we can't keep people because they're legends! I don't see Terry staying at Chelsea or Rooney staying at United for the same reason?!
  7. True but we do have the added advantage of simply having to build a decent solid team around Dobbie. We pretty much had this in the first, third and fourth quarters this season. Take an average of those quarters and we would have been well in the top 4. If we succeed and Dobbie is fit all season we can aim very high. If he's injured at all 4th is probably the best we can hope for.
  8. Might not be the end of the world. If we recruit well and the league does turn out to be tight all it will take is a first quarter to gel and a run towards the end. That could be good enough for top two. Interesting that nobody so far thinks the MASSIVE club in our midst next season will run away with it. [emoji23]
  9. What has happened to Morton's attendances?! A few years ago you would expect thousands attending an in form Morton game in the championship. 1400 is poor isn't it? And of course we're exactly the same.
  10. Ha ha enjoy the AMAZING season you're having!
  11. If/when we get to the point that the playoffs are out of sight, one of the first things Naysmith should do is get Atkinson in the office and say "now's your chance lad!" Get him between the sticks for the rest of the season and let's see if he can earn a place next year.
  12. As a Morton fan I presume you're an expert so maybe you could give us some tips? (I don't count the seaside league.)
  13. live audio
  14. Yes!!! wish i could see it on this bloody stream!!!
  15. sadly i'm getting this message: