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  1. True but we do have the added advantage of simply having to build a decent solid team around Dobbie. We pretty much had this in the first, third and fourth quarters this season. Take an average of those quarters and we would have been well in the top 4. If we succeed and Dobbie is fit all season we can aim very high. If he's injured at all 4th is probably the best we can hope for.
  2. Might not be the end of the world. If we recruit well and the league does turn out to be tight all it will take is a first quarter to gel and a run towards the end. That could be good enough for top two. Interesting that nobody so far thinks the MASSIVE club in our midst next season will run away with it. [emoji23]
  3. What has happened to Morton's attendances?! A few years ago you would expect thousands attending an in form Morton game in the championship. 1400 is poor isn't it? And of course we're exactly the same.
  4. Ha ha enjoy the AMAZING season you're having!
  5. If/when we get to the point that the playoffs are out of sight, one of the first things Naysmith should do is get Atkinson in the office and say "now's your chance lad!" Get him between the sticks for the rest of the season and let's see if he can earn a place next year.
  6. As a Morton fan I presume you're an expert so maybe you could give us some tips? (I don't count the seaside league.)
  7. live audio
  8. Yes!!! wish i could see it on this bloody stream!!!
  9. sadly i'm getting this message:
  10. Anyone having stream problems?
  11. I do agree that would be a bad reason to take him off!
  12. What I'm saying is I wouldn't have brought him off because he is our best finisher by far, but I'm not going to totally slate the manager for bringing someone off who was giving the ball away and contributing nothing thus far. And it's also entirely possible he was brought off with Tuesday night in mind.
  13. I can't. Which is exactly my point!
  14. Agree. Falkirk were very good today and if they continue like that they'll finish 2nd. We started well enough but from 15-20min Falkirk took complete control. Despite this we were only 1-0 down at 70min, then a total defensive howler gifts number 2 and the match is gone. I have my doubts the subs would have made a difference anyway but 2nd goal ended it for me due to the fact we had looked off it. To be fair to the defenders that Austin guy looks class but they still had a poor game. I wouldn't have brought Dobbie or Rankine off but both were having very poor games so it wasn't a terrible decision IMO. If another player had done exactly what Dobbie did in that match the fans would've been shouting for him to be punted. He is God but we can't rely on him too much and no player has a god given right to be on the park the whole time. I think we can still get 4th because as we all know in this league you can be gash one week, amazing the next. (Look at both team's result last week.) We probably need 6 points now from next two. That's entirely possible but on a wider level are we likely to go up from them? I just don't think we have the consistency and I doubt we will in 2 months. Of course we have to aim for it but there's just been too much disruption on the managerial side to bring about a successful season IMO. I just want as strong a finish as possible, then aim for next season.
  15. It does look more than 1995 on tv though