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  1. Montrose v Queens

    Anyone know if this is on open all mics?
  2. I’m off to buy Aled Jones’ album
  3. What an embarrassment. Should’ve been out of sight before the end but we’ve been deservedly punished for not turning up first half and very poor finishing.
  4. Based on the first 70 minutes I think we’re lucky still to be in this. Yes clear cut chances were fairly equal but they way they were cutting us open a goal seemed far more likely from them. Different game now however, they look tired and a bit frustrated (should the boy Fletcher be off?!)
  5. Still pish though tbh We deserve to be losing!
  6. They’re doing a good job of keeping Dobbie out of it as well
  7. Yeah TNS definitely better so far but I think we’ve got another gear and I’m hoping this is the best they’ve got. Not sure if our system is working but need a bit more time to analyse that. Main issue for us I suppose is that quite simple moves forward seem to be cutting us open.
  8. Wow S4C seems like a great channel, what have I been missing!
  9. In fairness did Gus not have a much lower budget than anyone else?
  10. Trigger warnings

  11. What's the City Club btw?
  12. Queens vs Pars

    Wouldn't mind so much if he was on the bench, but seriously, what has he done to warrant a start? Very disappointing and yes it does look like he's giving his mate a game.
  13. Queens vs Pars

    McFadden [emoji35]