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  1. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    McFadden may have played well midweek in the U20s but Stirling played well when given his chance at this level. Definitely should've been ahead of Faddy coming on. And with regards to Martin, get him out of this team until he's fit!
  2. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    First game I've been angry at for a while Absolute pish. Bizarre setup which Naysmith should take the blame for, although if you break it down we lost simply due to bad defending and goalkeeping. Will need to see goals again to decide which is worse. Going forward No real quality from us until we were 3 down and that is Naysmith's fault. frankly it was an amateurish performance. Naysmith needs to work out our best starting setup and fast. Not taking anything away from St Mirren who I'm sure can play better, they just didn't need to.
  3. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    What setup are we playing now with these subs?!
  4. Queens v Morton

    It's funny, I , like you, have been saying to myself recently; "we couldn't play 3-4-3, could we?!"
  5. Call you guys a bunch of journeymen as well did he?!
  6. Seems like a no lose situation for us. I guess he couldn't get any better offers and now he's decided he'll try and "challenge for a place" in our team. That quote would suggest he's not taking a big wage and will have to prove himself as any other squad player would. Potentially a Dobbie replacement if he got injured...
  7. Never mind Faddy, SD needs to get on the blower and tell GN that Thomson is available! Incidentally why did he leave Livi?
  8. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    I would be very interested to see how a Scottish championship team got on in a competitive game against the likes of Wrexham, Leyton Orient, Tranmere etc which are all very big clubs. However I don't think you could just put them into the cup in its current guise and I also doubt there would be much interest from any big National League club.
  9. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    I believe replacing so called diddy cups with a grander cross border competition is potentially if huge benefit to small footballing nations but its a long term debate and this thread probably not the right place for it.
  10. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Tbf I didn't say I supported the idea. But you can't argue it wouldn't improve the standard?
  11. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Don't agree with all of this but a lot of good points. English non league sides would indeed improve the quality of competition. Totally agree that people moaning about the travelling is laughable. At the end of the day no ones forcing you to go! Long term a British cup would be fantastic. Or perhaps an Atlantic cup? One thing that is almost universal in this thread (and one area I strongly disagree with you on,) is colt teams. It crosses a red line for me, completely devalues the competition. I will never attend a colt match and it's starting to look like the 'boycotts' are sending a message. Colt Teams GTF!
  12. Montrose v Queens

    Looks like Leighfield will start as he didn't put a foot wrong against Berwick? Delighted for the boy!
  13. Rumour here in Dubai is that the chairman deliberately vandalized them so he can charge for his company to come and repair them. Sack the board!!
  14. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    Thoughts on your challenge cup draw?!
  15. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Agree it's not ideal but is there not at least a chance the Elgin players might enjoy this different challenge and be looking forward to it? You wouldn't want to make the journey all the time but occasionally I don't see the issue, especially when they get £5k for the privilege. Would be interesting to hear Elgin fans' views on this and if any are travelling for it. It doesn't clash with Scotland much.