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  1. Nordsjaelland would be asesome
  2. You also have to factor in that Thistle are likely to be a bigger challenge for the top four than Livingston, at least if they make better use of their budget advantage.
  3. I would argue that his recruitment was good because he identified good signings and brought them in. Their relative success afterwards could have been affected by his poor coaching/tactics. I’ve said before, we hear so much about how amazing his training is but it didn’t seem to have much of an affect on the pitch. Anyway, a new season awaits and I hope he has learned from this one!
  4. I just bought my season ticket. I didn't have one last year and I would probably have preferred a different manager in place but I still think the club deserves as much support as we can give them. Despite my reservations GN will also have my full support at least for the start of the season! He has recruited well so far but then again recruitment has always been one of his stronger skills...
  5. I would expect them to lose one or two players of the better players and would be surprised if they could maintain this season's form into next. (I would be delighted for them if they win the playoff final.)
  6. St Mirren / Ross County Stronger Livingston Weaker Dundee United Weaker Dunfermline Same ICT Weaker QOS Morton Stronger Falkirk Stronger Ayr / Dumbarton Stronger Brechin / Alloa Stronger Yeah SD you’re right it probably is a Stronger league next season...
  7. Actually I thought the same as you but there were a few references to Ayr being a “part time team with one or two full timers” on sportsound the other night.
  8. With Dundee United keeping Laszlo and two part time teams can it be argued the league is a bit weaker next season?
  9. I can’t believe they’re keeping Laszlo!!
  10. Like you said it’s probably a youth player? Many in the first team? I’m not a Livi expert...
  11. A lot of chat on social media about Queen’s “very low budget.” I’m going to try and bring some facts to the table if I can! If anyone can provide more details or more accurate info please do so! Championship Budgets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Queens £400k 8 Livingston £350k 9 Dumbarton (presuming 2nd lowest) 10 Brechin (presuming it’s the lowest)
  12. £400k including or not including Dobbie’s wage?
  13. Queens v Inverness

    If I was Dougie (the dug) I would’ve been in there blasting them!
  14. Queens v Inverness

    2-0 down. Bad defending?