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  1. Aye, mental to think you got 4 points from us this season considering the gap now
  2. Surprised Jimmy hasn't picked up on this and exploded in disgust
  3. 'Safe' standing is a con. It seems to me to just be a big money making exercise. The folk who design and install it must have some sort of financial dodgy deal with football authorities.
  4. Outstanding. Please one of your write a book about your exploits this season. I'd buy it (although of course it would transpire that I hadn't actually paid for it and will owe you money for it which I would avoid ever paying by going bankrupt).
  5. You won't finish 10th, even if Ayr beat you. The goal difference is +10 in your favour.
  6. Cowdenbeath will be relieved as, according to Charlie Christie, it's actually Inverness who are bottom of the SPFL
  7. Brock will be making his first title defence on this shit.
  8. I was hoping for some Scott Steiner, but I was disappointed.
  9. Traditional terraces could quite easily come back. Plenty of clubs in England who have built new grounds have them (admittedly in the lower leagues). As Paulo (correctly) states, there is nothing unsafe about terracing.
  10. Sickening promo after the match. Absolute propaganda that was swallowed by the crowd.
  11. Dear me, a tag team actually called Veterans of War, with the clowns wearing camo gear. One of them even had two bandoliers of bullets across his chest (Crimson, who has a new name now). The commentators are wanking on about how they bravely served their country and such shite, and the crowd are chanting 'USA! USA!'. TNA can sign all the new folk they want and have all the production values going, but with shite like this and shite like heel commentators getting air time and mic time, they'll continue to struggle.
  12. This Kongo Kong guy is ludicrous with his weird, unpleasant baps and skinny arms.
  13. Not been to Inverness in a while, so looking forward to a couple of journeys up there next season
  14. Hugely unsubtle digs at JBL there. However, what a fucking abysmal opening segment. It's 2017. Get right to f**k with heel commentator crap. They actually gave TV and mic time to this garbage, all whilst piping in fake booing as absolutely no one gave a f**k. Anyway, Matt Sydal has just debuted.