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  1. Whilst that is a decent point, it's a point that people don't want to be funding horrible propaganda. Like me. Am I f**k giving them money for that.
  2. The big fat hoor who talks about how her gran taught her loyalty. Except she's talking about a fucking bank. Horrible, capitalist shite.
  3. Just had a bowl of Start for breakfast. They're not as good as I remember, and much sweeter than I recall. However on Thursday night, because I couldn't be arsed making anything, I had two bowls of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for my dinner. They were delightful
  4. That last part isn't for you to decide
  5. What were the terms we offered to him? What were the terms Dundee United offered to him?
  6. Surely you'd still have to click on 'Print' if you pressed CTRL + P as all that would do would be to bring up the print preview and printing options?
  7. What are these theories?
  8. Who had mince on a roll during their morning snack?! What did you then have for lunch?! I feel this world isn't for me
  9. They were talking about their kids, so it was in reference to school. Pretty sure we would have went to the same high school as well. Yes. A snack. Fucking playpiece. It's not even a piece! Calling a packet of crisps or an apple or a Tracker Bar etc 'a playpiece' is unacceptable.
  10. Some folk at work were talking about a 'playpiece' the other day. I queried this, as I had no idea what they were on about. Turns out a 'playpiece' is a snack given to a kid to take to school to be consumed during the morning break (not lunch), and it's not a sandwich. I thought it was another stupid Dundee work, but folk from elsewhere said they had not only heard of it, but use the word.
  11. Semen/jizz/spunk/blurt/ejaculate/etc IMO
  12. Yes, they all kicked off at 17.00. They also showed some playoff games.