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  1. Absolutely none of this happened you lying p***k
  2. On a more serious note, this should be good for Gable as Shelton is quality, although he looks older without his hair. I just hope they don't call him "the purest athlete in WWE" 10 times every match
  3. "Chad, we know you've been a bit sad since your black pal and tag team partner left to go to the important show. To cheer you up we've went and got you a new black friend and tag team partner."
  4. Are you actually actively looking for negatives? Aye we got pumped and played shite, but it was one game. I have no doubt there will be more shite performances and defeats to come, but I think the good performances and wins will outweigh them over the course of the season
  5. To be fair they were the better side for the majority of the game. But we didn't lose. Just like we didn't lose any games in the league cup group
  6. Good article and some good comments below it; https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/23/diana-death-britain-stiff-upper-lip
  7. Staggering stupidity; https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/23/trump-supporter-interviews-phoenix-arizona-rally
  8. Sorry to D.A.F.C. if it seems like I'm picking on him here. It's just that he wrote the most pant wetting hysterical nonsense.
  9. I have a shite at work every day I'm there.
  10. What does this shit even mean?
  11. Careful you don't cut yourself on that edge
  12. Good article, but it makes me hate humanity even more. Sorry to take it political, but this from Donald Finlay is rage inducing. What a cretinous craven coward; "this is what happens when Scots try to run their own affairs". Also; Labour MP Jimmy Hood thundered 'The decision of the Scottish FA has brought shame on Scotland.' And it was not just politicians: Denis Law said 'I would ask not be to be selected if the game was going ahead. The whole nation will be joined in mourning and showing their respect. You just feel the SFA have got to have a rethink.' And to the shock of no one; Yet there appeared little room for manoeuvre. Belarus were prepared to move the kick-off back a few hours but that idea was blown out of the water when the Rangers players in the squad - Ally McCoist, Gordon Durie and Andy Goram - told Craig Brown they would not play on the Saturday at any time. The scum should have told, "fine, but you'll never play for Scotland again." There's absolutely no doubt that when the queen dies it will be hugely politicised and used as some sort of mad case against Independence, with every single reaction hugely scrutinised by a baying media who will have their articles pre-written and just need to fill in the names.
  13. East Stirlingshire moved to Stenhousemuir. Hasn't worked out all that well for them. Gretna having to play at Fir Park was a rather comical disaster, although that would have been the case anyway most likely due to their off field machinations
  14. "They told me that it was not possible [to have minute's silence] because neither a minute could be wasted," Alvarez told local media. He added: "So I started a minute later. But I do not mind, I have a feeling worth more than if I win all the gold medals in the world." Refusing to have a minute's silence before a specific race isn't really what I'd call arsehole behaviour. What point was he making? That all sympathy must be public and documented? That grief is no longer allowed to be private? That we all must care about things that happen all over the world?