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  1. The last time we played the Faroe Islands we did play them at Pittodrie
  2. It's roasting in our office and some absolute fanny (the office jakeball) is wearing a big thick cricket jumper with a shirt underneath.
  3. Taker's promo seemed a bit cheesy. His delivery just seems a bit off recently. Roman was flirting with being a heel in his promo; please let him become a full blown heel. Still, should be a decent enough match as Taker matches usually are. Disappointed to see Zayn will be wasted in the ATGMBR. Will Joe be chucked in to that as well? They're hyping the ATGMBR as Show vs Strowman, so no doubt they and Zayn will be the final three. They've really dropped the ball with Strowman given the push he was getting and how well he was doing in general. Shame the Cruiserweight match will be on the pre-show as it looks like it will be cracking. Not surprising though, given how pointless the Cruiserweight Division has been rendered by WWE.
  4. Think it was more Galloway wanting to go. He's far too good for them, but then so are most of their roster, as they're a wee pishy organisation.
  5. Is he dead yet?
  6. @throbber No wonder your girlfriend dresses you if jorts or Lonsdale shorts and crocs is what you would choose to wear. It must look like she's taking someone with special needs out for a day trip.
  7. Do you have one of those baseball caps with the wee propeller on top to go with your jorts?
  8. I saw a gap in the market, that's all
  9. I feel I'm being grossly misrepresented here. I am not in to that sort of thing and I don't know why anyone would think I am.
  10. I don't see the appeal
  11. I've never owned a onesie, nor have I ever pretended to be a baby. My outrage grows.
  12. The phrase 'cutting each other's throats' in reference to football. We hear it about the teams in Scotland's World Cup qualifying group and I've heard about in reference to the teams battling to avoid relegation in the Championship. Ever since some wanky journalist used it about Scotland loads of folk have started mindlessly parroting it. Which brings me on to the split, with folk saying it makes for an exciting end, as if it's actually the split itself that does this and not that a lot of teams are very close to each in terms of points. There's no split in the Championship but currently there are about 5 teams fighting to avoid the bottom two places, and they'll all play each other. The split is nonsense and needs to f**k off.
  13. Have you finally murdered her?