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  1. Terrible Jobs

    When I first worked in a supermarket I was surprised at how many customers seemed to know consumer law, especially around false advertising. I very quickly learned that they actually had no idea what they were talking about, especially around false advertising. They just plain make shit up, or at best repeat some bollocks they read online or heard down the pub or wherever. Like you say it's mental how customers seem to think that the lowest paid guys who do the menial tasks seem to have a massive input in to decisions like pricing and what products are stocked, or even the layout of the store.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    It's astonishingly stupid stuff
  3. Pars v Livi

    We? I haven't been to East End since the 26th of December 2016.
  4. Pars v Livi

    @Chicken Wing @Stellaboz; this sounds like someone we might know...
  5. Terrible Jobs

    Ah yes, the public. Scum, sub-human scum. Can't stand them and, unless I have no other option, I won't go back to a job where I have to deal with them on a regular basis. A shambling, moronic mess of humanity that seem to have all the wit of a pine cone. They're awful, what with their bellowing, blank, glassy stares, bovine mannerisms and herd mentality.
  6. Terrible Jobs

    'Canine Disposal Expert' is more of a hobby than a job
  7. Terrible Jobs

    If I was paid the same as my current job then there are loads of times when I'd rather be stacking shelves than stuck in front of a computer doing dull admin. Preferably of course I'd do neither, but I have no qualifications at the moment so have to make do with whatever job I've managed to bluster my way in to. By the end of the year my current job will the one I've had the longest out of the many I've had, beating the previous record of 3 years and just over 3 months that I suffered at the Bank of Scotland call centre which was easily the worst job I've ever had.
  8. Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams

    Definitely. I enjoyed it, and thought it was one of the better ones, but the big reveal was needless. I was actually buying in to the 'false' reality as being the real one. If, after he's stomped the device, the screen just went black, or white even, and finished, that would have been much better.
  9. Pars v Livi

    Loads of folk got carried away with the early season form and the Hearts cup win, which was truly bewildering, as many of them were the same folk who got hugely carried away over the pre-season friendly results. It's like they're new to football, but shockingly almost all of them have been fans for years, decades even. The sensible folk could see that, whilst we've had a great start, it wasn't going to continue like that, and that we'll hit a patch where the form is poor (indeed we're probably in that now). The issues with the team are obvious and are now manifesting themselves, yet we had folk thinking we'd romp the league. I think we'll finish in a playoff place like you say, and to me that would be a very successful season.
  10. Quick Question Thread

    Box, then walk along to Anderston and get the train. Or any city centre pub of your choosing before getting the train from Central
  11. C**** on a Train

    The big pointy hats with the letter 'D' on them that they wear should make them easily identifiable to staff
  12. Terrible Jobs

    Rained every single day for 6 months? Why haven't I ever heard of this record rainfall and the subsequent flooding and devastation it caused?
  13. Jail

    Interesting. I'll bend them in to shape
  14. Am I alone in thinking that it's a good idea to have decent cash reserves in the bank? I mean for a football club obviously. It's just good sense in case something happens, such as relegation, injury crisis, collapse of TV deal (it's happened before: see Setanta), other sponsorship ending etc.
  15. The Official President Trump thread