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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    On a similar note. If you have a dump and there is someone in the cubicle next to you. Wait until I've washed my hands and left. Don't come out before then, I don't want to know who just had a shit next to me.
  2. Queens v Morton

    The incident made me forget how much I actually enjoyed that game. Both teams went for it in the second half and it really could have went either way. Harkins' pass for the Morton goal was excellent. Our first though. Just beautiful. 9 passes before the finish - take note Gary, our players are capable of passing.
  3. Queens v Morton

    You're initial response says different. No one has argued that 96% of the ball over the line is a goal. You're once again spectacularly missing the point.
  4. Reasons to be Cheerful

    How do you go about connecting it to control the lights?
  5. Queens v Morton

    No idea but if I was in his position I'd want to wait and see evidence of the incident so he's probably been sensible by cooling off first.
  6. Queens v Pars

    Fergusson didn't do anything wrong on Saturday. Certainly nothing to warrant being dropped. Same line-up as Saturday for me with Thomson replacing Rankin ideally. That won't happen though.
  7. Queens v Morton

    f**k me you're making hard work of this. I'll try and make it as simple as possible. - The Premier League love to show off their 'excellent' goal line technology at any opportunity. I've seen it used on MOTD when we could clearly see the ball hasn't crossed the line. - A goal-line incident happened that day that was described as the closest the ball has been to crossing the line without actually being a goal, since the technology came in. An incident which is exactly why the GLT was brought in in the first place. - On MOTD that evening I was fully expecting us to see said incident and for us to see just how accurate the GLT is. If a ball can be over by 96% and the technology picks up that it wasn't a goal then it's clearly working. - We never saw the incident apart from one blocked camera angle. IMO the ball must have crossed the line, the GLT failed to work and rather than admit that, the FA (or whoever is in charge of it) chose to completely ignore the whole incident. Can you give me an explanation as to why they wouldn't show us the footage if it had in fact worked?
  8. Queens v Morton

    Erm, no. Dean Saunders was watching it on BT and said he was adamant the ball crossed the line, by some distance as well. It then came back (verbally) that 96% of the ball crossed the line. I don't think it's ever been that close since the technology came in so you'd think MOTD would be all over it to show just how good and accurate it is. The fact it wasn't even mentioned during the show speaks volumes to me and that the ball will have indeed crossed the line but if they showed that it would open a right can of worms.
  9. For the sake of not being called a Tedi I'm saying without!
  10. The lassie playing Michelle is my favourite. Both her character and the fact she's a complete wid.
  11. Queens v Morton

    Nah, it's normally several loads tbh.
  12. People not going to watch Queens is exactly the reason why we can't compete with those teams. St Johnstone and Partick are comfortably bigger clubs than ourselves and you're expecting far too much if you expect us to be competing with them regularly over a season.* County and Hamilton are similar to ourselves but County appear to have been bank rolled and Hamilton's youth system is a massive help to them. Falkirk continue to underachieve year on year. With their crowds they should be sitting in the league above. Caley will probably have a better budget as well. You can only piss with the cock you have. We have one of the lowest average crowds in the division, we aren't continually producing cracking youth players and we don't have a sugar daddy. If you expect us to be competing with those sides then I suggest you get in touch with our board about how we go about doing it. * Unless they too underachieve like they have in the past.
  13. ICTFC v Crusaders

    That'll do Caley. That'll do.
  14. Queens v Morton

    I'd say there is definitely one frame missing between him hitting the net and landing on the ball. I still don't think the ball would have crossed the line though.
  15. Queens v Morton

    There are clearly missing images from the Gif I posted. In one second Gaston is lying in the net, the next imagine he's on top of the ball. The boy was quick but that's Flash Gordon levels of speed.