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  1. Were her top ones the first to come through? Aila's first is right at the bottom. Her favourite place just now is her jumparoo, absolutely loves it. Slightly OT but Aila's middle name is Catherine (after my late Nana). It's obviously an older name but the more I hear it and put the wee one's face to it I find the more I like it and don't see it as an older name. Thought I'd share that with you
  2. I meant that he wasn't paid out of our budget. But that's only a rumour I heard and given Dumfries' love and spiral of rumours I'm certainly not saying it with any real conviction.
  3. Going by other rumours around the town our budget wasn't effected.
  4. Should add that Aila has finally 'cut her first tooth'. She's been quite grumpy the last couple of weeks but since it's come through she seems to be back to her cheery self.
  5. Ask your manager, he knows better than anyone.
  6. Just saw a post by thistle_do_nicely. Totally forgot about this scene.
  7. So it's correct. As expected.
  8. Always fancied a coffee machine so have given this a go. Hopefully worth the purchase.
  9. I don't think I could stomach seeing Dobbs line up against us.
  10. Surely it would be great ammunition to add to your arsenal of disdain towards our BOD, no?
  11. Probably the reason why I have a massive soft spot for Dumbarton. We had the same thing when we were PT in this division so it's always good to see small PT outfits hold their own in the division. Apart from that I find the fans on here and the folk I've met at the ground very likeable. Staff have been more than helpful at the stadium and for all it's only one stand I quite like the ground itself. Even the area leading up to the ground is very nice. I really don't know why I was routing for you though given you took 7 points from us this season compared to Rovers' and Ayr's 4
  12. Yip, same feeling I got when the wee one got her injections. That look of "why aren't you helping me?" killed me. I'm a big sap since she's arrived and I'll admit I had a lump in my throat that day. Needless to say I haven't attended when she's had her follow ups (though she never cried at those ones!).
  13. Would be happy with that actually. It's whether or not Tapping would be (or if we'd offer such a deal). You have to imagine Tapping needs to be realistic just now and a 6 month deal is a good offer considering his injury history. I'd love to see a fully fit Tapping for a full season. I think he'd be a really good player for us.
  14. Tapping is a player I really like but is he really worth the gamble again? The same goes for Hilson. I thought Mercer was a pointless signing at the time and not surprised to hear he was hooked again. Not quite sure what Naysmith sees in him.