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  1. I can happily live without HD if it means saving £66 a month. Or £792 a year. HD is good and watching sport is far better in HD, but for me personally it's not worth £642 more than the one of box payment. I know they'll eventually be clamped down but for now I'm glad that money is staying in my pocket and not going to those greedy b*****ds at Sky.
  2. Lisa: Dad... Homer: Yes, honey? Lisa: Uh..mm... Mom just baked a cake... Homer: (runs to kitchen) Huh? Marge: Homer, we need to have a serious chat. Homer: You dragged me all the way from work for that!? Homer: Marge... this is everything I've ever dreamed of right here - and no one's going to take it away from me. You never had faith in me before, but let me tell you, the slim lazy Homer you knew is dead! Now I'm a big fat dynamo!! And where's that cake!?!! Marge: There's no cake. Homer: Aw.
  3. Ach well, happy days and less wires
  4. Don't pay anyone to install it. If you have your dish wires still and as long as they are the double HD connectors (which I imagine they are) then it's idiot proof to connect your box. If the guy you get it from is a decent guy he'll tell you it's preloaded and easy enough to set up. If they're pushing for an installation charge then I'd personally look elsewhere. If you don't really know anyone PM me and I'll give you the details of my guy. He's been spot on with me. ETA. Remember these boxes require an ethernet connection and don't run off wifi.
  5. Same thing happened with me when I first started VR. Were you standing up? I've never had that problem since sitting down. I think standing up is the main problem as your surrounding are moving but your legs are generally planted and it's a new concept for your brain. Sounds extreme but on more than one occasion I was standing still and almost fell backwards. Sit down when playing is my recommendation. If you were sitting down then I don't know what to recommend
  6. The Girl on the Train Meh. I can see why folk enjoyed it. You get a decent amount of depth to the three characters. My problem was that the three characters were extremely boring and I couldn't warm to any of them. It was sooooo slow as well. I didn't feel the pace ever went faster than 'steady'. Even when we find out what happened it was done in an extremely slow manner. Just a dull film in general for me. I get the impression the book would have been far better and perhaps it was a complex story that couldn't really have been transferred well to the big screen. Probably worth a watch as a lot of folk will enjoy it but I watched it as 'everyone' was going on about it. It'll be my first and last viewing. 3/10
  7. Aye. I've mentioned that in here on more than one occasion such is my dislike for it. Utterly irritating and it seems to be the done thing for all these young studenty types, lassies in particular. Another irritating Americanism that's reached it's way over here. Doing it wrong, man! That's actually not irritating as it's an appropriate use of the word in this instance (for me anyway). It's more the: "So, I was out last night and..."
  8. What time do the turnstiles close at on Saturday's? I'm guessing with the new ticketing it'll be pretty sharp now and I'll be as well going to the office?
  9. Wooden spoons you get from chippys. Utterly useless.
  10. I'm in Ayr today and went up the street for lunch and a skive. Noticed a place called The Kyle Shopping Centre. My (genuine btw) question is is the place recently opened, closing down or just a general shithole? If it's the latter it makes our shitey Loreburn Centre look like Manhattan.
  11. Just been sadly informed that my daughter is actually the anti-christ. Bit of a shitter that.
  12. You're f£cking at it! It was Andreu though.
  13. Think you've been living "doon south" too long bud