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  1. Why? Does he amuse you?
  2. Positives signs that Paul Cairney will re-sign for Ayr if he's out partying with McCall.
  3. We never had one last season either. Just the Xmas Eve fixture.
  4. More than just yourself bud
  5. Nah you weren't last bud. You entered and didn't shitbag it like some others who would have no doubt got less
  6. Most of the ones I dislike have been mentioned except Goran Stanic, Darren Sheridan and Kevin James. Used to despise Imrie, thinking he was an arrogant little p***k until a game at Palmerston Vs Morton. I'm sure it was the season they were relegated and we had just gubbed them. Every single Morton player left the field immediately but Imrie went right up to the supporters to applaud them and that was after he received some pretty OTT abuse from members of the support throughout the game. At one point he was actually exchanging words with a supporter. Had a lot more respect for him after that day.
  7. Heavenly! Give me a train full of dogs (normally the case on the weekend last trains) over scumbags/fitba fans/buggie brigaders/drunks every day of the week.
  8. That's cuntish behaviour from all 3 of you on a train tbh.
  9. I could comfortably add a new post to this topic every day. I was travelling back from London on Sunday and a guy (and his 11/12 year old son) said to a young lassie and middle aged woman they were in their seats. The lassie got up without a fuss but the older cow wouldn't budge. Saying she'd paid £150 and wasn't standing. I was livid as a spectator and the guy was fucking furious. Long story short he sat down and stood on the woman's foot (on purpose apparently) which caused a mini scene. It was right in front of us so we could see through the gap. The guy had his boy on his knee and his holdall was practically on the woman's knee. After an hour or so the guard came through and the guy told her the situation. The old boot argued for a but with the guard but eventually moved (taking her suitcase with her that was previously blocking the fucking aisle). As she started to walk away the guy said to her "Can I just say, you're lucky you moved. I get off at the next stop and was intending to throw my drink all over you" - more scenes! The guy certainly didn't cover himself in glory but the woman seriously fucked me off. The whole point of reserving seats is s you guarantee yourself a seat on busy services. So folk bother to do that then you get c***s like her sauntering up ignoring the system. She's probably the same kind of c**t who puts her bags on the seat next to her on busy services when folk are standing. Part of me wished the guard never came just for the continued scenes after he poured his drink on her
  10. The difference being Dobbie is capable of doing nothing for 80 minutes but will pop up with a goal or two given a couple of half chances. Smith's finishing is nowhere near that quality so having a striker that doesn't compensate his lack of workrate with goals is a pretty worthless striker IMO.
  11. I assume G_Man failed to inform us oaksoft was holding a can of coke in his other hand...
  12. "Don't bring Jamie Nelson into this!"
  13. He doesn't do that though. Unless the ball is in his vicinity he doesn't look interested. I base this on viewing him regularly for the 20's and his appearances for the first team. He's a poor man's Stewart Kean.
  14. * For Atkinson to have stayed around as No. 2 for so long you have to imagine he was on a decent wage. By having a youngster on the bench it frees up valuable wages. How often does a 'keeper get injured/suspended? Rarely. If Martin did sustain a serious injury then surely we could use an emergency loan/joker (whatever they're called). If it happens mid game then I'm sure the youngster could handle it. It's probably a shrewd move by Naysmith tbh. ** I wouldn't have minded Smith staying but two goals against The Rangers doesn't really "prove his worth" in my books. The fact he spent games on the bench at Annan kind of speaks volumes. He had electric pace but excluding that what else did he bring to the table? I think Murray has shown more positives. I'm a lot happier we kept Murray ahead of Smith tbh.