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  1. The club were the only ones to get a raw deal. We had the cretin on a 2 year deal and received his services for far less as he spat the dummy. Lyle and Reilly were doing a superb job for us and Baird couldn't get in. It showed to me that Baird is out for himself and clearly not a team player.
  2. A white trash sort of name as are all double-barrelled names.
  3. When did Philpy start working at the post office?
  4. Between this topic and the PTTGOYN one it's pretty clear I'm on the brink of a complete breakdown with the English language.
  5. Or when they've got all the food pre-chopped. The chopping normally takes me the longest time.
  6. Well it's very annoying.
  7. We've covered that part further up [emoji14]
  8. Spanish ken the score B)
  9. But you're inside the vehicle on all these occasions. If you were to stand on the roof you'd be on the bus.
  10. Indeed. English must be one of the most difficult languages to learn because it's so fucked up at times. The Southampton one is just a personal favourite.
  11. I've no issue with that but it's still being pronounced differently to the way it's spelled. It's like pronouncing Southend South-hend. Mental language.
  12. There isn't an H needing pronounced though. It makes up the 'th'. If the 'h' was to be pronounced then it would shirley be said like 'Sout-hampton'. This conversation is only furthering my rage JM!