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  1. C**** on a Train

    Ah season ticket. That's understandable. No idea why those don't work at the barriers. Given the busiest times are in the morning and the majority of commuters will have season tickets you'd think getting those to work would be a priority.
  2. C**** on a Train

    I wouldn't have put you down as 'one of those' Serg
  3. C**** on a Train

    If folk knew how to go through the barriers properly then perhaps...
  4. C**** on a Train

    It would be a complete waste of a body tbh. Central's main boards say which platform the train is on and flash "Front 2 coaches" when applicable. They then have the wee board after the barriers. The TE or Guard is generally at the back so can be asked if the person is unsure. They then (normally) have the info. on board as DA stated. And a manual announcement is made as well. The folk that tend to make these mistakes are normally wearing headphones or have their head in their phone so wouldn't even notice someone directing them! Years ago the train used to split at Kilmarnock so I'd always make sure and ask someone what coaches were going to Dumfries. I don't think I could get on transport if I wasn't sure where it was going.
  5. Great fun when they get in your eyes.
  6. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Aila's favourite just now is Mr Bean The Animated Series. #Winning!
  7. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Not sure if it's one of those urban myths. But I thought breastfed kids were up more frequently? Can't say I would be confident of that as I was breastfed and slept as well as my daughter does. Think it's just yer luck.
  8. Pregnancy And Parenting

    It got 'Universal' praise on here and I can see why. If you have a kid who is up frequently it'll pay for itself in the first week.
  9. Pregnancy And Parenting

    My one recommendation to new parents is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. Makes a bottle at the correct temperature in 2 minutes. I bought it after reading about it on here. As I've said before, Aila was never up during the night so we didn't get the full benefit but for a crying kid in the night it's an incredible piece even if it's around £80. For all she wasn't up it saved us having to pre-make 3 or 4 bottles at a time as we could do it almost as instantly as she was hungry.
  10. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Gentleman! You can't fight in here, this is the War Room [emoji38]
  11. Queens vs Pars

    Wasn't there so I'm going by stats. Given this Dunfermline side have been rattling in goals and we have an injured GK. 2 shots on target is either shocking from their point of view or we've been solid defensively. Which one was it today?
  12. Queens vs Pars

    For me the last one was McShane. He was a massive loss in there after he left. He wasn't as good as Tosh though and Tosh was probably the best creative midfielder I can recall watching for us.