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  1. Belgium v Panama

    Lawro not realising that a drop ball was exactly what was required there. He's a fucking nugget.
  2. Unpopular opinions.

    Trying too hard.
  3. Ooft, and I thought Dunfermline were building a decent wee team.
  4. Strange dreams

    I had a horrible one last night. England were invading us. They were heading to central Scotland though because that's where the 'battle' was taking place but to get there they had to march (aye, march) through Dumfries. For some reason they were starting from the Whitesands down by the River Nith and I had a look to see and the whole areas was swarming with millions of them about to set off. It was a mad dash to get back in the car and get my family in (particularly my daughter I can recall) in the car and get as far away as possible because we had no protection whatsoever as all our defences were up the road. It was a really bonkers dream but one of those ones that make you really really unsettled during it and after you wake up. When I woke up I lay for about 5 minutes thinking about it and even now when thinking about it it's still a strange feeling. The main theme throughout it was the sheer panic of my daughter getting hurt or worse. I think that's why it was so unsettling. A work colleague (and an extremely nice guy) lost his daughter (23 yo) last week and though I never knew her I felt upset for the guy. When I was told his news I was bathing my wee girl and couldn't imagine what he was going through. I expect the two things are connected and that's my subconscious being a c**t.
  5. Things Americans Do

    When we all know it's pronounced 'Em-bruu'.
  6. No idea who that is. I assume it's the boy who was at Carlisle? Looking on that page underneath his own strengths he says "winning the ball back for the team" which would suggest he's a holding midfielder?
  7. Germany vs Mexico

    Great save.
  8. Germany vs Mexico

    Aye definitely deserved frustratingly. Germany look very shaky at the back.
  9. Germany vs Mexico

    Pre-Tournament I fancied France or Germany outright. Watching France the other night has made me put the £20 on Germany so come on the Germans! Muller was 40/1 to be top scorer as well. Ridiculous price.
  10. Unpopular opinions.

    You'll probably find more along your taste on the dark web
  11. Very true. I remember the hammering Livi gave us at Palmerston..
  12. Wasn't he mentioned weeks ago? I assumed we weren't interested as nothing came of it.
  13. Been a while since I've watched Kidd but his best position for us was comfortably in a RWB role.
  14. Pro Ev 2018

    I was actually screaming at the tele the other night on BAL. I have little strength so rarely win any tackles. I slid in from a bit away and thought I took the ball before the AI fell over. I'd have been clean through on goal had the foul not been awarded. I actually waiting for the replay and it was an absolutely delicious tackle; about as good a tackle I've ever made on any PES game (seriously!). I was absolutely fucking livid they had given a foul.
  15. Messi & Ronaldo Watch

    Hopefully it'll keep the relentless back and forth patter out the other threads tbf. It really is boring now.