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  1. Useless piece of trivia about The Sixth Sense. Every time something scary is about to happen there is a red object on the screen right before it. I liked the film and as a youngster it did spook me a wee bit. Cole in the cupboard screaming was a particular highlight. The woman walking behind him when he was having a pish and the lassie grabbing his leg from under the bed. It was years before I could go for a pee at night with the door open
  2. Probably more to do with the fact that many feel the season is pretty meaningless now and would rather spend their Saturday's doing something else. We could be playing like Barcelona and our attendances wouldn't be much better. What was our average under Johnston and the Cup Final year? We played some great football those seasons yet I'd wager a fair amount our attendances averaged way below 3,000*. The fact of the matter is we have a town full of people who really don't deserve to have a football club as they clearly don't give a shit. They'd sooner be armchair fans of the Bigot Brothers. We'll never be a well supported club unfortunately and I'm glad our BOD seem to realise this and have put in place sources of income from elsewhere. * Even in the league below if you were to give the away attendances as a typical Championship away attendance rather than the small supports brought by League 1 teams, I'd imagine it'd still be comfortably less.
  3. I've never touched the stuff and am long past the 'peer pressure' stage. Strange for you to start now. My recommendation would be, FIND A NEW JOB! It surely won't help the diet either? You're not going to get cucumber munchies?
  4. The Chase being cancelled because of this carry on in London. And in general, when programmes are cancelled because of 'Breaking News!'. This is of course big news and takes priority over scheduled television but what annoys me is they go on and on for hours without any new information. What is the point? We know what's happened, put the live feed onto the dedicated news channels. Infuriating because the tele is generally shite up until The Chase and now we're not even getting that! No wonder folk are turning to Kodi.
  5. Did you ask for feedback from the job you didn't get?
  6. Yes, that's the one.
  7. The tragic thing is that that's probably 100% genuine. Who goes to a hotel for the breakfast?! FWIW I've stayed in an Ibis twice and never had a problem. The location was spot on, it was quiet and the rooms were clean. That's literally all I care about when booking a hotel. I really don't care about anything else.
  8. I've no issues with abbreviations. But for that league it should be EPL. Being a Queens fan I'll use QoS if I'm ever talking about them. F.ck typing the full name out every time. It being typed as QotS instead of QoS is a personal PTTGOMN* though. * Deal wiv it!
  9. Just woke up with that Cake by the Ocean tune. Specifically the "aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye!" bit.
  10. Strangest looking kitten I've ever seen. It's a no from me.
  11. Good on them. Haven't been able to get to games this season but it's good to hear they've done well. Well done to all involved.
  12. Agreed. Though in our case we're normally wanting players to resign not re-sign
  13. Aye. The one on the left is Tommy McLean in a wig.
  14. I stand by it. I'll happily give up two years of pointless playoff games in place of watching Dobbs. Though him being played out wide isn't really making that worthwhile just now right enough.