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  1. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Alloa friends, have you resolved the one turnstile open for away fans debarcle?
  2. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Bloody Ayr fans posting on their own teams game thread.
  3. Fantasy Football 2016

    Tie breaker is the highest individual score. However, here is the breakdown.
  4. East Stirling v Ayr United Reserves

    Is the social club open tonight?
  5. Fantasy Football 2016

    No Fleaflicker this year?
  6. You need to have a swatch of the guy that suggested we should be signing Jermaine Pennant on the SRE FB. Absolute minter.
  7. Just seen McCalls comments about Adams only training twice and working on his farm. Some boi. Wonder what he has on his farm...
  8. Hello friends, We have just signed David Ferguson formally of the Well' Tell me his hopes and dreams. Xx
  9. Was thinking more along the lines of firing Glynn Hurst out of a cannon.
  10. Hope we have a snazzy way of revealing the signing, which all the clubs are doing right now.