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  1. Well done Blackburn - you've been knocking at the door long enough
  2. Downfield 0 - 1 Haddington Athletic Premier League, Downfueld Park, Dundee 15 April 2017
  3. Haddington Athletic 2 - 2 Bathgate Thistle Premier League, Millfield, Haddington 8 April 2017
  4. Still no idea
  5. Haddington Athletic 5 - 1 Glenrothes Premier League, Millfield, Haddington 18 March 2017
  6. I've just come a conclusion on the main game and really enjoyed it . Didn't do too much with the alchemy/crafting/herbal side of things but brawn is sometimes enough. Given that I can be easily discouraged when not getting through a certain level (the bane of my gaming career), kudos goes to the story-line for keeping me going
  7. Haddington Athletic 1 - 0 Dalkeith Thistle Premier League, Millfield, Haddington 4 March 2017
  8. Nice to have met you today; keep up the good work! Cheers

  9. Whitburn Juniors 0 - 4 Haddington Athletic Premier League, Central park, Whitburn 18 February 2017
  10. Whitburn v Haddington OFF
  11. Haddington Athletic 1 - 3 Downfield Premier League, Millfield, Haddington 28 January 2017
  12. Tranent Juniors 1 - 1 Haddington Athletic Premier League, Foresters Park, Tranent 7 January 2017
  13. Manager was Dave Griffiths Starting XI Gary Laing Ross Blair Frazer Paterson Robert Greenaway Michael Motion Lukasz Kroczak Ryan Grant Ross Cowan Lukasz Rusin Ross Rollo Brian Martin Subs Stewart Ferrier Murray Aitken Derek Slight Ross Clark Mariusz Wojcik Tomasz Ambrozy
  14. George Bowmaker was the manager Starting XI Andrew Stobie Mark Kelly John Sanders Jamie Connelly Jackie Myles Michael Motion Jon Manson Derek Slight Ryan Grant Davie Anderson Brian Martin Subs Scott Gilmour Ross Cowan Chris Inglis Ross Ferguson Chris Moffat
  15. Did for me