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  1. How did Hippo play?
  2. What doubters?
  3. Difficult to tell given the pace, but didn't look it to me.
  4. Luton Airport is unquestionably the shithole of the world. A few years ago the Catholic Church did away with purgatory and gave everyone a bit bad an EasyJet ticket there instead.
  5. Who's playing RB.
  6. 1. Falkirk 2. Dundee United 3. ICT 4. St Mirren 5. Morton 6. Queens 7. Livingston 8. Dunfermline 9. Dumbarton 10. Brechin
  7. I'm not arguing with the fundamentals of what you're saying - St J are miles ahead of us due to a good few years of canny planning and stability, and I'd kill to be where they are now, but... I know a couple of people close to the setup at McDiarmid, and they're not convinced it will continue (could just be the miserable fuckers that I know). I've rewritten this post as I didn't want to get personal re directors etc... Time will tell I guess!
  8. Back in the drawer
  9. Joe Chalmers was fine at LB. It was when we tried to move him to another position he struggled.
  10. Nobody was worse than Alan Kernaghan for me. Awful awful footballer by the time he got to us.
  11. I remember that game. Did he not say that he "lost the ball in the floodlights " or some such pish? Aye ok Tam. ETA - just read the match report. That was peak delusional Yogi. Hard worker, gave everything, ahm no goanie point the finger but...
  12. Altogether now... whooooooooooosh