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  1. I would agree with this. I was increasingly annoyed every time Kerr played last season, but he was great for 1 and a half games in the playoffs. Hopefully we can drop him in now and again, but he shouldn't be a regular starter.
  2. It was 20 years ago today...
  3. Just indulged in some gentle masochism and watched back the highlights. I hadn't appreciated just how preventable that first goal was. It looks like Muirhead tried to tackle with the wrong foot. From the Falkirk TV angles I'm not convinced it is a foul for the winner, and certainly I wouldn't have been complaining if it were at the other end. The other standout is, for all the pressure we had in phases of the game, the United keeper didn't have a save to make. bah
  4. Was chatting to a couple of United fans on their way out last night - they were understandably hyper (and hammered!) but also very relieved. Some good chat, humble in victory. Well done guys, now go and f**k over the odious club that is the Accies
  5. Not going to dwell here - I'm going to get pissed - but well done to United, I hope you go up. Two pretty well-matched teams over the piece. Thought Sibbald and Leahy were immense, and Kerr had a great first half. We struggled up front though. Next year we'll win this thing...
  6. He's got alopecia
  7. Same starting 11 for Falkirk as last game
  8. Yeah but these things even themselves out, right?
  9. What? Kevin McBride? A pointless failure of a man you say? well colour me astonished
  10. Bye bye Rovers. Bye bye Yogi.
  11. Picture me giving a damn
  12. Well this is the closest anyone got to the final positions. It says a lot about PnB expertise and wisdom that we predict final positions a month out, and nobody gets it right!
  13. Should I just delete this thread and start again? My eyes are bleeding.
  14. Glad I didn't wait until lunchtime then! I really don't get why people are so vexed about this. It's a small ground, so there's never going to be many tickets going. The voucher system seems a perfectly sensible approach. It saves time having to pay at the stadium, so it was efficient from FFC's perspective. Could phone up so no preferential treatment for the unemployed/retired/workshy. "it's no surprise that some Falkirk fans are annoyed" - that's because we have a disproportionate number of miserable buggers who just like a good moan. My only concern is that it's going to have been the moaning b*****ds who got tickets, so our support will be made up of sweetie rustlers tutting as soon as we come on the pitch!