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  1. I'm amazed he didn't get sent off. Hounding the referee like that, it's basically cheating. The authorities should be allowed to look into it by way of video replay.
  2. Right, come on Houston. Think about your team selection rather than just starting with the oldest player you can think of. No Kerr, Austin to start, Hippo to start please...
  3. Getting away from the bating of some very angry Pars...how fucking appalling were we in the first half? And again Mark Kerr and John Baird on the pitch from the start, get a grip Houston. we only actually played football for about 20 minutes of that game, a draw would have been fair.
  4. Trying my best to resist a few "lol wut"s
  5. Fucking hell. After all these years he's STILL making up aliases and posting just to wind people up??? How tragic is that. Does anyone know him irl- does he have mental health issues?
  6. Is the answer "very", Jim?
  7. Accepted on the unintended consequences of the former, but if it increases the value of younger player to bigger clubs, it becomes more remunerative for smaller clubs to have academy systems, and to play younger players to "show them off". On the latter, even a 10% take up is better than nothing, and it would generally bring paying adults along as accompanying. The logic behind Falkirks £0 for primary kids is difficult to fault - get them in the door now and some of them will turn into paying customers - but giving out tickets to a whole class is more likely to get those unaffiliated. Part of the logical conclusion of that is having a "family friendly" (boak) environment. That has two problems - the hardcore support who'd rather it were a pissup/throwback to 70s terracing abuse, and many clubs facilities aren't suitable for the purpose, something that local authorities won't fix. anyone know who funded Scotstoun, and the ice hockey arenas? Was it generally govt funded?
  8. There is a block on the far left not pictured that was essentially empty, which wasn't the case in the south. The only thing I can think of is that we've suddenly stopped counting all season tickets regardless of attendance.
  9. I'm curious to know, what "matchday experience" does ice hockey or rugby offer that professional football doesn't? Its a line I hear trotted out a lot, but I don't know what in practice it actually means. Summer football is a non-starter - cup finals and season climaxes in late autumn, no time to play postponed games, fucking about for international comps, and frankly I've got better things to do with my Saturdays when the sun is out. Reduced number of teams? If you're starting with a blank canvas maybe, but you're not - and if you were to say merge Falkirk, the Shire, Stenny and the Binos, I doubt the gate would increase much from Falkirk's current level. You'd piss people off, the clubs would start up again in a separate system (juniors maybe), and in any case why are smaller clubs deemed a drain? I'd far rather have a club in every town than the reductio ad absurdum of Sevco v Celtic playing each other 40 times to determine the league. Mandatory full time teams? Financially illiterate proposal. Sharing the wealth more evenly? Yes, probably, but how...sharing gates 60:40? Flat prize distribution? Both would bring in bizarre incentives. And practically never going to work. For me (limited to things that could happen): - unify the playoff formats - offer subsidies for artificial pitches - make TV channels televise at least goals from lower leagues as a condition of getting OF games and cup finals - introduce a mandatory number of under 23s in the senior match day squad - every club to give away a percentage of previous season's attendance (capped at say 1000) in free tickets to local schools
  10. The handball that was literally two yards away from him was just crazy though
  11. Inbreeding has clearly affected your eyesight
  12. Well...Dunfermline have nothing really to play for, Falkirk need the win to keep up the challenge for 2nd...foregone conclusion, right?? With some sensible team selections Falkirk will win, but I have zero confidence in Houston to make those selections. If he starts Kerr again I may explode. Prediction? f**k knows.
  13. ...who lives in Larbert.
  14. 3 things: - how fucking cold was that today? - does Kerr have dodgy pics of Houston or something? Every time he plays, he's shit...and brings the entire team down. I understand the logic of playing another defensive mid, but that only works if said mid can tackle, pass, run or generally function as a professional footballer. I said the same mid-season - Kerr should only be starting for us if we have no other options - the referee - that was unquestionably, undoubtedly the worst most one-eyed refereeing display I have ever seen. The Craigen goal, the missed handballs, the perpetual climbing by the St Mirren players. We would have won the game were it not for him (that would have been harsh on Smurn who deserved the draw).