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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    It’s Billy Graham’s grandson, doing some sort of event. It’s on all weekend. No tickets, first come first served. Not sure how that will work for paying the club!
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Oh the look on their faces when they’ve been told they’ve lost their job and income, it’ll be just brilliant.
  3. Some cracking camerawork for our 5th!
  4. At least SOMEONE associated with Falkirk has been trying all season.
  5. Fucks given about this match - nil
  6. Falkirk vs Dunfermline - Sat 7th April

    You went for a drink in the pub. Congratulations. It’s obviously your first.
  7. Falkirk vs Dunfermline - Sat 7th April

    Mvoto is a thug. Dunfermline deserved the win, 2-1 about right. McGhee horribly out of position, Welsh useless.
  8. Falkirk V Brechin

    Daily Record reader found
  9. Falkirk V Brechin

  10. Falkirk V Brechin

    Should have been 3 sendings off - the keeper should have gone early doors.
  11. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Bye bye Brechin.
  12. This post is still available for sponsorship
  13. What a fucking garbage game of football that was. Only Sibbald, Grant and Hazard merit even mentioning for Falkirk. highlight of the day (says a lot) was the laughable substitution announcements. If there’s ever a way to make your club seem like a bunch of clowns, Livi will find it.
  14. Exactly. Could have been booked on at least 4 occasions. The previous match I would have agreed that I’d like him, but absolutely not on today’s evidence