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  1. Colombia v Japan (the hot one)

    Deliberate handball is not an automatic yellow card.
  2. Colombia v Japan (the hot one)

    Minter for the keeper denying it was a goal when there's goal-line technology.
  3. Tunisia v England

    They don't bother me either, especially on the BBC who don't have adverts so need to fill time with something. What does annoy me is the blanket coverage across news and sport when England have played. This morning on BBC Breakfast, the lead story was England winning. They then spent about 15 minutes of each repeated half-hour going on about last night's game. My objection is nothing to do with them winning either. Had Kane not scored, they'd have devoted the same amount of coverage just with a different tone. It was an opening group game against Tunisia FFS, not a knockout tie against Germany or Brazil. And it wasn't just the reports, it was the whole "we" chat between the presenters as well. Yes they may be English, but they also need to remember what the first 'B' in BBC stands for. If they want to do the whole "we" thing like other countries then hurry up and split the BBC into {S,E,W,NI}BC.
  4. Tunisia v England

    England’s next game is Sunday? A six-day gap seems quite long.
  5. Tunisia v England

    The seethe over the penalty is amazing. The referee didn’t go over to the monitor so at least three officials (four if you include the linesman) thought it was a penalty.
  6. Tunisia v England

    It’s the Dundee way. Clearly Gareth Southgate getting tips from Neil McCann.
  7. Tunisia v England

    It looked a better penalty from the main angle, but from behind the goal I think the keeper should be getting more on that.
  8. Tunisia v England

    When you do that, you give the referee a decision to make. (/cliche)
  9. Tunisia v England

    I guess we’ll never know, but I’ve got a strong hunch that it wouldn’t (ditto for Wales and Northern Ireland).
  10. Tunisia v England

    Do you think “Watch Scotland live” would be the main headline on the front page of the BBC News website?
  11. Tunisia v England

    Apparently there’s no news more important than England playing
  12. Tunisia v England

    That was almost certainly the intention, but from a nation that notoriously thinks it’s better than it actually is, it was rather misjudged. That’s not to say there isn’t the same attitude with Scotland; it’s just on a lesser scale. If BBC Scotland had the rights to our qualifiers and produced something similar for us simply qualifying it would be equally mis-judged.
  13. Tunisia v England

    That’s exactly it. If Scotland had been at the World Cup (don’t laugh) and BBC Scotland put together an opening like that, we’d have all had a good laugh because no-one not on crack would genuinely believe we could win the thing. But with England, because there is that underlying arrogance it’s incredibly difficult to see it as anything other than a genuine belief that they will do it - even if that wasn’t necessarily the intention.
  14. Tunisia v England

    Christ, Sven Goran Eriksson looks awful.
  15. Tunisia v England

    And the English wonder why we won't support them? Dat intro.