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  1. Zimbabwe coup

    Clearly desperate to be at Palmerston tonight. Resignation was the only way to lift the house arrest.
  2. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    I wonder whatever happened to the referee from that game.
  3. Dundee v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    Don't forget that we were beaten by an utterly shite St Mirren last season in the same round. We also go into this after a winter break, which is half a pre-season, while Inverness will have been playing weekly.
  4. Hearts Stadium Development

    Would Murrayfield have even been required? Hearts could have easily played in front of three stands for as long as was necessary, only selling season tickets (pro-rata) for the new stand once it was complete.
  5. c***s on the road

    YOU DON'T NEED YOUR FUCKING FOG LIGHTS ON WHEN THERE'S A WEE BIT OF MIST. Ah...that's better. But seriously, why are people like this allowed on the road? Everyone should have to take a test on the responsible use of lights (not just fog ones). Those who pass will be allowed to fit front and rear missile launchers to their car for the purposes of eradicating those who fail.
  6. All things Dundee FC

    Elliot Parish at Player of the Year at the end of the season.
  7. Dundee v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    I think I missed the origin of that photo so tried a Google search by image. No joke, this is what it suggested:
  8. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Yes, I misread my own post. I was focusing on the 8 of previous seasons.
  9. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Do local cups have replays? If not, it's only 11 if you include those and the play-offs.
  10. Good chance of an upset here, but probably not. Inverness win.
  11. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Surely the "full set" these days would be 9? 4x League 2x Scottish Cup 1x League Cup group stage 1x League Cup knockout 1x Challenge Cup Even before the LC groups stages came back, it would have been 8, not 7, for a club in the Championship and below.
  12. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    BBC can only pick Rangers if Sky don't pick them first. But it would be a brave decision from Sky to pass the Edinburgh derby.
  13. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    If all three were the 4th round (I can't recall) then the odds three years ago of it happening three years in a row (if that makes sense) were 1 in 31 * 1 in 31 * 1in 31 = 1 in 29,791. That is, before any draw was made Hearts (or Hibs) had a 1 in 31 chance of drawing Hibs (or Hearts) in that draw. So if we go back three years before all three draws were made, it's 1/31 throughout. Multiply in standard accumulator style.
  14. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    TV picks will be interesting. Sevco are away, so Sky can't hold their game back and still get the Edinburgh derby. Celtic v Brechin would be an abomination of a pick.
  15. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Nope, redraw required. Sevco don't get away games.