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  1. I think it's an alias. G Man probably. Strong stench of failure.
  2. 1. Dundee Utd 2. St Mirren 3. Falkirk 4. Inverness 5. Morton 6. Dunfermline 7. Queen of the South 8. Dumbarton 9. Livingston 10. Brechin
  3. Life is a fleeting spark all too briefly illuminating timeless darkness, Ludo. Get an ecto doon ya and go to Hamburg.
  4. Selling last season's player of the year. Good strategy.
  5. The greatest song ever written, that.
  6. Black shorts. It's all I ask.
  7. Still struggling to place him, to be honest. Good luck to the lad.
  8. What happened to your 'no DABS at Dens' policy, you shameless whore? And wha the f**k is that anyway?
  9. Aye, reckon I can get about £50 for him at the glue factory.
  10. Never heard of this guy but that pose has convinced me he'll bang in at least 30 goals.
  11. Third time I've been there and the best yet by a mile. Weather helped, aside from the Mercury-like temperatures on the Wednesday. Radiohead set was immense, life-affirming stuff. Chic, Hacienda Classical and King Gizzard other highlights. Only disappointment was Toots and the Maytals not playing and then missing their surprise set at Shangri-La later despite being about five minutes away in The Temple (a colosseum for ravers that has to be seen to be believed). Not another festival like it.
  12. Doubt Biggie witnessed it either. There were hardly any of them there in '73.
  13. Oh f**k, it's just dawned on me we're going to fucking Livingston next season.