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  1. Amazed he didn't take out that drone that was hovering behind the Shed.
  2. Karma isn't real, your year-long seethe about Ray McKinnon that has culminated in you slavering over your keyboard this morning exists in an entirely non-deterministic universe.
  3. Ah, the Boy Who Cried Wolf Rule, one of FIFA's lesser known edicts.
  4. Yes. Yes we will.
  5. Can someone tell that Inverness fan with the drum to shut the f**k up. Three miles away and I can hear it. Trying to read.
  6. Nope. This started with some Falkirk fans knicker-wetting about only getting 1500 tickets. It's now been steered towards 'accessibility' of said tickets now that they've failed to sell out their allocation.
  7. Is the Falkirk end sold out then?
  8. Kuate is some boy. What a celebration. Adebayore'd the f**k out of everyone. Good luck to Morton next year whether we play you or not, fans were great.
  9. Shit. I was hoping you were going to tell me everything will be fine.
  10. Still have the fear. We're quite adept at royally fucking things up, and Morton will come to Tannadice with nothing to lose.