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  1. Anything left for Thompson to put up as security? The underground sex lair? Jim Spence's hair?
  2. Spirited performance against an effervescent St Mirren side that emptied league leaders Hibs recently. Absolutely nothing to worry about.
  3. Pretty much. But apparently it's the creduility of the fans that's the problem here, not the shameless arsehole who owns the club.
  4. Why were the club implying to the press we were in for both GMS and Ciftci, then?
  5. Nichols supplying Simon Murray, one dodgy Barnet to another.
  6. I suspect we're going to get absolutely pied here. Dunfermline over 2/1 at some bookies, too.
  7. Murray would be alright if he didn't trip over his own feet so much.
  8. f**k.
  9. Was Tope not up front that night?
  10. Aye. But for our gluttony of number 10 style players, he would have done alright for us I think.
  11. Apologies, Dee Boy.
  12. Heard the QOTS manager after the game, talked about how they worked all week on exploiting our full backs. Painfully obvious how poor we are there.
  13. Calling it off at 9.30 would be fucking ludicrous.
  14. Malnourished.