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  1. McKee is a decent player when he is fit but that is seldom for more than half a season.
  2. Being full time in League one is tough. Firstly the financial implications of relegation mean that you have to be prepared to and able to take a big loss due to reduced gate revenues, severely reduced SPFL prize money and much harder to sell commercial activities. Then even though you are full time, you end up scraping around the bottom of the full time player pool because you can't afford to pay higher league wages and even if you do decent players want to play in higher leagues. One way for bigger clubs (i.e. traditionally full time clubs on loan to league one) to mitigate this is through good use of the loan market. Factor in though, that there will apparently three clubs looking for such players and it gets harder still! Finally, running a youth academy is not cheap, especially now that Project Brave is threatening funding received to develop youth for all clubs bar the top 4 or 5 in the land, so you need to get a return from youth in the shape of credible players coming through. League gate money after VAT is likely to be sub £300k and a youth academy is going use a minimum of around 40/50% of that on its own! Its not easy but likewise, the costs difference between a league one wages full time squad and going part time but looking for the best part time players is not huge. In other words, going part time is not necessarily going to balance the books for a club like Raith in League One.
  3. In two of the three we have lost between them we have struck woodwork 6/7 times and had a goal disallowed in mysterious circumstances. I missed the Raith game due to a family wedding so no comment but the Dumbarton loss on another day could easily have been 2/3/4 one to us.
  4. Have you tried updating the driver for your wifi adaptor (assuming you connect via wifi. I had a similar problem after I upgraded to windows 10 initially which was fixed by downloading up and installing updated drivers. You need to identify what sort of wifi adaptor you have. Easiest way is to right click on the windows icon and run msinfo32 That will tell you the make and model of every component in your PC and the current driver version it is using. Generally you can then go to the manufacturer's site and see if there is a later version.
  5. I still have it. PM me contact details if you are interested.
  6. I have a 1 terrabyte old style sky box (latest version prior to Sky Q) and control which is now redundant having upgraded to Sky Q if you want it. Your mums card should work no issues in it. I am located in Wemyss Bay
  7. To be fair, the last match against Dunfermline we lost Lindsay and Quitongo in the first half which is a big blow to any team and the normally reliable defence gifted two goals to two short pass backs (well a pass back and a header back to be precise!) In that sense it was a bit of a freak result. It is Morton though and there are not any givens in this league. Any team can beat any other team on the day.
  8. Lindsay has been here from the start of the league programme and played in every game up to and including the Ayr loss. Nesbit was signed in early August also. I take your point re Murdoch and Gunning though.
  9. Thing is, multi function printers for home use not only will do your printing for you, but allow photocopying, scanning and fax (if anyone still uses that!). These are remarkably useful functions which no home should be without. Nice to have but non essential extras to look for are a sheet feeder to save copying a multi page document one sheet at a time and a duplexer which allows you to print/copy on both sides of the paper. You will get such a device from about £60 but check for a review online of anything you are thinking about to see the ongoing costs. Trusted reviews is a good site for this. I have a large HP printer in my home office which costs around £300 for a complete set of cartridges but that gets me about 8-10,000 pages. I also have a canon printer for photo printing which has all the same functions is much slower and has tiny cartridges that get about 500 sheets. On the other hand it costs about £30 in compatible cartridges to refill.
  10. Nope! Still very impressed and the list of "skills" you can add to it grows all the time. It has stuff like national rail enquiries so you can ask when the next train from Greenock to Glasgow is etc. Amazon music is free for a month to let you try it and then its £8 a month to use on any device or £3 just for your Alexa. It has its own speaker and can work standalone but I have mine hooked to my computer which lets use the computer sound system which is better quality. I think you can also connect it to external bluetooth speakers. Your mum should be able to use it right out the box. Family and friends have all tried mine and so far there's nobody it has failed to understand. It occasionally mis hears (don't we all!) but the accuracy is generally excellent.
  11. Morton really rue their slow start - 3 points from our first five league games. Falkirk are not much better with 4? from their first 5. If you take the league table after those five games, Morton would top the league with Falkirk second. Over the last 10 games, both clubs have averaged 2.10 points per game - the best in the league by a margin but not good enough to catch Hibs who have averaged 1.90. It could, however, rest on how Morton do in their two games against them. I wonder how distracted Hibs players are by their cup semi?
  12. If you convert your predicted points gain for each team into wins and draws: Dunfermline with 8 games remaining need 11 points - 3 wins 2 draws 3 defeats is plausible but look at their fixtures and ask where the three wins are coming from? Raith need 8 points - maybe home wins v Queens and Ayr and a point from Morton and a point from?? ...hmm! and so on.
  13. Oops, wrong night. Apologies St Mirren radio
  14. What is the point of Radio St Mirren based at the 2021 stadium broadcasting pop music when there is a match on?
  15. Is there any radio or online commentary of this match available anywhere?