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  1. Queen's Park 2017/18

    How is our loanee Iredale doing?
  2. Thank you Arabzone. With my son in North Carolina and we have paid for the stream twice and it still does not work. Instructing credit card company to cancel payments but disappointed can't see game. Crap service.
  3. Queens v Morton

    The extended highlights show how good Gaston's saves from the Dobbie free kick and Lyle header were.
  4. League Predictions

    Don't disagree but surely that means that any team that can find a bit of consistency will find the league "there for the taking" The issue is can any team do that? I would think that there is a top six with not much between them but I expect Falkirk and maybe Inverness to improve and join that group. Possibly too late for either to entertain hopes of winning the league but the play off spots are still all to play for.
  5. League Predictions

    We have 21 signed first team squad players. Two of those (Strapp and Iredale) are on loan but could be recalled if necessary.
  6. League Predictions

    Nobody will run away with the league this season in the way that Rangers or Hearts did. Its probably going to be one of those seasons where any team gathering 70ish points will probably win it. In the last seven seasons the average points are as follows: Pos Points High Low 1 77 91 69 2 64 70 55 3 60 70 52 4 54 62 49 5 49 53 43 6 44 47 42 7 41 44 34 8 38 42 32 9 35 40 27 10 26 33 20
  7. League Predictions

    Livi are a good team with no stand out stars but a solid team ethic and well drilled. If you are a Morton fan you would say they are the best Championship team we have played. They tend to sit in and play on the break - their weakness might be when they come up against a team playing the same way. Also, with the smallest full time budget, their squad may be a bit thin and injuries suspensions might impact more than on some other teams. If they are not in the top 4, they will certainly have a say in who is.
  8. Queens v Morton

    Jai's goal is very similar to Ross Forbes opening goal in the 5-0 game last season - just from opposite corners of the penalty box.
  9. I will be in America for this one. Do united do an online stream?
  10. There are plenty of part time West Coast teams but Greenock Morton is not one of them.
  11. Queens v Morton

    Missed a Morton trip to Dumfries for the first time for years due to a family commitment and will miss our next two games due to visiting the kids in America. I can't comment on the actual game therefore but the result was fantastic. That's Morton now beaten three of the clubs who were the top four at the start of play yesterday. Conversely, we lost to Livingston and only managed draws with Dumbarton and Inverness. It seems that we can handle teams who set up to attack us but we have difficulty in breaking down teams who sit in and look to hit on the break.
  12. Sky Q

    Oops! Apologies!
  13. Tellys

    Never got into 3d which appears to be a bit of a passing fad. I have a Samsung 4k 55" coupled to a soundbase and Sky Q. Watching EPL games in 4K is amazing. The TV also attempts to upscale ordinary HD with decent results and it came with a free 4K DVD player and a few sample 4k videos. The Martian in 4K is something to behold!
  14. Sky Q

    In fact that is not the control supplied with Sky Q. One is the touch pad version which I did not like but more importantly, neither did the boss (i.e the Mrs). They also supply a second, traditional style control which is a smaller and neater version of the above but with all the same buttons. The Sky Q interface itself is entirely different from traditional Sky but a big improvement imho. My only complaint is that on switch on it defaults to a "My SkyQ" screen whereas I would rather it went direct to "All Channels"
  15. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    Seriously good young left back prospect. Needs game time at first team level and league 2 is an ideal place. I expect him to establish himself and cruise league two.