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  1. I think as others have pointed out, we had one of the best defensive records but also, we lost our main striker to injury in December and played the rest of the season without a decent finisher upfront. The other factor last season was that our fringe players were not good enough limiting squad rotation options so that the 14/15 players who were the recognised first pick were relied on so much, including through fairly decent cup runs, that they ran out of legs in March. Our signings so far are on paper at least, better than the players they replace and with a couple more to come they give far better rotation options. We also have Quitongo back fit which is as good as a new player. You never know in football, but potentially we have improved the team that finished fourth last season. I suppose Raith fans thought that this time last year as well!
  2. Not really, you just put the team of the two you like least in seventh or, if you dislike/like them equally, alphabetical order. In fact for all most of the predictions above are based on some kind of analysis of squads/signings, etc, alphabetical order is as good as any as a prediction! Other than clarifying this point, GiGi has it spot on!
  3. Joe McKee is a good player when he is not injured. Unfortunately he has had a bad time with injuries in recent seasons.
  4. Who knows whether Forbes and O'Ware do it again or not? With regard to strikers, the manager has given it a decent shot!
  5. At least some fans see Morton as mid table this season. Last season we were one of the favourites for relegation in the equivalent to this thread, even amongst our own fans! To be fair we had about 6 signed players by this time!!! In this league, the first objective is a team to survive. Once you have that, what differentiates the mid table fodder from contenders is having strikers who can actually strike plus a decent smattering of goals elsewhere in the team. In that respect, I am not seeing any team with better options upfront than Quitongo, Oliver, Thomson and McHugh. Or Europe's joint top scoring defender! Or a twelve goal, nearly 20 assists midfielder! Time will tell!
  6. Might be a good signing. Always works hard and gives 100% but he has not scored many goals at this level. He was deadly for us in league one and got his move to Fleetwood but came back on loan in the January window 2016 and did not look the same player.
  7. Could be decent signing for Dumbarton. A proven if not prolific scorer at this level.
  8. You will pardon me if I don't agree.
  9. There are only a few clubs that could actually put something resembling a first team on the park at the moment. Further, how new signings fit in and gell is an unknown so the league is totally unpredictable at the moment any expectations set out by people is based purely how clubs have performed (with different personnel) in previous seasons, the "size" of the club and usually, bias towards their own team. Dundee United are the biggest club in the league but there is no way they have a squad approaching Hibs of last season, nor does anyone else. Just from their size they should be favourites but they are also somewhat financially strapped. Beyond that, you expect part time Brechin to struggle and Dumbarton need to sign a lot of players still so can they put a part time squad together that will survive? Both of these teams might surprise us all so its just a big unpredictable lottery at the moment.
  10. I don't see a Hibs in this year's league. Last year the league had a defined top four and the rest scrapping out the other places. This year I think is more even. Dundee United are nowhere near as far ahead of the rest as Hibs were. Falkirk look weaker, depending on signings. Morton look to have more upfront with the return of Quitongo and addition of McHugh and Thomson but are still short of a few players. Dunfermline may well be stronger than last year having had their acclimatisation season. St Mirren may or may not carry on from where they left off which could be more likely if they re-sign Loy. Inverness and Queens I have no idea about but do not think either will challenge or be in any danger. Livi will find what every promoted team does, that the championship is a lot tougher league than League 1. Dumbarton and Brechin must be the early favourites for the bottom two spots but especially with Dumbarton, it depends on signings.
  11. Re Project Brave, clubs have 2/3 years to comply with it and in the meantime the way things are shaping, there may well be a rebellion. There are certainly a lot of angry clubs out there.
  12. In fact Darren Barr is to be player/manager of our development squad (possibly shortly to be called reserve team again?). We have a separate and continuing head of youth in Derek Anderson. Whether Project Brave goes ahead is still a matter of some debate. Barr being registered as a player also gives us emergency back up should that be required.
  13. Darren is a replacement for Andy Millen and is therefore in a different budget from JD's first team budget - no impact on what he has available in that respect.
  14. You never know. Dumbarton are an attractive option for players coming towards the end of their careers and looking to do something outside football. Best part time wages with the time to find a full time job. No idea if that applies to Baird or not.
  15. McKee is a decent player when he is fit but that is seldom for more than half a season.