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  1. When there were the (extended!!!) teething problems with the system last year, there were around 300 or so season tickets issued that were not properly registered with the system. It did not stop the cards from working its just that the individual's details were not associated with that card. If you are one of that batch you need to email your details to the club and they will organise getting them associated with your card and thereafter you should have no problems. The rest of last year's season tickets should be fine and simply allow a one button renew then pay either by card or finance.
  2. Alloa vs Raith Rovers

    Well done Alloa but I also feel for Raith fans. An established full time club that might now have to go part time to survive. I recall my own desolation when Morton came second to Gretna’s then millionaires, lost the first round play off to Peterhead (to a last minute penalty!) and ultimately a championship place to Thistle who finished 13 points behind us in the league. Alloa, 15 points behind Raith, win because they are currently on a god run of form but better team over a season? Maybe not!
  3. New motherboard and processor

    It’s not. I am getting 16GB DDR4 ram. It’s a case of future proofing as I have retired recently so in the future I will just be a poor old pensioner!
  4. My PC has a eight year old intel I5 processor. Over the years, nearly everything in the box has been replaced including upgrading to a ssd. I am looking at upgrading the processor to the latest generation i5 8400 which also needs a new mobo. Do I need to reload windows 10 after upgrade?
  5. Sky Q

    Anyone else have trouble with Sky Q voice sync? I have a Samsung 4K tv, a Samsung soundbase plus the 2TB Sky Q box. All of them have the ability to apply sound delay so I keep the soundbase and Sky box set to zero and adjust the TV output (as it has the smallest delay steps). Generally 40ms delay gets it about right on most programmes but occasionally it’s hopeless - often when there is an interview from a foreign correspondent on the news. Soundbase is connected to tv via optical output and not through ARC.
  6. And so if we do not bring young players through to the first team, what exactly, is the point of a youth academy? The youth academy is not something nebulous, separate from the club as represented by the the first team, it’s an integral part of the club aimed at producing first team players and is starting to succeed in that role.
  7. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    1) Tiff’s goal was no way a fluke. 2) the actual penalty was soft but we were denied two stonewallers 3) the keeper had two or three excellent saves towards the end. Good result and bring on United
  8. Its encouraging. I am not sure of the rules on over age players in youth cup but our entire team were youth academy products and a few of them are catching the eye with some starting appear around the fringes of the first team. One of our centre backs is 15 and looks a prospect. Three or four others have a real chance.
  9. It was 3-0 before the first sending off 65th minute then the 10 men managed a goal. The other two got sent off in 89th and 93rd minutes so too late to be a much of a factor on the outcome.
  10. Queen's Park 2017/18

    How is our loanee Iredale doing?
  11. Thank you Arabzone. With my son in North Carolina and we have paid for the stream twice and it still does not work. Instructing credit card company to cancel payments but disappointed can't see game. Crap service.
  12. Queens v Morton

    The extended highlights show how good Gaston's saves from the Dobbie free kick and Lyle header were.
  13. League Predictions

    Don't disagree but surely that means that any team that can find a bit of consistency will find the league "there for the taking" The issue is can any team do that? I would think that there is a top six with not much between them but I expect Falkirk and maybe Inverness to improve and join that group. Possibly too late for either to entertain hopes of winning the league but the play off spots are still all to play for.
  14. League Predictions

    We have 21 signed first team squad players. Two of those (Strapp and Iredale) are on loan but could be recalled if necessary.