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  1. Last season's development squad finished runners up in their league but lost to Largs Thistle 4-0 this time last year.
  2. Don't really think that is fair. He is a decent player when fit but .........!!!
  3. None of my notes are hard and fast rules and there are always exceptions. As the transfer window progresses, the pool of available players diminishes so clubs still looking are fishing in a smaller pool. lending clubs, on the other hand, usually make their minds up about who is available to lend towards the end of the window, usually August as their own first team squad settles down.
  4. As far as I can see with regard to signings: 1) generally guys signed on pre contracts are decent 2) generally close season signings rank as "the earlier the better" 3). exception to 2) are loan signings where the best are usually in August If the above is true then one or two clubs who are well short of a full squad may be stuffed? Anyone disagree?
  5. Could not agree more!
  6. I am merely responding to Stellaboz who thinks we have not strengthened over the summer. With respect I think we may have although injuries to defenders pre season might mask that!
  7. Partick Thistle 2 Morton 5 Morton 4 Airdrie 1 Stenhousemuir 0 Morton 3 Turiff United 1 Morton 6 Thats pre season fodder 4. Morton 18 Hmm! How has your preseason gone?
  8. For all three teams!
  9. Based on signings/departures, is your team stronger, weaker or about the same as last season. Looking at the league, do you expect to finish higher, lower or about the same? Discuss!
  10. Dobbie still looking the business!
  11. I think Dundee United have signed players who should be decent at championship level but have lost a few as well - Tony Andreu etc. Overall they may be a little better than last year but that will probably be good enough without a Hibs in the league. Falkirk have signed Loy but as others have said, have lost a few decent players without obviously replacing them though their youth system continues to throw up gems so who knows St Mirren have lost Mallon and Loy from the team that finished strongly last season and now Magennis is out for minimum 3 months apparently. Not sure they have signed enough quality to cope with that. Outside of United, Morton look to have the best options upfront with Quitongo, Thomson, McHugh and Oliver. Whether they are strong enough defensively remains to be seen with O'Ware and Kilday having missed most of pre season recovering from operations. They have looked good in pre season but the opposition has not been testing. ICT are a complete unknown but have not covered themselves in glory pre season so far. I think they may be in for a consolidation season. Dunfermline are another team that are incomplete with signings presumably to come but pre season has not gone well so far. I don't think there is enough quality in their squad so far to seriously challenge at the top end of the league. Queens have the leading goal scorer from last season and any team with that cannot be ignored. Their pre season has gone reasonably well but other than Dobbie, it's not clear they have many players who are any better than average championship quality. I suspect mid table but time will tell. Livi absolutely strolled league 1 last season and unlike most teams, have had pre season matches against a decent level of opposition in Motherwell and Kilmarnock. Whilst they lost both games, they did quite well in both. They might be a bit of a surprise package this year and challeng for top four. DUmbarton lost a good few of the team that comfortably stayed up last season including their leading goal scorer which is always the hardest to replace. There is always a feeling that for a part time club, staying in this league involves punching above their weight and Dumbarton have been doing that for a good few seasons now. I think to avoid the bottom two places they will need one of the clubs above to underperform against current expectations. i know very little about Brechin but they will need to greatly exceed expectations to do other than finish bottom. That may be somewhat disrespectful but it is just based on the resources of the club compared to pretty much all of the rest in the league.
  12. McHugh scored the "perfect" hat trick yesterday - right foot, left foot and a header.
  13. Of the six teams you mention, you can maybe make a case for United or Falkirk being slight favourites but you can legitimately perm all of them in any order you like as there is very little between any of them on paper. You also have Queens still with signings to come and last year's leading goal scorer and Livi are an unknown quantity having absolutely romped league one last season. I think the part time clubs will find this league a bit too tough for them this time round. A good start will be important this year as in a dog eat dog league, any team that establishes an early lead might be hard to catch!
  14. what was the score?
  15. Morton fielded a team with 2 trialists and 4 boys from our under 20s, two of them in defence. We had no recognised central defenders on the park. Having said that Ayr looked quite good and I would fancy them to do well in League 1. Moffat is definitely going to score goals at that level.