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  1. Morris is a monster. Look at the size of him.
  2. Not as luminous as Lyle's gnashers.
  3. We get to see the new strip at 6pm. How much more excitement do you really need in your life?
  4. Former Queens player, hasn't played for a while - this AJ character perfectly fits the profile for us to sign him up.
  5. Had a mad dream where St Mirren signed Gavin Reilly and then fancied themselves as title contenders. Must lay off the Stilton before bed.
  6. Go for it. Use pizza scissors.
  7. I've done the opposite and have destroyed my great health and high energy I had yesterday with Stella and red wine and am now hiding from the world in my man cave as the garden was too bright and noisy.
  8. Truth or urban (seaside?) myth I don't know but was on the Waverley as a kid and one of the crew told me the thing had nearly tipped over the previous week as everyone rushed to one side of the boat to watch some seals on Ailsa Craig. Also see submarines and basking sharks near Ailsa Craig, whereas near the Bass Rock it's mainly posh folk on bodyboards. You may have a point.
  9. The Earl of Wessex is visiting Montrose too. If you are reading this, good people of Montrose, lock up your daughters.
  10. Seeing this made me realise how good Nirvana were..
  11. Terry's hair is very similar to mine. Fine statue.
  12. I like 5 Live's film show, 6 Music and Radio Scotland's football coverage. I think these things could easily exist in a commercial world. Don't mind paying the fee as even for this tiny bit of the BBC that I use it seems good value.
  13. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.