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  1. I hope you both get eaten by a big croc after it has its wicked way with you.
  2. I'm surprised you've heard of personal grooming given the layers of mange shown in your pics. It contains batteries though so you've tossed in a clue.
  3. Okay. Audio is correct but not this big thing. Probably a bit smaller than the grandpa Sky remote like KnightswoodBear has.
  4. No Is that an answer or your Grindr profile? No.
  5. A what? No.
  6. It's 12. "Natural causes".
  7. I wanted the pirates to kick his c**t in. It's not nautical.
  8. There is only one correct answer here. Any vagueness will not be recognised.
  9. Try this...
  10. Bobby is right. Pic is wonky. It is a domino.
  11. Is it? I thought I was just a bit drunk. Apologies. Close.