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  1. My mum side swiped a load of cars in Dunfermline. Left them all a note to apologise but only one got in touch. She agreed to just pay the damage. When the car was fixed she drove onto the forecourt of the Ford garage by East End Park and smashed into the same freshly painted car.
  2. Cam'Ron - Oh Boy
  3. I'd have to get an extra special, outre pair for the occasion.
  4. Don't forget "expensive". We could restrict it to Juniper Green. Three pubs.
  5. We've not lost on grass/mud for nearly four months. We've had a good rest. AJ will have a masterplan. Moffat will be on fire. I've not felt so relaxed and confident about the three points since we cuffed Morton in December.
  6. Famous for her large quantity of crack.
  7. Michaela McCollum back on the beach in Ibiza..
  8. I was just reading that (whilst listening to a programme about the big bang) and it creeped me out. Now I have the music from War of the Worlds stuck in my head.
  9. Probably wasn't a legitimate MOT centre and you're going to have to write to Esther Ranzen to complain.
  10. Bat For Lashes - Strangelove
  11. Those Mach 3 are good but I agree - the price is painful. I've got a cuthroat razor too. It's not very good but it's more exciting than the modern razors.
  12. Maybe what you think is private is not, and vice versa. Hope that doesn't send a cold shiver down your spine
  13. Domino - Getto Jam
  14. Press on the safari button to open the internet. Then press the bottom right button to open a new tab in the browser. The word Private will then appear in the bottom left of the screen. Just click it.
  15. You using an iphone?