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  1. Probably right. Last night I did the ironing from 12-2. Now I'm contemplating going to do the shopping.
  2. I'm sorry. I managed another night out without boozing but am a bit wired on caffeine. Is there a match today?
  3. There's not much that's beneath you.
  4. You could ride home on his back.
  5. The Falkirk games seem to bring out the worst - folk just spew bile. I remember Richard Cadette getting dogs abuse. I thought it was just booing because he was a good player. If/when it does happen the police/stewards have always been pretty prompt at getting folk lifted.
  6. If we unbanned all the racists, spitters, tea/pie throwers etc we'd be packing the place out every week. PC gone mad.
  7. He's no Finnish, he's only 28.
  8. Possibly Jayne Berry's finest hour.
  9. Das Boot
  10. Nice welly.
  11. No more than 27% urine..
  12. Average attendance around that time was higher than the current capacity.
  13. Nether Abbey Hotel in North Berwick is where my wife and I go for a "romantic" night away. Gorgeous rooms, amazing breakfast, fantastic bar/restaurant, plus you can use the spa (with outdoor jacuzzi etc) at the big Marine Macdonald hotel just down the street. Or I can offer you a spare room for the night.
  14. Ginger beer