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  1. £500 in the official coffers for the appeal and a few quid under the table to the appeal panel.
  2. We got a Joe Cardle red card reduced to a yellow. Our video evidence showed he didn't smack the other player all that hard. Just need the brass neck to give it a go.
  3. It's the various PotY awards time. I'd give honourable mentions to Nicky Clark for his goals and Wedderburn for his general cult hero status but it's hard to see beyond Sean Murdoch. He's probably the one player who could comfortably be playing for a better side than ours.
  4. Ayr will be pish, Hibs on holiday mode, Morton better be on their best behaviour or they'll get grassed, Queens might as well stay home as the cheating hoors and their 12th man will get the three points one way or another, Raith will be pish, United will sneak it.
  5. Save Gav for the last game at Queens. Isn't there quite a cash difference per place? Playing Hoppy is as adventurous as I think we'll get, barring enforced changes through injury.
  6. You're wearing big knickers?
  7. This is not an Edinburgh I'm familiar with.
  8. Dirty Allotment b*****ds.
  9. I think there is a video on P&B in a "local characters" thread where a "local character" is asked what he has been up to and he gives a spiel about his allotment. The "character" in question is a wee bit like Harvey Price.
  10. Stab him with a pencil anyway.
  11. You learn something new every day. I was about to be mean to you about "calculus", wondering what maths has to do with teeth but it's hard plaque. Probably from booze.
  12. I've been doing this quite a bit (including on the canal). Pup is too badly behaved to get off the lead near other people or animals.