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  1. Very harsh on Smith.
  2. But I personally wouldn't even have called it a headbutt. I said on the match thread that it appeared they just squared up to each other.
  3. I think the whole Docherty/Carswell things getting blown out of proportion due to Carswells nose bleeding. If it hadn't recently been broken it probably wouldn't have bled as I don't think the contact was that hard. Although after it did happen how would people explain that we're suppose to then take Docherty off? We would have had to use 2 subs at the same time and we didn't exactly have the personnel on the bench to bring on 2 defensive midfielders. A similar incident happened between Fleming and someone (possibly Barr) at the start of last season and that seemed to have been handled pretty well so I assume Stevie will sort it out.
  4. I wouldn't have called it a head butt but more a coming together of heads. Like two guys squaring up together. Carswell was the first to raise his hands so they've both been as bad as each other.
  5. Nade getting Stevo's wage.
  6. a lower division
  7. I see Mitch Megginson looks set to join Alloa. I wouldn't have been against bringing him back and sticking him up front.
  8. Aye, I'm thinking we could be doing with a striker. Was it not Aitken who was interested in him for Stranraer? No way we would pay a fee though.
  9. What's the deal with McGuigan? Not getting a look in at Stranraer?
  10. TBH if Barr was to leave us I wouldn't be too unhappy. Always feel one on one he'll come out second best and he usually does. Buchanan can come back in and I'd happily see Wright taking the captains arm band. Probably be a better leader too.
  11. Who is in charge for Alloa tonight?
  12. Could also play Barr at right back with Wright and Buchanan at centre back
  13. If this is called off again when would we need to reschedule for? Am I right in saying the cup takes priority over league?
  14. Aye, I reckon the 11 that finished the game today is the strongest team we have with the exception of Saunders/Taggart. Play them in a 4-4-2 and I reckon we'd get on better.
  15. I'm sorry but that was never Browns ball for the second.