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  1. UEFA Nations League

    The qualification process for the World Cup has to be approved by FIFA, and I'm not sure how keen they would be on any sort of system involving the Nations League. They won't even allow UEFA to seed the WC qualifiers using UEFA coefficients, so it seems a stretch to think they'll let them use Nations League rankings.
  2. UEFA Nations League

    They've released a new article on their website confiming the rules. As part of this, they've included a video which shows how the Euro 2020 play-off spots are distributed. It suggests that the process is carried out in the following order: 1. Remove all the teams which have qualified through the normal qualifiers. 2. For each league, the next 4 highest finishing teams are included in the play-offs. It does not seem to matter which mini section teams are in here - the video shows a runner-up from Group C2 qualifying for the play-offs ahead of the runner-up from Group C3, even though the winners of Group C3 had already qualified. 3. If a league does not have 4 teams to fill these slots, the remaining teams from the league below are bumped up. If I have interpreted this correctly, then if we used your league cup example, the "Championship" qualification play-offs would in fact include Morton, Queen of the South, St Mirren and Dumbarton. The two vacancies in the "Premiership" play-offs would then be filled by Raith and Alloa.
  3. Premiership age milestones

    I don't think anyone born in the 2000s has started a Premiership game yet. Dean Campbell (Aberdeen), Jack Aitchison (Celtic), Innes Cameron (Killie) and Euan Henderson (Hearts) have all played, but their appearances have all been as a sub.
  4. Premiership age milestones

    Aitchison was the first player born in 2000 to appear in the Premiership (or any division of the SPFL), and he scored on his debut. Since then, a few others have done so. Dean Campbell was the first player born in 2001 to appear in the Premiership.
  5. Aberdeen v Killie

    The reason nobody has picked up on it was because it wasn't a penalty in a million years.
  6. Tipping

    I usually ask them to remove the service charge from the bill and then leave a tip instead.
  7. UEFA Nations League

    Except that this tournament is quite explicitly replacing "pots and rankings" with a meritocracy (of sorts, at least).
  8. Welcome to P&B 4.2!

    Just clocked the new reactions. "Thanks", "Haha", "Confused", "Sad". Didn't realise P&B was going to push so hard to corner the 8 year old girl market.
  9. Welcome to P&B 4.2!

    That bright blue colour for the quoted posts should be banned under the Geneva Convention as a cruel and unusual punishment.
  10. Ryan Gauld

    Last goal of his career - he's finished.
  11. That article is still wrong though, because it claims that she was the first referee to take charge of a "senior men's game". Women have taken charge of senior matches before, such as Morag Pirie in the Highland League, and the likes of Kylie McMullan and Vikki Allan in the Lowland League and East of Scotland. Lorraine Watson is the first to referee in the SPFL, which is not the same thing as "senior".
  12. Squad for Lithuania and Malta

    If Bosnia lose to Belgium then their goal difference will likely be irrelevant, since their points tally will be 11 at most.
  13. Greg Docherty

    If you looked at Cammy Kerr in September 2015 (ie the equivalent stage to those guys you listed), he had played a total of 2 Premiership matches, and was on loan at Peterhead. Smith has much more first team experience than that, while Jason Kerr and McKenna are in very similar situations now. Ralston and Miller have featured a little bit for Celtic this season - both have played at least as many top flight matches than Kerr had at a similar point. McCrorie is one I don't know much about. The last games that Scotland U21s played where players in Cammy Kerr's age group were considered was against Macedonia and Ukraine in September 2016. Even at that stage he had only played 16 top flight games for Dundee. Of the defenders included in that squad, Steven Kingsley, Stephen Hendrie, Jordan McGhee and John Souttar were all much more experienced than Kerr, while Donald Love was getting a game in the English Premier League. Liam Smith had played a similar number of top flight games to Kerr (12), and had the advantage of being eligible for the next campaign. The only one I don't know about is Dominic Hyam of Reading.
  14. Greg Docherty

    The current U21 squad is for players born in 1996 or later. Cammy Kerr was born in 1995.
  15. Greg Docherty

    I really like Docherty, but it should be noted that the Scotland U21s, with a midfield packed with other players who also have tons of SPFL experience, defeated the Netherlands 2-0 last night. It's not like he's being overlooked for a bunch of diddies.