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  1. Here comes the story of Harry Kane. The man the philosopher came to blame. For something that he never done.
  2. After the game there was a zoomer on our forum saying Williams should have got a second yellow for cuddling the ref.
  3. I'm not sure - all of his posts were probably lost during the big cull. If I remember correctly, it came just after he wrote this largely inaccurate article and then came on here to try to shill it. When a bunch of Motherwell fans (amongst others) pointed out the gaping flaws in his arguments, I believe accused them all of being mini-h**s and then flounced off.
  4. He did actually post on here during the Rangers saga, and exposed himself as being absolutely clueless about Scottish football.
  5. Harry Kane doesn't accept Scottish £5 notes.
  6. If they won the Champions League or Europa League then they'd qualify automatically for the group stages, so being better at football would definitely help.
  7. The team they are playing have scored once in 10 European matches.
  8. I saw on the news that they had signed that ex-Inverness player from you? How do you think Shinnie Storey Tansey Hayes will get on there?
  9. We can't seriously have players calling the manager "Jig".
  10. They could always put some big porcelain cows (or sheep?) in the club shop and get their mug fans to pay for it.
  11. I didn't say it was hugely relevant, but L4L made the ludicrous suggestion that Everton was his only successful job.
  12. Pretty sure he was incredibly successful at Preston.
  13. Probably released (but not officially announced) Miles Addison (28) - 2019 Jamie Cobain (20) - 2017 Martin Smith (21) - 2017 Left the club Kristoffer Ajer (19) - Celtic, end of loan Luke Hendrie (22) - Burnley, end of loan Callum McFadzean (23) - Alfreton Town Dapo Kayode (24) Sean Longstaff (19) - Newcastle, end of loan Cal Roberts (20) - Newcastle, end of loan Conor Sammon (30) - Hearts, end of loan Nathan Tyson (35) Josh Umerah (19) - Charlton, end of loan Freddie Woodman (20) - Newcastle, end of loan
  14. The Tories will have a majority on EVEL issues I think - they already have 291 of the 533 English seats with 9 still to declare.
  15. If you exclude Scotland then the SNP would have 0.