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  1. The bit about clubs "indicating the crowd" is Old Firm behaviour from them - how dare this little diddy team want more than can be acccommodated in one stand of Tynecastle.
  2. What would Aberdeen consider to be a "reasonable time" for a televised game? A lunchtime game couldn't really kick off any later than 12:15 given the potential for extra time and penalties, so did they want an evening kick off? A 5:30 game could end up finishing not long before 8:30 if it went to penalties, which would surely make things tight for fans travelling back to Aberdeen.
  3. He's 21, not 20. Having played for Celtic and having Scotland U21 caps is sometimes enough for a team to take a gamble on a player. If they did scout him extensively, then it's unlikely that it was when he played for Killie (which is the only time he has played first team football at a decent level). None of his performances in one of the worst defences in the Premiership last season would have made them say "I think that guy is going places". In reality, they're taking a cheap gamble in the hope that he is a late bloomer. Even if he fails, they'll probably find a decent Championship or League 1 team to take him off their hands at a small fee.
  4. A) He wasn't a teenager when he played for Killie. B) He played about 30 games for us. C) He has played 0 games for Newcastle, and it is likely to stay that way.
  5. The biggest problem with all the claims about the way the towers fell is that they are trying to make projections based on a one-off extreme event. How many times in history has a commercial airliner flown directly into a tower? They can construct models and do simulations all they want, but these models can never account for every single variable. These unaccounted for extremes are the same reason that bridges occasionally collapse despite being seemingly well-designed. If they built replica Twin Towers and flew a plane full of people into them a million times, there would probably be a million different outcomes.
  6. The team that wins the shootout will just defend like f**k for 30 minutes.
  7. Stuart Findlay is pish.
  8. No, that would still be a penalty. If a foul from outside the box carries on into the box, then essentially the ref would be playing advantage from the point of the initial foul until the foul reaches the box. If a foul starts inside the box then it would be a penalty straight away and the ref wouldn't play advantage. This isn't a new rule - it has always been the case.
  9. If a player starts fouling outside the box, but the foul continues into the box, then it's a penalty.
  10. If you want to criticise someone else's grammar and/or spelling, it's important to get your own right.
  11. There's a typical Celtic fan struggling to count beyond one.
  12. Preserving a 100% licensed Tier 5 every season at all costs would present a major stumbling block in the long-term progression of the pyramid. Tier 5 absolutely should be licensed, but relaxing that position on a one-off basis would hardly cause the entire system to collapse. We're talking about a short-term relaxation of the licensing rules in order to facilitate a major (positive) change to Tier 5 and to the pyramid as a whole. It would be hard to disagree that Tier 5 would be stronger if there was an East/West system including the Juniors, and if a two season grace period is what it takes to make that happen then I don't see what the big problem is. In the long term, that would lead to a big increase in the number of licensed clubs, which can only be a good thing
  13. People need to stop focusing on what did happen or what should have happened in the past, and work on what is going to be the best for the non-league game in the future. There shouldn't really be any major issue with loosening the standards in the short-term, for example by giving Junior clubs two years' grace. It's not as though the Lowland League clubs are any worse off for having their license in place earlier.
  14. I think he's an improvement on Johnston or Locke, but I still think he's a bit of a ticking time bomb. His team selections and signing policy are a bit haphazard - for example signing four right-backs in a single summer. I'd be quite surprised if he's still our manager at the start of next season tbh.
  15. The SPFL didn't want a three-feeder system back in 2013, but that may well have changed by now. Their main stated reason for favouring a two-feeder system was to ensure that any relegated club dropped into a fairly strong league. However, the lack of Junior participation in the Lowland League has led to Tier 5 missing many of the biggest clubs in the region. If Juniors were integrated into Tier 5 in three-feeder system now, then the resulting East and West leagues would likely both be stronger than the current Lowland League.