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  1. I've updated the original list to reflect the ones which I am still missing.
  2. That's magic - thanks for those. I also discovered that some of the line-ups are listed on Transfermarkt, so I should be able to at least knock another few off the list.
  3. I am trying to update my records for the Scottish Cup over the last few seasons, but I have had trouble finding starting line-ups for Round 1. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a good source for these, or alternatively provide individual line-ups which they happen to have a record of. The full list of games is below (I already have the details for teams in italics) 25/08/2012 Formartine United 3-2 Brora 25/08/2012 Girvan 1-2 Bonnyrigg Rose 25/08/2012 Glasgow Uni 0-2 Selkirk 25/08/2012 Hawick Royal Albert 2-4 Golspie Sutherland 25/08/2012 Irvine Meadow 4-0 Gala Fairydean 25/08/2012 Clachnacuddin 2-1 Lossiemouth 25/08/2012 Civil Service Strollers 4-0 Newton Stewart 25/08/2012 Preston Athletic 0-2 Nairn 25/08/2012 Shotts Bon Accord 1-1 Edinburgh City 25/08/2012 Edinburgh Uni 1-2 St Cuthbert Wanderers 01/09/2012 Edinburgh City 4-1 Shotts Bon Accord 14/09/2013 Fraserburgh 4-0 Civil Service 14/09/2013 Edinburgh Uni 0-2 Spartans 14/09/2013 Gala Fairydean 3-1 Glasgow Uni 14/09/2013 Golspie Sutherland 0-4 Edinburgh City 14/09/2013 Fort William 0-0 Newton Stewart 14/09/2013 Selkirk 1-3 Turriff United 14/09/2013 Brora Rangers 1-0 Vale of Leithen 14/09/2013 Wigtown & Bladnoch 3-4 Buckie Thistle 14/09/2013 Hawick Royal Albert 0-1 St Cuthbert Wanderers 13/09/2014 Selkirk 0-4 Bo'ness 13/09/2014 Forres Mechanics 4-1 Civil Service 13/09/2014 Culter 4-2 Strathspey Thistle 13/09/2014 Whitehill Welfare 3-1 Girvan 13/09/2014 Golspie Sutherland 1-4 Dalbeattie 13/09/2014 Gretna 2-1 Gala Fairydean 13/09/2014 Cove Rangers 9-0 Hawick Royal Albert 13/09/2014 Clachnacuddin 1-7 Hurlford 13/09/2014 Keith 1-3 Formartine 13/09/2014 Fraserburgh 0-0 Linlithgow Rose 13/09/2014 Lothian Thistle HV 0-1 East Kilbride FC 13/09/2014 Preston Athletic 1-2 Threave Rovers 13/09/2014 Edinburgh City 2-1 Coldstream 20/09/2014 Linlithgow Rose 2-1 Fraserburgh 26/09/2015 Banks O'Dee 2-3 Cove Rangers 26/09/2015 Fraserburgh 3-2 Dalbeattie 26/09/2015 Strathspey Thistle 1-2 Edinburgh Uni 26/09/2015 Formartine 3-1 Gretna 26/09/2015 Keith 1-5 Inverurie Locos 26/09/2015 Gala Fairydean 0-2 Linlithgow 26/09/2015 Lossiemouth 1-4 Forres 26/09/2015 Preston Athletic 2-3 Fort William 26/09/2015 Threave Rovers 1-3 Stirling Uni 27/09/2015 Cumbernauld Colts 3-0 Glasgow Uni 24/09/2016 Keith 0-1 Banks O'Dee 24/09/2016 Inverurie Locos 0-6 Buckie 24/09/2016 Clachnacuddin 1-2 Stirling University 24/09/2016 Fort William 1-4 Brora Rangers 24/09/2016 Civil Service Strollers 1-1 Hawick Royal Albert 24/09/2016 Forres 2-2 Lossiemouth 24/09/2016 East Kilbride FC 9-1 Vale of Leithen 25/09/2016 Leith Athletic 0-0 Cumbernauld Colts 01/10/2016 Hawick Royal Albert 6-2 Civil Service Strollers 01/10/2016 Lossiemouth 0-4 Forres 05/10/2016 Cumbernauld Colts 1-0 Leith Athletic
  4. Mind the last time Ayr fans were writing off Killie's chances in a League Cup tie against Celtic? "The trophy already has green and white ribbons on it" How did that one work out?
  5. I think both of Saints' goals came from us not being streetwise enough to just take a foul and move on. All 4 of Saints' bookings came from good "professional" fouls, while our midfield and full-backs let Wotherspoon and O'Halloran ghost past them. You always run a risk of conceding a goal from the free-kick, as Saints did when Boyd rattled it in, but they're even more likely to score if you just escort them towards the goal. All in all, though, I think we showed enough to suggest that we'll be fine this year. Greer will be a fantastic addition - he strolled through the game and his distribution was great. Thomas and Erwin both also looked great, and although Jones had a quiet game yesterday, that duel threat of him and Thomas on the wings should be potent. I think we're pretty lightweight in midfield with Frizzell and McKenzie - I'd be much happier putting Wilson (and eventually Dicker) in there.
  6. Most of the domestic players in the Scotland U21 squad have well over 30 first team games under their belt.
  7. Aye, that's why I posted it.
  8. It reminds me of Dundee fans coming on to our thread raving about Mark O'Hara after he had a few good games at the start of last season, only for him to basically revert to mediocrity for the other 10 months of the campaign.
  9. That is indeed the only time that happened - there have been a couple of times it has happened 2 times in a row, but never 3.
  10. Will be interesting to see whether Thomas can handle the step up - wouldn't be surprised if he ended up back at Motherwell on loan in a few months.
  11. This has been happening to me today on Firefox on my Mac.
  12. To be fair - the Wikipedia thing is sourced from his player profile on the official West Ham website.
  13. What happened in the cup final is by no means specific to Scottish football. Almost any team that play a high intensity gameplan against a better quality opposition will tire themselves out after an hour or so. You can even look at games like the 2014 Champions League final for a similar example - Atletico knocked their pan in for 70 minutes and then were holding on grimly at the end. When it came to extra time, Real just ran over the top of them.
  14. In theory he can play there, but I don't think he handles the physical side of the game very well, and putting him right in the middle would be a gamble.
  15. Some good points in here, but there are also a lot of flawed or circumstantial stuff which needs to be challenged. The Rangers game being played 2 days early contributed massively to that - all the rest of the matches played bar one were in the Champions League QR1. You can extend that list a great deal after last night's Europa League ties (which is the night when Rangers were due to play). It doesn't make Rangers' defeat any less embarrassing, but that wasn't really a fair point. Owen Coyle has been out of Scottish football for a decade. It's unlikely he has the slightest clue how good the players in our league are, certainly not well enough to accurately identify the standard. He was manager of Blackburn for the whole of last season, so it's unlikely he watched more than a handful of games. Mark Fotheringham played one season in Cyprus five years ago, and as far as I can see he has never played in Malta, so I have no idea why anyone would take his opinion on the current state Cypriot or Maltese football particularly seriously. Ziggy Gordon just moved to Poland, so of course he is going to extol the virtues of their league. I could find you a million interviews of foreign guys who have moved to Scotland and have talked up how good our league is compared to whatever league they have just left. I can't claim to know much about Lithuanian football, but there have been plenty of guys with Lithuanian connections who have played in Scotland, and almost all of them have done substantially better in Lithuania than here, which suggests that it might be a lower standard. Look at the goalscoring exploits of Darvydas Sernas, Linus Pilibaitis, Bahrudin Atajic and Callum Elliot, for example. I don't think there can be any doubt that our players are not physically fit enough and don't work hard enough on their conditioning. Unfortunately, this is partly a societal issue, but certainly football here should be doing more in that respect. This is also all true. Other countries have improved substantially both on and off the pitch, and we haven't. More government support would be helpful in building facilities and infrastructure - more of the indoor stadiums like Toryglen and Oriam would make a huge difference. The SFA are trying to implement an all-encompassing pyramid system and stricter licensing, and I think they will be successful in time. Both of these ideas may work in other countries, but that doesn't necessarily mean they would work here even if they were implemented. The National Academy thing seems a bit odd - surely these players have their own clubs who have trained them from a young age? Do these clubs just loan the players to the academy? Informal agreements like that between clubs might be beneficial to the player development of both clubs, but they are very suspect from a sporting integrity point of view. I don't think that sort of thing would go down too well in any Northern or Western European country where we have no history of government controlled football clubs. I don't really think this is true for a number of reasons. Clubs certainly do have that many players out of contract, but it's usually mainly squad players and youths. Promising young players and most "big" new signings are given longer term contracts. If these guys end up out of contract it is because they have opted not to sign a new one. If you look at Killie, for example, we have had a lot of players coming and going over the last few years, but almost every player who has left under freedom of contract has done so because the club hasn't offered anything. Our best young players (Taylor, Kiltie, Wilson etc) have been tied down on long-term contracts, and important first team players are typically given two or three year deals. I think it's roughly the same across the Premiership. In fact, a big part of Scottish football's business model revolves around selling players, especially to England. Even in this summer's window so far, we've seen Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Partick Thistle, Rangers, Ross County and St Mirren take in decent transfer fees for players. I'd question the figure of £3m given that Jonny Hayes, Joe Garner and Jason Cummings all moved for seven figure fees this summer, and Boyce, McKay, Mallan and Lindsay didn't go for pennies either. The fact that Croatia and Belgium (a country which is actually more than twice the size of Scotland) can rake in more money is because they are better at it than us, and have better players. That is what we need to work on more than the actual transfer model. I don't have any evidence for it, but I'd be pretty surprised if clubs from, say, Hungary, Slovenia or Bulgaria didn't operate in a similar way to Scotland. Changes are being, and have been made in Scottish football. They may or may not be the right changes, but the last 5 years have seen the introduction of SFA Performance Schools, the pyramid structure, new indoor facilities and now a new coaching recruitment and training system. The problem is that none of these things make a difference overnight, and it's difficult to untangle the effects of any individual event.