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  1. Refereeing question

    Yes, this would be fine. It has to be a deliberate pass back to the keeper. That's also fine. Unless the first player clearly intended for the second player to do that, it's fine.
  2. Refereeing question

    If the first player kicks the ball to the second player with the intention that the second player chests it back, then that would be a backpass due to the "circumventing the laws of the game" rule discussed above. However, if it's just a bad clearance from the first player, and then the second player chests it back, then that's absolutely fine.
  3. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    The view from behind the goal at Murrayfield for a football game is as bad as the equivalent at Hampden, if not worse.
  4. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    This survey comes from the SFSA, an organisation with zero credibility. A glance at their Twitter feed or their most recent newsletter will give you an idea of the sort of people they are trying to attract - a bunch of chip on the shoulder moaners who lash out indiscriminately at everything and everyone. The Scottish football equivalent of Trump supporters or Brexiteers, if you will. There is no way this is even remotely a representative survey of Scottish football supporters, and it's mad that so many news organisations are taking it seriously.
  5. On top of that, the reason he left Melbourne City was to ensure that he played enough first team football before the World Cup. To be honest, he could stay without a club between now and June and still be picked in the Australia squad.
  6. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Seems a bit weird that the Inverness players were forced by the emergency services to watch the forensics and people getting cut out of cars. You'd think they'd just have let them sit on the bus and mind their own business.
  7. This page is certainly doing nothing to disprove my hypothesis that people who use numbers in place of letters or words are morons.
  8. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Alex Neil has very little in the way of a relevant track record to suggest that he'd be a success as Scotland manager. He has achieved much, much less at club level than Burley, McLeish or Strachan did - in fact he's more similar to Levein in terms of achievements. I certainly don't want Paul Lambert, but I'm not sure why he is being derided while Neil is considered a brilliant candidate.
  9. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    It seems like the right decision to play the game. Postponing it would have cost both teams a fortune, and it's not as though Inverness were in any danger of not getting to the ground on time.
  10. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    Simple lesson to young laddies. Don't take stuff from shops without paying for it, you never know what can happen.
  11. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    This forum has had enough of experts.
  12. Rainbow Laces Campaign

    The whole world is just one big family and it's therefore important to do as much as we can to protect our cherished and beloved family members overseas.
  13. Rainbow Laces Campaign

    Plenty of predominantly Christian countries have laws against homosexuality. It is banned in the majority of Christian sub-Saharan African countries and several Caribbean countries. It is also banned in a number Hindu and Buddhist countries in South and South-East Asia, most notably India. And that's before we even get on to Russia.
  14. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    He was an Ayr fan.
  15. Argentina

    Was in Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Based on my experience, a week will be more than enough time. The city itself is nice enough, but is not unlike a number of Western European cities - the buildings are generally quite Spanish-influenced, but there is also a sort of shabby Paris feel to it as mentioned above. We paid an absolute fortune to go to a Boca game, but it was worth it. La Recoleta is definitely worth exploring, and my wife really enjoyed the Evita Museum (I was at a conference that day and didn't go with her). The San Telmo Sunday market is ridiculous - it goes on and on for seemingly miles, and everything was incredibly cheap but seemed decent enough quality. If you're there for a week, I would recommend at least a day trip out of the city. You can get a ferry to Colonia in Uruguay which is a UNESCO World Heritage city (or something like that). We ended up giving it a miss because we only had a couple of non-conference days, but it looked like it would have been great. You could also do day trips up to the river delta, but we didn't bother with that either.