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  1. That was a grim spectacle from our point of view yesterday. We weren't quite the incompetent shambles of last season, but it was an utterly toothless performance with little genuine threat offered at any stage. Morton scored a nice goal early on, and then were content to sit back and soak up the "pressure" and hit us on the counter-attack, which they did very well. I wasn't sure about any of the four players who made their debuts yesterday - Webb looked like he might be an OK defender, but was utterly clueless going forward. He didn't want to cross the halfway line at any stage. Burn wasn't bad for most of the game, but made an arse of himself for the second goal. Waddington was a big bumbling oaf of a player - he reminded me of an even less talented Owain Tudur Jones. Smith looked like he might be a decent footballer, but he was forcing it too much and struggled to make an impact. We've put ourselves under pressure already in terms of qualifying. You'd expect Morton to beat Berwick in their last match, which would be enough to win them the group. That means we're probably left needing to win both our remaining fixtures, which should hopefully give us enough to be one of the best runners-up.
  2. The club own the rights to the Killie Pie name, so there will be a "Killie Pie" on sale. No idea what the quality will be like. The "Killie Pie" used to be made by WW Wales long before Brownings got involved - Brownings never had any real rights to the name.
  3. The fair play spots have been scrapped.
  4. Hibs would have earned points for their own personal club coefficient, but Scotland don't gain any coefficient points for teams making it through to that round.
  5. Anything's possible with David Gray.
  6. It probably made absolutely no difference to the coefficient whether Hibs won or lost that shootout. They would have been pumped by Hertha in both legs anyway.
  7. Did it not start because a bunch of gullible Hibs and Celtic fans bought one of those fake Sky Sports screenshots on Twitter?
  8. So was Darren O'Dea.
  9. England showed absolutely no interest in bidding for Euro 2020. Turkey was the only serious contender, despite UEFA actively seeking out other bidders. They had a lot of concerns about hosting it in Turkey (a very wise decision as it transpired), which is why they came up with this idea.
  10. I agree in general, but I disagree about McCulloch. It's easy to forget that he was a very effective player back then, before he descended into UFC mode at Rangers. Our current team is crying out for someone like the 2007 McCulloch, who has the physical presence to mix it in the attacking third.
  11. My reading of it is that the first Nations League and the Euro 2020 qualifiers will be seeded based on the UEFA coefficients, but from then on everything will follow on automatically. The second Nations League will have teams in divisions based on promotion/relegation from the first Nations League, and the Euro 2024 qualifiers would be based on Nations League placings.
  12. I see that the Sun is the source of this story, and I reckon they might be a little confused. We recently fell to 50th in the FIFA rankings, but it's likely that the Nations League will be seeded based on the UEFA country coefficients. At the moment, we'd be in the third pot of those, but it's likely that the draw will be made after the World Cup qualifiers, which means that we could still move up into the second pot if we perform well. It's worth remembering that these leagues are (I think) going to be used for future seeding of European Championship qualifying groups, so it's not as simple as saying that we would always want to be in Division C. That would likely see us seeded 4th for qualifying, whereas being in Division B would see us seeded 3rd or even 2nd. And Finland and Israel are ranked 65th and 76th for a reason.
  13. If you're too thick to go to the correct ground for a football match, then you deserve to be mocked.
  14. It was a poor performance from Killie, but despite that I came away feeling reasonably positive. We were very disjointed on account of having a bunch of guys who hadn't played together before, but I felt as though most of the new guys showed a bit of promise. Boyle looks like he could be a good acquisition - he's big and strong and decent on the ball, even if he did look raw. Cobain got forward a lot and should provide a good out ball on the right flank - he was a bit shaky at times, but hopefully that will improve with game time. The game completely passed McFadzean by as it did our entire midfield - that needs to be worked on. Bojaj reminded me a bit of Heffernan - his touch was excellent and he linked up well, but despite all that he never really looked like scoring. Coulibaly, I'm not sure about. He obviously got the goal, but I felt his overall performance was a bit iffy, and he squandered a few good chances. He definitely improved after the goal, so hopefully he just needed a little confidence boost. Jones looked like your typical impact player out wide - he definitely has a lot of flair, but looked really lightweight.
  15. I was thinking about this at our game yesterday, and my initial thought was that 8 points would probably be enough. I feel like a few of the groups will have the Premiership side winning all 4 matches, which would leave the other clubs with a maximum of 9 points. I reckon some of the Championship and League 1 teams will take points off each other in these groups. It's hard to think about at the moment because it's the first time - and my head is thumping after a long haul flight so I can't be bothered trying to put together all the permutations for a group.