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  1. Oliver Burke

    He's not too old for the U21s. He's in the squad for the Toulon tournament.
  2. The Kieran Tierney Rumour Thread 2018-19

    He's handled himself fine in the Champions League and (mainly out of position) in international football. I think there is a certain extent to which an "eye test" applies too - sometimes, as in Tierney's case, a player stands out as exceptional regardless of the level he's playing at.
  3. The Kieran Tierney Rumour Thread 2018-19

    If clubs think he's worth £30m as a player then they'll pay that, regardless of what league he plays in. This is obviously particularly true if there's a bidding war, which it certainly appears like there is going to be. I think Celtic could easily end up getting something in that region.
  4. May and June face Peru & Mexico

    Shinnie, Mulgrew and Fraser are all options at LWB, as well as Stevenson.
  5. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Nobody will be prioritised - there is currently one EoSFL division, and every new team is joining that division.
  6. Kilmarnock v Hertz

    Worth noting that the worst player on the park for Hearts was 45 year-old centre-back Aaron Hughes, who should be sent to the glue factory.
  7. May and June face Peru & Mexico

    It's hard to take your judgement of a player's suitability seriously when you don't know what position a guy with over 400 games in Scottish football plays.
  8. May and June face Peru & Mexico

    No real issue with that from Killie's point of view - Toulon is much more likely to put him in the shop window (especially if he scores against Brazil again) and is probably better for his career development.
  9. May and June face Peru & Mexico

    Stevenson is a left-back mate!!!
  10. Will Kilmarnock ever win a game again?

    Someone should have told Clarke he didn't need to do post-match interviews while he was on gardening leave.
  11. Will Kilmarnock ever win a game again?

    Apart from when his West Brom team lost 2-1 at home to Liverpool in August 2012 or 4-1 at Anfield in October 2013?
  12. Picking players for Peru/Mexico matches

    He played against Linz, Rapid Vienna, Slavia Prague, Shamrock Rovers and Sunderland. So to be clear, friendlies for Celtic won't contribute to burnout, but those for Scotland will?
  13. Toulon Tourney 2018

    That's the way football is at the moment - there are a lot fewer specialist centre-forwards around than there used to be. I'd expect quite a few teams to play at the World Cup with converted wingers and so on up front.
  14. Picking players for Peru/Mexico matches

    Funny you should say that, given that Celtic picked him in 5 friendlies this season.
  15. We will be finishing 5th, which will be our best finish since 2011. Hardly decades.