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  1. Project Brave rumbles on..

    That's a bit harder since it's not always clear which clubs should take credit for certain players - for example, is Stuart Armstrong under Inverness or Dundee United? I've tried my best to put something together (with Armstrong as DUFC). Averages don't make much sense here, so I've just added up the total number of appearances for players produced by each Scottish club. The main list shows players of all nationalities, while the one hidden in the spoiler is only for Scottish players. Again, the top 6 have all been given Elite status. Motherwell are joint 8th and Rangers are 11th. Total number of 2017/18 Premiership starts by producing youth system: Celtic: 135 Hearts: 69 Hibs: 64 Aberdeen: 63 Hamilton: 58 Kilmarnock: 51 St Mirren: 51 Livingston: 38 Motherwell: 38 Dundee United: 36 Rangers: 32 Queen's Park: 28 Ross County: 22 Inverness: 21 Montrose: 21 St Johnstone: 21 Partick Thistle: 19 Dundee: 15 Clyde: 13 Lanark United: 13 Dumbarton United: 12 Queen of the South: 12 Raith Rovers: 11 Dunfermline: 9 Kello Rovers: 8 Falkirk: 7 Kilbirnie Ladeside: 6 Syngenta Amateurs: 6 Cowdenbeath: 3 Stenhousemuir: 3 Berwick Rangers: 2
  2. Project Brave rumbles on..

    Perhaps more interestingly in the context of Project Brave, we can which clubs are fielding players (of any nationality) who have come through their own youth system. We see that the top 7 clubs on this list are all clubs who were included in the Elite Level. Rangers are the only outliers here. Average number of own youth team players in starting XI in the 2017/18 Scottish Premiership: Hamilton: 4.38 Killie: 3.69 Hearts: 3.08 Celtic: 2.75 Hibs: 2.61 Aberdeen: 1.58 Motherwell: 1.42 Dundee: 1.15 St Johnstone 0.85 Ross County: 0.69 Rangers: 0.58 Partick Thistle: 0.54
  3. Project Brave rumbles on..

    8 of the 12 clubs have given more than half of their starts to Scottish players this season, while Celtic are just a tiny bit under. Rangers, Thistle and Motherwell have the lowest returns in that respect. Obviously these numbers might be tweaked slightly if you moved towards homegrown players as defined by coming through a Scottish youth system - there are some Irish and English guys who might be included under that definition. Average number of Scottish players in starting XI in the 2017/18 Scottish Premiership: Killie: 9.77 St Johnstone: 7.77 Hibs: 7.00 Aberdeen: 6.33 Hearts: 5.92 Dundee: 5.85 Hamilton 5.85 Ross County: 5.69 Celtic: 5.42 Rangers: 3.75 Partick Thistle: 3.69 Motherwell: 2.33
  4. Project Brave rumbles on..

    The same was true of every single year prior to that too though. German clubs haven't really often been flooded with foreign players.
  5. Project Brave rumbles on..

    I'm not convinced this was actually ever a rule in Germany. I can't find any reference to it online. It's entirely possible that the journalist made it up or misinterpreted something else.
  6. Project Brave rumbles on..

    The Killie press release today confirms that Elite clubs will play each other 3 times per season and still play the Progressive (2nd tier) clubs once per season.
  7. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    I would like Bilic, but even if we increase what we're offering I'm worried that he might be slightly beyond our budget. He was supposed to be on something like £3m a year at West Ham and there are probably a few clubs around Europe who will be willing to offer him a fair bit more than us.
  8. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    I reckon there are a number of people within the SFA who know that their heads will roll if they get this appointment wrong, and so I think they'll invest a bit more money to give themselves a better chance of getting to the Euros. It would be hugely embarrassing to them if we were hosting games at a Euros which we can't even qualify for.
  9. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Our next manager's salary should, and probably will, be more than the £500k we were paying Strachan.
  10. Nineties Debutants Still Playing

    I believe Geddes is the oldest to play in the SPFL or its predecessors, at the age of 49. Andy Millen comes in second - he was 45 years 11ish months when he last appeared for Queen's Park. Douglas' appearance today at 45 years and 6 months probably comes in third.
  11. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    I didn't actually realise that was the case, and that definitely does count as a black mark against him (no pun intended) in terms of him actively being racist towards others. I still don't think his past infringes very much on his actual ability to do the job, even though it definitely does raise a moral question.
  12. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    There's plenty of folk who don't live in or near Kilmarnock, and just want to be able to turn up to a game which isn't going to be sold out anyway, and pay at the gate.
  13. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    I don't really see how it particularly affects his ability to coach and develop players. He has shown himself to hold bigoted views privately, but he has never been overtly racist, homophobic or anything else. He didn't seem to have many issues with picking black and Asian players whilst managing at both Watford and Cardiff. It's a bit like Ron Atkinson - he presumably always held the views which eventually got him kicked off ITV, but that didn't stop him from being a trailblazer in English football by regularly picking three black guys in the same team. You can hold pretty shitty views, and even be an unpleasant person, without those views actually affecting your daily decision making in any serious way. Plenty of stories came out about how the former England women's coach treated black players, but I don't remember anyone having anything similar to say about Mackay. I have my doubts about whether he was the best person for the job given his lack of administrative experience and his limited youth coaching background, but I think the objections on the basis of his racism are more moral ones rather than being based on his actual ability to do the job. Which is fine, as long as you're willing to hold others to the same standard.
  14. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    You could definitely argue that O'Neill's indiscretions are even worse. Mackay's is unpleasant, and paints him as a horrible guy, but ultimately it was private communication and wasn't going to cause any direct harm to anyone. O'Neill's behaviour, on the other hand, is actually dangerous to others, given the number of deaths and serious accidents caused by drink-driving. It probably wasn't an isolated incident either - it's unlikely someone has suddenly decided as a one-off that it's alright to drive whilst vastly over the limit. He'd probably still be doing it if he hadn't been caught.
  15. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    They will have received a special exemption to show them in Welsh language. Perhaps BBC Alba could do the same and broadcast in Gaelic.