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  1. He grew up in Melton Mowbray, so he's probably eligible for England through the schooling rule. He hasn't given even the sligthest indication that he's remotely interested in playing for anyone other than Scotland though.
  2. They could just, you know, group together and vote against it.
  3. Rhodes pulled out with an injury.
  4. It's not as simple as that because country protection and the TV groupings make certain combinations more likely that the others. It still won't be that far off 50/50 though.
  5. Strachan literally called him up for the last competitive fixture.
  6. Glad we brought in some cover at right-back - not sure we would have managed to get through the season with just three of them.
  7. I usually use the Fitbastats website. Bannan has 11 starts and 10 sub appearances, Forrest has 8 starts and 5 sub appearances.
  8. Gordon, Marshall, Berra, Greer, Hutton, Martin, Fletcher and Morrison are the only ones 30 or over. Neither Gordon nor Marshall are particularly old for keepers. Three of those are central defenders, which is definitely our problem position. Hanley is only 24 and has 23 caps. Bannan has 21 caps and Forrest has 13 - both of them have been involved a great deal with the senior squad over the last few years.
  9. That's a really stupid idea though. It's a role which is about leadership, and winning lots of caps doesn't necessarily make you a leader. Shaun Maloney has 47 caps (only Fletcher and Hutton have more in the current squad), but he wouldn't be a particularly effective captain regardless of his footballing ability and experience.
  10. Hamilton Paterson Hanley Tierney Robertson McGinn Bannan Forrest McKay Burke Griffiths All in the squad, and the oldest players there are 26.
  11. Folk constantly moan when Bannan gets called up, but he's a very good player who has pretty much always performed for us. I'd pick him alongside Fletcher or McArthur in central midfield for the Malta game.
  12. Martin and McArthur have both been injured. Also, we are literally three weeks into the season (two for Morrison and Anya).
  13. 2 out of 6. McArthur and Martin are the only ones who haven't played.
  14. A player's ability is based on how good they are.
  15. No idea why folk get so hung up on what level players (particularly young players) are playing at, rather than just judging them on ability. McGinn is one of the best midfielders in the SPFL, and there is nothing wrong with him being picked here.