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  1. Raith would have made it through on away goals scored.
  2. Seeded Celtic Hibs Aberdeen Hearts Rangers Alloa Partick Thistle Morton Unseeded Peterhead St Johnstone Inverness CT Queen of the South Motherwell Hamilton Ayr United Dundee Utd/Dunfermline
  3. Grim stuff from Killie in this group. Organisation is better than last season, but apart from that there's not much to be excited about. Hopefully just teething problems for the new squad, but I suspect not.
  4. If United lose to Dunfermline tomorrow then Dunfermline would be runners-up with 9 points. The runners-up in D and F are guaranteed at least 8 points, and with St Mirren and Inverness leading heavily the runners-up in groups C and G will have at least 9.
  5. Dundee can only get through if Inverness concede 4 goals to Arbroath and St Mirren concede 3 to Edinburgh City.
  6. 5 times in the last 5 years. I couldn't be bothered going back any further than that because I thought my point had been made.
  7. 2015/16 - Ross County (6th) were 1 point off 4th place at the split. 2014/15 - Dundee Utd (6th) were 5 points off 4th place at the split. 2013/14 - St Johnstone (6th) were 6 points off 4th place at the split. 2012/13 - Dundee Utd (6th) were 2 points off 4th place at the split. 2011/12 - Hearts (6th) were 2 points off 4th place (and 6 points off 3rd place) at the split.
  8. The Hibs v Brondby shootout is probably totally irrelevant. Brondby will probably lose both legs against Hertha Berlin, and Hibs probably would have done too.
  9. If the English Premiership jumped off the bridge would we do that too?
  10. Eh? The table is entirely accurate and worthwhile, regardless of whether you agree with the format or not.
  11. I've put together a rather lengthy rundown of the qualification permutations for the weekend. Having looked at that, I reckon 9 points will be needed to qualify in 2nd place, and it's even possible that someone with 9 points might miss out on goal difference.
  12. That's the individual club coefficient, not the country coefficient.
  13. It would make absolutely no sense to overstate an attendance in this tournament - County have to pay Raith Rovers based on the declared attendance.
  14. It's a pity Queen's Park didn't agree to pay the necessary premium usually required to see a top class side like our U20s. £12 to see some of the Stranraer and Annan Athletic stars of the future seems like a bargain to me.
  15. If you take out all the points from the games we won in the last campaign then we hardly had any points.