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  1. tv coverage of Scottish Cup

    That's a fairly new innovation too - that has only happened since the new website was introduced earlier this season. There are still games from previous (recent) seasons where I haven't been able to get full starting line-ups. And the highlights are great, and getting better, but still don't have commentary or any sort of graphics. The SFA are more or less doing what they can, but it would be great for someone external to pick it up.
  2. The Relegation Battle

    I would happily keep Accies if it meant we didn't have to take St Mirren's fans.
  3. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    I find his fixation on scoring all the time to be much more relevant.
  4. tv coverage of Scottish Cup

    It would be great if they could get a new deal which includes some sort of coverage (either full games or at least highlights) of the early rounds too - there's some great stories there which basically get completely ignored. It's difficult to even get goalscorer information for some of the the 1st Round games.
  5. Alloa vs Ayr

    Even more scenes if he pissed the Alloa players off so much that they all get the slippers out next week.
  6. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I would like this too, but I think the main reason they don't (nowadays at least) is to improve standards across the board by encouraging teams to obtain licenses. Scottish Cup participation seems to be one of the biggest incentives for many clubs who go through the licensing process. Hopefully longer term licensing can be used for league entry, and everyone can enter the Scottish Cup.
  7. I'm glad his "journalist integrity" is intact.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    The reason these games are being played so close together is to ensure that the East of Scotland can declare a champion in time for the promotion play-offs. If the Juniors joined the pyramid they'd have to do similar.
  9. Portugal Friendly 14th Oct

    We are required to play a friendly on this date and we are the only "non-elite" UEFA nation who have a free week.
  10. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    January 1917 - can't believe you forgot that one.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    This suggests to me that the decision for 2018/19 would be made any time before summer 2018, rather than being made a year in advance.
  12. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    In that case it would be when Aberdeen won the first 8 games of 2015/16.
  13. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Aberdeen from May-August 2017.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    I think something in between is most reasonable. I reckon the ship has long since sailed on the idea of the Juniors merging into the Lowland League, but I think Tier 6 entry for the top clubs still makes sense. It would be unsatisfactory for all involved if the bigger Junior clubs ended up playing at Tier 7 - the lesser EoS teams would take regular hammerings, while those Junior teams would be playing at a level well beneath themselves. It looks as though the EoS have already agreed that the Junior sides entering this year will join on a par with other members, rather than being shoved into a lower division. However, that will presumably not be a permanent feature - since doing so every year would be unfair to the existing members. I could see them doing something similar on one further occasion if there was a mass influx of the biggest remaining Junior sides, but I doubt they're going to accommodate it if it's an annual trickle of two or three clubs.
  15. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I've heard this argument a lot of times, but I don't really get where it's coming from. The East of Scotland League sits at the bottom of the pyramid and is the only place that any club in the east of Scotland who want to participate in the pyramid can apply to. They have run more than one division in the past, and will do so again next season. There is no real reason why they couldn't even run three or four divisions if need be. What you are essentially saying is that they should stop letting perfectly viable and acceptable teams in right now, just in case several Junior clubs want to apply a couple of years down the line. That would be unfair on the new clubs, and would stand against the very principles of the pyramid system.