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  1. If the referee deems that a player has deliberately kicked or thrown the ball at an opponent in a reckless manner or using excessive force, then that constitutes an offence. It doesn't matter whether he is taking a throw-in or a free-kick or whatever else - he still has to follow the basic laws of the game. There is even an explicit section of the throw-in law (Law 15) which caters for such scenarios. Players are allowed to throw the ball against an opponent to get the ball into play quickly, but it has to be done in a controlled manner.
  2. He is allowed to stand there as long as he is at least 2 yards away, so I'm not sure what Fuchs (or you) is expecting the referee to do. He only commits an offence once he jumps to try to block it - you are not allowed to "unfairly distract or impede" the taking of the throw. Fuchs should probably have received a yellow card too, given that he intentionally threw the ball at an opponent in a reckless manner.
  3. I felt a little bit bad about that afterwards. He wasn't supposed to be the butt of the joke - it was just an attempt to wind up the thick, angry reprobates who foam at the mouth at the sheer mention of VT. I thought it would be funny to watch them revel in the failure of their nemesis, before revealing that he actually was the winner all along. I didn't really like Big Gus as a poster, but he had a reasonable following due to that pie review that he did in the Championship forum, so he seemed like an obvious semi-plausible choice. I'd assumed that he would be switched on enough to realise what was going on, given that VT, an obvious top 3 candidate, hadn't been listed yet. I think I misjudged the effect the "success" of the pie thread had on his ego.
  4. To be fair, they didn't notice that Adams was ineligble until three months later, by which point Queens had already played and lost in the following round (QF), and then the SF had also been played. There was no real alternative.
  5. David Tanner is 45 years old, so I'm not sure a "kids nowadays" lecture is really appropriate here.
  6. I don't have them to hand easily, but I'll try to remember to hunt for them.
  7. This is very welcome news. I think the Lowland League (and the SFA) should make every effort to accommodate both clubs as smoothly as possible. Obviously you'd still want them to meet the basic entry criteria for licensing, but you would hope that they would be given a grace period if there were just a few minor issues to smooth over. Assuming it is just these two clubs, then I would advocate for inviting both to join the Lowland League immediately rather than having to play in the East of Scotland for a season, even if that means extending the league to 18 teams for a couple of seasons. Obviously you could argue that they would be jumping the queue ahead of the likes of Leith, LTHV, Edusport etc, but the league is still in its infancy and this sort of arrangement would not be too problematic.
  8. Managed to grab a couple of screenshots of the moment the ball was headed away by D'Acol. Neither angle is particularly conclusive, but it is worth noting that the assistant was standing right on the line and probably had the best view in the stadium. Doesn't mean he got it right, of course - everything happened quite quickly.
  9. That comment has been taken out of context - it was an obvious reference back to this earlier post about there being no goals in any of the games.
  10. I hope you spunked your life savings on it.
  11. Re: unification of Ireland. Imminent.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers won all 6 tournaments they entered in 1998/99 - but I think that would only amount to 5 cup finals.
  13. It's a bit of an unfair comparison, since some of those deals are for every single league game - I think that's the case for Norway, for example. I don't think that would go down well in Scotland, where folk have a meltdown about 1 or 2 games being moved for TV, let alone 38.
  14. It's a direct quote, and "Kech" is probably a nickname for Ikechi Anya.
  15. He is too old to play in the upcoming qualifying campaign - he was born in October 1995 and the tournament is for players born in 1996 or later.