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  1. It's just the 5 Aberdeen players that Strachan has called up so far, eh?
  2. That's a weird statement. There will only be more games on TV if the SPFL want there to be more, and that can come along with some sort of financial arrangement. I think the exposure of having some live games on free to air TV with English commentary could be very useful for our game anyway, but not sure if that will happen.
  3. I contacted Don Johnstone who does social media for ICT, and he said that I was missing a Challenge Cup game. I've looked through it again, and I can only assume that they are including the U20s match in this season's Challenge Cup. Not sure I would count that one.
  4. I noticed on Twitter that Inverness have a special bumper edition match programme to celebrate their 1000th match. I am slightly puzzled by this, because my records have them down as having played 998 to date, which would make Friday number 999. I checked a couple of other sites - Fitbastats and, and both of them seem to tally up with my records. I have them down for having played the following: League: 839 matches Scottish Cup: 75 matches League Cup: 57 matches Challenge Cup: 25 matches Europa League: 2 matches Total: 998 matches The programme cover mentions that details of all 999 previous matches are included inside, so I'm assuming this has already been double checked by someone the club, and that I'm missing a game somewhere. Can anyone clear this up and identify the phantom match?
  5. I have a feeling that St Johnstone might surge through and take third. I'm not sure they're as good as they have been in previous years, but they typically finish the season very well. Murty reminds me of Kenny McDowell, and the longer he stays in charge, the more Rangers will slump. Even if they get someone competent in, the squad is still shite and gutless. Cathro's record in the league has been pretty poor so far too, so there's no guarantee Hearts will be able to keep pace with Saints. BTW, Contrary to the hysteria in the media, it's pretty likely that the Scottish Cup winners (or 2nd placed club if Celtic win the cup) will enter in the 2nd Qualifying Round. At the moment, they are slated to play in QR1, but spots in both are held back in later rounds for the holders of the CL and EL, and typically these clubs qualify via the league anyway which causes things to be reshuffled. It's complicated to work out exactly what is needed right now, but it will become clearer when the European competitions reach the business end.
  6. The English Football League gets about £70m a year in solidarity payments from the Premier League - no idea whether any of that trickles down to the National League. The National League also has its own TV deal with BT Sport and its own sponsorship deal with Vanarama, but I couldn't find the value of either. The prize money from progressing in the FA Cup is also far higher than from the Scottish Cup; the money a National League side earns just by reaching the 3rd Round is about the same as what a Scottish Championship club would get for winning the Scottish Cup. I think clubs get about 5 times as much per game for televised cup ties too.
  7. Marcus Haber has 27 caps.
  8. Given our dearth of attacking options it has to be very tempting to start him through the middle in the upcoming matches. His pace and directness can trouble defences and he adds something different to our team, but there are still glaring defensive issues with his game which could get exposed if he plays out wide. It would make sense to try it out against Canada at least.
  9. Gary Locke to be manager by the start of next season NAP.
  10. I have relocated for work once and will be doing so for a second time in the summer, and both times the contract has had clauses about repaying some or all of the relocation expenses if I leave within two years. I think I would have needed to pay back the full amount if I left within six months, or a pro-rata amount if it was inside the first two years. No idea how strictly it would be enforced - I'm guessing it would depend on circumstances. Both times I was taking up a new job rather than transferring within the same company.
  11. Milne did vote against changing the 11-1 rule, but the financial distributions were changed at the same time, so the 11-1 was actually less of an issue.
  12. I agree. A lot of opposing fans seem to have taken a strong dislike to Clark, and I'm not really sure why. He has handled himself pretty well since taking over, and I don't remember him doing or saying anything particularly controversial. He obviously signed a shit-ton of players, but the squad did need a massive clearout, and the signing of Coulibaly alone makes it a successfull strategy.
  13. It was always fairly likely that he wasn't going to hang around long, but on the whole he did a better job than I expected. He made Locke's shambolic mess of a squad a bit more solid last year and kept us up in the play-offs, and has left us sitting in the top six, albeit very precariously. You would expect McCulloch to get the job until the end of the season now to ensure a bit of continuity. He seemed to do a decent job as caretaker last time around, so hopefully that continues. No need to rush things for the sake of it.
  14. This BBC article suggests that UKAD carry out drug tests on behalf of the English FA. It's not clear to me whether this should be a devolved matter - sports are devolved in Scotland, but the World Anti-Doping Agency is associated with the IOC, and obviously Scotland doesn't have our own Olympic association. The fact that they are called the UKAD suggests that they are responsible for the whole of the UK, and the fact that they have deemed Scottish football "low priority" seems to imply that they are responsible for monitoring our game.
  15. I'd be seriously considering Tierney at right-back for this one - we don't have any good options, and it would allow us to get him and Robertson in the team. He's better than Robertson, so it would be a pity to have him out of position, but I reckon he's more adaptable and better defensively so could do a job for us over on the right.