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  1. 21/2/87 - Hamilton 1 (Phillips) Motherwell 2 (Walker, Kirk).
  2. Just watched the YouTube highlights - MacLean is quite clearly offside for his disallowed goal.
  3. Scotland haven't had an attendance under 30,000 for a qualifier since 2001.
  4. Paterson will be fine. We're hardly talking about some unproven youngster - he must have played about 100 top flight games.
  5. I don't see why this is unfair. The attacking player hasn't done anything wrong.
  6. 7 out of 42 is 17% mate.
  7. Good point. The journey from Aberdeen to Edinburgh would be a whole 8 minutes faster than the journey to Glasgow.
  8. Greer has played every single game for Blackburn this season.
  9. That's completely irrelevant though. The ball could have been going to the moon, but if it's not a deliberate handball then it's not a deliberate handball.
  10. His position has been entirely consistent. He wasn't happy about the changes, but welcomed the fact that they had preserved the Champions Route. That article talks about the possibility of the Champions Route being scrapped in a few years time, and he is alarmed about that possibility.
  11. Still think that Griffiths should play, especially against Lithuania. Fletcher's physical presence in attack is less important now that Burke and Snodgrass are available.
  12. Don't have any real issue with Wallace being in the squad as third-choice left-back, aside from wondering why we need 3 left-backs. Wallace is a good player and has handled the step back up reasonably comfortably as far as I've seen. I wouldn't have bothered picking a third left-back, but we're hardly talking about some sub-standard player. Barrie McKay has been poor so far this season, but the likes of him and McGinn are mainly there for experience, and again neither of them are going to play. Both their selections are entirely in keeping with Strachan's general approach, so this idea that it's a sop to Rangers or their fans is absolute nonsense.
  13. I thought Celtic were excellent - they started on the front foot and didn't let Man City settle into the game. The battle between Sterling and Tierney on that left flank seemed to define the game, with both players getting in behind plenty of times and creating a lot of chances. Brown and Bitton hardly put a foot wrong in the middle of the park too. The best performer on the night was Kolo Toure though, who was everywhere. Amazing levels of energy from a 35 year-old convicted doper.
  14. Gauld is eligible for the current campaign of the U21s, but Gemmill has decided to build for the next campaign since we're already out.
  15. They didn't say that, but they quite clearly implied it. They wanted the match to be held at "a venue that would ensure a capacity attendance", and go on to say "we understand and accept that it is for all clubs to indicate the crowd they anticipate taking and Hampden Park was chosen on this basis." In other words, "We wanted it at a smaller venue, but Morton wanted to take too many fans". It's unlikely that Morton said they wanted more than 10,000 tickets, so Aberdeen would still have had access to at least half of Easter Road in this scenario. Had Aberdeen told the SPFL that they were happy to settle for 10,000 tickets, then Easter Road would have been fine. Given that the game hasn't been scheduled for Easter Road, we have to assume that Aberdeen weren't in favour of this even split. Aberdeen's statement explicitly states that they wanted a Saturday afternoon kick-off, something which was never on the table. "Our stated preference was that the game took place at a more reasonable time on the Saturday". There is no mention at all of a Sunday afternoon kick-off.