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  1. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I have strong information from my sources that Killie will be signing a defender in the next few weeks. Can't say any more right now.
  2. 18/19 Fixtures

    It's impossible to schedule fixtures with just a regular HAHA pattern, because eventually two of the clubs who are at home on the first weekend have to play each other.
  3. 18/19 Fixtures

    Apologies, you're quite right.
  4. 18/19 Fixtures

    I don't think it has ever been as simple as that. The fixtures also have to be adjusted to account for the different finishing positions of each team in the previous season, so that three teams from the previous year's top 6 have 17H 16A and three have 16H 17A, with the same being true for the bottom 6. EDIT: As far as I can remember, everyone played exactly 3 Old Firm home fixtures before the split last season, so it's not true that any sort of adjustment like that has been made this year.
  5. Promotion / relegation

    Several posters in this thread are starting to develop that mentality, with the chat about the original Lowland League teams taking a big leap compared to the newer clubs who waited before moving from the Juniors. At no point did I suggest that anyone should bend over backwards to accommodate the Ayrshire (or other West) clubs. What I said was that the SPFL would be more likely to grant automatic relegation if clubs were falling into a stronger league, and that clearly the league would be stronger for having those clubs in it. They would still be expected to have to play their way in through a West of Scotland League or some other agreed mechanism, but adding an additional promotion spot from Tier 6 would have the obvious effect of speeding up that process somewhat and preventing a bottleneck.
  6. Promotion / relegation

    I've been following the development of the pyramid from the beginning, and it's absolute nonsense to say that Burnie_man was anti-pyramid or against the Lowland League. He criticised the way in which the league eventually formed, but most of that criticism was levelled at the SFA and SJFA rather than the Lowland League or the clubs in it. I think the Lowland League does need to make the first move here - one of the biggest problems with automatic relegation from the SPFL right now is that the clubs in there will quite clearly feel that the Lowland League doesn't contain all of the best non-league clubs in the Lowland area. Some of them are certainly in there, but it's also fairly obvious that having the likes of Auchinleck, Beith, Bonnyrigg and Linlithgow would make the league much stronger. Anything that the Lowland League can do to expedite the process of getting those teams on board should be helpful in them (and the HL) building a case for automatic relegation from above. Everyone in the system is making concessions here - the SPFL opened themselves up at the bottom, the current Lowland League put faith in the system and made the jump early, and the new EoS sides set their traditions aside to put their faith in the pyramid. Lowland League fans adopting an us and them mentality is not helpful - they have been able to take the moral high ground in the debate in recent years, but are in danger of looking every bit as insular as many Junior fans have been over the last few years.
  7. Promotion / relegation

    Surely the East of Scotland League would want to have an overall league champion? That play-off system wouldn't allow for that, unless you also had a separate tournament for that. I think the best solution if 2 promotion spots are available would be for the EoS to have a three-team round robin, with the winners going up automatically and the runners-up playing off against the SoS champions.
  8. World Cup 2026

    While I'd prefer the 2022 World Cup to be moved away from Qatar, it is also the case that the USA and Mexico have been accused of human rights violations in recent years (possibly Canada too), so I'm not sure the moral argument holds.
  9. Is the App fucked?

    It's definitely a new thing - there weren't previously so many (if any) posts with that signature included.
  10. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    The Texaco Cup was for top flight clubs.
  11. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I can't really remember. I think I started posting on here a bit more and then just gradually got fed up of the general bickering. It was often very personal and I didn't really enjoy posting there by the end.
  12. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Jones is definitely a million pound player in this market - even with his contract situation I'd like to think we could hold out for close to that. I reckon he has all the tools to go on to play at a really high level in England, even if there is still a bit of rawness about him at the moment.
  13. Is the App fucked?

    Not sure if it's a P&B thing or a general Tapatalk issue, but the inclusion of signatures like "Sent from my SM-G960F using Pie and Bovril mobile app" directly into posts is obnoxious.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    The problem isn't really with what are essentially not much more than recreational players sometimes being unable to fulfil fixtures during a league season (or in this case, several weeks after a "normal" league season might finish), it's with a system which regularly leaves teams not knowing their fixture schedule until days beforehand. If it's not clear exactly when you will and won't be playing games, then these situations are always going to arise.