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  1. Why would "the gay community" start buying Bristol Rovers strips just because one of their players comes out as gay? If they're football fans, they'll already have a team, and if they're not then I can't see why they'd be interested.
  2. I reckon we can take 4 or 5 off this mob, and hopefully Aberdeen will do us a favour in the early kick-off.
  3. Which charities did Paulo, QLP and the rest stiff out of money? It would be good to have a list which documents the victims of this shitebaggery.
  4. And the third and fourth ones sealed the deal.
  5. To add to that, I've been trying to compile a list of every hat-trick scored in Scottish football (more of that to come on this forum at some point). There are matches in the 19th century where it's impossible to even find out the score or the date of the match, let alone the goalscorers. There is more and more data becoming available online now, but it's unlikely we'll ever be able to retrieve full records for these older games.
  6. 21/2/87 - Hamilton 1 (Phillips) Motherwell 2 (Walker, Kirk).
  7. Just watched the YouTube highlights - MacLean is quite clearly offside for his disallowed goal.
  8. Scotland haven't had an attendance under 30,000 for a qualifier since 2001.
  9. Paterson will be fine. We're hardly talking about some unproven youngster - he must have played about 100 top flight games.
  10. I don't see why this is unfair. The attacking player hasn't done anything wrong.
  11. 7 out of 42 is 17% mate.
  12. Good point. The journey from Aberdeen to Edinburgh would be a whole 8 minutes faster than the journey to Glasgow.
  13. Greer has played every single game for Blackburn this season.
  14. That's completely irrelevant though. The ball could have been going to the moon, but if it's not a deliberate handball then it's not a deliberate handball.