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  1. Well done on not winning stuff lots of times.
  2. Hendrie and Boyd are the only loanees who would have been in our strongest team from the first half of the season. Most of our first choice XI are contracted until at least 2018 (MacDonald, Taylor, Addison, McKenzie, Kiltie, Coulibaly), and others like Dicker, Smith and Jones will probably hang around if we offer them something.
  3. We've had, what, eight different players from our U20s in the team this season? Taylor is playing every week, as would be Kiltie if he hadn't got injured. Frizzell, Wilson and Hawkshaw have both featured a fair amount too and a handful of others have had a chance here and there. Ajer is a big massive centre-back - I'm not sure we have anyone like that in our U20s.
  4. Didn't fix it very well though, eh?
  5. These countries have pretty much every game televised across the weekend, which means they're selling a lot more games than we currently do. If folk are willing to sacrifice their 3pm on a Saturday obsession then we would be able to get more money, but I feel as though most fans would be strongly against selling out that tradition.
  6. Never seen him play so have no idea what he's like, but he seems to be highly rated in Norway at the very least. Definitely worth a gamble.
  7. I don't have an issue with either of these things. I think youth football probably should have a summer season - the schedule can get thrown off a fair bit by the weather in the winter, or you can end up with 13 year old boys playing in the snow and probably not learning much. I'm sure they'll still have a break over the school holidays, so I doubt anyone will be going on 8 hour roundtrips to or from Dingwall during that period. The logic behind requiring some overage players in the U20s is that it should be good for the younger guys to learn whilst playing alongside and against more experienced players, whereas now there are some U20s games where teams send out a full side of 18 year olds or whatever. It's about bridging the gap between the U20s and the senior teams without having to resort to nonsense like colt teams or full on "reserve football".
  8. Supporters on here have absolutely no power to enforce those beliefs. Gilmour did and yet did absolutely nothing about it, probably because his whole stance was about making himself look good. He had ample opportunity to propose a vote of no confidence in either Regan or Doncaster, but instead sat on his hands and then whinged to the media.
  9. I have a BSc (Hons) in Statistics from Glasgow Uni, and then went on to do a PhD in the same topic there. I work in academia now, so it was obviously essential for my job. I can echo what has been said by others in the thread about a PhD - at some point along the line it will become a slog. For me, that came near the end when I had to write everything up for my thesis, and realised that half of what I had been writing could have been done in the first couple of years when I was taking it a little bit easier at times. You should definitely only do it if you have a genuine interest in your discipline.
  10. If they were going to the bottom of the pyramid then it would likely be the South of Scotland league.
  11. The original table was mine and I realised I had made an error with Comrie's appearance. I had put it down as him playing 4 minutes rather than 86 minutes. St Johnstone's tally should be 0.4%.
  12. The English League 2 is a pile of steaming shite, as can be ascertained from the make up of the Plymouth squad currently looking like promotion certainties. I'm hoping he has a bigger impact on Scottish football than Ade Azeez, Zander Diamond or Paddy McCourt tbh.
  13. The over 21s rule only applies to domestic loans, so Hendrie wouldn't count towards it.
  14. I don't see why it would be a problem for Australia to host this, especially if they roped New Zealand in to co-host. The country is used to hosting big sporting events, and already has plenty of stadiums which would be more than suitable for the World Cup. Straight away, you have Sydney(x2), Melbourne(x2), Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Geelong and Newcastle. Then you can look at places like Parramatta, Blacktown, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Townsville, Canberra, Hobart and Wollongong which all either have planned new stadiums, or could have existing stadiums expanded. If you rope New Zealand in, you have Auckland and Wellington straight away, and could look at expansion in Dunedin, Hamilton or Christchurch.
  15. Has any team ever signed a young loanee who wasn't "highly rated" at their parent club?