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  1. The Multi Millionaire O'Invincibles dropped 2 points at RELEGATED INVERNESS CALEDONIAN THISTLE FC. Ha ha BORING BORING BRENDAN
  2. I don't understand how The O'Invincibles FC can lose so heavily to Barcelona. Tell me bhoys.
  3. A Team with more money than the other 41 Clubs combined wins the League and remain unbeaten. Big fecking deal. I would expect them too and to do the same next Season also. Not an achievement. If Boring Boring Brendan done the same while being Caley Thistles Manager, with their budget, I would say. Congratulations. Celtic - Tainted Titles since 1888
  4. She widnae.
  5. Dodo FC 1873 were hilarious in Europe during the 90's. Auxerre Gothenborg Ajax Juventus Levski Sofia And many more ruined breeks galore.
  7. McDonald is a ned with wee bawbag syndrome.
  8. When Sportsound drags itself away from Sevco and Celtic it can produce thoroughly good programmes. I have really enjoyed the talk this afternoon with Geoff Webster, Alex Smith, John Rankin and even Chick. Superb listening. Now talking Rugby and that's decent also. And to add, yesterday's Sportsound was fantastic with all the end of season drama. And no stress as my Team weren't playing.
  9. What a fecking schedule on Sportsound tonight . 810 MW - Live Commentary of a meaningless football match. FM - Live Commentary of a Rugby Match featuring no Scottish Clubs. A very important Play Off Match from Tannadice. - They don't care. Where would that have fitted Sevco in if they had been playing ?
  10. NO STAY, PEDRO He'll be gone in the next few weeks.