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  1. Just what I thought. The minority are good and decent football supporters.
  2. World Football would not miss vile Clubs such as Linfield, Celtic and Sevco. Scottish Football would thrive without two of them.
  3. And I really hope Dundee United never get Promotion just to piss off Willie Miller, who still thinks Teams should be in Top League according to size rather than ability. Dreadful pundit.
  4. FFS They do not have Reporters at all League Cup Ties. Disgracefully the BBC fannies have 2 Pundits at Parkhead for a NON EVENT KICKABOUT TRAINING SESSION. Outrageous.
  5. BBB just off Talksport A dreadful bore Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. * Blue Cheating Cnuts FC 1873 ( DECEASED )
  7. Frankie McAvennie
  8. Gordon ' he's so vain and thick ' Smith
  9. I will get him on The List.
  10. Blue Vermin FC 1873 - 2012 *
  11. * Void due to cheating.
  12. Asterisks are all that's needed. They are enough to cause great seethe among all Wall Guarders. No Surrender
  13. All about Sevco and the Dead As A Dodo FC on these Threads. Celtic and their Sectarianism and Tainted Titles since 1888 can be dealt with elsewhere.