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  1. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    And an Alex Rae Thread. And there's no two ways about it.
  2. Full backing from me for our new Manager whoever he is. I reserve the right to change my mind once I see his Team Line Up for the Killie match.
  3. Maybe I shouldn't encourage you to contribute more. Just keep doing your emojis and red dots. Or you'll probably send us all to sleep.
  4. So he can dish it out with no reply. He really does read everything though.
  5. My god, you're struggling. With a stack of aliases, I cannae post on Black and White Army. JJ is quoted and can post his laughing emoji anytime.
  6. I would certainly take Stu' s word over yours. Also James, still waiting on your B & W Army return to improves its popularity. Maybe you're back under a different alias. Say hello.
  7. Me too He is on his way, in the future. Cannae wait. What a legend.
  8. I would certainly take Stu' s word over yours. My word is Saints fans are generally decent dudes and whose honest opinions should be normally respected, even yours James.
  9. I just wish Goodwin would change his mind and apply for the job
  10. Stu the Journalist refers to some fellow Saints fans as ' mouthbreathing morons ' Not good.
  11. Who or what is actually forcing you to read posts from Stewart or anybody else you don't like ? Nothing simpler than seeing a name and quickly bypassing it B&W Army is thriving at the moment and was particularly entertaining last night Make a contribution and along with Stu and others , stop putting the boot into a St Mirren Forum. There are plenty decent folk on the Forum. Open your eyes.
  12. 6 and number 7 on it's way.
  13. Maybe it's you trying to be funny, but failing. Some love to put the boot into Div's Forum. Come and contribute instead of sniping from a distance.