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  1. Not really - but thanks for providing an example of the sort of straw man arguments that people who know little about this policy are using to justify their hysterical and idiotic response.
  2. Yep - I believe that you posted yesterday.
  3. lol wut Douglas Rae and several other key board members have been there for fully fifteen years. A 'relatively new board' indeed. The addition of the club tea lady doesn't actually represent a new broom sweeping them out. Don't let those pesky facts get in the way of his attempt to puff up his revolutionary contribution to Scottish football.
  4. I reckon we'll have wrapped up the title before then tbh. Livingston away two weeks before will do the trick.
  5. McMullan is gubbins and they've handed a two-year deal to 'The Edge' in the centre of that defence. They'll do nothing.
  6. Bit rich coming from a Borders' bumpkin like yourself.
  7. Yep, because nothing demonstrates an effective protest quite like creating a gormless Facebook page with the grand total of fifteen 'likes'. The organisers of the Egyptian Arab Spring uprising will undoubtedly be taking notes on this innovative form of mass mobilisation.
  8. McMullan is a largely ineffective sand-dancer. Obviously he'd create quite a few goals by playing in a stronger team in the division but his end product is wasteful. One assist for every ten opportunities won't make him a genuinely good player. Well he wasn't good enough to get a regular game for a Hibs team that even played Brian Graham up frony, so that suggests that he's probably a midtableish Championship player tbh. Better than McMullan though.
  9. Stranraer Reserves can't progress beyond their current level and there is no interest from top-flight clubs in fielding reserve sides in the South of Scotland league. That's a red herring.
  10. Shan kit for a shan club, makes sense really.
  11. And it would probably beat Saint Mirren's gormless first team.
  12. Don't let pesky issues like facts, reason and perspective get in the way of their hysterical breakdown IMO.
  13. Such as? That forum doesn't seem to have a transfers/squad list thread so it's a pain in the arse to find any information.
  14. Incorrect on all counts: buses are unquestionably shite. Get a train ticket to 'Glasgow Airport' (getting off at Paisley Gilmour Street) and the local bus route to the airport is free.