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  1. Agent Thomson continuing to do his absolute best to send the spoon-burners down. Looks like an excellent addition.
  2. Absolutely brutal goalkeeping.
  3. Relegated by a last minute goal elsewhere on the final day.
  4. Dunfermline should be able to pick their scoreline today given we'll have the development squad out. Could be a bit of a tanking tbh.
  5. Not sure why he went to all that effort tbh, when Dundee posters on here will send £50 each to any Walter Mitty character who asks them for it.
  6. Erm yes, because the Palace of Versailles has been bereft of visitors ever since the French got rid of their monarchy.
  7. Your team is losing 2-0 in a derby but has mustered a tiny bit if momentum just before half time. But as you're a jumped-up wee fanny from some sink estate in Inverness, you think it is the perfect time to throw a single smoke bomb onto the park. They deserve relegated for that shan young team alone.
  8. Hard to explain out how a parade of absolute shysters have managed to effortlessly outfox the Dundee FC fanbase on the basis of the past ten pages tbh.
  9. Not as fast as a Walter Mitty character on the Dundee thread taking money from vulnerable, elderly, cat-lovers like yourself though. Hard lines.
  10. An honourable mention to Forbes who has had a generally excellent season, but it's not really going to be 'Sir Ross Forbes' anytime soon.
  11. In the middle of September The Famous' first team side was producing utterly shan performances, was winless in its first five league games and had just lust to Queens Park and even little Ayr United. This was a large crisis. A truly heroic figure was required to revive this once-proud football club and arrive He did: Under Sir Gavin's inspirational leadership, the team won seven of their next ten league games, taking them from 9th in the table to 3rd; lesser mortals have of course let that position slide since he left. Then, in his final act at the club, with the team trailing against the spoon-burners and reduced to ten men, Sir Gavin took a squad of players that could have (and later in the season did) absolutely shat the bed, but instead put things straight for them and delivered a creditable draw through Ricki Lamie's glorious 95th minute equaliser. Statistically the best defender the club has had in a campaign that has been based on keeping matches tight. A heroic leader of men and a worthy understudy to Brian Wake in the Pantheon of true Morton heroes. A fitting photo tribute is required: (Sir Gavin shows concern for the plight of his former club and their gormless rabble of fans in the away end, as Morton go 2-0 up in the LC quarter-final): (Sir Gavin as the inspirational leader of men)
  12. Yep.; not sure why you needed one hundred words of filler for that.
  13. Well no, it is relevant. Had you actually read the thread for comprehension before bursting into tears, you'd have noted the claim that I responding to was that Dobbie deserved it because he "has carried that team" - i. e. that the performance of Queen of the South is relevant to his merit. Which it is of course. I pointed out the fact however that the only reason why Queen of the South side needed carried this season is because they spunked their budget in order to sign him. So the club expected to rely on Dobbie for their goals and, given their utterly mediocre campaign, it has been a gamble that has failed for all parties involved So really not credible POTY material then. Thanks for playing anyway.
  14. Findlay is an expert defence lawyer first and a horrible, sectarian bigot second; only one of them pays the bills.
  15. Really the wrong place for that: it's Scotland's laughable 'capital city' and bumpkin, Perthshire fermers who are most likely to back life's losers.