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  1. Yeah, nobody gives a f**k about Kyle Hutton though.
  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

  3. Scotrail

    If you're a regular traveller for football then you should know how the system works and when you should be buying your tickets in advance. It's not the job of a private company to hold your hand to stop you making a tit of things.
  4. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    ^^^ Nizzy mk. II
  5. Duffy switches between the two according to his latest, back of a fag packet tactical plan. He's certainly been the most effective of our summer signings so far. If we play as poorly as we did at Brechin then I'd expect Dumbarton to take something from this one. We're capable of playing much better and cigaring the game though, it's difficult to predict which Morton team will turn up and where some of the players will be playing. Quitongo on the left because he scored a worldy there once must stop now.
  6. Well no, pretty sure that the opposite is actually the case: back to the seaside leagues you go.
  7. Mhairi Black appreciation thread

    ^^^ word salad
  8. Given that you've already provided a tear-drenched ramble against the 'bully boo boys' who are supposedly stopping a grown adult like yourself from posting on an Internet forum, it is quite clear that you do. Swing and a miss, 'Bing'.
  9. Keith vs Clyde

    Reckon a shock result is on the cards here: plucky, little Clyde to scrape a replay.
  10. The anonymous members of The Clique exchange memos regarding Clique business on a daily basis, which allows me to confirm on their behalf the fact that the presence/absence of some absolute no-mark wasn't on the agenda, not even once. Looks like we've found another tragic loser with a paranoid victim complex though. Thanks for playing anyway, chump.
  11. This victim complex is truly breathtaking. To clear it up once and for all 'Bing', I can safely state on behalf of the entire Clique that your existence, posts on the Morton forum, lack of posts on the Morton forum or anything else in your no-mark existence was utterly insignificant, before you bizarrely flounced on here to have a good greet about a grand conspiracy occurring against you. It remains utterly insignificant. Literally nothing concerns you here, so get back in your box.
  12. None of the 'boo boys' knows or gives a f**k about who you are. Get back in your box, 'Bing'.
  13. I appreciate that you get an uncontrollable rager at the thought of 'outing' someone Lee, but your fantasist lies don't work on here. Or on the Morton forum either. Thanks for playing anyway, grass.