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  1. Zombies v League Leaders

    As for the scheduled game, I wouldn't be surprised if the main stand side of the pitch turns out to be frozen tomorrow morning. A freeze is not currently forecast, but that depends on cloud cover - of which there is none at the moment in the Clyde Riviera.
  2. Zombies v League Leaders

    Apology accepted: try to do better next time.
  3. Zombies v League Leaders

    I see that much vaunted trip to Barcelona is proving a treat. Stop posting please, you stupid old fud.
  4. Zombies v League Leaders

    Erm no, Morton have taken 13 points from eight away games - the joint best record in the division - with the game at Tannadice in September being our only defeat. More importantly, we have not dropped points to absolute clown-car outfits like 'Brechin City' en route. So not really a contest between our very good record on the road and Dundee United, who have been rancid.
  5. Zombies v League Leaders

    Erm yes, both are rancid. Not really sure what your point was meant to be, but here we are.
  6. Two failed comebacks to go with your failed city status and failed culture bid.
  7. What an absolute disaster this has turned into for the OP.
  8. Zombies v League Leaders

    Brechin are a pub team and your away form is indeed 'rancid'. Thanks for playing anyway.
  9. And? Peter MacDonald was a Rangers 'cast off', who dropped down a division and had an excellent career. I think I'd rather have him in any Morton squad than hoping that reserve league hotshots like, erm, Thomas Orr will cut it above the level of East Stirling and Cumbernauld Colts. Swing and a miss. Yeah, this sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Absolutely none of those things change the objective facts that Morton have a far larger turnover than they did when actually sourcing excellent players from untapped markets in the 1960s, and again in the 1990s, and that Morton can offer wages that contemporary footballers in much of Europe could only dream of. Stop drooling over your keyboard and switch the computer off at the mains, thanks.
  10. Zombies v League Leaders

    Putting seven goals past the division's two hopeless bottom-feeders should give the squad a confidence boost, but I don't think that we actually played too well in either game. We'll have to give our opponents less time and space in front of our defence to get a result from this game IMO, although given Dundee United's away form is rancid - drawing with Brechin FFS - we might not need to up our game by that much. 2-1 Morton, as our set-piece goal machine clicks into second gear.
  11. The two year deal was due to end, because Paisley's gormless bid was due to fail. The Sir Ricki Lamie Arena has a nice ring to it.
  12. An obviously failed bid as Paisley is not and never will be a city: time to rename their ridiculous shoebox of a ground again.
  13. No you didn't; hence your gormless attempt at a response. Better luck next time champ. 'Cast offs' that also include Peter MacDonald, Michael Tidser and Chris Millar within recent Morton sides alone,. As well as the scores of similar 'cast offs' who were instrumental to getting the likes of Ross County promoted to the top flight, where they have stayed quite comfortably for years. So yes, smart thinking indeed: and much smarter than filling your squad with the output of a third rate youth system and hoping for anything other than third rate results. GMFC does not have a credible business model, and last time I checked they were the custodians tasked with building one. The so-called 'rubbishing of the youth structure' was in fact confirmed by the SFA, when - based largely on objective facts - they filed Morton's setup among the third tier also-rans of Scottish football. With funding, coaching talent and other resources in the youth game being consciously diverted towards the elite, the case for Morton focusing its efforts on youth development has been shot to pieces. But still, so long a club director can put some check against the Football Manager regens appearing on our subs' bench each week then that's what really counts. Erm yes they quite clearly were: that is why Morton were the first team in Scotland to move into the Scandinavian market. This is complete and utter nonsense. Morton have more resources at their disposal now - through eye-watering gate prices and a far more generous prize money settlement - than they had either when jobbing around a shan second tier of Scottish football in the 1960s, or when playing in the Second Division in 94-95. Morton, like most clubs in the division, have a far higher turnover than their counterparts abroad: Scottish match attendances are higher, and Scottish fans pay 3-4 times more per head than their counterparts in similar sized countries throughout much of Europe. The club does not of course unlimited resources, but the issue is how they are being used rather than being a case of actual poverty.
  14. Michael Tidser and Chris Millar did not have to compete against successful Celtic academy graduates at this level, because err, Celtic and other top tier sides do not play at this level. Ditto Peter MacDonald, who didn't need to play against Alan Hutton at this level to regularly score 15-20 goals per season. Swing and a miss, chump. Well quite - Hal Stewart should indeed be one of the examples that GMFC should look to from their own history : a pioneer in discovering a new pool of talent in the Scandinavian market that transformed both Morton's fortunes and the Scottish game as a whole. Ditto a certain Douglas Rae when, as a younger and much more imaginative board member, secured Lindberg and Rajamaki from the obscure Finnish market to a Second Division club in order to spearhead the competitive team of the mid-90s. Scottish football clubs have access to a huge market of professional footballers across Europe and can offer extremely competitive wages by the standards of their European peers. That is where the competitive advantage lies for GMFC: not in a third-rate youth setup, based on a back of a fag packet delusion that the club will become the next Hamilton, only much better at Hamilton's M.O. for no discernible reason whatsoever.