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  1. Iran vs Spain

    The ball is largely getting played in front of a barely moving Iran defence; if that's the current Spain side's idea of a 'siege' then they're really not up to much.
  2. Tunisia v England

    You spend your day posting photos from events that you didn't actually attend, because you're a Walter Mitty figure who is fuming about his treatment on the Internet. Consider your advice filed safely in the bin where it belongs then.
  3. Summer Transfer Window '18

    He isn't, which is why he was released after being utter shite at that level during the past season.
  4. Punditwatch 2018

    Then you're quite clearly on the wrong thread champ.
  5. Brazil v Switzerland

    A decent result for Leslie Nielsen's side there - although it could have been a win if they had actually shelled set-pieces into the box near the end instead of completely wasting them.
  6. Costa Rica vs Serbia

    Mostly by Serbia when they really should be going direct to Mitrovic instead - Costa Rica have parked the bus and no amount of passing the ball across the back four is going to draw them out.
  7. Fixtures 2018/19

    Midweek fixtures aren't needed if you use December 26th and January 2nd like any competent footballing authority.
  8. Early Season predictions

    You clearly don't know much about a fanbase full of absolute roasters then.
  9. Fixtures 2018/19

    It says a lot about the way Scottish football is run that they don't schedule matches on two of the biggest earning dates - even when Christmas and New Year being on a Tuesday makes it ideal for having four fixtures. Which would also remove the need for papping teams halfway round the country on a midweek, twice. Sack whoever oversees this annual shambles.
  10. The Official President Trump thread

    Apart from the Japanese government having already made peace feelers to the Allies and with a Soviet invasion of their territory in east Asia already planned to occur on August 8th. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x125ml3 The decision can be justified or condemned in various ways: what cannot be trotted out is the claim that the US had to drop the bomb to end the war. That is nonsense. The decision to drop the atomic bomb was made weeks in advance and was weighed far more by its intended diplomatic effects on the Soviet Union* than its effectiveness as a weapon. * which needless to say failed spectacularly
  11. Prague

    It's the bottle part that you were doing wrong. The taste of a pilsner is largely made (and can be altered) by the pour - having a skilled person at the tap is key to both a good beer and a good pub.
  12. Prague

    ^^^ doing it wrong
  13. When will indyref2 happen?

    Erm no, this isn't the 1750s champ. Nations have a right to peaceful self-determination; the UK Government was in fact forced to bend to the will of the Scottish people. And will have to do so again unless it wants to get 'Rajoyed' out of power. The Scottish claim to self-determination has already been clearly established as follows: Who were the cliche-riddled nationalists that were responsible for that claim? Err, that would be Labour and Lib Dem politicians, s well as the 58 out of 72 Scottish MPs, 59 out of 65 Scottish councils and local authorities as well as a host of church bodies, trade unions and other institutions of Scottish civil society who signed the Scottish 'Claim of Right' in 1989: the above quote being the opening and most significant line of that document. Nothing has changed: the sovereign right of the Scottish people trumped Westminster's authority then; it still does so now. Thanks for playing anyway chump.
  14. Early Season predictions

    A player whose career has effortlessly progressed ever since leaving your rabble; just as Ross Forbes' did when you hilariously decided to swap him for Andy Barrowman - gifting us the league title in the process. Gutted for you, yet again.