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  1. The ticketing system is a shambolic failure because the club didn't prepare for the possibility of a third party company not doing the job properly. The blame is shared and the club have made matters worse by sticking to their gormless charging policy. 'It goes to the yooths!' isn't a valid excuse for an additional surcharge on top an already fairly steep admission price. That being said, if the club charged Livingston fans £40 and crammed them in a Polish-style viewing cage, they'd have my wholehearted approval.
  2. Was anticipating multiple pages of the tasteless jokes P and B usually excels at in this scenario; only to find the forum's own coffin dodgers swapping notes on TV interference. 0/10, would not read thread again.
  3. No idea why anyone would want a pointless mope like Sansa to prevail over Littlefinger. The show should end with just him, Tyrion and Varys scrambling for the Iron Throne, with all the gormless, highborn 'birthright' claims taken out in the war with the Night's King.
  4. Safe to say that turned into an absolutely disastrous effort from you, you buckled, jakey mess. Thanks for playing anyway.
  5. Let me break your fail down for you in simple numbers. Ones that don't correspond to your 'if I didn't see Saint Mirren getting horsed it doesn't really count' level of delusion. One obvious red card decision. Two clear penalties. A third straight year trailing in Morton's Wake. An effortless four goal pumping by The Famous. GIRFUY.
  6. Just stopped in a bar in the Danube Riviera to check the result.
  7. Unless he ordered the two starting elevens replaced then no, it wouldn't have been a decent game.
  8. Sad! Draw was the correct result, as although Dumbarton looked abject, Morton could be playing all night and wouldn't have scored. The players do not understand that 4-3-3 formation, but more concerningly Duffy has no apparent plan B when it doesn't work.
  9. Probably had the better of a brutal first half. Dumbarton is gubbins.
  10. 'Cheap EU sugar coming over here, causing obesity' is The Express' crackpot headline for the day.
  11. ^^^ verge of tears Unfortunately for you, that assessment of the end of the British Empire doesn't tally with the conclusions of historians who have actually spent years looking at the archival material. Your interpretation of the British establishment is null and void.
  12. Does it do a red pudding supper? This should be the first item of business on the tourist information signs, instead of falsely directing people to Dunfermline 'city centre'.
  13. Travelling halfway across the world just to get a horsing and papped into the Europa League. Very nice.
  14. That's precisely what she is doing: drawing the Lannister forces to her and Highgarden while fucking them elsewhere. Olenna doesn't even pretend to give a toss about the common people: there's plenty of dialogue demonstrating that.