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  1. The only team I can think of who "shat it" around here was the one that failed to beat Morton in any of their five meetings this season and gave away three crucial goals in the dying minutes against Hibs as well. Eight league games against the title contenders: zero wins for little Falkirk. Gutted for you.
  2. The OP is looking for "sun" and a "beach/pool kinda place": you recommend Sweden. In April/May. When the average high temperature is less than 15C and the Baltic Sea is still close to freezing. Gincardine strikes again.
  3. I thought it was quite a good race with a fascinating period around the pit stops. We'll see how difficult overtaking really is when they have 14 miles of straight to work with in China. Funny how Hamilton's claim that you can't really follow a car now within two seconds has been accepted at face value; while Vettel doing so throughout the first stint behind Hamilton has been ignored. The Mercedes car has always performed far worse when not able to run in clean air as well. A more significant issue is that the midfield pack is full of utter dross teams and ringer drivers. Struggling to identity much interest at all in a Haas-Toro Rosso-Force India shitfest, even though that's where the most action will probably occur in a race. Can't see any of the diddy teams even threatening a podium finish unless there is an absolutely chaotic event.
  4. A string of Dumbarton wins would overhaul either Ayr or Raith, who play each either on the last day of the season.
  5. What, about that time when you finished seventh in a two horse race in that division?
  6. There are no good sides in the division below: hence why a gubbins yo-yo outfit like Livingston are winning it.
  7. A: Because other forwards have either shown their quality in other performances or are returning from an injury layoff in Oliver's case. Shankland has been stinking the place out since he has arrived, doesn't score goals and doesn't even press the opposition defence to help the rest of the team out. His performance was not just poor yesterday but pathetic and gutless as well.
  8. Looking for a response and Shankland to be purged from the team after his rancid, half arsed display yesterday. A draw would be a good result for us.
  9. Or Nesbitt with Oliver in behind, which is preferable IMO. Tidser was poor as well when he came on today.
  10. Deserved win for Dunfermline, looked definitely the strongest of the bottom six sides IMO. We huffed and puffed and created some chances in the second half but never really looked like scoring. Dunfermline could have wrapped it up themselves. Shankland simply isn't good enough so we are toothless in open play. Gaston's error stopped us from shitfesting through a poor performance.
  11. Dunfermline have done their homework well and are overloading our left side of the team. Russell and Nesbitt have had no idea how to deal with the extra man. Lucky to be only 0-1 down as Dunfermline made a complete arse of their 3 v 2 opportunity.
  12. Oh dear, what a terrible wee shame.
  13. Collecting my hard cash winnings instead. Gutted for you.
  14. Too long; didn't read.
  15. Erm no, that is complete and utter bollocks. Home Rule was clearly not "conceded" by the Conservative opposition in Westminster, who literally armed the permaraging Ulster opposition to prevent the "imposition" of Irish Home Rule. That is a straightforward, historical fact. Meanwhile the pre-war Irish Home Rule Act happened to be on precisely the same Parliamentary agenda as a 'Scottish Home Rule Act' - an issue that didn't emerge again in serious Parliamentary business until the late 1970s. So your assertion that Irish home rule was inevitably coming down the chute regardless of the First World War breaking out is historicallly inaccurate drivel; nothing more.