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  1. 🤣 Jesus the state of those c***s
  2. Aye disgusting response. trophies and honours of the previous club theirs, but don’t want associated with the bad shit. Did the alleged abuser work for the company? It’s beyond parody now
  3. Eurovision

    Never used to be issue
  4. Eurovision

    Aye utter pish it’s a final judges should vote on performance in final not at “rehearsal “ it’s a fucking rehearsal after all.
  5. Eurovision

    Totally this. Why can’t they vote on what we see?
  6. Eurovision

    Boycott next Eurovision [emoji1193]
  7. Eurovision

    How the actual f**k do viewers votes work? Where do they get numbers from?
  8. Eurovision

    Aye so I hear what’s point of tonight? Surely tonight should be what they are voting on? I know viewers vote is
  9. Eurovision

    Utter nonsense this how can uk have no points . Was superb performance
  10. Eurovision

    Rhymes r us
  11. Eurovision

    Ders more to oireland dan dis
  12. Eurovision

  13. Eurovision

    Shit utter utter shit
  14. Eurovision

  15. Eurovision

    Israel can get to f**k