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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    The ERSJFA will need to get their finger out and work out what the leagues look like next season. If they stick with Super and Prem at 16 then there are 17 teams left between north and south
  2. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Hopefully you pick up 3 points against Bonnyrigg to help you pull away from the relegation battle
  3. Fife Juniors

    HOB v the Rose is on
  4. Today's scores

    Got 2 boys back from injury and not it looks like we might have another 2 out. Haven’t had much luck with injuries this season
  5. Today's scores

    Who got the 5th? TC, Thom?, Sloan & Roddy scorers of the first 4? Thom looked like he took a sore one
  6. Moving to a league where there’s a fixture list that allows you to plan ahead, allows access to a license if the works put in which in turn brings in income, playing at a level with more chance of assistant referees and allows the chance to progress. Travel costs would also likely be lower for them. Or Stick with the juniors where you get a weeks notice for games, making math sponsorship harder, prize money is non existent (biggest tournaments have no sponsor), most lower league junior games have no linesmen and also some Scottish cup games. The SJFA/SFA need to sit down and do some proper thinking around this. In a country our size having two different associations is a nonsense. Something along the lines of 2 national leagues of 16, a combined west region (west juniors and SOS) multiple levels and further geographical split may keep costs down), same in the east and north. Round robin by the 3 league winners and top team goes up with bottom team down and 2nd place plays off against second bottom. Clubs should also be able to opt out of promotion at the start of each season. The licensing also needs to be reviewed as part of this, there should be a national license along the lines of how it’s written today but that doesn’t work for smaller clubs trying to better them selves. Entry level should also be tiered to reflect the small clubs that are part time and run by volunteers. With entry level gold required if a club wishes to be promoted The Sat Amateurs should also be included. Keep the Scottish and league cup, a non league cup covering the regions and each region can add in a cup or 2 where desired. Otherwise I don’t see how a number of clubs can continue to survive how our grade is. The biggest issue is that everyone votes on self interest and the tail tends to wag the dug.
  7. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Was it not more of a case of when he had a good no2 he did well with them?
  8. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Big Leips will be fine for the game.
  9. East SJFA 2 Week Winter Shutdown - NO FRIENDLIES ?

    Surely some teams must be feeling the pinch soon. 3 weeks with no game, another week looks like a wipe out so far and 2 weeks of no games. I’d have thought wages etc will still be going out and no gate or sponsorship money coming in along with trade at social clubs for those clubs that have them
  10. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Is Lemetti not a young promising player? What’s the odds on him being at Broxburn by the start of next season?
  11. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Their park doesn’t cope with rain
  12. East Fixtures

    There should be a provisional fixture list issued with weekends set aside for Scottish ties and also local cup ties. If anything then needs redone it can be amended as needed
  13. East super league

    Any early favourites for the job?
  14. East SJFA 2 Week Winter Shutdown - NO FRIENDLIES ?

    It could end up with clubs playing away from home for 2 games before Xmas, a 2 week break and then winter kicks in and teams out of action for a few more weeks. How many teams would struggle if they didn’t have a home gate for 4 weeks plus?
  15. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    I would have thought if Kelty had the permit then Bo’ness could play. I thought it was the Home teams responsibility to arrange the permit?