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  1. First & only visit to this thread. 'grats & shit. All the best.
  2. I'd fancy Livingston's chances against a freefalling Dundee, Ross County or Partick. I see no reason why they can't do it. A resurgent Dundee Utd might cause them problems but that's assuming they'll improve significantly and I think Hopkin is savvy enough to deal with Lazlo. People seem to be casting doubts over Livingston's quality as they did in previous years with Hamilton, Ross County & Dundee. They are second top because they're a decent side. We're currently about the same level as Houston's team from this time last year so we should be optimistic about a title challenge next season. Not much to say about the game: Muirhead & Grant decent; keeper shits it from crosses; Nelson no composure; Longridge one man show; same old. Hartley simply doesn't have options to deal with Livingston at this time.
  3. Come on, Bairns. Do it for Shadwell!
  4. Have a greenie for the profile pic.
  5. Breaking Bad

    It's a million times better than Boardwalk Empire (which was horseshit after the first 2 seasons). Season 4 is my favourite, villians don't get any better than Gus* *except WW, of course.
  6. Jim Bowen has died

    His executor will be paying out his will in A5 sized fivers (& it'll take until the end of the adverts to count it out).
  7. A tough one, Hopkin has built a solid unit out of nothing & he's deservedly enjoying a lot of success at the moment. I think teams who sit in and stifle the opposition are better suited to playing them and, as Ibrox proved, shitfesting a game is beyond us. Our hopes lie in everyone performing on the day & simply outplaying/scoring them. Sibbs, Robson & Tumilty, in particular, need to turn up on the day as these are the areas they can punish us.
  8. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Killie's starting XI graphics look much more menacing than Aberdeen's. Therefore it's a home win for me.
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Gutted Shadwell couldn't be convinced to stay. Would love to see him & Jimmy sort it out, in the centre circle with Queensberry Rules, at the next non-derby. I can picture it now: 85, decked out in Stone Island & Adidas, bouncing around delivering his repertoire of smug, millennial sneering remarks. Shads, looking magnificent in an old-school combo of Chipie jeans & Armani zip-up roll neck, strolls up to him and decks the Fifer without breaking stride before folding a newspaper under his arm and heading to the bogs for a shite.
  10. The Best from the West vs Celtic. 11th March

    Anyone been bottled or stabbed yet?
  11. The Best from the West vs Celtic. 11th March

    Did I just see a saltire being paraded around the pitch?
  12. Premier League 2017-2018

    Personally, I've never taken an interest in knowing the faith of a club's owner. Not really high on my list of priorities.
  13. Premier League 2017-2018

    Delighted the antisemite's club are struggling tbh.
  14. Hartleys D**kpunchers v Duffys D**ks

    Gutted I'm missing this, beating Morton* is a big thing for us. *again