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  1. Pretty sure the ball went out at least once before he was allowed back on
  2. Decent game, shocking ref, poor result. Looked a game too soon for Morgan. WTF was the ref about with not letting players back on the park after injuries. The first one was ridiculously long. Need Hibs to do us a turn on Wed
  3. Tough game. Could go either way but one I'm looking forward too. Hopefully an away win as Raith and Dumbarton keep digging out results. A win for Ayr could see them right back in it to. COYS[emoji209][emoji209][emoji209]
  4. Thought that myself as I think Leahy is a good player
  5. Ok, more than 2/3 but don't think there was as many as in ours and that was just under 1500. Say 2700-2900 for they 2 stands, that would leave around 2000 in the main stand. Think that holds 4,000 does it not. I'm not having a dig. You have one of the better supports
  6. He's only 18 and is a centre mid but he plays out the to accommodate Mallan and McGinn. He took a few games to find his feet there but it says a lot about the boy that he looks comfortable there now. Definitely one to look out for in the future
  7. I didn't think Falkirk were that bad. This current Saints team is miles ahead of the one you played earlier in the season. Our current form is more of a team challenging for a title rather than battling relegation but that's where we are. Saints have played Hibs, Ton and Utd recently and for me, falkirk look better than they did. All to play for
  8. Behind your goals was 2/3 full. Big main stand was just over half full. The side closest to the Saints fans was pretty much empty. Not sure what each stand holds
  9. Thought we deserved the win although Falkirk were dangerous at set plays. Will take the draw and move on to Tann a dice next week
  10. Good start by the buddies
  11. Got your scores the wrong way round
  12. And yer right. COYS
  13. Uts a pity Wee Morgan is not going to make it. Looking forward to it. COYS[emoji209][emoji209][emoji209][emoji209]
  14. The biggest turn around for me is I actually like going to the games now and looking forward to the next one regardless of our result. Until Jack got his team, we were always playing with Rae's unbalanced team and it was a real chore to go week after week. Now now though. Kudos to Ton though. Although the wheels have loosened a little recently, it could work out as a blessing in disguise. If the bairns and Utd are battling for 2 nd, you may be able to rest a few players before the play offs start. Everything to play for at both ends with even QotS and Pars having outside chances of being in it