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  1. I'd be curious to think what Dundee Utd fans think of today's result. Does it give them a faint glimmer of hope for the title or make fears of an extra play off place or even falling out of them altogether?
  2. Outfought today by a hungrier team. 2 great finishes and 2 howlers. No complaints
  3. Livingston v Dunfermline

    How many years do you have to be there to be deemed stable?
  4. Dundee United 2017/2018

    In the same way that Leicester only won the league because, Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Man City and Liverpool were baws
  5. I know but having seen my team lead 1-0 at home after securing a 3-3 draw away then going into the last few mins of a European tie and still going out, I'm sure you'll understand why I'm not taking it for granted
  6. Aye. That's very true. I know a few young boys who idolize him including my wee nephew
  7. He can play one further up or right back. I'd prefer him further forward though
  8. We feel the same with the win the league talk. Its only over when its over.
  9. League Leaders V QOS

    Yes. We should be more hung ho like Liverpool. They're good at seeing games out
  10. League Leaders V QOS

    Was a great toe in
  11. League Leaders V QOS

    I thought he should have held it[emoji14]
  12. League Leaders V QOS

    Tough game and Dobbie is top claas but we have enough players in our team to hurt other teams. Looking forward to the game as I have been for the last 14 months under Jacks guidance. COYS[emoji209][emoji209][emoji209][emoji209]
  13. League Leaders V QOS

    I said last week if results went our way then that would be us. Fast forward 7 days and I'm saying the same[emoji23]G Guess it will only be over when its over
  14. League Leaders V QOS

    Dobbie is a smashing player who will need to be watched. I'm pleased with our attacking options tho. Usually if one is having a quiteish game, the others are very good. Great when they're all on it on the same day. Hoping to keep the good run going against a very decent Queens side. May the best team win[emoji209][emoji209][emoji209]