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  1. Pars vs St Mirren

    He had a very good game but how he wasn't booked in the first few minutes for the very late foul on Morgan beggared belief. That aside, he helped his fullback out every time Morgan got the ball
  2. Pars vs St Mirren

    Watched it again and I see what you mean. Can't really argue with the red
  3. Pars vs St Mirren

    Don't think that was even close to being a red. Pars player swung an elbow. Yellow for both would have been harsh IMO. Given the time and the fact the game was done, ref should have gave both a talking too, no more. No complaints about the result. Better team won
  4. Pars vs St Mirren

    Huge game with a mixture of excitement and fear from both sets of supporters. Really looking forward to it myself. No predictions. Just hope Saints come out on top. Every game is a tough game in this league
  5. Pars vs St Mirren

    Can see more than a few of them rattled out but no full house for me
  6. International Ticket Pricing

    As you say Div, old habits die hard but what Regan and the SFA need to realize is when guys like you decide its gotten too expensive and don't renew, whose is going to take your place as new fans at these prices. Sadly this is the norm for Scottish football. The championship prices should be the price of an SPFL game and then a sliding scale from there.
  7. St Mirren v Arabs

    Great result for Saints today but a long long way to go
  8. St Mirren v Arabs

    Few not fee. Wee typo there
  9. St Mirren v Arabs

    Were you one of the fee utd fans that went? Or did you catch it on TV?
  10. Still early in the season but a great result for us. Think livi could be a surprise package this year
  11. The fact it was a straight red
  12. For me that was the problem. Its never nice to lose but if you play some nice football there's at least some positives. We never had any decent passing moves or quality possession at any point. For me, only Cammy smith played well and that's never going to win you a game
  13. I'd agree with that. Its an admiral quality you have that all good teams need. Sometimes you need to battle. Not sure were up for that yet