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  1. Looked like Patrick were 2 weeks ahead of us fitness wise. Very worrying
  2. To be fair, they stayed longer than the team who fucked off at 3.20
  3. Brilliant, as long as he's was drinking fresh orange n lemonade. He's got a big season ahead for us
  4. St.Mirren fan here. Great result for the Dandies. Hope you get in to the group stages
  5. You were in the family stand. Obviously Saints thought you were decent normal fans so surely you shouldn't need segregated
  6. If we don't get Loy, we should go for Quitongo. I'm sure his old man would be happy with that
  7. Aye but which ones your favourite?[emoji209][emoji209][emoji209]
  8. You beat us(St.Mirren)at tannadice. Granted you were helped a little by the ref that day but you won nonetheless. That was in April, 3rd last game of the season
  9. That would be nice. Hard to hold on to everyone though
  10. Good luck to both teams. I'm sure it'll be nervy for both sets of fans. From a selfish point of view, I don't want Morton to go up do we still have our derby. May the best team win
  11. Jack should have brought all the contracts with him to the pub last night. Would have been quite easy getting them all to sign it after a sess
  12. Brilliant day. Nervous, excited, emotional, fantastic. Great atmosphere and a decent game as well. It's been a pleasure watching this team since January and there's a real bond with the team and fans alike. Congratulations to Hibs who made us sweat and good luck for next season. Was good to see John McGinn applaud the buddies from the winners rostrum. Great day all round
  13. So was I with 5 saints mates