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  1. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    Going for a 2-2 draw with Ayr equalising late on with what is their customary "dodgy" penalty at the Nou Bayview!!!
  2. The Walking Dead

    Awaits the seethe!!! As for me, I enjoyed that!!!
  3. East Fife v Stranraer

    Did the defender played it Liam???
  4. Week 14

    24-21 Lions!!![emoji1303]
  5. Week 14

    Lions getting into field goal range!!!
  6. Week 14

  7. Week 14

    Buccs pulling back, 21-14!!!
  8. Week 14

    So this is what it's like to be leading in the 3rd!!!
  9. Week 14

    Somebody to pull a gun out and shoot the ref, I think!!!
  10. Week 14

    Surely it's time to get the orange ball out???
  11. Week 14

    That Bills game is ludicrous!!!
  12. Week 14

    Golden Tate makes it 14-7 Lions!!! [emoji1]
  13. Week 14

    Fucking fuckers!!!
  14. Week 14

    Riddick with a lovely little run!!! 7-0 Lions!!!
  15. Players coming through

    Looking forward to the "Goodbye from Cheggsy" thread!!!