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  1. The East Fife Thread

    Not slow to give the guy grief, when deserved, so only fair to give the guy credit when it's equally deserved!!! So well done Pat Slattery on making the SPFL Team of the Week!!!
  2. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Hope you're not thinking of applying???[emoji6]
  3. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    He isn't mentioned, but as long as Stephen Moore is doing Marvin, I'm in!!!
  4. Week 6

  5. Week 6

    Perhaps not!!! You're all invited to the official "hat-burning", 3-1 when I bought the fucking thing, 3-3 after wearing it for two weeks!!!
  6. Week 6

    Just hitting the two minute warning in the Lions game!!! Plenty time!!!
  7. Week 6

  8. East Fife v Albion Rovers

    HT - East Fife 2-1 Albion Rovers The Mark Docherty penalty taking masterclass shows no signs of stopping!!![emoji1]
  9. The Walking Dead

    Yassss!!! The return of Abraham and double Rosita could be the ONLY way that this abortion of an idea would get the green light!!!
  10. Gordon Strachan

    Is that Johnny "born in Glasgow" Russell and Craig "Carnoustie" Forsyth you're talking about???
  11. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Perhaps Mubtumbo will finally get the cap that his consistent Club performances deserves!!!
  12. Players coming through

    Check out the face on him, he's obviously been told he could be in the running for Strachan's job if he keeps this up!!! Or he may just have been watching the Slovenia game, I'm sure my puss was kind of similar, especially at the Martin substitution!!!