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  1. He's got far more experience in jail though. Could prove invaluable at a club like Rangers.
  2. He could well be a decent signing. But he's definitely mugged off rangers on his Twitter feed In the past.
  3. Have the **** still not congratulated hibs yet? Talk about being bad losers. Ffs.
  4. Get yourself a pair of air max for comfort
  5. It's not his problem SF03 😒. I bet there's a large number of the OF support who take that stance which is a shame.
  6. How much was the wage bill when you couldn't win the championship or diddy cup out of interest ?
  7. It would be easier if they just became sustainable.
  8. The transfer ban saved them from spunking away even more money than they have.
  9. There were a few Rangers type people claiming Celtics titles over the last couple years were tainted as Rangers weren't in the league. Will be interesting to hear their view of whether Rangers 'EBT titles' were also tainted.
  10. Good post Matt. Agree with it all. Be interesting to read what the response is from the Rangers fans on here.
  11. Why does that poster say 'drag the club into liquidation.' Lolz how can a club get liquidated? It's only companies that can. Someone should've pointed that out at the time.
  12. What's that on your fingers ?
  13. They are something else aren't they? It was the early 90s though. A crazy time all round. They were pretty comfy from memory. That's maybe all they had going for them.