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  1. Chances are he'll be fined a poultry sum, IMO.
  2. Highland, Lowland, East and South leagues also senior. North Caledonian, too, officially.
  3. Fair enough. Someone better tell Jimmy Nichol, the father of the bride - as he thinks it's in 3 weeks ! EDIT: Actually he may have been right. This says the stag trip clashes with Final 1st leg, and wedding with Final 2nd leg: http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2017/04/26/buckie-thistle-boss-graeme-stewart-prepared-miss-stag-weekend-highland-league-champs-process-spfl-play-offs/ Given capacity is only 640 don't imagine they'd get a big figure anyway. Buckie charged £8 last season but as I say that may have excluded a supplement for the stand which in my experience is often £1 or £2 more in HL. No change out of £10 for a seat at places like Deveronvale/Inverurie.
  4. Given many HL clubs charge supplements to sit, it'll probably be similar to £10. Will be interesting to see how many Buckie fans travel. They've arranged their end-of-season dinner in Aberdeen same day as 2nd leg in EK starting 7pm (indeed buses leave Buckie 5:15pm). Btw according to Sportsound the Buckie manager's wedding clashes with Final 1st leg, too...
  5. Today we have the Berwick manager - a full-time manager let's remember - telling the local paper that if relegation were to occur Berwick wouldn't be able to come back up and could have to be closed-down. Dead. Finished. If it isn't true and is just an attempt to motivate the players: surely this must be the most desperate throw of the dice possible? Having played this card where do you go if things don't go well at Clyde on Saturday, or it's ultimately a playoff in a fortnight? Will it actually motivate the players, or simply terrify those who care for the club or are contracted for next season? If it's actually true: why the deafening silence from the board? Very future of the club itself reported to teeter on the brink - but it's left to the manager?
  6. I may have been "whooshed"... but the story I was told was that when he joined, City didn't have a bespoke kit deal, he needed an 'oversize', and the only such in the set was the last (#21). That was a while ago when still in LL, but if it's true I suppose he'd have stuck to the number. Either that or I've just inadvertently committed casual sizeism... Will he be retiring?
  7. Couldn't happen here? Both these incidents happened in January 1926: They were at it again in March 1935:
  8. Of course the Youth Cup Final had to be played behind closed doors for the umpteenth time - that's right, the Youth Cup Final - but that seems to be considered incidental.
  9. Cheers. Motherwell and Kilmarnock 7th & 8th, too. Must've been a "rank by attendance" pundit's wet dream. Once in almost 20yrs doesn't seem very "natural" to me, though. Decidedly "unnatural", infact.
  10. Thread on SOSL sub-forum suggests it's now Wednesday 12th July at 7:30pm.
  11. As stated above it was an admirable achievement in 1967 - but the game was very different then... Outside of Europe and the Americas it was very little developed (North Korea were the first other to progress a round and it didn't happen again until Morocco in 1986)... Within Europe lots of modern nations were grouped into USSR, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia - many were communist - countries like West Germany, Greece, Denmark etc. had only recently established national professional leagues. Club income was almost wholly off gates.
  12. Since the split was introduced in 2000 has the "natural order" ever actually happened i.e. OF, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen + Dundee United finished top 6? Since SPL began there's been 6 seasons - 7 if Dundee Utd don't win the playoffs - where at least 1 of them hasn't even been in the top tier.
  13. Weekend before the SPFL League Cup starts featuring Ed City and Hibs and maybe Hearts, so unless the Premiership pair organise glamour friendlies and send their U20 along that could be a cracking set of matches.
  14. In some of these Latin countries it's done pretty openly that clubs in trouble offer opponents big bonuses to beat rivals too, IIRC? Did the Danish keeper not drop the ball for Sweden's equaliser?
  15. Manager interviewed here. Talks about the playoffs, but also about pursuing more HL titles and so on. Few clips from players also; first one seems pretty adamant that they want to achieve status of 'best non-league side in the country' then try to go up into SPFL2. http://hflhub.co.uk/index.php/2254-audio-interviews-buckie-celebrate-title-triumph In context of above post he says most of this season's players are signed-up for future seasons, btw.