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  1. I see TNS went down 2-1 at home to College Europa FC of Gibraltar in CL QR1 yesterday . Not sure what omens if any that suggests, tbf!
  2. There is not a snowball in hell's chance of OF putting their 'B' teams in the South of Scotland League . In any case, there are rules preventing 'B' teams ascending from the bottom levels into LL so they would also have to be changed. Last season Stirling Uni were a unique anomaly... when LL started they kept up their EOSL membership and used their second XI (playing from its own dedicated ground btw)... and rules were adopted preventing such anomalies leaving the bottom level. It's stated explicitly in the SPFL plans published by SD that the 'B' teams they envisage will "ordinarily" start in HL and LL... It doesn't require any imagination to guess what 2 clubs would likely be regarded as "extraordinary".
  3. I'm reading it correctly that Duckenfield alone faces a charge of manslaughter - and the Sheffield Wednesday secretary alone faces a charge relating to the condition of the stadium?!
  4. It depends how you define it. Last time only 1 'B' team made the Last 32... this time at least 1 will (Aberdeen 'B' v St Johnstone 'B'), probably more, as they've taken a round out. That said I don't think the shortening of the cup was done to help the 'B' teams, but due to other factors. Northern Irish and Welsh sides did so poorly that it would have been inconceivable to add the 2 Eire teams and give 6 places in the Last 16 to invited clubs. Also the competition was terribly drawn-out last time including 2 midweek rounds in August; so it was wise to take the opportunity to remove a round which making the non-Scottish clubs start earlier provided. However it is interesting that having seeded it to the hilt last season there is no seeding at all this time. This has seen 8 of 12 'B' teams draw each other, non-league or SPFL2 clubs. If it had been seeded they would have drawn Championship or SPFL1 clubs, Peterhead or Stenhousemuir. That certainly will improve their chances of progressing whereas if seeded they'd have faced Championship or SPFL1 clubs.
  5. Scottish Cup Pre1 is August 12th... Pre2 is September 2nd... R1 is September 23rd... R2 is October 14th... R3 is November 18th. East of Scotland Qualifying League is Saturday 29th July/intervening midweek/and Saturday 5th August: http://www.eosfl.com/col.asp?cid=57 In last couple of seasons league games only began after those i.e. August 19th. South Challenge Cup is: R1 - September 16th, R2 - October 21st, R3 - November 11th: http://www.southofscotlandfootballleague.co.uk/LeagueFixtures Alex Jack Cup is usually same weekends as Scottish Cup Pre2 to R2, which is the case with its counterpart competition in the SOSL according to SOSL listing. South & East Cup-Winners' Shield is Sunday 19th November according to SOSL listing. EOS Qualifying Cup is usually spread out. In last few seasons R1 has been Scottish Cup Pre1 day; R2 all over place; R3 first Sat in December (SOSL listing tallies Southern Counties Cup on Dec 2nd): http://www.southofscotlandfootballleague.co.uk/LeagueFixtures League and King cups usually spring. Due to all the groundshares and mutual cup competitions EOSL fixtures never come out til after LL fixtures, which never come out until after SPFL fixtures, which came out on Friday.
  6. Whether it's shocking or not - I'll go as far as to say it's unorthodox - it's hardly unexpected? Regular season is about 40 weeks long end of July to end of April... Annan have 18 home league games in SPFL2; Edusport have 15 home league games in LL (couple may be midweek tbf) - that's 33... Then add Scottish and Irn Bru cup ties for Annan and Scottish, South Challenge and Southern Counties cup ties for Edusport. Clearly a team 3rd in the food chain in a 3-way groundshare won't have many occasions when a free Saturday is guaranteed.
  7. Gibraltar sides are actually proving reasonably handy in CL & EL to date. That was Europa's first-ever CL tie. Not translating to national team thusfar. Nightmare for TNS though. Full-timers and so much European experience. Kosovans given themselves good chance. Surprise for Hibernians Malta to beat Tallinn 2-0? EDIT: Incidentally I see Gibraltar clubs are playing home ties in Faro, Portugal this season. UEFA stripped Victoria Stadium of certification.
  8. SOSL confirms certain dates, matching Scottish Cup: Southern Alternate Alba Cup R1 - Saturday 12th August R2 - Saturday 2nd September SF - Saturday 23rd September Final - Friday 13th October South & East of Scotland Cup-Winners' Shield Sunday 19th November (at Oriam)
  9. Midweek before term starts is always an issue for them putting out their strongest XI. That said they played Rangers 'B' last time and weren't totally disgraced - lost 4-0. Brora's chairman writes a piece on his club's website every week or so, and in a piece at the end of the season... along with a number of other things which have happened, including the reorganising of entry points, and shortening of the competition... said there would now be over-age players. Presumably he didn't invent that; perhaps it was planned but changed their minds.
  10. Until a couple of seasons ago they only had 6 clubs playing 10 league games and were on the verge of folding entirely. In those circumstances, probably understandable they weren't in a position to argue for a place. Up to 9 clubs now with return of Bunilidh Thistle - if reach double figures?
  11. Fixtures up to Christmas out on SOSL website - as expected all of Annan Athletic SOS's home weekend games are on Friday nights.
  12. According to SOSL website R1 is Saturday 16th September (with Lochmaben v Upper Annandale on the Friday - that'll be due to a Mid Annandale league game). R2 is Saturday 21st October. R3 is Saturday 11th November. So much the same as usual.
  13. Usual first weekend in December date confirmed by SOSL website - ties down for Saturday 2nd December (or Friday in the case of Heston v Creetown due to QotS being home).
  14. 'Falkirk' derby: Tuesday 18th July - Falkirk v East Stirlingshire
  15. Drawn away to Kilmarnock U20s in Irn-Bru Cup R1... Tue 15th/Wed 16th August. What's the record low crowd for a Berwick game in first-class competition?