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  1. Rugby - Union And League

    Suddenly money for this, 7s and "Super 6"? Last time we tried to take-on the English at Worcester things ended badly. At least on this occasion we won't have to worry about Oliver Cromwell, tbf.
  2. Matchday 17

    Since it opened 4yrs ago I think they've had 1-2 snowed/frozen off and 0 waterlogged. It's kept in immaculate condition and must be in a warm patch... that or Nairns has a huge hot air outlet!
  3. UEFA Nations League

    They make huge sums out of centralised TV deals though - if you look at the figures which Gibraltar make it's mind-boggling in comparison to the size of the territory and the scale and level of football. Also UEFA could announce they'd pay everyone air fares and it'd be a drop in the ocean of their distributions.
  4. UEFA Nations League

    This all seems excessive. Such conditions about November weather, geographic extremity*, etc. etc. have never been adopted in proper qualifying. *plus what about potential Division B match-ups... Russia/Ukraine/Turkey <> Northern Ireland/Eire/Wales
  5. UEFA Nations League

    Indeed. So they'll finish AA meaning others will finish HH?
  6. Did he not recently come out with some very precise figure on what crowds would drop to if you don't relocate, then get called out, it becoming apparent he'd really just made it up for effect? I can't remember what it was but lets say 7,600 - precise enough to imply capacity restrictions - but it was actually a "prediction" assuming worse players, tumbling down league, no EL, etc.? EDIT: Similarly the stuff about having to play European games in Glasgow. Obviously prospect that stirs footballing and indeed north-east pride and emotions, but why would Pittodrie become unusable, and if so why not Tannadice or Tynecastle/ER?
  7. Rugby - Union And League

    See this nonsense at Melrose v Ayr yesterday? Ayr turned-up, got stripped, warmed-up, the teams were named, fans were in the ground and even the coin tossed to decide kick-off... then with seconds left they decided they did not feel the pitch was playable and declined to play. Apparently this is perfectly permissible in Scottish domestic rugby: passing the park playable isn't up to the referee. Melrose are unsurprisingly raging saying in their view it was "absolutely playable" and their players were happy to play, inferring Ayr were at it due to injuries. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/rugby-union/ayr/ayr-refuse-to-play-melrose-seconds-before-kick-off-1-4635106
  8. SPOTY 2017

    Genuinely never heard of any of them.
  9. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Big win for Kelty moving them 8pts clear of Leith (who have 1 game-in-hand tbf). Leith are the odd team next week and so Kelty could move 11pts clear with a home win over Stirling Uni EOS.
  10. Matchday 16

    Things equally hot at the bottom where Vale and Dalbeattie are becoming separated a bit. Lots of interesting games coming-up given Whitehill, Edusport, CSS and Gala are directly above: Vale of Leithen Sat 16 Dec ... Edusport (H) Sat 23 Dec ... Whitehill (H) Sat 30 Dec ... Selkirk (A) Sat 06 Jan ... Hawick (A) Sat 13 Jan ... Gala (H) Dalbeattie Sat 16 Dec ... Gala (A) Sat 23 Dec ... Hawick (A) Sat 30 Dec ... Gretna (H) Sat 06 Jan ... East Kilbride (H) Sat 13 Jan ... Edusport (A) Hawick Sat 16 Dec ... Whitehill (A) Sat 23 Dec ... Dalbeattie (H) Sat 30 Dec ... Gala (A) Sat 06 Jan ... Vale of Leithen (H) Sat 13 Jan ... Selkirk (A)
  11. Matchday 16

    Interesting also to look at next 5 weeks worth of games for the respective challengers: BSC Glasgow Sat 16 Dec ... Edinburgh Uni (A) Sat 23 Dec ... Stirling Uni (A) Fri 29 Dec ... Civil Service (H) Sat 06 Jan ... Whitehill (A) Sat 13 Jan ... Spartans (H) East Kilbride Sat 16 Dec ... East Stirlingshire (A) Sat 23 Dec ... Selkirk (H) Sat 30 Dec ... Edusport (A) Sat 06 Jan ... Dalbeattie (A) Sat 13 Jan ... Gretna (H) Spartans Fri 15 Dec ... Stirling Uni (A) Sat 23 Dec ... Gala (H) Sat 30 Dec ... Whitehill (A) Sat 06 Jan ... Civil Service (H) Sat 13 Jan ... BSC Glasgow (A)
  12. Matchday 16

    Win for Spartans, defeats for BSCG and EK. BSCG now on 39pts from possible 54.... EK are 3pts behind with 2 games-in-hand... Spartans are 5pts behind the leaders with 4 games-in-hand.
  13. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    For those of us who recall "Darren Mackie, Reading Champion" - some Ayrshire primary school has to get Boyd down as Maths Ambassador. Make it happen !
  14. Kevin Thomson in today's Scotsman assures us Rangers could have almost any manager - being "one of the biggest clubs in the world". His choice from this near-unlimited pool? Murty until the end of the season !