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  1. It was 6,000 and something IMO. Being generous the FF Lower was 1/4 full (500), the South Lower was half full (1,000) and the East was 2/3 to 3/4 full (4,000+). Uppers were all shut AFAICS except smattering of VIPs etc. in West upper padded. Throw in whatever was in the West lower = 6,000-and-something. Could be less - could not have been much more than 7,000. Put more simply but less scientifically - I've been at plenty ER games with crowds of 9k-10k (which may have included absent STs)... Fuller than tonight. Herald: Shock as Scotland's draw with Canada is seen by record low Easter Road crowd The record attendance at the home of Hibs came 67 years ago when 65,860 watched an Edinburgh derby. Tonight as Scotland could only draw with Canada 1-1 in a friendly, little more than 14 per cent of that number bothered to show up. While the capacity at Easter Road has been cut over the years, the ground was seen to be a quarter full - although the official attendance was put at 9,150.
  2. I was one of the 9,150 - real and fictional as it was nothing like that - people in attendance tonight. It wasn't a very good football game. We aren't a very good football team. That is all.
  3. It used to happen in past decades: traditionally the charity cups were played off the end of the season and more recently it was often used for Fife and Lanarkshire cups, EOS Shield, etc. I suppose the problem is that you wouldn't know who was playing until potentially the week before. Given that 12 of the 30 lower-league clubs are involved in playoffs that could mean a lot of teams missing, too. I imagine lots of clubs would just want the season over, plus it'd also mean paying another week's worth of wages which only a decent crowd would offset. As I predicted the League Cup groups, the extended Challenge Cup plus the rambling U20 program have sadly finished-off most of the regional cups. Glasgow's was already a youth cup; Lanarkshire and Ayrshire abolished; Stirlingshire and Renfrewshire seem to have gone into abeyance; in practical application Forfarshire and Fife are proving little different. EOS Cup and Shield hasn't been affected but it's structured so SPFL clubs only play 1 or 2 ties. Southern Counties involves XIs or youth teams of SPFL clubs. Aberdeenshire and North of Scotland gone non-league only.
  4. I said at the time they should have taken this to Tannadice / Dens, as Dundee gets ignored with representative games even in comparison to Edinburgh or Aberdeen. In practice somewhere even smaller might have done.
  5. Papers reporting this could witness the lowest attendance for a home Scotland international since a game against Wales at Greenock in 1902... We all accept that a friendly v Canada is not the most attractive prospect - by the same token there hasn't been an international in Edinburgh for a couple of years, we haven't played since November and haven't played at home since October. So will be an indictment of the ticket pricing and the lack of belief in the team and management, if the figures they're talking about - 5,000 to 6,000 - are realised. Friendly v Australia at ER in 2012 drew 11,110 in monsoon conditions as Levein's tenure plunged to its ultimate close - infamously he brought Ian Black of SFL3 newcomers Rangers on as a GIRUY. Friendly v Qatar at ER in 2015 drew 14,270... During the Vogts reign matches with Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden (under Tommy Burns) all drew 15,000 to 16,000.
  6. I'm too busy to trawl the schedules just now. Happy for someone else to take-over.
  7. As I've said before the problem is who to play: B internationals have almost entirely ceased. Plus Strachan doesn't bother using half the friendly dates he could: can't seen him adding B internationals.
  8. I went to the EOS Qualifying Cup Final between Spartans and LTHV on Sunday... Oriam is an excellent venue, and different to the other indoor stadiums like Ravenscraig (the roof is very much higher and no question of the ball striking it). Crowd was apparently 420 and this well filled the venue, which seemingly has a capacity of around 500 seats... though lots of people stood along the balcony. That said the car parking was overwhelmed. It's poor for public transport, but easily accessible by car from the M8 or City Bypass. Impressive facility.
  9. Why were Italy admitted in 2000 instead of Romania? Historically my recollection is that Romania were better. They beat Scotland a few times? France used to play a full team against them in the European Nations Cup every season but only a XV against Italy and the others. Romania had beaten Zimbabwe, Fiji and USA at RWC in 1980s - 1990s; Italy had a similar record in beating Fiji, USA and Argentina. Romania seem to have had slightly the better of it in head-to-heads in the European Nations Cup during 1980s - 1990s. Only notable Heineken Cup results look like a few Italian sides finishing above Scottish regions, but Dinamo Bucharest did very well in the European Challenge Cup. Was it just that Rome seemed a more pleasurable away trip than Bucharest, and there was presumably more money to be made from tickets and TV?
  10. For RWC qualifying purposes it's an aggregate of 2017 & 2018 tournaments so they could still be pipped if things go differently next year?
  11. I took in the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup Final today, at the Oriam Indoor Stadium outside Edinburgh, between Spartans and Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale: pitting tier 5 v tier 6 in the pyramid system. Although they lost LTHV are having a remarkable season... today was only their second defeat in all competitions. They've already reached the Finals of the EOS Qualifying Cup; the EOS Cup; the EOS Non-Members Cup (aka Alex Jack Cup); and the South & East of Scotland Cup-Winners' Shield... the Semi-finals of the South Challenge Cup and EOS League Cup... and Quarter-finals of the King Cup. So they're 4 wins from reaching 7 cup finals in 1 season. Anyone know / speculate the record at Senior level? What about Juniors?
  12. If Cowdenbeath go down they could contest a non-leaguers playoff against Burntisland Shipyard - the winner joining the 3 Fife league clubs in Saturday-Sunday tournament?
  13. Spartans 2-1 LTHV Took in this final today. Felt LTHV were deserved leaders at HT despite Spartans having hit the bar twice... they looked energetic and composed; goal came from what looked like an overhit cross that fooled the 'keeper although I suppose the winger might claim he saw him off his line. Second half Spartans took a grip upon the game and got 2 goals in reasonably quick succession and although both goalies were called into action in several occasions there was no more scoring. That said LTHV had a couple of excruciating misses and over the 90mins I think extra-time would have been fair. LTHV leave disappointed while Spartans lift only their second cup in half a decade. Novelty of the first senior indoor game and cup final perhaps encouraged some neutrals along. Certainly excellent crowd with most of the seating well-filled and a line of people along most of the balcony behind. Not having been to an indoor game before I was unsure, but facility is excellent - and massive - and certainly no sense of it being second-best to outdoor.
  14. Head-to-head separates. Romania are champions. Pundits' Georgia-lauding rather premature.