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  1. May and June face Peru & Mexico

    I'll say this... if any of our rookies excel among a team of novices, thrown into hot, altitude, sell-out, cauldron atmospheres, v some of best sides in the Americas - they may become cult heroes.
  2. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Dundee Courier reports Dundonald Bluebell have called an meeting for the coming week: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-courier-advertiser-fife-edition/20180526/282673277992700 EDIT: Crazily this seems "old hat" at only a few hours/days old but Penicuik's confirm move:
  3. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Unless it's in coming days and they've omitted which - earlier this evening Broxburn Athletic appear to have called a meeting for Monday, the agenda being: AGENDA Should broxburn join the others in the East of Scotland League or stay as a junior club
  4. King of Cups

    I've cited it before elsewhere on P&B but Bathgate's victory in 1903-04 must be one of the most ridiculous in football history. Bye in R1; losing 2-0 at home in R2 before declared a friendly for fog (and was then abandoned for fighting) won rearranged game 4-0; lost 1-0 at home in SF but opponent played an ineligible player won replayed game 3-0; Final finished drawn, were losing replay 2-1 but abandoned for heavy rain, next 2 rearranged games both finished drawn, Bo'ness then refused to appear for the 3rd replay (and 5th match) so Bathgate were awarded the cup!
  5. King of Cups

    Hard-fought final. Kelty had more chances - several times Preston cleared the ball off the line or relied on a last-ditch block - but the Panners were never out of it and battled to the end. It was harsh on either to lose but someone has to. Preston opener was definitely a penalty as I was near it - Kelty's equaliser was up the other end but there didn't seem to be many protests. Preston got the ball in the net right on FT but it was ruled out for offside. Extratime was a case of more heat than light albeit Preston's CB had to sacrifice himself for a professional foul and 2nd yellow card to stop a breakaway attack after his fullback freshaired a clearance. Penalties then and Kelty's taker #2 overcooked his shot, clipped the crossbar and over. Preston's surviving CB had #5 to win it but blazed wildly out of the ground. Preston 'keeper almost pulled off a save but as a rather dishevelled Preston sub came up for #8 you started to worry and the Kelty stop won it for the Fifers, becoming "King Cup Kings".
  6. East & Lowland U20s Thread

    Given that otherwise you'd be playing 50+ league games, I suspect that's likely, aye ... Certainly a number of EOSL applicants from the Juniors - and Inverkeithing - have cited the U20s as a reason for joining, and in many cases stated they intend to join, also Kelty and someone else I can't remember from among existing clubs. Tbh you could do all sorts of stuff... conferences, pre-leagues, all manner of set-ups.
  7. East & Lowland U20s Thread

    Heriot-Watt lost at Whitehill but Cumbernauld only won 5-4 at Bonnyton. Title confirmed as HW's on GD. Supplementary hat-doff to Stirling Uni... only 10 players tonight... including 2 goalkeepers (outfielder of which scored!)... won 3-2 at Mid Annandale .
  8. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    You surprise me HtB - although given Eyemouth's record you probably wouldn't be sad to see the back of it, tbf : It's the taking part that counts...
  9. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Nah, they were introduced in 2011-12, although the number of sections and general format has constantly varied depending on how many clubs and how many league games. In 2013-14 after clubs left for LL it was played home-&-away throughout the season... something like 4 games in August/2 in October/2 in December/2 in February... but that was a bit of a disaster.
  10. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    All the top half finished on April 28th except Tynecastle (plus Preston played Coldstream on May 5th - though if they'd been in the running both had every midweek in March & April free). What if they don't? It provides the opportunity, plus even a cursory examination of club statements or the local press shows there are many more reasons for joining than just aiming for SPFL/LL.
  11. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    LTHV and to a lesser extent Tynecastle struggled to cram their fixtures in as Saughton Enclosure was a sodden morass which was unplayable 27 times. Peebles was next worst at 6. Rest were 2 to 4 each, except Heriot-Watt and Kelty only 1 each. Tweedmouth v Ormiston was the only midweek game all spring not involving LTHV and/or Tynecastle.
  12. The New Stadiums Thread

    Dunipace FC's new Denny stadium: ~
  13. Billy stark resigns

    After leaving East Kilbride a couple of weeks ago Billy Stark has been appointed Scotland U19s manager.
  14. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    EOSL website announcement:
  15. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    What, without age restrictions?