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  1. Daniel Elder on YouTube is your man for that I think. Bobby Sloan late free kick in the 2-0 win late in the season against Brechin is a personal fave along with the 3-1 win against Alloa with 10 men.
  2. Anyone else watch highlights of previous ‘big’ games or moments in the build up to a big game? Already worked through the Ramsdens Cup win, the 3-3 Rangers game and Hibs 1-0 play off win. Probably tick off the 3-2 Anderson header Easter Road game, 2-0 Casa winner at EEP and the 2-2 Allan Walker Pars game before Saturday.
  3. On that basis, Alloa and Arbroath are by far better teams than Ayr?
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It’s the club having a laugh because pretty much everyone had written off this being possible. I’m sure Alloa and Goodwin have all the motivation they need for Saturday and will take no notice of Twitter. Tbh if the club market this properly to get a big crowd in and capture the casual fans they’ll need to set themselves up for egg on their face if we don’t win. No problem at all with that, they need to hype it up as much as possible and cautious or wary social media outputs won’t do that.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I hope you’re right. If his team talk is centred around a 10 second joke twitter post then we might just actually do this.
  6. Already nervous about this one. Like somebody said earlier, it would be peak Rovers to lose their first home game of the season on the last day to lose the title. Like the idea of having fans behind both goals as long as it doesn’t leave us with 2 half empty stands. It would only work if the crowd was 4000-5000. Pretty sure we had both ends open against Arbroath when we won the league and that crowd was around 4000. Can’t see it being anything other than extremely close and tense game where the players and fans will need to remain patient. I saw a stat earlier that showed we’d be on 60 points and 7 behind Ayr if games ended at half time. We don’t tend to be fast starters, although we have bucked that trend the last couple of weeks. Alloa are a very good side and Goodwin sounded sure he wanted to keep momentum into the play offs. Hopefully he still decides to rest a few on Saturday though. Question for Alloa fans, I notice over the last 10 games you are actually 2 points better off than us. Do you think if you had your post January squad all season you would be challenging for the title?
  7. Alloa vs Ayr

    I don’t think Shankland being out is as big a blow as is being made out. Ayr don’t even have to score at the weekend. A 0-0 draw would all but secure the title and that’s even if we somehow do the unthinkable and win away to a team in the top half for only the second time this season.
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    That may be a plausible argument if it wasn’t for the fact we’d already had Thompson and Roberts for the first half of the season and it was clear to everyone at the time of the deal that they were both total wasters that added zero value. It was and always will be a terrible deal, no other way to dress it up. The benefit we’re apparently due now is nothing to do with the deal negotiated.
  9. Rovers v Queens Park

    Going for a 1-1 draw. A stodgy game with us taking the lead with a scrappy goal in the second half. Queens Park to equalise late on, probably through Keena as Ayr pump Stranraer to secure the title. Cant wait, roll on 3pm.
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    According to Matt Elders tweet, it could be lucrative based on Fifa’s training compensation rules not based on any part of the deal that Drysdale negotiated so he has a bit of nerve trying to claim any form of credit. Yes, the move to Rangers helped him get this one so it has (potentially) worked in our favour in that sense but nobody had a problem with us selling him to Rangers. The issue was basically giving him away for free. Well, worse than free actually, we got Scott Roberts in exchange.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Crazy to think this season we have had youth players play for 3 of the biggest teams in the country (Rangers, Hearts and Hibs) and we have banked just slightly more than feck all from the deals.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    You do realise that training and playing a match are entirely different? And as you’ve acknowledged in your same post the pitch at Starks will be different to Michael Woods. Much like grass pitches, different artificial pitches can have totally different feels. Starting the season on plastic pitch which has only just been installed and we won’t have even played any friendlies on is an undeniable disadvantage to the norm and will definitely take a period to get used to. However, that’s the short term view and only a small gripe. Long term it will be a benefit to us. I would like to think it has been researched thoroughly and they have already made contact with clubs/groups who have indicated they would be regular users. Not only will it help increase income through the week it will allow us to bring Community and Kids groups to Starks Park on a regular basis which can only be a good thing.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    What’s our record like on plastic? I’d reckon it must compare favourably to our away form on grass. Do Forfar have a plastic pitch? That’s the only defeat I can think of. Hopefully it doesn’t affect our outstanding home form and we can get accustomed to it quickly.
  14. Airdrie vs Ayr Utd

    Given their record on the road compared to at home, it might not be the worst thing for us if a big Ayr crowd makes it feel like a home game for them...