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  1. Hiya Junior Expert, hiya pal!
  2. You must be salivating at your team playing their first ever European game this week.
  3. Maybe other clubs have tapped people up before the end of their contracts
  4. Working in IT, we were once recruiting for a new Assistant Chief Executive and part of the process was they had to read some information and then produce an appropriately formatted response (Word Report, Spreadsheet of figures, Presentation) so muggins here had to set up new user accounts etc for them all to use. I then proceeded to ask if the people coming in had any special requirements - was I going to have to default one new profile to larger font and icons etc and was eventually told by HR that one of them would require a left handed mouse. Simple - I set up their profile to have the mouse buttons default the other way round. Job done, I get on with accessing all those websites I've banned the rest of the organisation from accessing. Come the time of the assessment I find an HR person hunting me down - the computer isn't working!! The assessment for this candidate is in chaos, turns out when they twat had asked for a left handed mouse, they meant a mouse placed to the left of the keyboard. My response was to calmly reset the mouse and leave before telling HR that the person was a fucking moron and could have moved it themselves when they arrived. They didn't become our Assistant Chief Executive. Another ACE we had one day brought in her PC from home as it was having problems - had a look at it and found that it had a virus on it, most likely from all of the porn sites that were in the history.
  5. Jordan Tapping back at the Shire, signed from Sauchie.
  6. You follow both teams via a season ticket at Ibrox, aye right. As for the Portgordon thing, you're not really very bright are you.
  7. What a horrible way to support football, jumping between teams in the pursuit of glory and when the trophies aren't there switching again. Awful, just utterly awful - don't know how you can live with yourself but then I remember you are a season ticket holder at Ibrox and it all becomes clear.
  8. Fail fail, sticking with the same seat for your season ticket at Ibrox this season?
  9. Conor Kelly from the Wee Rose back to Sauchie. Scott, Wright and Meikle have all left Camelon.
  10. There isn't a big enough facepalm to describe the complete twattery of wearing a football strip on holiday, you may as well wear a big sign that says "I'm a c**t"
  11. One of the problems facing Falkirk was that the athletics had priority over football at the stadium - thus if the Region scheduled Falkirk v Haddington on August 19th (for example) then if there was an already scheduled athletics meet then they had to move the game - and indeed at one midweek game the second half was enlivened by about 100 kids coming out and doing athletics practice whilst the game was going on. I saw them play home games at 3 different grounds, including New Brockville. Plus its an awful place to watch games from.
  12. I pre booked a timed entry ticket but didn't join a tour so was able to experience the whole of the Vatican at a leisurely pace - had a wee seat in the Sistine Chapel and saw various places around the site that the tours were bypassing. Did pre-book a tour round the Coliseum and that was "here is this bit, NEXT, here is that bit, NEXT" So I'd pre-book a timed ticket but not join a tour.
  13. You as a season ticket holder for one half of the bigot brothers clearly did or you wouldn't have replied. You can pretend you are a Rose fan all you want but everyone knows who you really support.
  14. As a season ticket holder at Ibrox, I'd expect a *** like you to know that the SPL doesn't exist anymore and its the SPFL that covers the top 4 leagues - in which there are 42 clubs. As you'll well know, from your big club being liquidated - there are teams above their realistic levels but they are at the top end, the likes of Albion Rovers and Montrose survive just fine.
  15. The LL has been in place now for 3 seasons with the chance of entering the SPFL if you win it. That the SJFA appear to have done nothing in that time to facilitate change or at least start an informed discussion around how to become part of the pyramid would appear to be a hideously negligent dereliction of duty. The SJFA exists to serve the needs of its member clubs - if those clubs want to move onwards there should be the appropriate pathway in place for them to do so.