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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Mcgregor is a habitual bullshitter. Remember he was 100% certain that Sauchie, Bathgate and St Andrews were leaving the Juniors. But on the offchance he's right #scenes round here if its Talbot.
  2. Tonight's Scores

    Ormiston must be bricking it!
  3. Tonight's Scores

    Camelon 1 Linlithgow 4 ft Had the wee rose on the rack for all of 2 minutes, aside from that it was utter mince from the Mariners.
  4. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Lock up your daughters, here comes the drs and @Mr Prez love in! Dunipace confirm they are looking to move East.
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    Dunipace confirm they are looking to move East, Dunipace Football Club - The Future We would like to formally announce our aspiration to move into the Senior Scottish game for season 2018/19 by applying to both the East of Scotland League and FA. Our Club Executive Committee went through a process of due dilligence early in 2018 in order to come to this decision, carefully considering the detail available with regards pros and cons of all options open to us. At the end of this process the vote, for the benefit of the future of the entire club, was unanimous. At this time we would like to express our most sincere gratitude to both the SJFA and West Region Juniors for providing the club with a fantastic platform throughout our 130 year history. Our achievements through the generations; from a Scottish Junior Cup win in 1906, to the most recent success in the Evening Times Cup in 1999, via a lifetime membership of the SJFA award for our fondly remembered long term chairman George Hunter: The Junior grade has been a fantastic home for Dunipace FC. We are proud of our Junior history, but for the benefit of the club, the players (from kids through to adults) and the community we serve we have made this decision in order to ensure the club is in the best possible position to grow, improve and thrive for the next 130 years. In early 2018 the Club Executive Committee announced securing over �600,000 of investment for the Denny & Dunipace area to provide a state of the art facility that will become the new home of Dunipace FC (currently more than 250 players and growing at all levels).This has been the culmination of 8 years of hard work from the club and many partners, including: The Scottish Football Association, Falkirk Council, Sportscotland, Falkirk Community Trust, our local elected members; Cllr Paul Garner, Michael Mathieson MSP and John McNally MSP, and our local community. We will soon begin work on upgrading the surface, installing floodlights and a perimeter fence and providing new changing facilities that meet all the standards required of the partner organisations. This will mean that for the first time the whole club can have a single base to operate from with a quality surface that will allow ALL teams to train and play games. It will provide a hub of activity for the community with additional plans for an updated club room, enclosure and improved access already well underway. It will allow us to add over 35's, community programs and more, all from our own purpose built facility, all year round. With the huge amount of effort put in by everyone at the club over the last decade through our Quality Mark commitment we have put in place strong, inclusive and comprehensive supporting policies and procedures. The creation of this facility, aligned with this work, means SFA Licensing which once seemed unattainable is now a realistic goal for the club to work towards. We aim to work towards achieving Entry Level Licensing through 2018/19 with a view to having this in place for season 2019/20, where if successful Dunipace FC would, for the first time in our history, be eligible to participate in the Senior Scottish Cup. Our commitment to Licensing requires a commitment to the Pyramid and was a factor in the decision to make this move. Another major factor was access to an Under 20 Development league, as run by the East of Scotland league in conjunction with the South and Lowland leagues. Giving kids coming to the end of the community pathway a route into Senior football, via an established development pathway, will be a great addition to the structure at the club. Developing young players through the age groups and seeing them regularly pull on the black and white of the 'Pace First Team is the ambition of everyone connected with the club and this is another tool which will aid in that objective, better serving our local community in the process. We are working hard to make this a reality for season 2018/19 and hope to have a new and exciting partnership to announce on this front in the coming weeks, subject to the decision on our application by the EoS League and FA. With many other clubs also deciding that this is the right time to apply to become members of the Senior game, it means, if accepted as we hope, we will be moving to a superbly run, competitive league, with great facilities and a number of interesting games that we hope, along with a welcoming and upgraded facility, will peak the interest of the local community. No prospective game more-so than the potential local (friendly!) derby against our closest neighbours Camelon Juniors, who have also recently announced their application. This is a game that, despite our proximity of only a few miles, has rarely been played competitively but could be on the fixture list come June when the full season fixtures are announced. Given the speculation over recent weeks we felt it only right that we make this information available at this time. We hope that everyone connected with Dunipace FC, Denny, Dunipace and our wider community can understand our reasons for making this decision and, if we are successful on Thursday, will support the 'Pace as we embark on a new journey. A journey which will hopefully provide youngsters in and around the town a pathway from kids right through to Senior football without leaving the Denny and Dunipace area. Saturday's game versus Ashfield marked both the last home game on Grass and if our application is successful on Thursday, last home game as a Junior club. Thanks to those who came down to Westfield to support the team. Youth section players attended and had a photograph taken with the first team and this was great to see. We hope the work being done behind the scenes captures your imagination and we can welcome you all regularly on our journey long into the future. We look forward to a new and exciting future for the club and everyone around it. Well done to all involved!
  6. Berwick vs Stenny

    Supposedly professional club and cant fill the bench - its embarrassing, Peterhead seem to do it a few times as well. If you cant fill your bench then you have to ask questions about the managements ability to put together a squad. And no answer to the question about whether or not there are youth players who could fill the bench,
  7. Berwick vs Stenny

    most important game of the season so far for Stenny and BBC are saying they only have 4 subs - what an embarrassment. Are there no young lads at the club who can at least fill the bench?
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    To sum up, eh? So are the teams that are looking to go, off to the EoS or not? (AGM still to come)
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    I'm not sure how quoting a post that has been derided in the EoS section is helping your cause but thanks for trying anyway, it gives us a laugh
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    Yeah, imagine clubs wanting access to more money! The b*****ds! Imagine wanting extra income to improve facilities! The b*****ds! Imagine wanting extra income to improve youth teams! The b*****ds!
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    "Edinburgh area", none of that salt and sauce crap round here!
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    And that is their entire home support over the last couple of seasons.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Even if TJ can deliver on his points there, it would still require a MASSIVE cultural shift within the Junior game to meet the requirements of being part of the pyramid. Just for a start the Junior season would have to be timetabled to finish around the end of April to allow clubs to take part in play-offs (EOS, SOS, West Juniors, East Juniors) for promotion to the LL as I cant see the LL suddenly moving to a 4 down system. And then what happens if Lochee win the East title? They don't fall in the LL area. I wish TJ well in his efforts but to move the Juniors wholesale to tier 6 will have so many consequences for clubs within the Juniors that preparations would have to be started now for next season.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    I think we are one wine gum away from a West Lothian full Dipple
  15. Posted this in wrong thread, ho hum - here in the right one Thought Shettleston today were a far better team than any team with only 9 points at this stage of the season would be, just a pity their attack is non-existent as there is the basis of a good squad there.