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  1. You clearly as you asked the question!
  2. But at least the blazers had a good few afternoons out.
  3. To be fair there have been several Auchinleck fans on here who have probably caused more damage to the Junior "grade" with their bizarre posts than any of what you think is canvassing but which clearly isn't.
  4. West Region League 2 2018/19

    If only it hadn't been the smaller clubs, who we are now being scare mongered into thinking they will fold, who voted this through
  5. Russia v Egypt

    I once went to an Egyptian restaurant whilst in Berlin, which it has to be said was an odd choice - but it was pissing it down and this place was just round the corner from my hotel. Nice meal though.
  6. Dunipace FC

    Pace have re-signed Lee Munro from last seasons squad and also picked up David Kane from Kilsyth.
  7. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    The Linlithgow guy though wasn't really giving an accurate picture of the situation at Linlithgow though, there were plenty of fans and a significant portion of the committee who wanted to move. It took other teams moving to give them the final push but I think its unfair to say they moved as they felt they had no other choice.
  8. Bonnyrigg Rose a Junior appreciation

    no, just no. red dotted for red dottedness sake
  9. Dunipace FC

    New (ish) signing at the Camp New Westfield as Gary Wright returns to Dunipace after stints at Camelon and Kilsyth. He joins, Zak Raymen Alan McFadden Taylor Gordon Steven Dymock Craig Murphy Barry Tulloch Morgan Galloway in being new additions to the Pace squad for the assault on Conference B.
  10. Harvey St Clair

    Any relation to Isla?
  11. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    What was this "Lothian blood bath" that you keep harping on about? Clubs looked at their options and saw their future was better served away from the Juniors, looks like the West is finally following Lothians finest and looking to leave a dying "grade" behind.
  12. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    121 from 125 voted for the pyramid according to Kilwinning on Twitter. Mon the Seniors!
  13. Love his chocolate, could go a packet of Rolos right now.
  14. Has that complete welt Muriel Gray been crying over a fucking building on the news this time?
  15. Newburgh Thistle - yet another name change

    They were Wilsons XI long before 2000, they were called that when I lived in Aberdeen and that was 19canteen (although they were Ams back then) - they've been dead to me since they ditched the Wilsons name.