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  1. Nonsense. I was there in October and even post brexit the Pound was still a better currency than the US Dollar and the Euro. It was cheap as chips in KL.
  2. Apparently a local referee in the morning said the pitch was fine, match referee said the pitch wasn't playable. I took a couple of steps on the grass outside and decided to go elsewhere as to me it was a no brainer that the game would be off, even after a couple of hours sun it was still crispy on top and rock hard underneath. Local ref at fault, if true.
  3. 12-10-13, I was at that one - pissed with rain all day, it made Musselburgh shine! Anyway lineup - Watson, Bell, McGown, Leiper, Cringean, Scott, Batchelor, Ure, Wright, Kelbie, Fullerton subs used - Allison, Dick. Danny Smith was the boss. 21-12-13 - Danny Smith was still the manager, he went to Linlithgow around the end of March - cant remember how much of a gap there was between Bradley leaving and Smith being appointed that month though. 14-5-14 - Camelon manager was now John Sludden.
  4. The Sauchie player is probably Dougie Wilson. The Camelon boss would have been Danny Smith I have the line up for the F&L QF on 21-5-13 as being - Hogarth, Kelly, Fullerton, Kerr, McGown, Gillespie, Batchelor, Wright, Brass, Kelbie, McCafferty subs used - Graham, Ure, Dick
  5. But you appear to have deleted your comments from the thread, I'll not hold my breath awaiting you admitting I was right about United.
  6. I don't think the league predictions were in this thread. Never mind son, like both your teams you may want to do better in future.
  7. Go back and check me pre-season predictions. Said then the Rose would go down. Mind you I also said Bo'ness wouldn't get anywhere near the title and 8Mile had a meltdown, still waiting for the apology there
  8. Just remembered Belp airport. Situated at the foot of the Swiss alps and surrounded by stunning vistas - I walked into Belp from the airport to take it in, a wonderful place to go, not Belp itself but the area around Berne and Interlakken. On the other hand it's tiny and had sod all there and when I was coming back the one solitary check in desk in the entire airport that was open had no luggage belt so there was some bloke stood beside the check in lady picking up all of the bags and carrying them out the back. Someone mentioned London City, quite enjoy it but its the only airport I've ever been called to the desk over the airport tannoy at, which was a scary moment.
  9. Not a problem, hope you enjoy follow following the Rose down the leagues!
  10. I've never had any problems with the new security arrangements in Edinburgh. Never had more than a 5 minute wait. The self tag stations are a pain - the only issue I've ever had at Edinburgh security was when my self printed boarding pass from the machine downstairs couldn't be read by the scanners which wasn't a security issue as the boarding crew couldn't read it either, flew KLM out of Tegel and they were placed right between the check in counter and the security entrance - and as the whole fecking terminal is only about 8ft wide it made it an utter pain in the arse to get through.
  11. Good to see the Rangers season ticket holder is still around to pretend he likes the wee Rose. Ah, it feels like a real Rose thread now.
  12. odd, very very odd.
  13. I liked Vegas, KL and Schipol. Heathrow is a bland airport in that I have no positive or negative feelings about it at all. The inter Terminal bus was great one afternoon when I was the only person on it. In Europe I try and avoid Tegel, they even made great play out of the terminal I was in being a converted car park, and we did end up all stood very close like parked cars - as our flight was late it led to overcrowding both before and after security as the terminal was far too small. It was the terminal on the extreme left if you are facing the front door from the taxi rank. Outside of Europe, i will try and avoid Abu Dhabi airport - a disgusting hovel of a place, i cant understand why Etihad are seemingly so happy to fly into and out of somewhere that is filthy and seriously under-facilitated. The shops and eating options were terrible as well.
  14. Cumbernauld 3 Shotts 6 Jings, crivvins and help ma boab! United appear to be in deep doo doo and many more performances like this and they will be certainties to take the drop, thats twice I've seen them in the past 6 weeks and they have shipped 14 goals in those 2 games. Here Shotts started like a train and were 3 up after 9 minutes. Piss poor defending for the first, a massive hint of offside for the second and then a clear penalty saw them in easy street. United pulled one back when Murphy converted a very soft penalty and then with 43 minutes on the clock they got the deficit down to a goal when Number 9 poked the ball home. Alas Shotts went staright up the park from kick off and made it 4. And to be honest that was that in terms of a competitive game. United had a lot of the ball in the second half but just couldnt trouble the away team who knocked in another couple of goals. Murphy then scored a rebound after the keeper saved his penalty (again another slightly odd decision from the ref to give it) but Shotts scored one more to round off the day. United were all over the shop in defence, and even though he dropped the ball for one of their goals their keeper again looked far better than those that were in front of him.