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  1. Rob Roy v Linlithgow highlights

    Both keepers wont be happy.
  2. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Auld *** will be thrilled, he can use that The Rangers season ticket now without fear of missing out on the Wee Rose winning anything.
  3. Scottish Junior Cup

    he had the bell AND a vuvuzela #toptoptwattery
  4. Scottish Junior Cup

    Sauchie 0 - Hurlford 1 Brutal game, Hurlford won it without breaking sweat - Sauchie poor in the final third and unsure at the back, they could still be playing just now and they wouldn't have scored yet - had a lot of the ball in the Hurlford half during the first half hour or so but I cant recall a shot on target until a powderpuff effort late in the game. Deserved winners. Minded to stick those vuvuzelas where the sun didn't shine.
  5. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Nope, I think the majority would consider Baxter to be a cheating c**t who was stupid enough to get caught and thus rightly stripped of any medal he may have won.
  6. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    Scouting. Lot of untapped talent out there that I need to tap.
  7. Dunipace Juniors FC 2017/18

    I feel we have been cruelly overlooked for the top job once more.
  8. Scottish Junior Cup

    Kelty were not "shifted", they chose to move - a big difference to what you are trying to imply.
  9. I'm guessing that would actually be a club like Burntisland Shipyard* who do play senior football. Worst side in the SPFL would be more accurare. H2H * - cant be arsed to see who is bottom of the EOS or SOS leagues.
  10. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    He's a sexist, racist, homophobic anti-Semite - if you aren't boycotting Scotland games in the event that he is put in charge then you are effectively endorsing his views and are probably a sexist, racist, homophobic anti-Semite as well. Everyone who went to the game in November that he was "manager" for is a disgusting bigot, the SFA for appointing him are showing they have views from the 18th century. f**k bigotry f**k Malky
  11. The Star Wars thread

    Not pedantry, poor wording on your point - particularly your use of the words "interact with the physical world" Return of the Jedi clearly shows that, not my fault you don't know the meaning of the words you are using.

    Brady and the rest of that fetid organisation have always been ungracious twats - good to see it highlighted that the best QB to ever play the Pats system of play has been shown for the greeting faced cheating twat that he is.
  13. The Star Wars thread

    Obi-Wan sits on a tree log. Clear interaction with the real world. If he's really a ghost then he has no need to do so.
  14. The Star Wars thread

    Return of the Jedi, you're welcome.
  15. Hill Street Blues

    JD, mah man