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  1. No there isnt, there is a thread for "West Division 2" whatever the heck that league is. I did a search on the leagues name and nothing came up, hence this thread. Maybe the OP or a Mod could change the name of the other thread to the actual title of the league.
  2. No idea what happened on the formatting of that post! Anyway couldn't see a thread for the Central regions most hotly contested league. Can Dunipace, The Ants and Carluke bounce back at the first attempt? Can Lanark, Port Glasgow or Gartcairn do better than last season and get into the top 3? Can EK, Ashfield and Perthshire fight their way into the promotion race? Can Newmains, Albert and the Vale improve significantly to challenge?
  3. Well clearly not but they have all performed better than that side rammed with quality who with their respective clubs, picked up numerous trophies at home and in European club competitions.
  4. That side rammed with quality who with their respective clubs, picked up numerous trophies at home and in European club competitions finished BOTTOM of their Euro 84 qualifying group behind such 80s footballing behemoths as East Germany and Switzerland. We could produce players who finished bottom of their group then, thankfully we dont now. The blame lies squarely at the feet of those running the game for not ensuring we continually produce a shitier team than we currently have.
  5. Bathgate 1 St Andrews 2 The Saints are coming, The Saints are coming. Certain posters on here who are exceptionally bitter about the Saints will be crying into their cornflakes as Saints knocked up a 4th win from 5 in the league as they look set to challenge for a quick return to the top flight. First half was pretty even but Saints looked more dangerous when they had the ball as Thistle huffed and puffed outside the area. Saints took the lead when a Sibanda free kick from around 25 yards wasnt held by Watson in the home goal and it fell to the saints player to knock home. Second half started in the same vein and it was Saints who doubled their lead as a mazy run down the right pulled the home defence apart and the cross fell perfectly to Sibanda who bobbled it over the line. Finally Bathgate woke up and having rattled one off the bar they now took control of the game for the last half hour or so and reduced Saints to hitting on the counter. However they could only score one when a cross from the right was well put away by the Number 9. Overall couldnt complain about the result and this was a performance from the Saints that saw them play as a cohesive team and put in a solid 90 minutes of following the managers plans. Looks to be onwards and upwards for the Saints and I can see them having a good season and certainly avoiding the relegation that the doom merchants had them pencilled in for. Bathgate look to have gone backwards from last season and I dont see them challenging based on their performance today.
  6. Funny then that every single one of your posts has been about Whitburn
  7. 1-4 to Kilsyth.
  8. The same David Sinclair as in Icelandic Fish factory David Sinclair? He lasted less than one half of a game at Stirling, about a month at Bo'ness and a couple of months at Irvine Meadow last season before leaving them all. That David Sinclair?
  9. According to a Gab Marcotti tweet, the changes don't go far enough for the clubs, Some big clubs wanted more: wild card for historical merit, weekend games, co-ownership of competition
  10. The Mob Museum was OK, wouldnt go out of my way to visit it - the highlight being the actual wall from the St Valentines Day massacre. Bought some Popcorn flavoured Taffy from a shop just down the road from it which wasnt a good idea, nasty nasty stuff.
  11. Heads gone.
  12. Ah, somehow knew you'd show up to support your pal - please feel free to point out what was incorrect in my previous post.
  13. A convicted wife beater who put together a team of absolute dung at St Andrews last season before being sacked and who didnt get another Super League job that he applied for after that. That Phil McGuire? Wow, this thread would go apeshit if that was true.
  14. FTFY Come to something when people don't know the correct P&B names for teams.