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  1. I went once to Fauldhouse. Never again.
  2. If Flynn(T) is Number 9 then I wonder if it was Matt Flynn who was at Dunipace and Camelon last season? Havent seen him mentioned in dispatches as staying at Carmuirs or signing on for anyone else so may be him.
  3. There are plenty of reputable groups in Scotland who are looking for volunteers in Scotland to be able to place them overseas - try http://ivsgb.org/info/ Based in Edinburgh and was talking to them on Tuesday about a volunteering role in Croatia.
  4. Well no, as it stands the scheme has been declared unlawful - the Scottish Govt have said they'll amend the scheme to make it lawful. Its not the actual named person scheme that is the problem, its the data sharing.
  5. Saw that in a double bill at the cinema with Spider-Man and the Dragons Challenge circa 1981. Good times.
  6. Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!
  7. For a Few Dollars More is the best of the Leone/Eastwood trilogy. ....and Eastwood is playing a different character, the man with no name pish was invented by United Artists to sell the films in the States. Picked up the BluRay set of the "Dollars" trilogy for £10 from FOPP in Edinburgh. Fistful of Dollars A rather nice Macaroni western that sees Eastwood play off two families against each other in a quest to make some money. BUT Eastwood has a heart and isn't just a ruthless killer, he puts himself in danger to reunite a family and its good to see a hero with a heart in a film where nearly everyone is a complete scumbag. You can see why it made a star out of Eastwood as the camera loves him and he strides through this with a charisma that's radiating from the screen. The scene where Eastwood shoots the villains as they have upset his ride is one of my favourite scenes of all time. The extras on the BluRay are an odd bunch, Frayling showing off his poster collection is one of the oddest things I've seen in a long time but the single oddest thing I've seen in a long time is the frankly bizarre TV introduction that was filmed by ABC (or whoever) who decided that the film couldnt be shown on Network TV in its original form as it had not moral compass - so they filmed a 5 minute introduction with Harry Dean Stanton and an Eastwood stand in (shot from the back so you cant see his face), it stands out a mile from the quality of the film but as bizarre as it is its still a nice curiosity to see - even if I'll never watch it again. For a Few Dollars More Lovely stuff. I'll assume most of you have seen a 50 year old film so I'm going to spoil the ending-- by jimminy that end gets me every time when you remember that actually Eastwood has been guest starring in a film about Mortimer and his quest for revenge. Its a nice twist, you spend a lot of time thinking they are going to face down against each other for the money once they have dealt with the bad guy but then BANG Mortimer doesn't actually care about the money, he's had his revenge and that's all he wanted so off he rides into the sunset and allowing Manco to keep the money. Brilliant - and by getting traditional supporting heavy Van Cleef for the role its an amazing undermining of the expected. As a film its not as bloody as expected as several people are shot without any blood being present and with the most horrific moment occurring offscreen whilst we see what is happening in the church and despite the child killing chills it also has a rather surprising line in humour - the scene with the information man living next to the train line, the owner of the hotel coming out from behind the desk which actually made me laugh out loud and the scene of Mortimer and Manco climbing over the wall are all played for laughs. It looks beautiful, Leone knew how to frame things - the shots of a character riding off into the sunset at the end are stunning and the film is full of moments like that. Probably the best of the Dollars "trilogy". Not as good as Once Upon a Time in the West but that's my favourite western of all time and this runs it close.
  8. Beast imo!
  9. Hi Bob, you high as a kite? regards P&B
  10. Well its showing this to me, McBookie.com Central District Second Division Sat, 27th Aug 14:00 Lanark United F.C.-Newmains United Comm FC Sat, 03rd Sep 14:00 Port Glasgow Juniors F.C.-Lanark United F.C. Sat, 10th Sep 14:00 Gartcairn F.C.-Lanark United F.C. Sat, 17th Sep 14:00 Lanark United F.C.- Vale of Leven F.C. Under Club Fixtures/Results edit - should add that they have changed the format of displaying fixtures and if you are going in under Forthcoming Fixtures you have to set a date to actually see the upcoming fixtures.
  11. Course it is mate, course it is.
  12. Going by the photo in your avatar, beast is probably a more apposite epithet for you.
  13. Has been on the SJFA website for last 2 weeks a least
  14. Ian Durrant advertising the new kit and Ladbrokes sponsorship, what twat signed off on that?