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  1. Utter shite. 3-1 up with 40 minutes to go and contrived to lose to a Whitburn team that could at best be described as average. Anyway 1-0 : O'Brien plays the ball across the edge of the box to Taylor who curls it in. 2-0 : Ball over the top, Docherty 1 on 1 with keeper - keeper falls over and its knocked into an empty net. (score at the lemons) 2-1 : 1 minute into 2nd half and Kane allows a 25 yard free kick through his hands. 3-1 : Herd rifles a low one into the net. 3-2 : Corner on left is left (ironically) by about 4 Mariners and its knocked home at front post by disbelieving player. 3-3 : Brass heads a ball into acres of space in the box and the Whitburn player is on hand to take his opportunity and level it. 3-4 : Free kick, no idea what it was given for, is placed into the left hand corner of the net from 20 yards. Utter shit.
  2. $1.5 billon for the road car division, not F1.
  3. Sean Connery was shite as James Bond, infact the man is a complete c**t - "It's not the worst thing to slap a woman now and then." Well Sean, I'd say it is you talentless tax dodging Yes voting c**t.
  4. Caught betting on football, http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/joey-barton-probed-sfa-over-8872350
  5. London transport is cheap if you plan ahead (Oyster or contactless), spending £40 to get from City Airport to the centre is embarrassing mate. edit - red dotted you to go with what should be a red face.
  6. All of the weans in Ambridge sound odd, Brians b*****d had a complete accent change overnight and George was another who suffered from the sounding like a toddler syndrome until he was about 10. Apparently the actress who plays Helen has never met "Henry" as all his scenes are recorded separately and then edited in. The new editor starts next week so we should be getting New Ambridge in the new year, be interesting to see what they do. SOC came in and relegated characters such as Mike, Will and Kathy to virtually non speaking roles whilst Chris, Vicki, Nic and Jamie appear to have gone silent and also losing Brenda and Tiger (and thankfully ditching Daryl as soon as possible with one line of thrown away dialogue in an episode). Always fun when the new editor to comes in and see who they like and who they clearly aren't interested in - I liked Nic and Mike so hope they'll be back but I wouldn't be upset if the new broom sent Alice and Chris away and got rid of Carol, her daughter and Pip. I never understood why when he was recasting SOC never recast Will. Will is my pet hate voice in the show, he's just so monotonous no matter what he is trying to say. Away from Ambridge - the final of Counterpoint got me thinking, aside from the classical music stuff I reckon I could make a decent stab at a run in the competition. The Grand Final and they had a round about actors from Carry On films singing, would have been on that like a rash. Mind you I always think the same when listening to Brain of Britain.
  7. I've had a few so have forgotten a goal somewhere along the line - 0-1 : free kick from 20 yards out on the left is lifted over the wall and in at the near post. 0-2 : great effort on the right is rifled off the post, its half cleared to the edge of the box and laser guided into the bottom corner. 0-3 : another goal for Carnoustie - think this was another one in at the post, I was pondering the futility of the life of a bluebottle at this point to take my mind off things. 1-3 : great run from Donaldson sees him beat a couple of men and take a shot, keeper saves but the ball is only cleared to Sneddon who slides it home. 2-3 : Keeper brings down attacker, looked outside the box and he should have been sent off as its was a clear GSO but he only got a yellow, anyway Bell scores the spot kick. Bah, humbug.
  8. John Sludden is ample explanation.
  9. Camelon 2 Carnoustie 3 A barnstorming last 5 minutes in which the mariners put Panmure under non stop pressure cant hide that this was an abysmal performance from the home team and the scoreline flatters them.
  10. Sad to see in todays Daily Record that John Coughlin has quit the shire and David Hannah has thrown his hat in the ring for the job. I wonder what story they actually meant to print.
  11. Hate to quote myself - But he's gone from Stenhousemuir already.
  12. Rose have made an approach to Pollok about signing transfer listed Carlo Monti.
  13. Where has Number 10 come on loan from? Recognised the loan keeper but didn't know Number 10. edit - just looked up the club where the keeper came from and there is Number 10 as well.
  14. Saw him live in Edinburgh last year, he told a story that would have got him pulled off Radio 4 where the punch line was his Dad admitting in front of the whole family to fisting his Mum in response to a question from David's nephew.