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  1. Actually thought Cumbernauld created the better chances in the opening spells and that the first goal was against the run of play. Second goal was awful defending, after the ball came back off the post the United players just stood and watched. At half time I expect most people there were thinking that if Cumbernauld scored next then things would certainly get interesting but when the hat trick goal went in via a deflection it was game over. And it was at this point that if I was a United fan I'd be very worried - they just seemed to give up on the field and the bench certainly didnt appear to be offering any encouragement or tactical input. The fourth and sixth were good finishes, the fifth a free header and then the last two being the tin lid on a very poor 45 for the visitors. I didnt think Kilsyth actually had to play that well second half to run up eight goals and as mentioned the keeper had to save them a few times from a complete rout but you can only beat what is in front of you and it was a clinical display of putting away a team not at the races, which is what you need to do if looking to get promoted.
  2. Sounds good to me, would save me weary legs if I'm ever there again.
  3. The toilets are not 50 yards from the pitch, you have to go down the hall then right round to the other side of the sports centre and then actually go into the centre. ...and I'm sure you can point out where they were criticised.
  4. Not sure, they are in the school next door. I thought both teams would stay on the pitch at half time but they both went trotting off back into the school. Toilets for fans are in the Sports Centre. https:[email protected],-3.966915,15z Nothing against Gartcairn by the way and I know they are looking at improving the facilities. I'm behind Number 10 here, with the School behind the camera, you can just see my left leg.
  5. I was there in October, its exceptionally basic - it is just a pitch that has been fenced off with standing areas barriered off from the main pitch, however we were still standing on the "pitch" despite being behind the barriers.
  6. How many Gartcairn players who are in their squad this season came through the Gartcairn system? And if the ground at Gartcairn is Junior Compliant then it shouldn't really be an issue to get a new build in Bishopbriggs up to scratch - who knows they may even put the toilets within half a mile of the ground When Rossvale first came into the Juniors they were made up AFAIK from players from their various other teams, as you say it was the top of the tree but after a couple of years of not doing much they decided to get Lauchlan in and rip up the ethos of being the pinnacle. It would be interesting to see what % of Rossvale players in their first Junior season were signed from other Rossvale teams such as the AMs and U-21s and what the corresponding figure is now.
  7. I suspect you lost everyone with the use of "Great Britain" - which has at least 4 different football markets (EPL, SPFL, LOW, Irish League and you could say the EFL, Conference etc are also markets in their own right).
  8. Dunipace 0 Perthshire 5 Zoiks!! Shire came out of the blocks like a rocket and took a deserved lead when a ball to their left found an unmarked player who was able to strike the ball back across the goal into the net. And then it was all Pace for the next 40 minutes, effort after effort was either past the post or at the keeper or the keeper had to make a move to keep the ball out of the net and things were looking good for the home side. Sadly with virtually the last kick of the ball in the half Shire scored again when a free kick 19 yards out on the right side of the box was curled round the wall and into the net at the near post. An undeserved two goal cushion at the oranges for the Possil crew. But plenty to look forward to for the home fans if the team played to the same standard as they had for most of the half. .....and that didnt happen. Long ball up the park caught everyone out for the third, stupid pull on a jersey to give away a penalty for the 4th - so blatant that I was almost wearing the Shire players jersey and I was at the other end of the pitch. Fifth saw a cross from the right headed home by an unmarked Shire player whilst the guy marking him appeared to be running away from him. Almost a good performance, silly mistakes at the start and end of the first half effectively killed the game and Shire were clinical in the 2nd half when presented with chances whilst Dunipace had their best spell in those 40 first half minutes and then didnt offer much after the lemons.
  9. Its about 3 years later but I understand the surface at Petershill is due to be replaced from this weekend. Rossvale are moving to Ashfield whilst the work is carried out, anyone know where Petershill are playing?
  10. Thought reconstruction was put out to consultation and feedback at last seasons AGM, with clubs taking a vote on how they want to proceed at the AGM at the end of this season.
  11. Bertie Auld was telling the exact same story when he was Partick manager. For some reason it seems to have stuck with Lambie.
  12. Hear the new committee are intent on joining the LL.
  13. Wow, you really are crap at trolling.
  14. I'm puzzled - is the Celtic/Dundee United/Arbroath poster really as stupid as he seems or just utterly shite at trolling?
  15. I was there for the F1 last month and loved it, second time in KL and its the humidity that is the killer rather than the heat. As mentioned the PETRONAS Towers tour was shit, 45 minutes in and out as they try to make some money. I liked the Batu caves even if they are a H&S nightmare. KL is also a city of Shopping Malls that range from the bizarre to the frankly odd - I found one with a theme park inside it complete with loop the loop rollercoaster. Aside from that its a great city with some interesting places, Chinatown I found to be disappointing compared to the night market in the Indian section of KL and I'm sure all those Man Utd tops selling at less than £5 were legit It was about 5.3 to the £ in September and that was a better rate than the US$ and Euro so its a relatively cheap place to stay, my chicken curry doughnut cost less than 50p and bottled water and soft drinks shouldn't be costing more than 60p, indeed water was about 20p per 500ml bottle. ....the only thing I'd actively avoid was the National Museum, had to walk up the side of the motorway to get there and the exhibits were much cop but hey it was less than £1 to get in.