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  1. Stirling vs LTHV

    They really should sack Cup Tie MacKay for presiding over the most embarrassing result in the clubs history.
  2. Well done Banks o Dee & Glenafton

    BOD need to push the issue with the SFA, its wrong that Kelty can join the EOS and look to progress via the LL to the SPFL whilst every Junior team north of the Tay doesn't have the same opportunity.
  3. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Embarrassing. SJFA and/or West Region should be hounded by the clubs until their are resignations over this shambles of a weekend.
  4. Stirling vs LTHV

    Vale by 3
  5. Scotland squad strength

    Blackie Gray and Billy Dane
  6. Putin, get the beers in.
  7. You're about 20 years late on that.
  8. Central league division 2

    Top 3 into the third tier, everyone else into the 4th.
  9. I've seen Dumbarton play twice in the Premier League, they even had a page in the Panini album. Admittedly I've also seen them lose 5-0 to Clyde at Firhill but swings and roundabouts and all that.
  10. Coming from a guy who goes to more Stirling Albion games than he does his own team, do you not think its time you stopped making a complete c**t of yourself on this thread? You're shite at trolling and your posts are continually dreadful white noise.
  11. Diamond Dave about to move to the Bairns?
  12. Cumbernauld Colts 2017/2018

    ....which is astro.
  13. Jack Ross is a good Camelon lad, throw in a free chippy from Lemettis every week and he'll be back home at the divisions biggest club asap.
  14. Based on the faces of the fans pouring out of the stadium yesterday, its a mercy killing but dear oh dear anyone suggesting John Hughes should have a word with themselves.
  15. Why the hard-on for having the training ground next to the stadium? Take that out of the plans, build the training ground in the arse end of nowhere instead and you then have a stadium proposal that can be built within the city.