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  1. Not bad, how's yourself? Odd appointment if true, wont he be seen as part of the failed McGlynn era by most fans?
  2. Not a clue! I've no idea who any of them are this season.
  3. Never said it was for the managers job, just that he has been in speaking to the committee. I wonder what was discussed.
  4. Hear that Danny Smith has been in talking to the committee.
  5. Dunipace 4 Royal Albert 1 The only way is up baby, for you and me now. Dunipace romped to the 3 points as Albert self combusted at Westfield. 1-0 : keeper doesnt clear the ball and sclaffs it off the Pace winger who then picks up the loose ball and squares it across the box for the inrushing player to knock the ball into an empty net. 2-0 : Albert again fail to clear their lines and after it bobbled about a bit it was finally knocked home. Two up at the lemons and looking good for the pace. 2-1 : penalty for Albert is hit in to the strikers left. Penalty was soft, ball took a deflection and hit the defender on the hand. 3-1 : ball into the box, Albert player falls on the ball and clearly handles but ref plays advantage and the Pace manage to get to the ball and ram it home. 4-1 : penalty and red card after 7 is taken out when through one on one with the keeper. Penalty is saved by the goalie to his right but Pace are first to the loose ball and its game over as the Pace hit 4 in the league for the first time since season 2014-15.
  6. Oh dear, heads gone. You mentioned "phil" in 2 seperate posts, I posited that he has no chance ofgetting ths job and others agreed. You seem upset by this but carry on with the persoanl insults all you like, it makes you look small, bitter and angry.
  7. Taking IT well Phil. Good to see your pal Cougar/manonthespot/mr motivator sticking up for you though. How many superleague ckubs will this be that have turned you down sincd you were hooked by the saints?
  8. Hiya Phil, hiya pal. 22 posts, all about phil - at least try not to be too obvious.
  9. It started to puff rightin front of , me and there were cheers by christ there were cheers. Wonderful stuff. Just a shame there was no ugger there to see it and this 42 year old climbed a wall and jumped a fence to get onthe track.
  10. Looking forward to usher concert
  11. Sepang is fecking hot 2 days and I think ive lost 3 stones, cheap ss chips as well.
  12. Only until he didnt turn up against Lithgae. Wouldnt touch him with the proverbial but beggars cant be chooserz. Worked out well for Camelon as they got a better keeper in after binning Clark.