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  1. Was pretty explanatory.
  2. Three more that have had tax issues at Bo'ness?
  3. Camelon fans just sniggered behind their hands when they signed Collumbine and Tierney. A taxing situation for Bo'ness but I'm sure they wont PAYE the price.
  4. Another week and another meltdown over you being unable to see the odds in a bookie. You need help either to battle this gambling addiction or for anger management issues or at least to see an optician.
  5. Came on to post McKee as being the all time top of the pops Number 1 creepy swine in the history of P&B and have found people have already been there - I seem to recall after his pish stained breakdown he mentioned that his biggest sexual fantasy was rape. A complete freak.
  6. There are far too many multi-ID creepy weirdo's on here now who do nothing but slag clubs off, its why this section is dying on its arse and people are migrating elsewhere.
  7. The baggage will depend on whether or not they are code sharers. I went to Australia from Glasgow via London (it was cheaper that way) and even though it was two separate bookings they took my luggage at Glasgow and I didn't see it until Australia as the two airlines were part of what ever the technical term is for a group of aligned companies. ....when checking in, always tell them your final destination as well as your current destination (if they differ) and see if they will put the bags straight trough, picking bags up between flights is a pain in the arse so always best to ask.
  8. I'm very excited to introduce our new manager, John Hughes.
  9. Dunipace 2 - Ashfield 0 Ashfield started well and had the better of the first half but all they had to show for their efforts was a penalty that thundered back off the bar. Despite the protestations of the Pace players from behind the goal it was a clear foul in the box. As the Ashfield winger pointed out the tackle left a hefty visible scuff in the turf. Second half saw the Pace come onto a game and take the lead when a cross from the left was headed into the net despite the despairing effort of the away keeper. With Pace now on top they doubled their lead when the ball was picked up about 17 yards out and three players were dribbled round before the ball was placed into the net. Nice bit of skill to tie things up. Ashfield cracked a free kick off the bar but that was the end of the scoring. Good result for a young Pace team.
  10. Herald gets in on the act, http://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/bo-ness-united-bid-to-exit-junior-football-1-4413555 Aldo has finally lost it though, “We are the best supported club in junior football. It would be a crying shame if we didn’t get in."
  11. Any movement on the 4th stand/terracing/leave it as is?
  12. What chance the Scottish semi at Prestonfield being played on the Sunday? Easter Sunday, long weekend, plenty of neutrals looking for a day away from the DIY - you know it makes sense and maybe the Four Marys will have got rid of that smell by then.
  13. At a rough guess - If he's been banned under The Football Banning Orders (Regulated Football Matches) (Scotland) Order 2013 (which also covers the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act) then (1)A football banning order is an order which— prohibits the person against whom it is made from entering any premises for the purposes of attending any regulated football matches in the United Kingdom; however that means, (a)football matches anywhere in the United Kingdom where one or both of the participating teams— (i)represents a country or territory; (ii)represents a club which is for the time being a member of the Scottish Professional Football League; (iii)represents a club which is for the time being a member (whether a full or associate member) of the Football League, the Football Association Premier League, the Football Conference or the League of Wales; (aa)football matches anywhere in the United Kingdom, not falling within paragraph (a)– (I) which are part of a competition or tournament organised by, or under the authority of, the Federation Internationale de Football Associations (“FIFA”) or the Union of European Football Associations (“UEFA”); and (ii) where one or both of the participating teams represents a club which is for the time being a member (whether a full or associate member) of, or affiliated to, a national football association which is a member of FIFA; Or to sum up - they are probably banned from the 42 SPFL club grounds and all the appropriate grounds in England and Wales as well but in terms of Junior grounds it comes down to whether or not the SJFA and its clubs fall under the final paragraph in terms of affiliation etc with the SFA but I'd say playing Junior would be fine. FYI, whats classed as offensive behaviour, 56 “Violence” and “disorder”S (1)This section applies for the purposes of this Chapter. (2)“Violence” means violence against persons or intentional damage to property and includes— (a)threatening violence; and (b)doing anything which endangers the life of a person. (3)“Disorder” includes— (a)stirring up hatred against a group of persons based on their membership (or presumed membership) of a group defined by reference to a thing mentioned in subsection (5), or against an individual as a member of such a group; (b)using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour; (c)displaying any writing or other thing which is threatening, abusive or insulting. (4)In subsection (3)(a), “presumed” means presumed by the person doing the stirring up. (5)The things referred to in subsection (3)(a) are— (a)colour; (b)race; (c)nationality (including citizenship); (d)ethnic or national origins; (e)membership of a religious group or of a social or cultural group with a perceived religious affiliation; (f)sexual orientation; (g)transgender identity; (h)disability. (6)In subsection (5)— “disability” means physical or mental impairment of any kind; “religious group” has the meaning given by section 74(7) of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 7); “transgender identity” means any of the following— (a) transvestism; (b) transsexualism; (c) intersexuality; (d) having, by virtue of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (c. 7), changed gender.
  14. Obvious alias is obvious.
  15. You really are a sad dribbling mess. What shithole should I concentrate on? How is your convict pal by the way? I notice no Junior club is touching him with a bargepole for managerial jobs, I wonder why?