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  1. Brians been on that one for a while, don't think he's just moved
  2. The OP can delete a thread at any point. They don't need to give a reason either.
  3. Anyone want to tell the moron where he has gone wrong?
  4. no
  5. Still seething that you don't know who I support, oh dear and yet you care enough to respond.
  6. Inverness City away please (or any of the Aberdeen city based teams, away)
  7. Mothers Pride is a fucking awful loaf.
  8. At least none of them have admitted to buggering off with a season ticket to watch the bigots.
  9. it'll remind him of Grangemouth, he'll be fine.
  10. Someone phone the social, child cruelty at its worst.
  11. Cooeeeeeeee @Graham Broughton coooeeeeee!
  12. It is a criminal offence though, blame the 1980 Scottish Cup final riot - no drink containers allowed in a ground, even if its water or Fanta in a plastic bottle. Doesn't matter who brings it in technically its an illegal action and a steward should be removing or he's not doing his job. ...he's still a twat of a steward.
  13. They need to change the manager to have any chance of getting anywhere near the top.
  14. Wow, this thread has gone all Linlithgow Rose 2016-17. Pleasing.
  15. Vot is dat you say, killing 6 million Jews and countless other minorities isn't the worst crime imaginable. Gott in Himmell, quick Goebbels fire up the webcam I want to shake my penis at your 14 year old daughter. Yes the one you will murder.