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  1. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    They seem to have got a second wind. We look fucked, this could end up a bit of a shoeing which would be harsh
  2. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    f**k knows what's going to happen now, so many strikers on the park. Don't think my heart could take a penalty shoot out against this lot
  3. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    Add him to the list. We've not kicked a ball second half.
  4. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    Pena will probably score mind, we love giving hopeless OF players a goal (Dodoo, Garner, Balde)
  5. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    Doesn't matter if we lose 8-0 now, Sammon skinning that boy had me in fits. If we keep the head here we've got a chance, thought we were poor first half hour but came into it.
  6. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    Sadly I fear Rangers will waste us down the right if Lawless is on our left.
  7. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    You can hear on the highlights the ball hit off Scully's glove in the way in. Whether he did well to get a fingertip on it or whether he should have saved it is a different debate. Hopefully we're talking about him in a good way in 3 or 4 hours time.
  8. The statement doesn't mention Rangers at all.
  9. Week 2

    Doesn't exactly look packed out at the Rams either.
  10. Fantasy Football 2016

    Looks like I'll be picking up someone I've literally never heard of
  11. Week 2

    Interested to see how this dinky (by NFL standards) Chargers stadium looks. Pretty low camera angle?
  12. Week 2

    Has anyone ever waited for the clock to run down to 2-3 seconds to call timeout before a field goal and been too late?
  13. Week 2

    As much as I've tried to blank out the last SB, Gostkowski missed one in that
  14. Week 2

    Is Bridgewater still dead?
  15. To explain that photo, what's happened is Rangers fans have either hidden in the stadium after the match or broken into the stadium and taken the flags that hang at the back of the North Stand. They've then tried to present them as trophies like they've won them in a fight, but no, they are simply common thieves. Vermin, essentially. But we all knew that anyway. Edit: of course I don't mean to tar all Rangers fans with the "vermin" brush, just 99% of them. And the other 1% are apologists
  16. NCAA College Football 2017/18

    Is there an idiots guide to College Football someone can help me with? From what I've gathered there's about 2.7 million teams, 4,600 different finals and then a committee picks the best 4 teams? edit: I'm watching what appears to be the NCAA version of Redzone which isn't helping my confusion
  17. The Cricket Thread

    Looking forward to this T20, hope it stays dry. Not one player from the WI test squad in the T20 XI.
  18. Forgot storey is cup tied for Tuesday so Doolan will start.
  19. Spittal already has 5 goals and 5 assists in all comps this season, Amoo had 2 and 2 in the whole of last. Although Spittal was dreadful first half, my concern based on his DUFC career was his supposed (lack of) fight but as said above he came good which is encouraging. First I've seen of Storey in a Thistle shirt, he's more powerfully built than I remember and certainly puts in a shift- not sure there's a connection between his brain and his feet though ...the f**k was he doing at the end of the first half, looked as if he was cutting in onto his left to curl it into the far corner like Arjen Robben then remembered he can't kick it with his left and just dribbled it away- also if he's going to be pulled out wide so often we need one of the midfielders to get into the box, though this is an issue that's also plagued us since promotion.
  20. Glad the players were a wee bit more optimistic than me, as soon as we went down to 10 men I thought that was the game fucked and the last 10 minutes you were just waiting for the inevitable boot in the balls. Not surprised about keeping the ball in the corner at the end, both games last season with 11 on the park we had the a set piece deep in their half with a minute to go, made nothing of it and they went up the park and scored with the last kick. I'm sure there's a few St Johnstone fans who'll have a word or two to say right enough... IIRC Erskine will miss the next two games as straight reds carry across competitions- I'd probably bring in Lawless and keep the same other 10 (unless Cerny is fit,s till not sure whether Scully should have done better with the 2nd).
  21. First time I've seen us since the Hibs game and it's not been great. Spittal having a disaster, Edwards not far behind and simple balls over the top catching us out all the time. Zero attacking threat. If we go 5-3-2 we could get wasted down the flanks though.
  22. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Aye im referring to sports mania or specifically mania HD
  23. Recommend/Find A Uni Laptop

    Apologies for just hijacking onto the end of this but couldn't see a "new laptops" thread. I've just checked online banking history and I bought the machine I'm typing on for £429 from Dell on 15th January 2013, so was thinking after nearly 5 years it must be getting outdated even for the limited amount of things I do on it. I would say the only thing I need it for that I couldn't use a tablet or a phone for is work stuff and that's nothing complicated in terms of processing power, just Word/ Excel / Powerpoint but it would be a b*****d without the keyboard. From my reading of the specs (attached) I've got an i5 processor, 6GB ram and 1TB storage. Trying to find similar for less than I paid almost 5 years ago isn't turning up much (examples in this link). Have I completely read things wrong, or what has changed that something that in tech terms is pretty ancient is still holding its value?
  24. andriod boxes / Kodi

    I've had SM for 6 months but the subscription is coming up a week today. Only noticed issues since the EPL started back up, presume that's where they get vast majority of the traffic (not me, I'm watching Scottish football, NFL, golf etc). Even if you're not watching EPL then you need a VPN when it's on until about an hour after, I noticed this when I went to watch NFL on Sunday at 6pm, nothing was working without VPN because of the 4pm kick off but by about 7pm I tried it without the VPN and it worked fine. Hopefully they get the payment thing sorted soon although I'd expect an increase in price when it is resolved as they'll have had no money in for about 6 weeks now IIRC.