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  1. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    It was last season, Amoo. I'm not going to pretend he was good, but we haven't got a player like him who can go past players on the outside for pace and get crosses in the box in the current squad.
  2. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Definitely need a 4th centre half. I'd still like to see us sign another attacking midfielder, someone with pace, only Storey of all our attacking options has that -Sammon has a decent top speed but takes him about 20 yards to get going, see his goal vs RC. Edwards has games where his energy is useful, mainly ones where we don't see a lot of the ball, but I'd rather our attacking midfielders could create or score.
  3. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    Devine is suspended. Means we'll have to wedge someone into a back 3 or play with barton and keown as CBs. Not ideal. I know it's an artificial pitch but the forecast isn't looking great. Thistle tweeted 40 away tickets left an hour or so ago so it'll sell out.
  4. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    Just quoting you as you'll be well placed to answer this- if we buy off peak returns Glasgow - Dumfries for Saturday are they valid on Virgin trains to / from Glasgow-Carlisle? Might go back that way as first direct train back after game isn't til 1835
  5. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    club confirmed on twitter 200 left.
  6. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Either of the names jagfox mentioned would be a bit of a departure for us, I don't think Archie has signed a young guy without any top flight experience from below the top division in Scotland to go straight into the first team. Spittal probably the closest but he'd obviously played a bit with DU at this level.
  7. Championship Sunday

    3 teams that have never won the Super Bowl, and the c***s. We all know how this ends, sadly...
  8. Divisional Round

    Lot of money won and lost on the Vikes taking a knee on the XP, the spread with most bookies was 5.5 points.
  9. Divisional Round

    Will be hammering NE - 20 or something. Bad Bortles will be back next week.
  10. Divisional Round

    Go for 2 here
  11. Divisional Round

    LOL @ anyone who didn't think this would be the game of the weekend.
  12. Divisional Round

    Still far too long to go, Steelers are still < evens in play.
  13. Divisional Round

    Give my sole dog in the fight now is "who has the best chance of stopping NE?" I'm not sure about this one, surely the Steelers are a better team on paper but they've got such a weak record vs Brady & co. Not even sure who is best placed in the NFC, maybe the Vikes as it's a home game?
  14. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    Dunno, the ticket website is saying there's been none available all weekend but I assume they haven't added the extra 200 to it yet. Imagine it'll be pretty close to selling out. With it being unallocated seating it'll be less of a faff with some folk wanting to sit in their allocated seats and groups of folk wanting to sit or stand together, but there'll also be odd seats left here and there as groups of friends stick together then leave a seat in between. As long as it's stewarded sensibly... As for the game, when the draw was made I wasn't far off thinking Queens would be favourites by the time of the game, but we've picked up a little bit, albeit at home. bet365 have both teams at odds against but with Thistle 13/10 favs. Our main issue is how many of the guys who have been out for months and are just coming back to fitness can play, particularly on astro? Devine suspended as well, which would have been cause for celebration until Turnbull was recalled and we've only got Keown and Barton as CBs- might see Penrice wedged in as part of a back 3. Looking forward to the day out, think the game will be very nervy. edit: had a thought we might have let Penrice play for Livi in the last round but he wasn't in their squad so he's OK to play.
  15. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    2-1 win vs Shanghai Shenua. Danny Devine and Demba Ba scoring in the same game.
  16. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    We can't have another overage player on loan from the SPFL though unless we bin Sammon or sign him permanently.
  17. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    We've sold 700 of the 900 with over a week to go. Disappointing about the terracing.
  18. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Barton and keown injuries incoming as we play the rest of the season with no centre backs and a million full backs
  19. All things Dundee FC

    That Britton and Shaw deal was mental, we were in a relegation scrap with you (and lots of others as 3 were going down that season as the league went from 12 ->10) yet sold our two first choice strikers to you. Can't remember who we bought with the proceeds but it wasn't anyone good. Edit: not quite the same this year but if I woke up tomorrow and we'd sold Doolan and ... well actually we don't have another decent striker so the comparison falls down but even if we sold Doolan to another team in the bottom 6 I'd be bewildered.
  20. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    The club are now pretty cagey at what photos they put up on social media hence the foreground shots of Elliott, Booth, and Dumbuya to show they're back training but they'll probably hide any trialist (not even sure there is one). Still I'm sure folk on the FB page have zoomed in as much as possible to check.
  21. Divisional Round

    Obviously hope the Titans win but glad that game is the fucksticks o'clock one that I don't have to stay up and watch
  22. Wildcard weekend

    Don't know where I stole it from but it wasn't him (never heard of him let alone follow him)
  23. Wildcard weekend

    I like Wil Lutz and I cannot lie.
  24. Wildcard weekend

    Going back to that pic, OJ looks in decent fettle for a 70 year old who has spent 10 years in the jail. To the extent I'm not even convinced it's him.
  25. Wildcard weekend

    Ted Ginn does running very fast in a straight line very good.