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  1. NFL General Discussion

    Larry Fitz signing up for one more year in Arizona.
  2. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Pretty much the only school night game I see all season that finishes after 1am UK time is the Super Bowl so I'd be all for an extra 1pm /4.05pm ET game on a Sunday rather than a Thursday night. Don't think the players like the short weeks either, but they only moan about it if they lose.
  3. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/11/09/nbc-will-make-skycam-the-primary-camera-angle-for-steelers-titans-next-thursday/ More Thursday night window dressing.
  4. Great photo, is there a date on this? The Crathie Court flats in the top left of the pic were Glasgow's first high rises to be built (1952) and are still standing long after many others have been demolished. Also being deceived by the height of the photo, makes Thornwood & Partick look totally flat. You can see my house from here etc. I have a vague memory of the granary mid-demolition containing some humourous graffiti "from" the 1960s about football but I think it was probably added by demolition workers at the time as it was so visible on what would have been an interior wall.
  5. Pretty sure we lost 1-0
  6. NFL General Discussion

    It's PETERMANIA time, brother (I don't see this ending well)
  7. There's nothing in the rules for a forfeit, so we can stop talking about that. Reschedule it for 6 Feb, then if both teams are out the cup we can dunt it to the following weekend. Although we'll no doubt draw Hearts away if it is postponed. Think my favourite 3 postponements are: 3) St Johnstone under Dick Campbell, when 3/4 of the team were hungover from Christmas had the flu, game was rescheduled for March and we beat them 2-0. They lost out on promotion on the last kick of the ball to Gretna when they'd surely have pumped us on the original date. 2) Dunfermline in the cup- Liam Buchanan injured? We'll forget to turn the USH on then. Liam Buchanan fit for the reschedule? Scores both goals in 2-1 win. 1) Celtic on NYD a couple of years ago. The tears, the glorious salty tears from folk who had come ALL THE WAY FROM IRELAND to watch the game and were surprised when the game was called off after 3 days of torrential wind and rain in Glasgow.
  8. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Desperately need a Carlos Hyde TD in fantasy so I'd be grateful if they could allow that.
  9. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Marquise Goodwin has one trick. Fortunately for him, it's a useful one
  10. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    the last 2 minutes of play in that game, wild. OT barring something even more stupid
  11. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    And Bortles does what he does best. JAX still have 3 TOs left though.
  12. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    The end to this Jags- Chargers game. Marquise Lee, what a fucking plank.
  13. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Game over if it wasn't already in Buffalo, 24-3 Saints. Saints haven't yet punted. 3 TDs, 1 FG and 1 turnover inside the redzone.
  14. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Nice celebration by the Vikes.
  15. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    I like Tyrod, he's obviously not elite but there's a lot worse out there.
  16. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Win tonight and I'll start to believe a wild card is on, lose tonight and it's probably the usual 7-9 or 8-8
  17. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Worried about how many people tipping the Bills tonight.
  18. It's OK, if it is postponed no doubt the SPFL will reschedule it for Monday 18th December in between trips to Dens on the Saturday and Parkhead on the Wednesday.
  19. NFL General Discussion

    Zeke's final final final final final final final (final) appeal denied. I've no idea if there's another appeal to come but I've had Morris and McFadden stashed on my bench for the last 2 weeks so hoping the f**k not.
  20. Diane's is gone for good, saw something about it on twitter, being replaced by a chain pub of some kind, Irish bar maybe?. Was in a few times when I lived in Edinburgh 10 years ago. Not 100% sure we'll even sell out 680 with this being on a Sunday, we only took 700-odd to Motherwell, a much nearer (but admittedly worse) away day on a Saturday. Probably will just about do it though. Was thinking how grim our away record has been of late- if like me you're a Thistle fan who struggles to make midweeks / Friday night away games the last time you'd have seen us win away was St Johnstone in the Scottish Cup in February. The time before that, St Johnstone last October. Time before that, Killie in the 15/16 season. No wonder I can't remember many cracking away days of late (when you take the game into account, not the bevvy).
  21. NFL General Discussion

    I saw a tweet to that effect, basically every QB signed between now and the end of the season should have "Not Kaepernick" on the back of their shirt. Josh Johnson hasn't completed a pass since 2011 which kinda blows up O'Brien's "Kaepernick hasn't played recently" excuse.
  22. Andy Murray Latest and General Tennis Chat

    Imagine you'd jumped forward from 2008 to now and looked at the rankings and nothing else- "still fucking Federer and Nadal 1 and 2?! And when to Wawrinka get good?"
  23. Week 9

    Did the Seahawks just mime paying the flute on the celebration? edit: before the mental 2pt attempt
  24. Week 9

    that have played this season I can see: Jason Myers Cairo Santos Younghoe Koo