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  1. Let's not take anything away from the magnificence of Sowah heading the ball across his own penalty box to set it up but looks off. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind etc.
  2. Aye OK, got the Devine thing wrong, he played for the North at u21 level then declared for the Republic but wasn't capped. Watched the youtube highlights there, first goal looks decidedly off and hard to see much in the challenge for Goncalves' second yellow but he'd been winding the ref up all day and was bit fortunate to get away with a deliberate handball being called as a foul after he'd been booked (as was Nicholson) so I think the ref had decided that he was gone for his next foul of any substance. Big Liam
  3. Previous two times we've played the gid c***s in Dundee this season they've been on a massive downer but both teams coming into this on a bit of a run. I still can't see us claiming the 6th spot so I'd take a draw, but if Azeez can score against them then anything can happen.
  4. Enjoyable few choruses today
  5. I'm from the starting position of wanting Cathro to do well because it will noise up the usual cast of Scottish football dinosaurs but on reflection that might have been the easiest win we've had all season, think Cerny fielded a weak shot from Nicholson in the 2nd half and had a couple of crosses in the 1st half and literally nothing else. Seemed a very specific formation for us, Barton stuck out wide left, I though at first he might have been man marking Djoum but it might have been the old John Lambie tactic of having a guy to win header from goal kicks, and it worked. Keown seems to have inherited his dad's aerial ability without the cuntinshness. Realised earlier that's Keown, Barton, and Devine who have all represented RoI at u21 level without being born there. Par***** Thistle IMO. Goncalves had been a walking red card since before he was booked for dissent AFTER A FOUL HE HAD WON. Bikey looked quick but he is too small to play up front alone and Nicholson is still a diving wee c**t, though at least he tried. The right back was the biggest non-trier of the lot. No complaints, delighted to be proven wrong.
  6. Hope I'm wrong obviously but see a distinctly underwhelming performance vs a top 4 team at Firhill coming, again. At least the weather's picked up tho it is still pretty windy.
  7. Who the f**k uses AOL mobile mail? It's not 2001.
  8. Evidently this Indian team have noised me up to the extent that I'm happy to see the fkn Aussies hosing them.
  9. Aye- I actually quite like that one, it's fairly unique. That's more "fans with shite patter" than chants tho I agree. "Gee them nothing" is another favourite of his.
  10. Old school classic, that one. That's something else that seems to have died out, songs about opposing players other than "<player>, you're a w****r, you're a w****r" or "<ex-player /manager>, what's the score?" when your team are winning- can remember the one about Dave McPherson as well (must have been a Hearts thing). Another one that sticks in the mind was about Richard Gough's sexual predilections in the early 90s...
  11. Not just specifically this, though it is a good example of it, but pet hate is dozens of teams copying songs that took off somewhere else and just shoehorning in their own players / team. Easy case in point, the Will Grigg's on fire song- brilliant invention and a catchy tune for Wigan (and valid enough for Norn Iron), done to death within about 6 weeks by every team in the land, fortunately seems to have died away as quickly as it arose.
  12. The 3-4-3 we played in Perth (but with proper wing backs rather than Welsh and Edwards) would allow us to play all 3 of Lawless, Erskine, and Doolan fairly centrally but you'd probably have to have Barton in midfield for that Cerny Keown Devine Lindsay Dumbuya.........................................................Booth Barton Osman Erskine ...........................Lawless Doolan certainly this season compared to any other previous time under Archie it's been almost impossble to predict who is going to play from week to week and even what formation.
  13. Off to New York on holiday on Monday and someone in my team at work has come in today playing the martyr absolutely choked with the cold. I’m going to try and get them sent home as I’ll be fizzing if I pick it up.
  14. Cheers, had an issue in New Zealand a couple of years ago where they wouldn't accept my mate's UK driving license tho it was at an event where it did specify to the bar staff that only domestic driving licences were valid ID (I don't think we were asked for ID anywhere else in the country), so was wondering if similar applied in the USA. Last time I was over I just took my passport everywhere which could have been a bit risky if I'd got steaming and lost it.