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  1. Subway from Buchanan St (attached to queen st) to St George's Cross might be cheapest. 10-15 minute walk from there, probably 15 with kids. I'd guess a taxi would be about a tenner. The bar in the ground (located in main stand) lets away fans in and also kids but the wait to get served can be horrendous. The Woodside on Maryhill Road also lets away fans and kids in but can get very busy when a team with a decent support comes through. As for the game, I suspect this'll be another "play well enough without deserving anything" effort, 2-1 defeat with Storey getting a late consolation for us. Though if I see Ryan Edwards is at right back like the last time Aberdeen came to Firhill I'm backing Aberdeen -3 again.
  2. Back up to £25 for me, might sit this one out as I have no strong opinions on the game and see if it goes up to £50.
  3. McLaughlin away to Stirling on a season long development loan- keen to see how he does at that level.
  4. In the 4 and a bit seasons since promotion we've had DU and St Mirren 3 times, St Johnstone, Aberdeen and Airdrie twice in the cups tho the league cup going to group stages and regionalised will obviously increase the amount of repeat matches over the years- we'll probably get Airdrie about 5 years in a row in the LC (unless they go bust (again)). Going back a few years it always seemed to be Hearts and Dunfermline.
  5. Would think McLaughlin an absolute certainty, McCarthy probably as well especially if Fraser does actually get back fit. Before last Friday I'd have expected us to sign one striker and Nisbet to stay and be 3rd choice while playing as an overage player in the DL but with him being 4th choice now his best option might be a loan move. Wouldn't wholly surprise me if he moved on permanently either. Penrice would be another but he's arguably the closest of the lot to the first team, though if Booth did get injured Elliott would probably move across and Nitriansky would play RB.
  6. gone for overcooked, can't argue with £6.49 for a bit of daft fun, cheers.
  7. Hope Abdul enjoyed the Stormzy gig
  8. My girlfriend's son, who is 9 years old, is coming to stay (along with her, but she's not as keen on gaming) for the weekend, and I'm looking for a PS4 game that's quick to pick up and play either as co-op vs AI or against each other. I don't have a PS+ subscription so would have to be offline only. Something like Rocket League, but not Rocket League itself as we've played it to the point he's getting bored with it now. Obviously has to be age appropriate as well. Any ideas?
  9. TBF the PGA could pull a surprise and give him a shot "penalty" for that putt which sat on the edge for 15 seconds. They're fond of shit like that.
  10. "A cod's ear"
  11. Imagine P&B had been around at the '99 Open.
  12. aye, now Kisner has bogeyed 17.
  13. Hideki only has one gear, it's great when it comes off but one par on the back and a heap of birdies and bogeys tells its own story.
  14. Maybe not over, but a 5 probably still gets it done for Thomas.
  15. Fair play to Thomas, he's used his meltdown at the US to come back stronger, bit like McIlroy did in the US Open in 2011 after the Masters disaster.