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  1. Actually more concerned about LB / LWB than the midfield, I'd rather not see Lawless there ever again. Or McGinn.
  2. Week 7

  3. Week 7

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to have a Russell Wilson / Jimmy Graham stack in my DFS team.
  4. Week 7

    Always enjoy the potential for extreme shithousery between Steelers and Bengals
  5. Week 7

    Convinced we could cut away for that last Bucs play for about 20 minutes and it would still be going on.
  6. Week 7

    ti d'slliB
  7. Week 7

    Bills'd it.
  8. We haven't lost to Accies in years, which worries me, but not as much as our midfield and defence does.
  9. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Bit harsh on Booth I think, though he did lose form pretty heavily towards the end of last season. He was supposedly out for 3 months after getting injured in the St J game so he'll be another month at least. Penrice is also due back in January but I had a look at the Livi threads a couple of days ago and seemingly he's been playing -very well- in midfield for them which is interesting if both him and Booth are available come January. Anyway, difference a win makes. We've got the two teams bottom of the form table in the next 2 games and then only 2 games in November with the Celtic game being postponed after yesterday's LC result. *If* we can get through these next 2 games with 6 points then by the end of November we won't be detached at the bottom and might be starting to get some players back (Booth, Bannigan, Fraser if his leg stays attached) for the huge amount of games in December. 2 defeats though and it's back to "we're fucked" mode.
  10. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    I get the argument but this offside law interpretation has been around since Ruud van Needledick was doing exactly the same same for Man U in the early 2000s as Storey did today.
  11. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    Closer than I though with the offside for the winner, I know that screenshot is after the ball is played - when it is played the Dundee RCB (Hendry?) isn't in the frame but by the cut of the grass I'm going to say Sir Kris is onside
  12. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    Loads to unpack today, even with a barrel of drink in me I still think it was a game worth talking about. First half was an absolute beasting apart from one corner where Bain- who I think is the most overrated keeper going but that's maybe because he looks like Scott Fox- made a good save and Edwards' chip going just over the bar. When the Dundee RB waltzed 50 yards without a tackle before the Cerny save 2 minutes in I knew it was going to be a long day. Their goal came from McCarthy falling on his arse and Kamara running 30 yards without a tackle (common theme established). Then the penalty came from our 2 centre halves hitting the ball off each other, and as much as Neil McCann has the look of someone who wants to be cool at school but knows he won't be to a T, he doesn't know the laws of the game as it was clearly a yellow card as Cerny tried to take the ball (and failed miserably). When TC saved everyone said "well, that's the turning point" but we were still hugely second best. Very lucky to go in only 0-1. Second half we matched up 3-5-2 with 5'1 Lawless at LWB but took 10 minutes to actually sort out players into their proper positions, bringing Spittal on for Erskine should have been 20 minutes into the first half. Fortunately Dundee didn't punish us and then decided to put themselves under pressure by excessively passing it about the back with no real purpose. Doolan's first touch led to the equaliser when Bain (yeah, him) spilt a shot straight at him. I was convinced we were going to lose still but the big diddy up front for Dundee managed to sclaff a shot with an open goal, presumably as he was hoping for an opportunity to throw himself to the ground theatrically and didn't know what to do otherwise. Somehow we managed to win when Doolan strung a pass which looked massively underhit to the white Ade Azeez who did his best to miss it by hitting it straight at Bain but the keeper obliged by jumping over it. We were talking in the pub after the game and since promotion reckoned that was the 2nd game we've stolen a win after the ICT "cornergate" game (not that the corner goal should have stood, more that we just got pumped for 80 minutes and still won). There are probably about 20 games on the other side of the ledger so as shite as we are I'm just going to enjoy this.
  13. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    That was robbery, not even sure we deserved a draw but if there's one team that have fucked us over with late goals in recent years it's Dundee so good to get one back on them. That moussa is the biggest haddy I've seen recently, bizarre he stayed on. Odd tactics from Dundee in the second half in general. Storey was obviously miles (no pun intended) offside when the ball was played through but Doolan came from onside. We should still have lost that about 5-2, our defence and midfield is atrocious but thank f**k for Dundee always giving a team a win when they need one
  14. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    I'm weirdly looking forward to this as it's my first home league game of the season. Thought I realise with the terrible weather and very high chance of a terrible performance this could go very wrong very quickly.
  15. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    The complete absence of official news on Bannigan did make me think he was long-term fucked again. Real shame for the guy if so, never mind the team.