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  1. Hopefully at the super bowl they have some fucker with a kazoo to beat that.
  2. Looking forward to this, probably slightly favour an Atlanta win for a bit of variety in the super bowl but won't be upset if Green Bay win.
  3. Ross County to be found to have fielded an ineligible player about 3pm today and Dundee United put through in their place, then we draw them at Tannadice for the 83rd million time.
  4. Nah, not really. We've got a good record since promotion vs ICT but the bottom 7 are much of a muchness so this could go either way. Yesterday was good for getting a bit of match fitness but at the same time probably the least competitive match we'll have all year. Good to see our Dumbuya back but think he'll be eased back in, especially with Gordon and Elliott both able to play right back. Inverness fans won't get to see / abuse Danny Devine on his return as he is suspended, along with Abdul Osman- if Liam Lindsay hasn't recovered then we could be very light at centre back.
  5. Weird that they didn't bother putting it on social media, trying to find stuff on the official site now that isn't Jagzone isn't much fun, and also the timing a bit odd given we've got a youth cup tie against Motherwell today- on a side note I assume that's why Nisbet wasn't in the squad yesterday.
  6. one that stood out earlier in the week was Reading away to derby at 4.5, Reading are above them in the league, in better form, and have a better away record than Derby have home. Not saying they should be favourites but 4.5 seems a bit large. Arbroath and West Brom as a double for me, staying away from the Scottish cup with "proper" bets but might put a daft acca on for £2 or so
  7. Scotland topped their group in the desert T20 thing then got predictably dicked by Ireland in the semis. Ireland vs Afghan in the final now. Hales out the England tour with a broken hand.
  8. Would do them in the order they came out. Blood and Wine is a great way to finish and arguably the most fun, certainly a lot of light hearted anachronisms / pop culture references though I still don't know what the accents in Toussaint are meant to be. edit: if you like the fairy tales references, there's a huge mission in B&W which is basically Geralt fighting all the well known antagonists of those
  9. Got a 2:1 in Accounting and Economics 13 years ago, never worked in accounting or Economics but have spent my post-uni life in Financial Services. At a bit of a crossroads now as I’ve pretty much hit the ceiling in terms of what I can do with my current professional qualifications (uni one was only useful for getting my first graduate job) but the idea of going to the next level there doesn’t appeal to me as all the jobs it opens up are ones I don’t really fancy and I’m getting more money at the moment as a contractor than I would in those jobs. Toyed with the idea of going back to uni to do a related postgrad to open up a career change or doing an OU course, don’t really fancy the former as I’d still be surrounded by people 10+ years younger than me and the latter seems like a ballache. So I’ll probably just coast until something or someone shakes me out of it. Like the grim reaper.
  10. Where's your new job?
  11. For some reason I can't edit my previous post, but was going to say since I'm quiet at work I had a look at both Gladbach and Koln sites Gladbach isn't looking promising as they have tickets on sale for games in April and May but the Bayern one isn't listed. Koln site says free sale for Hertha game goes on sale 7th Feb and you don't need any loyalty points so you should have a reasonable shout at a ticket there.
  12. Off their websites is fine, you might need to faff about a bit with Google translate but you can normally sign up free of charge. They'll sell to ST holders first for home games though before they go on general sale. Cologne would probably be your best bet as I assume most teams will sell out vs Bayern. On the flip side, the viagogo tickets shouldn't be too bad for Dortmund against Ingolstadt. If you go to Cologne then the Cathedral is literally right next to the main train station, so you can take some photos there and that's your touristy bit done.
  13. Apart from our first season up when the squad need major surgery and we signed about half a dozen players and let the same amount go, signings in the last 2 January windows have all been done late on, 2nd season Booth was 28th Jan and Taylor deadline day and last year both Nesbitt and German were deadline day. I’m not expecting anything too different this year.
  14. Is there not normally a cash gate at the North stand anyway and only the JH stand requires you to go and get a ticket from the portakabin first? With it being £10 I can't imagine there'll be much change being handed out if there is a cash gate, and I'd be surprised if the crowd is over 2,500 anyway.
  15. Should have marketed the game as One Last Chance to shout abuse at Derek Young.