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  1. Ross County and Motherwell (there may be others) put out their lists today including a couple of "player x is out of contract but we've offered him a deal". Just seems strange we'd put out an update about the dev squad but not the main squad.
  2. Bit odd that they didn't announce the first team comings and goings at the same time considering they must know them by now.
  3. We should sign O'Donnell, ATS, Craigen, Kerr and dig up Willie Sharp. No point in looking at the 157942677503 footballers out there who haven't played for us before imo.
  4. Disappointed Dools eats in McDonalds tbh............................................................................................. He's a Celtic fan, which is unusual for someone from that part of the world, until recently I thought he supported Killie growing up. He crossed himself before the game vs the Orcs which I'd never seen him do before. Absolute model pro though.
  5. Nailed it harder than Ron Jeremy. Probably why we don't often win games. Only good things about today are it shows up the deficiencies in the squad in case some mentalists were under the impression we could survive with this next year and it got Aberdeen's confidence up for defeating the forces of darkness next weekend. Horrendously disappointing end to a good season, think Barton is the type of player who looks like a star when he's playing well but a massive shitebag liability when he's not switched on. Almost felt sorry for Amoo being hooked after half an hour in his last game but then I remembered he's a non-trying joker.
  6. Watched the end of the Paderborn game, some absolute top class WUM stuff from Osnabrueck who had nothing to play for but still timewasted and took the ball to the corner. Duisburg need to not make the same mistake as 2 years ago and assume their existing squad will be enough to compete, by the time they realised it wasn't and strengthened they were too far back, though they still made a monumental arse of the relegation playoff vs Wurzburg.
  7. Play Kenny Arthur off the bench so those greeting about him not getting 2 minutes 10 years ago can get some closure.
  8. Assuming true etc etc... I did doubt if Welsh would stay with Osman, Barton and Bannigan all ahead of him as centre mids and I think we might have wanted to keep him but he'd rather move on. I'd still like to see us sign another midfielder even with Fraser and McCarthy (assuming he's staying) as one looks like he might be one recurrence of an injury away from retirement and one is obviously still very young. Trying to think of his next club and unless he goes League 2 or lower down south, you're probably looking at Dundee, Motherwell or whoever wins / stays up in the playoffs. He probably had his best season this season but the guy's injury record over his whole career to date is a bit of a red flag. Was going to say if we have signed Murray then I hope we announce it in the next hour or so in revenge for the Paton / Erskine announcement before the Raith Rovers game in 2013, although we did also announce Erskine coming back 5 months before it happened. Going through the age profiles on the OS, if what Cerberus said is true then the following are offski: Conor Cullen Matthew McInally Michael McMullin Dominic Docherty Just need to wait for the news of the 3 year extension for Div Wilson then?
  9. I've got a feeling we'll win this and I don't often feel we'll win games. 6 years since we won our last game of the season. Hopefully the players get the finger out after the last 2 games against an under-strength Aberdeen whose remaining first team players have at least one eye on the cup final. Surely a couple of our own younger guys can get a run out, can understand why they weren't thrown in vs Celtic but nothing to stop it now. Either that or we fanny around trying to get Doolan to break his duck vs Aberdeen and lose 1-0. Shite day and shite kick off time though.
  10. Gretna and I'm sure it was 90 seconds, think of that 90 seconds about 50 was between them scoring the first and us kicking off. Though we actually drew that 2-2. edit, here we go, 70 seconds according to BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_div_1/6256995.stm edit 2: back to last night, saw a couple of folk leaving after the 2nd goal but I'm sure I saw one guy with a Thistle top on come through the turnstiles at that point, I suppose if you've already paid for your ticket...
  11. The wee guy with the Marek Hamsik haircut in the JH stand side game was excellent. Bit of a howler from the keeper for the goal though.
  12. I'm disappointed that I didn't leave after 25 minutes last night as I originally intended, it would have broken my record for leaving early and it would have at least been against a decent team (less said about the fans the better). Sadly my record remains when we went 4-0 down to Clyde after 35 minutes under Dick Campbell.
  13. Just to say I used MM and they quoted £40 more than Mazuma and £55 more than Cex (in cash anyway), collected the phone Tuesday afternoon and I've been paid today. Zero complaints.
  14. As a fan, the one aspect I don't like is the regionalisation. As VT says part of the charm of the tournament is an away day, and with this (and the clusterfuck of a challenge cup) being regionalised the chances of us getting a game against an Arbroath, Elgin, etc are minimal whereas we'll probably draw Airdrie or QP 7 years in a row. I know folk will say part-time players travelling long distances midweek but teams would still play pre season games far away from home and you're going to have a maximum of 2. Also if you don't want to be part of the national setup there's always the HL / LL.
  15. Kris Doolan and Mark Roberts spent a grand total of 15 minutes on the pitch together for Thistle, Doolan made his debut at Inverness on 10th January and Roberts left us for Ayr on 30th January, making his debut the following day. I guess he was with us on trial for a bit beforehand and Roberts made an impression then. Good that he didn't just pick the current team though.