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  1. I was worried about that too, but
  2. We' be as well loaning him out to the juniors or the lowland league if that's all we're doing it for. I totally forgot Pogba was still with us at the start of last season until the mention of that Hearts game. I think there's room for a 3rd senior striker especially if we're playing 3-5-2 . McLaughlin should go out on loan and not really sure what to do with Nisbet, he didn't hack it at Championship level last year so don't think the smaller clubs there will be falling over themselves to get him. Putting them both in league one might foster some kind of competition. edit: I though Wilson's best role was as a (less good) Bannigan, sort of fetch and carry. Based on very limited viewings though.
  3. He's on honeymoon with jagfox iirc
  4. Surely a rumour about someone taking Azeez off our hands is peak close season? If he does go I'd be quite excited, not because I think he's as bad as many others, but it would probably mean we had someone else coming in.
  5. Fixtures are out this Thursday but they won't confirm TV games til nearer the time.
  6. From a man of the cloth, this is quite the confession.
  7. Apart from the obvious noted above that you play everyone anyway, and also that the fixtures are a rotation from last year with Hibs replacing ict, I'd rather have a harder start on paper. We've been pish for the first bit of the last 2 seasons and ended up ok plus if we do get a decent start from those games we'll be flying.
  8. Now official. "Undisclosed fee"
  9. also... appears it's done.
  10. Archie interview on jagzone summary: - Lindsay definitely away barring something unforeseen - Glad if it did happen that it's happened early in summer, gives us more time rather than last week of transfer window - Spittal has already fitted in and takes a good set piece, which is something we've lacked recently (Archie's words) - we were only looking for 3 or 4 players as the guys that left didn't play many minutes but obviously need to replace LL, will be hard to replace like for like - usual necessarily vague "we're talking to players" so wouldn't expect another signing imminently (my view) - have had enquiries from lots of clubs including a couple of championship re Penrice on loan but wants him to start the season here - Only injury concern is Fraser who hasn't started yet, there's no timetable for him in terms of playing but he should be joining the group next few days. Bannigan is "like a new signing" (cliche klaxon!) and joked with Michael Max not to jinx it when he said we were in a great position compared to last year injury wise.
  11. Ireland and Afghanistan granted Test status. Weird to think how far ahead of Ireland have gone ahead of us in the last 20 years.
  12. Would genuinely be happy if we had the new away top as our home kit and last season's white with the new sponsor as our away kit for when we played Hearts / Dundee / County etc and threw the proposed home kit in the bin. Surprised Lindsay to Barnsley hasn't been announced yet if he was having his medical this morning.
  13. Wasn't too far off. Best away kit we've had since the last black one.
  14. Be quite funny if they'd photoshopped the teaser pics and it was a totally different colour in real life.
  15. I'm actually hoping for some wild half and half jester thing with pink on the other side.