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  1. Offside tbf
  2. Daily Express reporting we've made a 'last-ditch' bid for Tom Hateley, but given Dundee, Hibs, and a few English clubs are also interested I'm making a last-ditch bid for Alison Brie to give me a soapy titwank. Not that I'd want it to happen (Hateley; Brie very much so).
  3. Preferring fanduel scoring system but agree about the user friendliness being shit. You have to email them to withdraw FFS. Still if I get this every week they can make it like a c64 for all I care.
  4. Would be nice to not totally shit the bed vs hearts this season. Last season they wiped their cock on our curtains, the 4-0 Scully led abomination at firhill was a real low point. Hopefully we have a new centre half as well by Saturday. The season of Wilson starts here.
  5. Fair play to Northants, they've obviously targeted this format of the game but I was glad to see them and Durham beat Notts and Yorks in the semis and to win when being 15-3 and 9-3 in the semi and then the final is some effort. Never sure whether the England guys getting parachuted back in for one day is a good thing, obviously joe punter wants to see the star names but whoever was bumped out the Yorkshire team for Joe Root to have an absolute shitemare can't be feeling too pleased. edit: Mark Wood was bowling like a steam train running downhill, pity the winter tour is on the sub-continent as he'd be handy on pitches that aren't set up for spin. Still got the ODIs for the tail end of this summer tho I suppose.
  6. Don't want to talk too much about I game I wasn't at and only saw the first 5-10 minutes on a stream which I gave up on (we were actually OK in that period tbf) but I think Erskine has come on a ton defensively probably even since he left us, he's great at tracking back and nicking the ball off folk,whereas Edwards just runs about kicking people. There's an argument to say we should have played both and dropped Lawless but again, wasn't there so might not have made much of a difference. Agree about Lindsay though, he's still young but his mistakes tend to be huge ones. Hyped for Div Wilson's chance next week though.
  7. Aye. He's just an out and out centre back, there was some talk he could play left back when he signed as we were in dire need of one but I reckon Canning would probably be better at LB than Seaborne.
  8. Obviously got to India, didn't fancy it and made up some bullshit excuse to come back. Olympiacos sounds close enough to Hamilton Accies I s'pose. Think there might have been some issues behind the scenes as it doesn't seem as if there was any attempt to keep him by Thistle unlike Frans and Miller, which I assumed at the time was because he was wanting too much money or wanted to go back to England but maybe just a fallout. I'd have kept him but if you'd said swap him for Gordon I'd have said aye so I'll take that.
  9. When I heard we had players on trial, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Did Magee not get the jail when he was down in Preston?
  10. indeed, sod celebrating any celtic goal tbh. tho the £100k (I think) if they don't utterly f**k the second leg might mean we can sign 2 players instead of 1 before the end of the window. I know other Prem teams get that money as well but I trust Archie to spend it more than most unless it's on a CF.
  11. Was a bit disappointed in The Numbers Game, thought with being a football stats geek it would be right up my street but it took me a few attempts to get through it. I'll never finish The Ball is Round, I actually took it to South America with me 5 years ago to read on long trips, was probably the heaviest thing in my luggage. Just read all the bits on South America Stramash is good, don't think that's been mentioned. Based on a guy going round grounds in Scotland in 09/10, giving brief history of the towns and teams and some local anecdotes. Places like Ayr, Greenock, Cowdenbeath etc. Always assumed TSF was Dave Kitson with some stories from his mates thrown in to make it inconclusive that it's him but the journo using 4 or 5 different folk is a more sensible theory. I quite liked Zlatan's book but it is what you'd expect; weirdly I did think as soon as Mourinho got the Man Utd job he'd follow him as Mourinho is about one of the 5 people in football other than himself that he likes.
  12. Not being able to guarantee what date the game was on until last week due to the Dons still being in Europe= no cheap advance train tickets left = no travel for me. Hopefully there'll be a RedTV stream, and even more hopefully the commentators will be (insert P&B cliché regarding unhappiness) at the end of it like the last one. Can't see it though, we haven't scored in our last 5 visits to Pittodrie, although 3 of them have at least been 0-0s. A new centre half or news that Cerny is fit would give me some more confidence though.
  13. Only saw the last couple of games of JMDP - Nadal but there were a fair amount of folk shouting as Delpo was readying to serve, guess there's a Brazil vs Argentina thing going on though there are obviously are a fairly large and vocal Argie support in the crowd too.
  14. Started this season where I finished last Probably won't be by this time tomorrow with Man Utd and Chelsea still to play. Also seems a low amount of overall entries compared to previous years (just over 100)?