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  1. Not much in it for me, pretty much as above. Booth has been on a fairly steady upward curve since he signed which is encouraging. Mind when we had Jake Carroll or a coked-up Jordan McMillan or Stuart Bannigan at LB for half a season (in Bannigan's case half an hour at this level)? lol. Same question for RB then, Dumbuya or SOD? If Muzzy didn't miss so many games he'd be streets ahead but in addition to that SOD chipped in with more goals and assists and had superior hair.
  2. Your defending champion (might as well say that since it's the only prize you get) will be in.
  3. ATS has been away for two seasons, played one game for Wigan, got stuck in the reserves, got injured, got relegated to league 1, moved to Doncaster, hated by fans, got relegated to league 2, got another bad injury. Not my definition of a roaring success. SOD seemed to spend a fair bit of time injured last season as well. It has only been one season but the guy who unquestionably has had success since leaving is Scott Fox...
  4. Did a simulation based on entirely random results ( 40% home win, 30% draw, 30% away win) with a maximum score of 4-0 to stop mental GDs and I assume the home team wins every penalty shoot out. Started from scratch so ignored yesterday's results as I've obviously ranked all the teams as equal by doing random results. Won't be totally accurate for the reasons Craig listed above but might be a useful guide, or I could delete it in shame. I ran 1000 sims, and the smallest total to get through as one of the best 4 runners up was 6 points, +1 GD, 1 out of 1000 or 0.1% For the rest see the spoiler TL; DR version- 8 will more likely get you in than not, but 9 and a positive goal difference could still see you out, or you could scrape in with 6 or 7.
  5. Petrichor New cricket ball Candyfloss or other mainly sugary baked goods.
  6. Think England might be toast here unless root or bairstow get cracking. Watched bits of this today, the spell Finn bowled after tea where he had 2 catches put down and countless other near things was a great watch, poor guy was losing the rag massively.
  7. I know that we're experimenting a bit with the cups this season but Ryan Edwards playing for both teams was a bit of an odd one. La Marseillese during the silence too - don't Airdrie have a song to that tune? Game wasn't pretty, didn't feel Airdrie were going to score apart from a set piece, new keeper did fine, and Wilson looked better than Welsh. Azeez was useful, sometimes his touch was terrible but the one where the keeper saved his shot he brought it down on the run with the outside of his foot. Erskine was playing well so it was strange to see him come off especially as all Edwards did was foul people. A win, a clean sheet and no injuries. Take that in preparation for a tougher game next weekend.
  8. Half a million notes according to the BBC? Good player but jeepers if true.
  9. Said last year that Zach Johnson looks like the sort of guy who met his first girlfriend at Bible class aged 15 and then married her. Scarily close to the truth. Only caught the tail end of the sky coverage, noticed on the 11th they had the shot tracker showing some boy crunching it down the middle as the other side of the split screen showed it landing in the rough. Assume there's 14 million adverts an hour as well.
  10. Preview suggests Lindsay and Edwards are fine but Amoo is a doubt so might be either Edwards or Azeez in place of him. No mention of osman being out despite him doing an interview at HT on the commentary and I think Gary Fraser can now legally be declared dead as it's been so long since we had an update on him.
  11. England debuting the Jakeball. Amir should just overstep on his first ball for the lols.
  12. Since I don't go to pre season games unless there's a really good reason to, and I can't make any of the other group stage games, I'm going to this and quite looking forward to it, even though as said above we've got a combined total of about 2 available first team keepers and defenders- although weirdly -touch-wood- all our best attacking players are fit. Is this on a Friday night because Motherwell are playing Rangers on Saturday? I know it's not on TV but don't think it's ever been explained.
  13. Maybe Scully is fit and we don't need.... actually you're right, get Arthur in there.
  14. In Archie's video interview after the Morton game he said that Syme at RB was a bit of a square peg in a round hole, so while he's obviously young enough to learn a new role I think Gordon will be our first choice RB until Dumbuya is fit and then might move into the centre or move Dumbuya forward. Also said that Lindsay and Edwards would be back in training today.
  15. He definitely did play CB that day, and that's cover for left back sorted as well. Surprised he didn't just go back to Accies, seems a full on Balatoni situation. I doubt he'll be here longer than the year but it's a very good signing. I still want one more out and out centre half, though.