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  1. Last few episodes of this series were a bit of a letdown, almost seems as if Trump winning IRL spoiled what they had planned.
  2. Greg Lake dead, which means both a Christmas #1 push and ELP are now down to P.
  3. England going for the old favourite, when all else fails, pick a Saffer.
  4. Normally leave myself 20 minutes between getting out of bed and leaving the house, this allows more than sufficient time to shit (if necessary), shower, brush teeth, and get dressed. At the moment alarm is going off at 6.40 to get into work for 7.25. Got one of those smartwatches that tracks movement though so if It wakes me up in the 20 minutes beforehand I’ll read the news on my phone, if not I’ll read it on the bus. Fair enough if you’ve got kids or pets but some folk on here waste a ridiculous amount of time in the morning that could be spent sleeping.
  5. Don't ask me how I remember this but the first death in P&B dead pool was Stan Richards who played Seth Armstrong on Emmerdale, which was 11 February 2005 according to google, so it's been going since 2005. Sadly pretty much all the old threads have been culled now.
  6. Think, provided Matt Forte gets < 38 or so tonight then I'm in, pretty much all the other div 2 games are settled which leaves the wild cards like Alcantaras 7-6 Chronic Masterdeflaters 7-6 Ron Swanson's Bacon 7-6 Yobogoya Crampus Eight 7-6 RSB will take the division on HTH over CMD and in the 3 way HTH vs the other 2, I (YCE) am 2-0. If it's not HTH I also have the highest PF. Can't see on mobile who won the game between CMD and Alcantaras, but CMD has the highest PF. Cue Matt Forte 200 yd, 3 touchdown epic tonight.
  7. Were the bengals fans booing or saying boo-gent?
  8. Zero completed passes in first quarter of bears - 49ers
  9. This.... this will not be fun. For us, anyway.
  10. Because he's terrible at football. He tried to do the same vs Aberdeen and didn't get it above head height so massively over compensated this time.
  11. Just watched the youtube highlights, the Booth disallowed goal was onside but it is tight and can see why it was given at full speed. Seaborne punching the ball away in the first half though, not so forgivable from the officials. Azeez's miss, man, it looked close from the other end but that's murder.
  12. I celebrated 4 goals- the actual goal, those two and the one Elliott hit the side netting after running the length of the pitch and losing the ball 3 times only for Accies to give it back to him every time. The offside goal looked tight but obviously impossible to judge from behind the goal. Think the goal we lost was just piss weak from Lindsay but 9/10 defenders do get the benefit of the doubt for that sort of foul. Responsibility and 174 touches where 2 will do are not a good combination, fair fucks he took the goal well (we'll say nothing about his other terrible efforts at goal) but even a St Johnstone fan posted last week that anytime he sees Thistle, Welsh gives a chance away by being out-muscled and facing his own goal, Peak one today where he got the ball about 12 yards out to the side of the Accies box, ran 20 yards towards his own goal, got dispossessed and it ended up with what looked a reasonable penalty appeal for Hamilton. Unfortunately until Bannigan is back there's no one that can really replace him. Abysmal first half, decent second, Erskine made a difference. I don't hate Azeez as much as others but in addition to never being able to score 1-on-1 he gives away a Gerry Britton level number of fouls every game when there's no need to. Edwards had a good game coming from someone who doesn't really rate him and once Dumbuya is back Gordon will be our 3d best right back so that move to Real Madrid might have to wait a bit. Prediction for the next 3 games: W0 D0 L3 F1 (87th minute consolation vs Celtic at Firhill) A 11 Merry fucking Christmas.