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  1. Given the way Erskine was limping along the jh touchline yesterday I doubt he'll be fit. That big lad up front that looks like a wrestler must be nailed on for the traditional late Dundee goal vs Thistle.
  2. Nah, for the reasons dan-frank stated, I still think after watching it back Curran's tackle on Welsh was a red though the camera angle on jagzone doesn't give a great view of it as Lindsay is in the way, but it's straight leg and studs up. Was a penalty for County as well just before that break, Azeez definitely caught Burke, probably only the way Burke went down helped us. edit: I know stills don't prove much but here's the incidents in question in case the BBC or youtube don't bother with them.
  3. This is exactly what Ross County fans said before yesterday's game. They hadn't scored in 4 games- we've got you covered.
  4. That was incredibly small time, the new announcer is clearly an upgrade on Mogadon man but that announcement was cringeworthy.
  5. Was away for the Malta vs Scotland game when the draft was on, set my pre-draft rankings and picked "intelligent" rather than "blindly follow" and was auto drafted 4 QBs. 4 QBs. Not 2, not 3, 4. Traded my way out of that shitshow and then half my starters got injured so I basically now have Antonio Brown and a bunch of boom-or-bust guys. I've also got absolute bye week hell coming up in weeks 8 and 9. So no, not impressed.
  6. Davies did it to the JH at full time as well, though he had been getting a bit of stick for his involvement in Lindsay's injury, I was too far away but just seemed clumsy more than anything else. Watched the highlights back, one thing that I remembered from yesterday was that we abandoned our usual attempts to walk it in and decided to shoot from 30 yards on several occasions, starting with Lindsay in the first minute. None of them were on target, which doesn't help, but it was noticeably different. All Fox had to do other than the penalty was a couple of passbacks from Azeez.
  7. I have nothing against Liam Lindsay as a person and I'm glad he seems to be OK, but it would have been worth an investigation into our transfer policy if he had been seriously injured and we had to play Gordon for the rest of the season. Not much to disagree with, County were the worst team we've faced in ages but didn't panic when going behind as when the board went up saying "9 minutes" the panic went from the JH to the players and we ended up clinging on for a draw against a team that hadn't done anything prior. Thought the Curran challenge on Welsh was a definite red but the ref had long since decided he was being lenient. Doolan, as much as I love the guy, is as good as a man short at the moment. Barton is pretty much ideal for the role he played today but I wouldn't have Gordon anywhere near the pitch, Elliott is better for that.
  8. Thought that was the weakest so far, hopefully the methadone mick character fades out of it after this, was OK for one episode but there's not going to be much else to him.
  9. On googling, I had it in my head Paul Young (who plays Shug) had died but he's still going strong. edit: and in it tonight after not being in the first two!
  10. Not sure Lawless is definitely out but not sure he's in our best team either. If Erskine is fit I'd only make one change- despite being muck we have very little option but to continue with Devine as Barton I think could play as a sweeper in a back 3 but not in a back 4 and Syme doesn't appear to be pushing to step up. Change would be Amoo in for Lawless, the limited times I've seen Amoo this season he's been OK. Could easily argue for Elliott in for Gordon or quite a lot of other changes as well.
  11. Based on our injury list and fitness levels I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that training consists of 2 hours of MMA followed by chain smoking 40 cigarettes each.
  12. Was there not someone else who was a minor but recurring character who died in the gap since the last series as well as Jake D'Arcy?
  13. Kind of New York question and kind of generic travel but I’ll go in here. My girlfriend and I are planning to go to New York and we have a large travel window in that we can go any time between start of Feb and end of March next year. I’m aware of skyscanner to check to see when the cheapest flights are, is there a similar site for hotels and we can try and match them up, or do people from experience know when it’s likely to be cheaper for the same quality of hotel? I’d guess the earlier in the year once you’re past the New Year week the cheaper but that is just a guess.
  14. 258/7 at stumps (92 overs in the day due to the amount of spin, a modern miracle!) Seems like a decent enough total especially if they can get up to 300 although given how much it's turning already the pressure will be on the England spinners to deliver.
  15. Our two relegations from the top division in my lifetime have come the season after the manager who got us promoted (Lambie on both occasions, obvs) left. So that would be ominous never mind the potential for appointing an absolute clown. I wouldn’t blame him if he left as he might reckon this is as far as he can take Thistle and he’ll leave the club on his own terms with legend status.