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  1. I think Edwards is good, but even one of the club tweets saying why he was on the shortlist said something like “he outran every opponent he faced” which is a tremendous endorsement for a 10,000m runner but less so for a footballer. He’s not as good at breaking up play as Osman, not as good at passing as Welsh or Fraser, and doesn’t create or score anywhere near as much as Erskine. However, his energy and workrate are good in games where we don’t have a lot of the ball (like Azeez’s strength and pace).
  2. f**k sake Christie, making me edit my post. Made a non-serious post a couple of years ago about booking the day off work after for his testimonial vs a Newcastle XI in 2021 but there's probably a > 50% chance it happens now.
  3. and of course his first game is @ Vikings...
  4. Gone for the Umi Z as was in EU stock, should be here Friday according to tracking. Guess the next thing will be sourcing a case and maybe cables, can nick into town and go to Maplin on Saturday. It's got Dragontrail Glass, which seems a positive though.
  5. Squad under contract for next season assuming we don’t get Keown back and we sell Lindsay- both of which are more likely than not. Cerny, Scully Dumbuya, Booth, Penrice, Devine, Elliott Osman, Barton, Bannigan Edwards, Erskine, Lawless Doolan, Azeez, Nisbet Out of contract: Elliott, Welsh, Fraser, Amoo, Wilson, Ridgers I think the last 3 will go and don’t think there’ll be much uproar about that. I’d like Elliott to stay (edit: I'd like a soapy titwank off Alison Brie if this is how we're getting things done) and I’d offer Welsh a deal though he might look elsewhere if he’s wanting guaranteed games. Fraser might get a similar deal to Welsh 2 years ago til the end of August, but he’s also got the additional problem of the competition for places in midfield… this is of course assuming Bannigan is the player he was before his injury. I think we’d need 2 centre halves, one left sided, to allow Barton to maybe flit between midfield and defence, and at least 2 attacking players- someone who could play up front and out wide would be ideal as it would help when we switch between 3-5-2 and 4-2-3-1 during games. Plus Elliott as general cover and another centre mid if neither Welsh nor Fraser stay. Of those only under contract for 2018 (everyone bar Doolan, Barton, and Erskine) I’d –obviously- like to see Cerny extend his stay in the summer but there’s question marks over most of the rest in terms of injury, or form shading slightly this season.
  6. Italy scored to make it 2-1 just after Sweden had equalised in the 89th minute, Cassano (the goalscorer) was going mental and ran over to the bench in celebration who'd found out the score from the other game and it looked like he'd gatecrashed a funeral.
  7. You do. In fact you've got one vote per device.
  8. There was one in Italy last season (Spezia vs Ascoli) where a 0-0 draw suited both teams and it got to the stage the bookies withdrew the market. Final score: 0-0.
  9. Think Erskine probably deserved in ahead of Edwards, more goals and assists (edit: and I'm sure one of those guys on twitter who does the SPFL advanced stats has him very high up in the whole league on chances created), probably didn't help him that when he was playing well at the start of the season the rest of the team were playing badly. Still, nice to have the problem about who to leave off the POTY shortlist rather than "well, he was OK I suppose".
  10. Also does Edwards have a case of the Dukes, as he's sitting on a chair whilst others are sitting on rocks? I suspect Doolan will win it but he didn't score in the league until the end of October. He's been pretty impressive since then especially with all the talk of the milestones, he fairly breezed through the last 5 goals.
  11. Player of the Year vote up now on the website, 6 candidates are Barton / Booth / Cerny / Doolan / Edwards / Lindsay I'd probably go Barton- Cerny- Lindsay top 3, not really sure why Booth is there at all.
  12. 1 will depend what difficulty level you're playing on. Think on default meditation restores full health (tho obvs not if you're being battered about the head when you try and meditate) but if you've upped it then it doesn't. Think Keira is fairly useless except when it comes to the mission with the Hounds of the Wild Hunt. And getting her baps out. Not sure on strategy as it's been a while since I played it but I was pretty faithful to the instructions in the bestiary. The Quen upgrade where you gain a bit of health if you take a light hit helps too.
  13. Got this on Friday to try and fill the Witcher 3 shaped hole in my heart. Quite enjoying it so far, not too far into it, only just a couple of quests past the Proving. I'm hoping there's more random encounters as I'm keen not to play through the main story too quickly but was wandering about for ages and didn't find anything other than going back into the ruins from the original mission when Aloy is a child.
  14. The March To EuropeTM starts here. Not really, wouldn't surprise me if we've already downed tools for the season. In past years when we've been safe we've sent guys who need them for operations (Erskine must be a candidate, seems to have been playing injured for about 3 months now), and surely now's a decent time to get a couple of younger guys in like McCarthy or McLaughlin.
  15. Me on the left picking up my Maya Max