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  1. Yorkshire barring rain now I think
  2. Some collapse at the end though, 302-2 to 322-9. Knackers the chance of maximum bonus points which could matter if the other game is a draw. In order of who I'd like to win I'd go Somerset (never won it and big Tresco fan), Middlesex, Yorkshire. So that probably means Yorkshire win.
  3. Prefer FanDuel as well for football, DK is more Americanised and only picking 8 players is a bit shite, plus the DK scoring system seems to way overrate crosses and shots off target (hint: pick Andros Townsend every week) Noticed that FD gives you a breakdown of how points were scored now, which is good, but also thought that in FD you were limited to 3 players per team, but the boy who was winning the biggest contest when I last looked had 4 Man City players this weekend. I got £10 for my £5 which is decent enough though. In FD as well you're moving away from traditional fantasy thinking about clean sheets and attacking potential only for defenders, it's sometimes best to pick a CB or DM whose team will be under pressure as they'll pick up points for tackles and clearances, hence Curtis Davies being so expensive now.
  4. Obviously I was offered Forte in a trade, obviously I rejected it, and obviously he's led an absolute horsing of me this week (barring some kind of miracle for Chicago). On the plus side I was up against Cam in both leagues this week so played him in my DFS teams which yielded a profit.
  5. I crawled out my sick bed that day as we'd done OK over the previous couple of games IIRC, was back in bed for 5pm. Unless Barton turns out to be amazing I fear the worst for Saturday. Suppose we could take a similar approach to the Hearts game and just go baws oot and hope we can win 5-4.
  6. Wasn't there today but last 2, maybe 3 games at killie it's pished from the heavens, which I'm guessing it didn't today. Did see the goals on SSN. More comic cuts stuff at Killies first and a floaty cross headed in by a wee guy from inside the 6 yard box.
  7. So my response when we name our goalie tomorrow will either be "Stuckmann" or "aw f**k man".
  8. Managed to win my first game in both leagues thanks to Antonio Brown but seem to remember I won my first game on here last year then plummeted so not getting ahead of myself. Dunno how people with loads of teams manage, I have this one, a mates league offline, plus this year I've started playing DFS so I had 2 draftkings lineups. Was watching redzone when Fuller scored for the Texans thinking " I've got him in a DK lineup but I'm playing against him is that a good play for me, I don't know?!"
  9. You've barely scratched the surface so far, especially with 2 sets of DLC. Zoltan is the boy. I was the same, once I'd completed it I thought about going back to fill in the back story or even read the books (which are obvs translated from Polish), but the games are only very loosely based on the books, particularly when you get to Witcher 3.
  10. Personally a bit worried, we've played Killie at RP 6 times since promotion, I've been to 4 of them, 3 wins and a draw. 2 I haven't gone to have been 2 defeats. Can't go on Saturday
  11. The opening day win vs ICT and the reasonably comfortable progress through the LC group stage that preceded it already seems a long time ago, albeit we’ve been on the end of a pretty tough league schedule. Saturday’s performance was still diabolical though and a similar performance coupled with a defeat here might start setting a few panic alarms going. On the plus side, we went to Killie last time on the back of a dreadful performance resulting in a shafting off ICT and with Scully in goals and managed to win, so a repeat of that would be nice, though some players will need to turn up for the first time this season.
  12. Kenny Spills
  13. Edwards seems to get an easy ride, presumably cos he's ludicrously handsome but all I saw was him running into traffic, missing a sitter and a karate kid crane kick straight to a saints player to set up their second goal. Not quite at panic stations yet but a doing at Kilmarnock next week will set some alarm bells ringing. No pass marks at all but special mention to booth who has gone from a solid 7/10 every week kind of guy to what I would look like if I played in the Premiership. Really wish we had opta stats just to confirm Anderson won 173/173 aerial duels, yet we still persisted.
  14. My memory of one of those 4-0 games was Adrian Madaschi trying to chase someone back despite the fact he'd pulled his hamstring and then just lying like an upturned turtle once the ball was in the net. Tremendous times. Guess from reading the press so far is that Barton will play in midfield until one of Devine / Lindsay get injured / suspended / so bad they have to be dropped. Which doesn't improve my fear about our defence.
  15. Auto drafted 4 QBs. Hmm..