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  1. Brechin City have not won a league game in the second tier of Scottish football since April 11th 2006. By kick-off on Tuesday night, that will be 4,340 days ago. That long run will come to an end, thanks to the generous and charitable Dunfermline Athletic. 1-0. Tapping the goalscorer.
  2. ARFC v AUFC

    I think singing about Killie is more embarrassing. Ayr United must not even be a speck of shite on their kecks at the present moment.
  3. Alloa v Airdrie

    You guys are blessed to even look upon wee Callum Smith so don't be ungrateful.
  4. If Brechin weren't so abject then this thread would be make an away win a certainty on Saturday. It's absolutely baffling to see Darren Dods still in charge. His win percentage must be among the lowest in modern history.
  5. Scottish Championship Odds 2017/18

    Hope we appoint a well-dressed man next season. This thread has also reminded me that VT thought it was acceptable to have photos of distressed little girls on his PC. Strange behaviour.
  6. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Clever ploy to hit rock bottom so Mohsni looks like a success in comparison.
  7. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Some inspiration from the Clydebank side of 1999/2000.
  8. Brechin City have only picked up three points so far this season, with home draws against Livingston, Falkirk and Dundee United. 15 games in and they're yet to win a game, despite some decent performances at times. Who do you think will be the first team to suffer defeat against Darren Dods' side? Their next six fixtures: Dec 9th St Mirren (H) Dec 16th Falkirk (A) Dec 23rd Dunfermline (A) Dec 30th Inverness (H) Jan 2nd Dundee United (A) Jan 6th Morton (H) My pessimistic side says they'll be giving us a shitty Christmas present on the 23rd
  9. Dundee United (shite) vs Pars

    We've managed 42 points this season. Only 11 of those were picked up against sides above us in the current Championship table. Coupled with AJ's terrible record in big games and in matches away to full-time clubs and against United anywhere, I'm pretty certain this will be a defeat. If we do manage to pull something out of the bag on Saturday, the season is well and truly back on.
  10. Arabs v Doonhamers Part 3

    Can't even laugh at United as it seems almost cruel and they're probably going to beat us on Saturday anyway. St Mirren fans saying "cheers!" like they needed a favour in the title race
  11. Pish Adverts

    After seeing the abortion that is the Go Compare guy has returned to TV screens, got me thinking about adverts that make you want to hurl a brick through your telly. BetVictor also high on the list. Hate that c**t.
  12. Brechin City vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Nice to get a comfortable win, although those highlights show some pathetic defending/goalkeeping by Brechin.
  13. Smackdown Thread

    Fucking awesome news.
  14. Brechin City vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Is Cardle hurt or fallen out with AJ?
  15. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Gary Fusco will score. It might be the winner.

    No way, there's just no way that's the thinking behind this
  17. Brechin City vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Not going to lie, I've just stuck money on Brechin.
  18. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    Well this is fucking magnificent.

    Yes, the hours and hours it takes to type a couple of sentences on a football forum Cowden aren't sustainable but are instead blaming their failures on other clubs and, laughably, the collapse of the mining industry.

    All jokes aside, when have I ever used a homophobic slur?
  21. Automatic relegation from League 2

    Been very impressed with Kelty Hearts in recent years and actually tempted to head along to a game sometime soon. The first competitive Kelty vs Pars game will be a genuinely cool moment for many.
  22. Automatic relegation from League 2

    lol ur going bust
  23. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Have to say, this is excellent analysis of the situation. A lesson for all. So, which play-offs are Falkirk most likely to end up in? If you don't end up floating around between them with the Pars, like two, hefty unflushable shites.
  24. Who will be Brechin's first?

    She was a lucky lady.