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  1. Dumbarton were in real trouble. Tough away games against Queens and United before playing promotion-chasing Falkirk on the final day. The Sons couldn't be arsed keeping it exciting that long though, so just went and took four points from their travels so they could enjoy the final home game in peace. Six seasons in a row. Sensational.
  2. Back-to-back 5-0 defeats for the Rovers and this becomes the greatest thread in P&B history. Like Monkey Tennis, I'm also disappointed the stakes aren't a little higher for both sides heading into this one. Was fancying heading along if it was a straight shoot-out for relegation but Ayr are gone already. I actually strongly fancy Rovers to win, meaning Saints will have to spoil the Hibs title party if they're to avoid the play-offs. As an aside, I think Brechin will lose at Stenny and miss out on the play-offs altogether. I think Rovers or Saints will be headed to Bayiew instead.
  3. Shock that I was 100% correct. Tip of the hat to you as well, sir. What a season. Cowden going to make it three-in-a-row as well. Glorious.
  4. Great bit of business from Rovers giving Dumbarton Vaughan.
  5. How's it going lads?
  6. St Mirren will finish 9th. Raith will beat Ayr and they'll lose at Hibs.
  7. Brave fight from Ayr this season but they're a total diddy side who were lucky to even be in the division. Hopefully they don't do a Cowden and suffer back-to back relegations but it's very likely tbh.
  8. I'm going to laugh when St Mirren lose to Brechin in the play-offs tbh.
  9. What's the story here?
  10. Absolutely superb Sons. Another season in the Championship; will this be the 5th in a row? Sixth?
  11. Sean Murdoch. It's almost as easy as Dobbie for QotS. Andreu, Cummings and the aforementioned Dobbie are all far too good for this league.
  12. Worst player I've seen is Gavin Reilly. f**k you Gav.
  13. Darren Young would be a great appointment for Rovers. Knows League One very well and is used to having crowds of < 1000.
  14. http://www.myfootygrounds.co.uk/LeagueMap.asp?League=SCOTLOW Hope this comes in useful fellas x