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  1. Yeah, why would anyone turn down Dunfermline for a bigger club with more money. It's honestly baffling. Grrrrr AJ!
  2. Livingston away first up then - good chance of an early win?
  3. I'd be disappointed with less than 8 points from our first four games. Important we make a good start this season.
  4. I know. This open forum thing is so much fun, isn't it?
  5. I've seen the opening games. They're all boring as f**k. Sorry guys.
  6. That wasn't a guess was it
  7. Really? I look forward to it every season. Guess it's not as exciting when you've got games with Albion Rovers and Forfar to "look forward to" though
  8. I agree Spence isn't very good. You still spout utter shite on a near constant basis.
  9. D.A.F.C is fucking moron. Ashamed to support the same club tbh.
  10. It's just not the same
  11. So fucking jealous of you lads getting to go on these trips near enough every season
  12. Ridgers in goals with McKay and Chalmers in front of him. Maybe Brechin won't finish 10th...
  13. That's a hot take. Never he...oh wait...
  14. Shadwell has honestly lost the plot entirely over the past few days and it's all because of Alex fucking Harris. Incredible.
  15. Please no. He's fucking shite, so no thanks.