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  1. Strange seeing Rovers in the big team role.
  2. Houston saying Cardle should have had second yellow for his tackle on Sibbald...even though he hadn't already been booked.
  3. Credit to the club for the statement and apology. It was a total farce on Saturday and the crowd wasn't that big ffs. What would they have done if there had been another couple thousand show up. Vital they get it sorted for the St Mirren as it's been a mess both home games so far.
  4. Jason Talbot is comfortably our sexiest player, following the lead of previous sexy beast left back, Austin McCann.
  5. High fucking praise, that.
  6. Anyway... What do the Dumbarton fans make of their start to the season?
  7. Are we comparing mocking Gary Riddell and Norrie McCathie's deaths to Craig Sibbald being sad about not being good enough to play for Luton? Anyone making fun of his alopecia is a dick but he fully deserves the stick he gets after giving it big licks last year.
  8. Dumbarton have been at this level for years, playing sides with large supports like Hibs, Hearts, Rangers etc. How is there such a lack of money?
  9. I'm delighted with the guy. He was absolute garbage on Saturday and then lost his head completely. Not getting that Luton move has clearly ruined his confidence.
  10. If the only other option was St Mirren then he made the right choice tbh.
  11. I'm amazed anyone is willing to pay it. Most annoying will be the people who complain and still head along.
  12. They surely must see how insane it looks that they could charge £22 for a Dundee United game and we'd charge £18?
  13. 115 players left after Week 3. Next deadline is 7pm on Friday 25th August. Fixtures will be updated in the OP. This will be the final gameweek before the international break.