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  1. Alien vs Predator was "Whoever wins...we lose" This is "Whoever loses...we win".
  2. Mate, Alloa ARE a pub team. Being in the second tier was an incredible achievement.
  3. How has Duthie played for you guys?
  4. If anyone heard Ryan Stevenson during the United-St Mirren cup final then they'll know he'll be on Sportsound in no time. Endless cliches and meaningless rambling.
  5. United have only lost one home game all season and that was against Hibs. Should be a banker home win. Then again, it should have been a banker home win for Morton on Saturday as well...
  6. Results at the weekend mean Hibs really only need to avoid defeat here. Morton can still just about catch them by winning the two head-to-head games. Also, could people stop responding/quoting the trolls? Defeats the purpose of the ignore feature.
  7. We'd have been one point clear of 9th if we'd lost on Saturday. Not even close to safe yet.
  8. So we've had dozens of people taking still shots and looking at various angles and still no definitive consensus on whether it was in or not. Very difficult to criticise the officials. Not shocked to see Queens shitfest their way to another draw. Exactly what happened at EEP.
  9. Would have absolutely loved to have been in the away end when that Keatings strike hit the net. The #seethe must have been off the scale. Well done Hibs. Will celebrate your league & cup double when you end Celtic's unbeaten domestic season in May.
  10. Delighted my reverse psychology thread worked wonders... Super result on Saturday and it was vital. Defeat would have left us hanging above the play-off spot by a single point heading into the Hibs game. Thrilled for Nat to get the winner and no surprise to me that Murdoch had another quality game. I think he's easily going to be Player of the Year. I'm sure Morton will bounce back quickly. You'll definitely be top four but finishing 2nd would give you a much greater chance at promotion, which would be an incredible achievement.
  11. Could have auctioned off stuff from around Easter Road. Just stick a "#persevered" on it and watch the scramble on Ebay.
  12. The third choice keeper really doesn't fucking matter. Clark or Hamilton will only get a game if Gordon, McGregor and Marshall are all injured. McGhee's comments yesterday were utterly laughable but I think he was being serious.
  13. I see the matchday programme for this game is £5. Perma P&B ban for anyone that buys one.
  14. You pipe down as well.
  15. That painting is absolutely dreadful Did he do it from memory? edit - Apologies if it was a total amateur or something for charity.