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  1. Hibs vs Killie

    You just keep watchin yer baws and we’ll scoff our pies and we can keep this end of season ruckus a nicey nice day out.
  2. Car advice

    That’s a fine looking automobile..
  3. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    I’m struggling with **********, give us a clue.
  4. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    Your right, it’s just been a frustrating day. I just can’t stand Aberdeen at the moment. We’ve come a long way in a short time and there’s some teams that just seem to beat us easily and I just can’t seem to know why. Maybe next season it’ll change.
  5. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    All I’m saying if Aberdeen can’t do, it help Killie to the championship. I’m sure SSC will get the Aberdeen games sorted for next season. Aberdeen obviously have some block when it comes to beating the old firm, Killie don’t. Quid pro quo.
  6. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    Listen champ when we’re going for the title next season we’ll need teams like Aberdeen and hearts taking points off the old firm. Remember in the old days when Fergie used to say to old Jim Mclean that they needed each other, well Sir Stevie Clarke will need your spineless lot at least taking some points off the old firm to help Killie for fill their destiny. Your lot obviously keep bottling it every season so let the new revived Killie take the plaudits next season that your lot shite out of.
  7. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    We might be your bitch but the old firm have got your arse well stretched. Get your own house in order before lording it over us.
  8. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    Yes, yes we do.
  9. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    Is that the big teams that your lot shite the bed at.
  10. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    Aw fer fecksake why can’t we beat this load of red shite.
  11. Car advice

    Don’t get a diesel Mazda, lots of DPF problems.
  12. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    I can assure you that pictures taken in the 1970’s cannot be described as being “Very old”. Thank you.
  13. Car advice

    Another thing to consider is spare tyres. Full size - great, space saver - good, can of sticky spray - shite. It’s criminal that modern car manufacturers can get away with this major oversight.
  14. The Walking Dead

    I’ve noticed that the first 3 seasons are on amazon prime, I may binge on that over the next week or so. Is the new season that’s coming soon on Fox?