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  1. Did that hit the post then rebound to Gaston or was it headed straight at him? From our end we couldn't see what happened beyond being stunned he didn't score.
  2. Absolute carnage on this thread and most fans aren't even out of the pub yet. This is going to be an exceptional read tomorrow.
  3. Second half performance was much more like it and we should have won, but on the balance of play I'll take that. Glorious cross from Lamie for the goal and excellent header from Thomson.
  4. This has been abysmal, we haven't turned up here and 1-0 flatters us. Massive improvement required in the second half.
  5. Connelly's later became Slanj and is now shut down. I was never there when it was Connelly's but the bouncers were always dicks when it was Slanj: there were threats of violence towards band members one night I was in for a gig as well.
  6. You're saying that something is going to happen in a programme and what episode it's going to happen in. Even without naming the character involved and even if many people suspect that's likely, you saying a newspaper has said it'll happen quite clearly goes beyond the realm of predictions and constitutes a spoiler. Delete the post.
  7. He's only started 6 games for us and at that it's been end of season dead rubbers or early season cup games with the squad still coming together, but he's looked really promising in those appearances and we're confident he'll go on to be a solid player at this level in time for Mark Russell getting a move. Of the current group of youngsters he's the highest rated by a distance. He's still only 17 so there's plenty of time for him to develop, but from what I've seen he's solid defensively while not having much to his game going forward. A playoff challenging League Two side should be a good level for him to get his first regular spell of first team football, interested to see how he gets on.
  8. Anton Bresler Gary Holt (of Exodus and Slayer fame, as opposed to Scotland international and Scottish Cup winner with Kilmarnock) Swap the guitar and the ball and no one is going to notice the difference, IMO.
  9. Good. Absolute dives are what we're coming for.
  10. You've got a trip to Northern Ireland you ungrateful b*****d. That's an absolutely outstanding draw and you should be doing cartwheels. Would you rather be playing Ross County under 20s? Any Falkirk or Livingston fan unhappy with that draw is even more ridiculous than people refusing to boycott against Colt teams.
  11. Livingston deserved the win. We were comfortably the better team at 0-0 but as soon as they scored they took total control of the game and could easily have added another few on the counter attack if they'd bothered to try after scoring the second. Duffy's substitutions only handed more control to them: imagine actually thinking a midfield three of Tidser, Forbes and Gary fucking Harkins could ever work
  12. Joint Argentina-Uruguay has to be a possibility for 2030? There's really no need or logistical sense in going continent wide in South America.
  13. Incredible that anyone could complain about either of those penalties or the red card. The only person who has any right to feel aggrieved about Collum's decisions is Jai Quitongo, who was booked for trying to walk away after Samson sprinted 20 yards out of his goal to scream in his face for being blatantly fouled.