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  1. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42371563 This would suggest that the SFA haven't spoken to him yet despite permission being granted a month ago?
  2. General Politics Thread

    The Tories are all over the place with their attacks on this. They somehow aren't seeing the inherent and obvious contradiction in portraying a tax increase of £1.35 a week for someone on £40K as an 'outrageous attack on aspiration' while simultaneously saying the SNP aren't really doing anything to help low income earners as someone on £15-20K is only saving £1.73 a week and that's apparently so small a sum that it'll make no difference. It's an absolutely preposterous line of attack, and that's before we even consider that this is the same Conservative Party responsible for taking £30 a week from disability benefit, imposing the two child cap on tax credits, and several other policies which have reduced incomes by tens of pounds per week. I'd prefer the tax proposals to go further, and I expect they still might in order to raise the extra money for local government required for Green support: possibly by removing the inflationary adjustment on the higher bands that will actually see someone on £50K saving more than someone on £26K and those on £60K losing less than those on £35K. However, seeing the reaction from the papers and Tories today only makes me more convinced the SNP have played a blinder here. They've completely neutered any attacks from the right with the cut for lower earners which has left the Tories tying themselves in knots, while they've come out with a tax proposal that is undeniably progressive and makes it hard for the left to dismiss - it's not as far as the Greens or Labour would go but it's going to be enough for them to accept with some minor tweaks rather than an overhaul in order to fund their requests.
  3. Who will be Brechin's first?

    I see the point about them needing a proven goalscorer but Trouten has never been a goalscorer at this level. He's firmly in the Chris Templeman mould of players who can score for fun in League 1 but are hopelessly out of their depth in the Championship. In 76 games at this level across spells with Clyde, Airdrie and Ayr, he's managed 7 goals. I appreciate that he's a winger rather than being the focal point of the attack so that doesn't necessarily mean his all round contribution wouldn't have improved Brechin, but there's no reason to believe he'd have solved their goalscoring problems.
  4. Number 3 is the only one that isn't absolutely appalling there. Conventional hoops with no fade towards the bottom would obviously be better but it fades less than it did it in the original design and with the rest being horrific it's really the only option.
  5. General Politics Thread

    Everyone on or below the average wage gets at least a freeze, with some getting a cut, while those above average have 1p added rather than the 5p for the highest earners proposed by Greens and Labour. That's deftly done. Obviously the Tories will howl about it anyway but giving a cut or freeze to lower earners allows them to deflect Tory attacks about the rise on higher earners easily by portraying them as not caring about ordinary people, and it puts them firmly in the progressive ballpark although they're not as far into it as the Greens or Labour. It's obviously not going to pass as it is because neither the Greens nor Labour are going to back a budget with a real terms cut in local government funding and the Lib Dems are probably going to find one pretext or another to vote against regardless of how much they pledge for mental health or education, but it sets the stall for negotiations with the SNP able to argue they've taken a progressive position with tax reform and the public sector increase contributing to the most left-wing budget they've put forward in government. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Greens backing it based on a trade-off around increasing local government funding, possibly with the extra funding coming from another 1p on the highest rate or another band between the highest two, say for earnings from £75K to £150K.
  6. UEFA Nations League

    Aye, we could actually get an interesting draw here based on how long it's been since we played some of these sides. We haven't played Greece since Euro 96 qualifying, we've never played Albania or Montenegro, we haven't played Israel since WC 82 qualifying, we haven't played Finland since 98 and not competitively since Euro 96 qualifying, Bulgaria was 2006 in the Kirin Cup, although we've played Cyprus & Estonia in friendlies in 2011 & 2013 we haven't played Cyprus competitively since WC 90 qualifying or Estonia since Euro 2000 qualifying. Stick on that we get Serbia and Lithuania, then.
  7. UEFA Nations League

    They are keeping Russia and Ukraine apart again, to the disappointment of those of us who would like every football match to descend into scenes like Serbia v Albania.
  8. UEFA Nations League

    They've not explicitly said that but it looks like it: it's the only logical way to interpret their official wording on keeping them apart which is "Due to winter venue restrictions, a group can contain a maximum of two of these teams." What else could that mean in the context of keeping them apart? The League D restrictions on teams being drawn together will cause a headache.
  9. UEFA Nations League

    The pots were confirmed last week and the draw will be held on 24 January. https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2522564.html#/ League C pots are: Pot 1 - Hungary, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia Pot 2 - Greece, Serbia, Albania, Norway Pot 3 - Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland Pot 4 - Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania Additional quirk of the draw is that no more than two of Norway, Finland, Estonia & Lithuania can be drawn in the same group, apparently so they can avoid any of them playing home games in November. It's a bit weird considering it isn't an issue for UEFA for clubs from those countries play home European ties in November/December, but whatever. Absolute certainty that we'll get Lithuania for the millionth time.
  10. I saw plenty of shite performances when we were in League One and still managed to scrape our way to the title, including being outplayed at Airdrie, but Raith really were absolutely appalling there. Obviously you've all been expressing concern about how performances have deteriorated lately, but are you usually quite that bad? Impossible to see you catching Ayr if performances like that are the norm.
  11. Why do Airdrie have poppies on their tops? It's December.
  12. Graeme Smith Raith have been fucking terrible, but if they had a real goalkeeper they'd probably be winning this.
  13. Gordon Dalziel actually attending an Airdrie game. Incredible scenes.
  14. Zombies v League Leaders

    Not only waiting until we were behind, but just making like for like changes when the subs finally came was bizarre when the midfield was so obviously a mess. Fraser aside United were poor first half and couldn't capitalise on our complete lack of shape, in the second half they got their act together and they were ridiculously comfortable as a result of exploiting the acres of space we gave them in midfield. Taking Murdoch off
  15. Zombies v League Leaders

    This is a ridiculous game of football.