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  1. The yellow isn't as good as the original design where the panorama was more faded, but it's still the best. I wouldn't mind the tartan, especially with the panorama being more prominent on the yellow making me just like it rather than love it, but yellow's still getting my vote.
  2. I loved it as well, especially when you took it around the goalkeeper, shot into the open net then the goalkeeper would clip back onto the line to save it. Due to that happening frequently, the vast majority of the goals I scored were walked into the net. As for PES 6, f**k no. That was where it all started to go downhill. It was nowhere near as bad as 2008 of course, but it didn't come within a million miles of being as good as any PES game that came before it. Random selection was a great introduction but that's literally the only good thing I have to say about it: the gameplay was a massive step backwards on 5. It wouldn't even get in my top 10 football games, never mind my top 10 games.
  3. It's his sister you incestuous Motherwell scum.
  4. I've seen a few mentions across Dumbarton match threads, usually after lamentable performances from the man in question, that Ryan Stevenson is on a significant wage: 'exorbitant' and 'ridiculous' are among the words used to describe it. Does anyone know a ballpark figure of what he's on, or is it just common knowledge that he's comfortably the highest earner at the club?
  5. Aye, Knuckles first featured in 3 then became a playable character in the fourth instalment, funnily enough called Sonic & Knuckles.
  6. Was Naysmith in the dugout tonight after all or was it still Thomson? If it was Naysmith, has he even taken a training session yet?
  7. You mean Tails, sir! The fucking boss fight with Robotnik at the end of this game, honestly.
  8. It's a squad he built though: it being limited in the first place is his responsibility. He can't even survive until the weekend now, surely?
  9. Besiktas
  10. Someone periscope this please, the Champions League is boring as f**k and even if this game is entirely devoid of quality it'll be entertaining through at least one of the teams being shite.
  11. Forrest?! Where the f**k did that come from?
  12. While this thread was entirely called for, it'll be infinitely less fun if they win a few hours after it's started. As I type, Queen of the South take the lead.
  13. Patiently waiting to see which one of GiGi and Banana snaps first at the Dota 2 insults...