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  1. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    Bobby needs to tell us more about being grouped with... that. JLD sticking up for a poster is the final nail for anyone after hounding.
  2. Nah, I thought it was blootered off his arm from a yard away and he couldn't possibly have avoided it hitting his arm. If anyone thinks that's a handball by Quitongo for having it blasted at his arm from a yard away, then they also have to think it was a penalty to Morton a minute before when a shot was twatted off an arm from a second ball at a corner. It's utterly inconsistent to think one is a handball and not the other. In reality neither of them were close to being handballs, and neither was the supposed handball Lamie was booked for when once again a ball was hammered at an arm from a yard away, where Cook only gave the decision because he it was the third time in five minutes that Barr appealed for a handball and he's a tit who thinks he has to give that decision because players asking for fouls regularly must mean they're actually happening by the law of averages.
  3. Please do. I don't think there's a single Morton fan who doesn't want the whole farce scrapped.
  4. That miss was absolutely ridiculous. Telling that for all our possession at 1-1, Dumbarton still created the best chance. I thought Dumbarton played really well in the first half, but you seemed to lose the plot a bit after we equalised and Craig Barr embodied that: from calmly going about his game in the first half and pressuring our excuse of a midfield into conceding possession with real positional discipline, at 1-1 he was charging about like a headless chicken and leaving gaps where earlier we'd had none, then screaming at Cook for non-existent handballs or fouls every time he lost out in a 50/50.
  5. The second half was much better, but still dreadful.
  6. This is one of the most bizarre attempts at a gameplan I've ever seen from Duffy, probably only Spartans and Celtic were worse. f**k knows what he's hoping to achieve, but in practice whenever we have possession in Dumbarton's half the player on the ball will have six players ahead of him standing still in a line across the pitch, giving him no option but to float the ball to the edge of the box, which Dumbarton will invariably deal with easily. Dumbarton are entirely comfortable here, content to sit in knowing we're incapable of cutting them open. Unless we have a total change of system at half-time, our only hope of taking something here is to scramble a goal from a set-piece. As it stands Dumbarton adding more on the break looks more likely.
  7. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    From the replays it looks like Boyle did get to the ball first then Boyata caught him. He's only a fraction of a second late, but it's still a penalty.
  8. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    Ross Laidlaw
  9. The Metalhead thread

    Kvelertak are tremendous live, although admittedly I've never seen them in an arena and it's hard to say how their sound will come across on a bigger stage. I've seen them be great at outdoor festivals, but they're definitely the type of band suited to small venues. Anyone listened to the new Black Dahlia Murder album? It's absolutely brilliant.
  10. 0/10. It takes a special set of circumstances for home games to achieve shame game status.
  11. Catalonia

    Well, that's clearly going to end well for them.
  12. General Politics Thread

    Three line whipping an abstention on a vote over one of your flagship policies because you know how unpopular it is really is utter cowardice. Either three line whip to vote in favour of it or ditch it if you know you still can't win enough support from your backbenchers even with that option. I know they don't want to force the issue as it'll only lose more ground to Labour, but how much longer are the Tories going to let May go on? Are they determined to wait until Brexit is done before twisting the knife so she can be the one to take the blame, with the risk of all the other damage she could do to their poll ratings in the years that'll take?
  13. Gordon Strachan

    Absolutely. I've wanted us to consider foreign managers every time the job has come up since, I want one now and I was positively seething when we didn't appoint a foreign one in picking Levein over Lagerback. Vogts being crap doesn't mean other foreigners will be crap, just as Levein being our worst manager ever doesn't mean no Scottish manager could ever do well. People insisting Vogts wasn't really that bad is a different issue though, and he clearly was.
  14. MP or Assistant Referee?

    Every party is going to seize on things like this when another does it, but there's certainly a significant difference between an MP standing in as a surgeon when the NHS had shortages and missing no parliamentary business, which the Daily Mail and Daily Record castigated Phillipa Whitford for, and an MP missing a significant parliamentary vote to officiate in a football game, as Ross is doing. I have no issue with elected representatives holding second jobs provided those jobs don't cause a conflict with their political responsibilities, and in that light Ross officiating on Saturdays is fine. He should be ruling himself out of midweek fixtures though, and if that prevents him from progressing as an official or earning more then tough. The fact he's a fucking hopeless official who doesn't understand the offside rule should obviously be a hindrance to his progression as well, but that's irrelevant to the politics.