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  1. Everyone, including Rangers fans, should have expected an Aberdeen win in this game, but for it to happen like that is delicious. Warburton has completely lost the plot. He'll be gone by Christmas at this rate. While this point is spot on and Andy Halliday is the epitome of it, it is amusing to see a Dunfermline fan making this point. Andy Geggan has cult hero status among your support for the exact same reason despite being a bang average League One player.
  2. Indeed. Regardless of the cult of personality that exists around Corbyn, the idea that this can all be blamed on SWP entryists when he's just received 313,209 votes is ridiculous.
  3. Enjoying The Snake's comments that things will turn round soon for St. Mirren if they just play like that every week
  4. Oh my fucking God This is the best/worst game I've ever seen.
  5. Webster just stopping to turn round and shout at the linesman while El Alagui runs clean through on goal
  6. This should really be about 7-7.
  7. Disgraceful behaviour. Good goals have no place in this game.
  8. Webster was at it holding his head but El Alagui wasn't looking at the ball and just deliberately jumped into him, clear foul. Yet more stellar defending there. How hard is it to track a runner?
  9. This fucking game Dunfermline could do with a whole new defence. Talbot, Martin and Fordyce are all out of their depth at this level and none of them are even their worst defender, lest we forget Ben Richards-Everton. Horrific goalkeeping from Murdoch for the second goal too, although you can't condemn him as being as bad as David Hutton on the basis of one mistake.
  10. If only someone could have predicted prior to the season starting that having a defence full of League One shite would lead to Dunfermline losing absolutely ridiculous goals on a regular basis.
  11. What we've seen so far has only made me even more adamant that St. Mirren must give the job to The Snake.
  12. What if Dundee had gone into administration in the summer of 2010 rather than October? They'd surely have got the Livingston treatment and been turfed down to the then Third Division, which obviously wasn't possible mid-season. Would the fans have rallied round as they did and saw them win both the Second and Third divisions at the first time of asking, followed by immediately re-establishing themselves as a top half First Division side on their return, or would apathy have set in by the time they got back up and saw them become no more than a mid-table side at that level? Could they even have done a Morton/Dunfermline and failed to get out of Second Division until the trillionth attempt?
  13. He would say that, lulling other applicants into a false sense of security to make it easier to slither in ahead of them.
  14. Excuse me if I choose to completely disregard the views of Celtic fans when considering whether pundits are biased towards Celtic.