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  1. Lawrence Shankland has to be a great shout for the overall winner here for being absolutely hopeless with two different clubs. By some amazing coincidence his first club stopped being the worst team in the division by a distance and eventually became the form team after he departed, whereas his second club have gone from being favourites for second place to the worst team in the division with him playing, now on seven games without a win and counting. A spell at Clyde followed by spending the rest of his career in the Ayrshire Juniors awaits.
  2. Can someone who thinks Scholes was intentionally out to hurt players with his tackling rather than just being shite at it provide an example of him being malicious? There's no doubt some of his tackles were unacceptable, but as far as I can remember it was always clumsiness rather than Roy Keane or Steven Gerrard style hatchet jobs that were blatant attempts to cause injuries.
  3. Updated today with as expected no mention of LTHV - only changes are renewed licences for all Premiership sides (with Hearts now back up to Bronze rather than Entry due to the time passed since admin) and Turriff.
  4. I stand corrected, thank you kind sir.
  5. Right-winger uses phrase 'jobs for the boys' Left-winger responds quoting phrase 'jobs for the boys' to refute right-winger's point Oaksoft says use of phrase 'jobs for the boys' is proof that left-wingers are incapable of mature debate Oaksoft complains about class discrimination being used against upper & middle classes by the left Left-winger responds pointing out examples of class discrimination being used against working classes Oaksoft says left-winger complaining about class discrimination is proof that everyone on the left is a triggered snowflake I'm fairly confident I've figured out who the hypocrite is here...
  6. Just finish 10th so you don't have to worry about playoffs.
  7. Are Airdrie? If so, they're paying Russell, Fitzpatrick, Conroy and Faria more than those players were earning at Championship clubs. As for Young, it's not a surprise to see him moving on but it would be surprising to see him go without a job lined up. You'd think he's had discussions with a full-time club whose manager could be moving on at the end of season - Airdrie, Raith - and Albion Rovers understandably aren't willing to wait to the end of the season to announce that he's going, but obviously in that scenario the club he's going to can't announce Young yet when they still have managers in place and something to play for. Alternatively he doesn't have anything lined up but fancies his chances of getting a bigger job from being out of work, without the risk of damage to his reputation through a relegation taking him from being linked with full-time jobs to being sacked in the space of a season รก la Paul Sheerin.
  8. STV have announced a debate with Sturgeon, Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie, but not Harvie. Scandalous, but entirely unsurprising.
  9. Novo was eventually barred from Word Up for causing a similar incident every time he was there.
  10. Wait, what? The Phoenix is the Chairman who had the total meltdown about Clyde leaving a mess behind in the away dressing room at Forthbank? Has Big Gus posted since the Mumsnet incident?
  11. St. Mirren fans are entitled to confidence after recent results, but I hardly think Jonny Hayes and Ryan Jack are shitting themselves at the thought of Lewis Morgan or Kyle Magennis taking their places in the Aberdeen team.
  12. Aye, while obviously Hibs' late winner means you're in even worse shit if you lose on Saturday and it does mean a lot to St. Mirren as they know they're safe from 10th with a win, from a Raith perspective what you need to do hasn't changed. Avoid defeat on Saturday then match St. Mirren's result the following Saturday and you know you're safe from 10th. Of course an Ayr win v Hibs would make a draw a bad result for both sides, but focus on what you can control.
  13. I was replying to someone who'd used that phrase themselves in defence of the Tories.
  14. A revelation which will surely send shockwaves through the worlds of football and journalism, there.