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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43353899 Not sure if it's Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen or Hibs who've been removed from the league.
  2. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Brechin's traditional Cappielow clean sheet is on the cards. They have to avoid defeat or relegation is mathematically confirmed.
  3. Pars v Morton, Sat 18th March

    This game is bad AIDS. I've seen both sides play worse this season but not a worse game, if that makes sense. There's no attacking threat from either side, but there is still the hope of a goal from nowhere; probably from a nothing high ball missed by a defender considering the way this is going.
  4. Rugby - Union And League

    That would have been a hoot if he missed touch from that.
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    We've given them something to hold, and that makes another second half capitulation from them considerably less likely. Need to come out flying in the second half.
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    My favourite part of that is the Brexiters who've never set foot in NI giving it 'well we don't want a hard border, if the EU put one up that's their fault and they can pay for it!!!111!' Yes, because it's entirely reasonable to leave a supranational union on the basis of taking back control of your borders, then expect the other party to completely cede control of their own borders when you refuse regulatory alignment with them.
  7. Barry Ferguson has been the subject of many of my favourite entries in this thread. Whether it's friendly journalists scrambling to make excuses for his abysmal efforts as Clyde manager or his own begging for a job at Rangers it's always bad to the point of hilarity, but the absolute highlight has to be when he opened an article with an anecdote about not being able to find cereal in a supermarket and threatening to assault a child.
  8. True. The highest in a whole four years.
  9. Rugby - Union And League

    The story of Italy in this tournament, Ireland aside, has been competing well and looking a real threat in the first half, but always going in narrowly behind then capitulating in the second half. Provided we manage the scoreboard well enough to go in ahead we should have no doubts about pulling away and securing a bonus point in the second half as everyone else has.
  10. The Metalhead thread

    If you don't like Cannibal Corpse, get out of this thread.
  11. Offensive Behaviour at Football Act cave in.

    Then why did you say someone who supported the removal of the Act was condoning the behaviour of people on that march, considering that it wasn't at a football match? I agree that the 'normal' laws are the ones failing here, but that being the case why does it follow that the removal of the Act is the cause of this behaviour? I could do you a favour here by pointing out that the Act has been used for offences that aren't committed at the football several times - in 16/17 31% of charges brought under the Act were for offences committed outwith football stadiums - but I'd again come back to other laws here, in that a group of people marching down the street making Nazi salutes should be arrested and charged whether they're doing so on their way to a game of football or not.
  12. He clearly had that sub planned at 0-0, which would be entirely understandable, then decided to make it anyway two minutes after we scored, when Murdoch is the last player who should be taken off. We then concede from a shot off a loose ball outside the box when we were slow to shut the ball down. Not like that's exactly the kind of thing Andy Murdoch is there to prevent. Your opposition going down to 10 men at 0-0 failing to break them down is a thing that happens. Going 1-0 up against 10 men in the 88th minute then failing to see the game out is simply unacceptable.
  13. 1-0 up going into stoppage time. Take Andy Murdoch off for a centre forward. Genius.
  14. Livingston looking the more threatening team but we're at least competing better in open play than we have in the three games at Cappielow. They're still getting too much room in midfield but we're at least playing a bit ourselves and Lithgow isn't comfortable against Tiffoney, although they really started to pressure us for a spell ten minutes before half time. We'll not survive if we keep coughing up this many set pieces and second balls. For all our lack of chances created from open play, we've had one debatable and one stonewall penalty denied. The foul Lithgow was correctly booked for was nowhere near as blatant as the second penalty appeal.