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  1. To borrow a phrase, maybe this defeat isn't such a bad thing. People can stop saying 'oh but we're unbeaten' and acknowledge the fact that our league campaign has been dreadful so far, with three points being an unacceptable total from the first three games. No one expects to go to Easter Road and win but failure to win any of the previous three games is concerning.
  2. Great, that'll turn it into an absolute hammering.
  3. Dunfermline have Jason Talbot sent off for violent conduct. Odds on it being kicking someone in the face?
  4. Interested to know if we're attempting to prevent crosses coming into the box and are just being overrun by a better team, or if we're persisting with the lopsided 4-4-2 which is allowing so many crosses to come in with the fullbacks hung out to dry.
  5. We'e been behind twice this season and came back twice, but against a side of this standard we've little reason to be confident.
  6. Ooft. Is Rae going to be under some serious pressure if it's another defeat today?
  7. Morton: Gaston, Kilday, O'Ware, Doyle, Russell, Forbes, Lindsay, Nesbitt, Tidser, Oliver, Quitongo Hibs: Marciano, Gray, McGregor, Hanlon, Stevenson, Bartley, McGinn, Fyvie, Shinnie, Holt, Cummings
  8. Someone post pictures of the hot tub please, the one on Falkirk's twitter looks silly but I'm not sure it's entirely doing the ridiculousness justice.
  9. Delighted to see Russell back in the team and McGeough being out is a boost for us, but I still see us being overrun in midfield if we've got Forbes drifting between the centre and right again.
  10. After this weekend there are only two left: Scotland v Lithuania is on the Saturday 8 October so that's ruled out. There is 12th November but that's the day after we play England at Wembley so there could be quite a few people away, and for the lower league fans there's also the Challenge Cup quarter-finals that weekend, which throw up the rare prospect of an away trip that could be an even better piss up than a subcrawl if you get a Northern Irish team away.
  11. Springbank is one of my favourites, though my taste in whisky is more towards the delicate end of the scale so those who prefer something peaty may not be so keen. Longrow reminds me of standing in a peat oven. Nearly finished a Balvenie Doublewood which has been glorious. I'd happily drink it for the rest of time, but does anyone have recommendations of something similar but just as good?
  12. Another subcrawl is long overdue. Mid-season never really works so we'll have to wait until next summer - let's do it before England at home next June and remember nothing of the game.
  13. Aye, was in the squad for Nigeria though he's never been capped.