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  1. Lucas Akins was one of the best players in a team promoted from League One last season. That's enough to put them back in their box.
  2. #Pray4Swampy
  3. Aye, at the start of the season we were in relegation form and it was reasonable to question Duffy's position, after three wins in four since that it's reasonable to hope we've turned the corner and get behind him, with an outstanding performance at the weekend and our cup form also giving reasons to be positive. Football fans are regularly accused of being fickle for changing their minds, but it's far better to change your mind in the face of the available evidence - results - and be called fickle than stubbornly insist on keeping your original position on managers or players regardless of performances and results.
  4. Bloody hell, my mate's selling his 1TB with two controllers plus Uncharted 4 for £200 because he's got a 1 year old kid and hardly uses it, I was thinking that was decent but if they're starting to go that cheap I might just get a new one.
  5. Aye, it'd be a relatively weak set of headliners. I love SOAD and they're the main attraction for me, but their stock has fallen and to be perceived a strong set of headliners it'd need to be just one of them and A7x with another band the size of Aerosmith or bigger rather than the two of them and Aerosmith, though if SOAD do have a new album coming it could increase their appeal. Of course being perceived as weak headliners may mean fewer ticket sales which obviously the festival organisers don't want, but it'll make the experience those attending wso much better. 2011 and 2014 have the been the weakest years for ticket sales by far recently and they were so enjoyable partly because it was a piece of piss to get around, get drinks etc and more importantly because less budget spent on headliners meant a quality undercard.
  6. Without checking I'm going to guess it's your man Tony. Edit: Yes!
  7. f**k the pair of you, Gun was great fun. The storyline was too short and obviously not in the same league as RDR, but an enjoyable game regardless. Anyway, the talk of prequel rather than sequel for the next Red Dead makes more sense. If they were to do a sequel with the son a bit older you're looking at setting it in the late 10s or early 20s, bearing in mind RDR finished in 1914, so much better to go back the way.
  8. Remember when Rudy Giuliani used to be considered one of the most moderate Republicans around? What happened to that?
  9. Great engagement with the constructive criticisms of his views and political record we've had in this thread, there.
  10. It's real: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-15697373
  11. Outstanding.
  12. That was outstanding. I can't remember the last time I saw a Morton team play so well. Tremendous goals and the whole team was on fire. Quitongo was exceptional but while it's natural for opposition fans to notice the striker ripping the pish out of their defence more than anyone else, I thought Mark Russell was the best player on the park. Forbes and Lindsay were also immense. That second goal. Full credit to Duffy - a month ago we were winless and I wanted him out, the turnaround has been remarkable. As with last season, we started slowly and looked in real danger but he's now put a run of results together that should earn him everyone's trust. 5-0 at Palmerston. Absolute scenes.
  13. http://gmfc.net/2016/10/14/match-preview-queen-of-the-south/ Kilday, Lamie, Pepper, Tidser, Gunning and McAleer all still out. McDonagh at right back it is then.