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  1. Brazil v Switzerland

    Yeah, if a defender was doing that to an attacker there's no chance Clattenburg would give a penalty for it.
  2. Brazil v Switzerland

    The Brazilian anthem isn't nearly as fun when players aren't bursting into tears while holding Neymar's shirt like he's fucking died.
  3. Germany vs Mexico

    Werner was fucking hopeless.
  4. Costa Rica vs Serbia

    It should have; another referee not adding on enough time for stoppages within stoppage time. That was a good watch in the second half when Costa Rica needed to chase the game. Mitrovic should have killed it off though.
  5. Costa Rica vs Serbia

    Gamboa is miles out of his depth here.
  6. Argentina vs Iceland

    Therefore Curtis Main > Messi
  7. Argentina vs Iceland

    While Messi was obviously piss poor today, I'm unsure that's the problem in general. Argentina's dependence on Messi isn't a consequence of Messi refusing to be a team player, it's a consequence of the way Sampaoli has set the team up. Aside from the Ronaldo v Messi debate/trollfest, contrast Santos' organisation of Portugal against Sampaoli's management of Argentina. Santos has one of the two best players in the world at his disposal but he doesn't try to build the team round him; he plays to the strengths of the defence and midfield as a whole, trusting that the star player will deliver within the framework of the team, and Ronaldo does to a ridiculously high standard because he's so fucking good. Sampaoli has one of the two best players in the world and makes no attempt to set up his side to the strengths of the rest of the players, instead basing everything around Messi and the quality attackers around him in the hope their individual brilliance will make up for frailties of the defence and midfield. This allows teams to double on Messi and entirely nullify Argentina, as you saw today when every single time an Argentina player was in space they were looking for the pass to Messi over far more obvious passes no matter how crowded out he was, because they've been taught to be dependent on him. This isn't just bad for Argentina or their other forwards whose considerable talent is wasted, it's bad for Messi because it guarantees that he'll get no space and he has no opportunity to do anything at all from open play, only ever picking up the ball with two players right beside him or with two banks of four in front of him. Sampaoli's determination to depend on Messi is what's wasting him and ruining Argentina's chances.
  8. Argentina vs Iceland

    Anyone who says that was horrible to watch can f**k off and never watch football again. That was a fascinating game.
  9. Argentina vs Iceland

    For all the things he can do brilliantly, his penalties are fucking terrible. Speaking of terrible, still waiting for ITV to show us a proper fucking replay of the foul.
  10. Argentina vs Iceland

    This Argentina defence is a hoot.
  11. Argentina vs Iceland

    Mostly because these officials are largely competent so they can decide when to go to VAR without much fuss then the referee only needs to look at it a few times to make a decision, whereas the standard of refereeing in England is fucking abysmal so they contrive to take five minutes plus over every single decision involving entirely simple decisions.
  12. Portugal v Spain

    While I agree with the gist of your point, Morocco v Iran was a better game than Uruguay v Egypt.
  13. Portugal v Spain

    Well that's going down as an all-time World Cup classic. Pub at 11 tomorrow for four games, glorious.
  14. Portugal v Spain

    That's a fucking outrageous goal. While the focus will rightly be on the incredible strike, De Gea is again at fault there. He hadn't positioned the wall nearly well enough to take a position that far to the other side of the goal.
  15. Portugal v Spain