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  1. Cheers folks.
  2. Anyone listened to the new Sabaton album? I'm liking it. Late to the discussion here but I'm not too keen on that new Metallica song. It's nice to hear them going for that heavy but put that on Kill 'Em All and it's the weakest track there. Not that I want them to be making Kill 'Em All again, but that's clearly the sound they're going for with that one and in the grand scheme of thrash songs it's very meh. The lyrics
  3. Hleb wasn't the scorer in that Belarus game in 2005, he set up Kutuzov to score. Macedonia was Burley's first competitive game in 2008. In both games we conceded after five minutes.
  4. It's a massive leap from that to wildcards though: Milan haven't finished in the top four in three years and Inter went four years outside it prior to last season.
  5. It can get a bit tiring to hear the 'Red Tories' insult thrown around, but McTernan really is the epitome of it. He doesn't have a left wing bone in his body. Abhors state involvement in anything, pro-NHS privatisation, virulently anti-Trade Union, argued that tax avoidance is a fundamental expression of freedom. He's also an absolute failure - everything he touches turns to shit. Julia Gillard's Director of Communications and Jim Murphy's Chief of Staff The purges get more ridiculous. Someone has been banned from voting as they 'shared inappropriate content on Facebook on 5 March'. Having checked through their Facebook, they found their sole post on March 5 was... "I fucking love the Foo Fighters." The Foo Fighters are the biggest threat to democracy in this country, IMO.
  6. If your form continues to be this bad, how early is Rae realistically going to be under serious pressure?
  7. Their 1-0 win against us was at Hampden. Fond memories of Lee McCulloch clearing a Maloney shot off the line.
  8. To borrow a phrase, maybe this defeat isn't such a bad thing. People can stop saying 'oh but we're unbeaten' and acknowledge the fact that our league campaign has been dreadful so far, with three points being an unacceptable total from the first three games. No one expects to go to Easter Road and win but failure to win any of the previous three games is concerning.
  9. Great, that'll turn it into an absolute hammering.
  10. Dunfermline have Jason Talbot sent off for violent conduct. Odds on it being kicking someone in the face?
  11. Interested to know if we're attempting to prevent crosses coming into the box and are just being overrun by a better team, or if we're persisting with the lopsided 4-4-2 which is allowing so many crosses to come in with the fullbacks hung out to dry.
  12. We'e been behind twice this season and came back twice, but against a side of this standard we've little reason to be confident.
  13. Ooft. Is Rae going to be under some serious pressure if it's another defeat today?