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  1. Why should Livingston sell tickets in advance when they're going to have 2-300 fans going in an away end holding about 800? That's completely unnecessary. For St. Mirren selling tickets in advance made sense due to the size of crowd, there's no need for anyone else unless Falkirk or Dundee Utd have a big game here. We still have cash turnstiles at the away end, use them. Of course, in this case it's a disgrace that home fans are being charged £20 as well. Until the website is operational and it's easy to buy tickets with the system working as it should, it should be £18 for everyone. Anything else is taking the piss.
  2. Further evidence that the club haven't thought through this new ticketing system at all. I'd always assumed that when the system was finally operational away fans would still be paying £18 regardless of when or where they paid for entry as anything else is obviously batshit mental. Their entire handling of this for Morton fans has been shambolic from start to finish regardless of what problems are outwith their control: they're now fucking away fans over with it too.
  3. Yes. I get that he's not quite the out and out goalscorer you're looking for, but I'm surprised at just how opposed to the signing you all are. Yes, he's not scored close to enough at Colchester and is more of a link up player than goalscorer, but he's still young and was excellent in the Championship. He had a bit of a blip with us where the goals dried up but he really developed over the course of that season and was a much better player when he left than he was at the start of the season. I get that he's not exactly Stevie May, but he's a young player with potential to improve who's likely to be better than Cummins already. While there's no guarantee he wouldn't be a flop, it's not like you're signing an obvious dud who can only be a failure in the Lawrence Shankland mould.
  4. Probably not good enough for a top six side, but he'd be an upgrade on Cummins anyway.
  5. I'm with Carl Cort's Hamstring here. No one wants or needs an entire series of people travelling from A to B in order to be geographically accurate, but having people whizzing back and forth so much is damaging the suspension of disbelief. Not due to the travel speeds themselves, but because it goes in tandem with the plot also moving at a rapid pace and having events which would previously have been stretched out over three or four episodes crammed into one leads to bad writing, unclear motivations and characters making uncharacteristic decisions. Fide, your point about it being fantasy meaning we should just go with it is exactly why this matters: anything with fantasy/supernatural elements is only going to hold up if the non-fantasy elements remain believable, meaning the dragons, resurrections and shit can slot into a believable storyline rather than contributing to an escalating spiral of ridiculousness. When you start ramping up the miracle escapes from death of main characters and people being uncharacteristically idiotic just to serve the plot, it removes that suspension of disbelief. I'm fine with a faster pace if the writers can sustain a high standard with it, but it's pretty undeniable that the standard of writing has fallen this season. The trade-off is having more huge bits of action ending episodes and some of those have been outstanding television, but there's no reason we couldn't have had the same amount of action in a 10 episode series rather than 7, allowing them time to properly establish the plot around the big set pieces. It would be a better programme for it.
  6. I see Weir was raving about Strapp post-match on Saturday. Good to see he's already made a positive impression.
  7. It maybe had something to do with not particularly being in the mood for sex while mourning the death of one of her children?
  8. All three of them have just looked the same generic grey to me this series.
  9. Or to fly over the wall and take it down from the other side? Annoying that they didn't have Dany mention which dragon that was. Obviously the main focus is Drogon but you'd think she'd care enough about Viserion and Rhaegal that we should be finding out which one it was.
  10. Aye, that's the biggest criticism. GoT has always thrived on unpredictability but everything there could be seen coming a mile off. Which didn't stop some of it being tremendous, of course.
  11. Absolutely ridiculous red cards Heads gone on a Grangemouth Bairn scale from both of them.
  12. Did that hit the post then rebound to Gaston or was it headed straight at him? From our end we couldn't see what happened beyond being stunned he didn't score.
  13. Absolute carnage on this thread and most fans aren't even out of the pub yet. This is going to be an exceptional read tomorrow.
  14. Second half performance was much more like it and we should have won, but on the balance of play I'll take that. Glorious cross from Lamie for the goal and excellent header from Thomson.
  15. This has been abysmal, we haven't turned up here and 1-0 flatters us. Massive improvement required in the second half.