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  1. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    In three of the games McDonald and Morgan both started, in the other Morgan started and McDonald was out. Even if you give him a pass on the games where they've been on the pitch at the same time because it doesn't give you the same view of the game to judge a player - and we all know that's a silly argument and I'm massively clutching at straws to give him leeway here - surely he should be at the game watching his own club when he's not playing?
  2. No idea if there's truth in these rumours, but whenever Gerrard is linked with any managerial role I always think of the greatest example of his tactical awareness. England 2-3 Croatia, where England needed to avoid defeat to qualify for Euro 2008. 2-0 down at half-time, they come out flying in the second half and are back to 2-2 in 20 minutes. Steve McLaren being Steve McLaren, he shits the bed and immediately piles everyone back behind the ball, not even attempting to attack, when carrying on the way they had would surely have seen them win the game. Having allowed Croatia to keep the ball and move into England's half unchallenged for the rest of the game, they then inevitably concede from a long range shot and go out. It was absolutely tremendous entertainment. Gerrard interviewed after the game, the first thing he says is 'I think we went a bit too gung-ho at 2-2.' Says nothing about how he'd be as a manager obviously, but it always amused me that a player at that level could be so oblivious to what was actually going on tactically.
  3. Andriy Arshavin is looking well.
  4. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Wales put that pointless little principality in the sea once and for all.
  5. The Metalhead thread

    I had a great day there but I must admit I was very, very drunk. To the point I couldn't properly appreciate Dark Angel which I am annoyed at myself for. Bloodbath were the definite highlight, but that was always expected. A simply incredible band and I'm buzzing for seeing them again at Bloodstock. I was very impressed with Vallenfyre having never listened to them before and was looking forward to getting into them, only for them to announce at the end of the set that they're chucking it Cannabis Corpse were great as well, but the only band I was disappointed with were Carpathian Forest. Certainly a better day out than going to watch Morton lose in fucking Livingston.
  6. tv coverage of Scottish Cup

    Whoever gets it in the end, get Sky the f**k away from it. If some lower league rounds can be included, even on a minor BBC channel, get them on.
  7. Duffy got that extension on the back of 12 league games without a win. It beggars belief. On Baird, you can look at the stats alone and on the face of it three goals in eight appearances (six starts) is a really good contribution. It certainly puts McHugh's record to shame. It ignores the context though. For starters, two of those goals were against Brechin. Yes, you can only beat what's in front of you and shamefully we're one of the sides who have dropped points to them this season, but let's not pretend that being capable of scoring against Brechin is any indication of ability to play against proper Championship sides. His goal against Dumbarton was a superb finish, so credit where it's due there. When a centre forward is scoring you quite rightly turn a blind eye to their failure to contribute anything else. However, you can't do that in his other appearances. Livingston at home, Falkirk away, Dundee United at home, Queen of the South at home - he was absolutely hopeless in all of these games and there was nothing to make up for the lack of goals. Like McHugh he's a player who can contribute absolutely nothing other than goals which is great if he's actually scoring, but he's not good enough to score against anyone but the relegation fodder. He works hard, but his tearing about like a headless chicken approach - in contrast to the intelligent pressing which we see when Quitongo and Oliver play together - isn't enough to make up for a lack of ability. He doesn't offer enough in holding the ball up, physical presence, intelligent movement, pressing or any other aspect of his all round play. Overall you'd have to say he's been considerably better than McHugh, but if we have aspirations of challenging for the playoffs again rather than slumping to another seventh place finish miles away from fourth we need far better than Baird. I'd also add that while this isn't Baird's fault at all, his signing coincided with our season going to shit as Duffy was determined to shoehorn him into the team and sacrificed Frank Ross to do so, destroying the balance of the team and even reinstating the 4-3-3 so he could accommodate him. That's 100% on Duffy's head and you can't blame Baird for it, but it's a warning about what we can expect if he's here next season and another reason not to sign him.
  8. Alloa vs Ayr

    Where the f**k did he get a smoke bomb from? I've always rated Bell as a player but he was the embodiment of Ayr's cuntiness during that game. It's always quite good having Ayr up as they're a guarantee to finish in the bottom two whereas Raith aren't so you can feel more confident about avoiding relegation when they're in the league, but seeing them bottle this would be hilarious.
  9. Alloa vs Ayr

    The penalty is tremendous from that camera behind the goal.
  10. Alloa vs Ayr

    Fleming straight to Bell to get it up him on the final whistle, outstanding behaviour
  11. Alloa vs Ayr

    After Ayr fans have spent the week moaning that referees have fucked them over due to the red card v Stranraer - which everyone other than Ayr fans can see was an absolute stonewaller - the officials have done their best to hand them a result today.
  12. Alloa vs Ayr

  13. Alloa vs Ayr

  14. Alloa vs Ayr

    Alba are terrible for the 'cut away to close up of a players face while the fucking game is going on' type of camera work.