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  1. Dumbarton 5-0 Rangers Colts in front of a sub-100 crowd would be delightful.
  2. That's easy for you to say when your first team is never forced to share a competition with reserve sides.
  3. You'll need far more GIFs than that once you get to episode eight...
  4. In other news, I'm absolutely stunned to see a coach crying about opposition players having the gall to tackle Conor Murray: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jun/25/lions-announce-team-for-hurricanes-game-with-rory-best-at-helm Then he actually has the lack of self-awareness to say: You could always, you know, stop bitching and moaning about nothing then.
  5. I realise the repetition of this discussion is getting boring, but as it keeps coming up... It's not a remotely controversial opinion to say that Scotland players would have considerably improved that XV, not least Hamish Watson. I've said all along that the most ridiculous exclusion of all was Launchbury but it's only Scotland as a nation that have suffered a deliberate shunning by Gatland, as opposed to some English individuals being overlooked for obviously inferior Welsh players.
  6. He's actually still starting Biggar ahead of Russell What an absolute c**t Warren Gatland is.
  7. Definitely an entirely serious post IMO.
  8. The scary thing about the gulf there is that the All Blacks weren't quite at their best. While they were obviously still excellent, there were bits of sloppiness - more missed tackles than you'd expect, a few knock-ons, failing to find touch - and the Lions exploited none of it. If they get within 10 points of them once I'll be stunned.
  9. If they had an actual rugby player on instead of whatever the f**k Te'o is supposed to be they'd be winning this.
  10. On the flipside, I've always thought I wouldn't mind seeing Radiohead but that's convinced me not to. It was fucking awful.
  11. That is fucking ridiculous. Surely moving the fixture away from the 12th negates any danger to travelling fans? Utterly pathetic decision from Celtic.
  12. Signing Paul McMullan when you have aspirations of the title is strange enough, then you make it a total minter by spelling his name wrong.
  13. I'm not a fan of having the derby so early in the season. Having one on the second last day could be tasty if we both still have something to play for though.