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  1. UEFA Nations League

    They are keeping Russia and Ukraine apart again, to the disappointment of those of us who would like every football match to descend into scenes like Serbia v Albania.
  2. UEFA Nations League

    They've not explicitly said that but it looks like it: it's the only logical way to interpret their official wording on keeping them apart which is "Due to winter venue restrictions, a group can contain a maximum of two of these teams." What else could that mean in the context of keeping them apart? The League D restrictions on teams being drawn together will cause a headache.
  3. UEFA Nations League

    The pots were confirmed last week and the draw will be held on 24 January. https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2522564.html#/ League C pots are: Pot 1 - Hungary, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia Pot 2 - Greece, Serbia, Albania, Norway Pot 3 - Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland Pot 4 - Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania Additional quirk of the draw is that no more than two of Norway, Finland, Estonia & Lithuania can be drawn in the same group, apparently so they can avoid any of them playing home games in November. It's a bit weird considering it isn't an issue for UEFA for clubs from those countries play home European ties in November/December, but whatever. Absolute certainty that we'll get Lithuania for the millionth time.
  4. I saw plenty of shite performances when we were in League One and still managed to scrape our way to the title, including being outplayed at Airdrie, but Raith really were absolutely appalling there. Obviously you've all been expressing concern about how performances have deteriorated lately, but are you usually quite that bad? Impossible to see you catching Ayr if performances like that are the norm.
  5. Why do Airdrie have poppies on their tops? It's December.
  6. Graeme Smith Raith have been fucking terrible, but if they had a real goalkeeper they'd probably be winning this.
  7. Gordon Dalziel actually attending an Airdrie game. Incredible scenes.
  8. Zombies v League Leaders

    Not only waiting until we were behind, but just making like for like changes when the subs finally came was bizarre when the midfield was so obviously a mess. Fraser aside United were poor first half and couldn't capitalise on our complete lack of shape, in the second half they got their act together and they were ridiculously comfortable as a result of exploiting the acres of space we gave them in midfield. Taking Murdoch off
  9. Zombies v League Leaders

    This is a ridiculous game of football.
  10. Zombies v League Leaders

    No inspection planned.
  11. When do you propose they rearrange it for to allow train connections? I hate it when I can't get the train to midweek away games when it would be possible if the game kicked off 15 minutes earlier, but in this case I don't see what they're supposed to do differently considering that you're both still in the Scottish Cup so have no free weekends, while no midweek evening kick-off can allow people to get to Falkirk from Inverness by train.
  12. The Metalhead thread

    Seething that I missed this, left it late to get tickets then realised it had sold out. Slight consolation that I've seen them several times before and have seen Red Fang too, but they're bands you're always bothered about missing.
  13. To clarify, is the final deadline 23:59 on Sunday or earlier in the day? Just so I know if I can safely spend Sunday cutting down my very long list to 10 names.
  14. In all seriousness this is entirely unacceptable. The club have made it clear that they paid up as soon as it was brought to their attention but it's a situation that should never have arisen in the first place and it speaks volumes of the culture of administrative incompetence that infested the club in 2014/15, when these players were employed. I'd hope the changes we've had in personnel since would prevent this ever happening again, but we shouldn't be complacent about it and the claim of being transparent rings hollow somewhat when it's only been mentioned publicly by the club in response to being shamed in the national media about it, with a pretty defensive tone rather than an apologetic one: https://gmfc.net/2017/12/08/club-statement-national-minimum-wage/ Still, total minter for the OP to try and point score over the issue, forgetting that his own club were not only guilty of the same offence but actually had to be threatened with legal proceedings by a player who was being illegally underpaid rather than admitting their wrongdoing. Where Morton, Falkirk and Motherwell held their hands up and corrected their errors, St Mirren insisted they had done nothing wrong: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-mirren-starlet-launches-legal-4399034
  15. Of all the statements of the banter years, that is the greatest by an absolute fucking mile. Glorious. I'm looking forward to the Google statistics showing the spike in searches for 'concomitant'.