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  1. There's still time for Kevin McDonald to have a better career than James McCarthy, IMO.
  2. I get that Hughes is the best of the obvious out of work candidates despite the ridiculous way he conducted himself towards the end of his time at ICT, and you can at least rely on him to instil some confidence in the squad which makes him preferable to persisting with Hartley, but is he really the type of manager you want to take over during a relegation battle? In your position surely someone who has no problem with doing nothing but shitfesting is preferable to a manager who will insist on implementing his 'filosofy' and have crap defenders playing 18 passes then losing possession rather than hoofing it up the park at the first opportunity they get, which they'd end up doing after the 25th square ball anyway in the event they didn't lose it. His record in the transfer market isn't great either when you desperately need to add some quality in January.
  3. Stewart and Sutton providing some excellent post-match entertainment.
  4. Nice finish, but again it's dreadful defending.
  5. If an outfield player went in for a challenge like that they'd undoubtedly be sent off, before taking into account that it was a clear goalscoring opportunity as well. This is a referees being biased towards goalkeepers issue though, not being biased towards the big team. It would have been the same incorrect shitebag decision had it been Fox making that challenge.
  6. That's an embarrassing goal to concede, not much point having a defence if none of them are going to bother shutting a man down.
  7. The average over the last 10 years to finish above 9th has been 35, but it can be massively skewed depending on the circumstances. If there are three teams miles adrift of the others with the bottom three all being awful (let's call them St. Mirren, Dunfermline and Dumbarton) a low points total was all that was needed like 14-15: Livingston finished 8th with 27 points. Alternatively you can have one team miles adrift in tenth - no idea who tbh - with all others taking points from them meaning a high points total was needed like 13-14: Cowden finished 9th with 40 points. The highest points total a 9th placed team has had was 42 but that's very rare: chances are if you hit the mid 40s you're safe. Last season we were 5th with 43 points, 12 points clear of 9th.
  8. It'd be the event of the season. Friday night in Inverness, up to Wick early doors on the Saturday, stay in Wick Saturday night, all the way back down the road on the Sunday. Glorious scenes.
  9. Well no, saying Lee Clark's a diddy doesn't mean I think Dundee should keep Hartley. I'm surprised more fans haven't turned on him: there isn't a manager in the world who wouldn't be under pressure after no wins in 9 games. If they lose again in midweek he surely has to go and Hartley can count himself lucky he hasn't been sacked already. If Duffy is their choice to replace him, so be it.
  10. Dundee being shite doesn't stop Lee Clark being a clueless failure.
  11. Wick away is the dream tie and Hawick would be great too, but I'd be delighted with most of the non-league sides away - only ones I'd want to avoid are EK, Spartans, East Stirling and Cumbernauld Colts. I'd be happy with Arbroath, Elgin or Montrose away as well. As HJ says the draw is on Tuesday, 6pm at Cappielow. Warren Hawke is doing it; if we get a Championship team or a home tie he's getting hounded out of the club.
  12. That League Cup bit at the end with analysis of the OF game and nothing but a mention of the result in our game helps me understand why St. Johnstone fans are seething all the time.
  13. Only insofar as they acquiesced to the EU's demands to f**k Greece over.
  14. Right, there's no denying McSpreader's a dick while Scotland and Greece is a ridiculous comparison on a multitude of levels so it's irrelevant to how the EU would treat Scotland, but Greece absolutely was fucked over by the EU. They were the guinea pig for the worst of the austerity, a sacrificial warning to Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and indeed France of what would happen if they didn't tow Frankfurt's line. Refusing to let them default was an absolutely farcical decision that served the interests of no one but the Bundesbank. The notion that Greece would be absolutely fine if they'd just made cuts sooner post-2008 and had an efficient bureaucracy that ensured all taxes were collected is based on a complete misunderstanding of the nature of the Eurozone crisis.
  15. Imagine leaving the ground when you're 1-0 down in a semi-final. What an embarrassing club.