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  1. I'm not a fan of having the derby so early in the season. Having one on the second last day could be tasty if we both still have something to play for though.
  2. We'll all be boycotting if our clubs get Colt teams, aye? Good.
  3. Alun Wyn Jones
  4. Anyone who calls cereal 'breakfast cereal' is definitely OFTW.
  5. Queen of the South's away kit is a strong contender for the worst football strip of all time, but as their home kit looks excellent while both of ICT's are absolutely honking then ICT probably have it the worst overall.
  6. Ah, didn't realise Ordabasy were such a strong side at the moment. That's concerning.
  7. Ah, I hadn't realised that. Very well, stay in Vilnius and get pished. Cracking city.
  8. While he's not quite Gary Locke, the mutual hatred didn't stop Billy Brown working for you... If there is anything in this Lennon story, please start a rumour about approaching St. Mirren for permission to speak to Jack Ross so Div's head explodes again.
  9. Other long serving players have included 'Chris Miller', 'Jim McAllister', 'Jim Macallister' and 'Jim McAlistair'. I look forward to seeing lots of 'Robert Thompson' this season.
  10. Trakai is great, enjoy Saintees. The castle itself is a wee bit shit as a tourist attraction but it's a beautiful place. Between spending time there around the lake and the excellent nightlife in Vilnius that should be a fantastic trip. Dreadful second round draw for getting through, but no one gave you a chance against Rosenborg or Luzern so Norkopping isn't a foregone conclusion. Aberdeen should make round three with no problems, AEL Limassol shouldn't be a walkover for Rangers but they're still clear favourites. Celtic should really be looking at double figures on aggregate v Linfield.
  11. There really is nothing that can match the #topbantz of fans of lower league Scottish clubs predicting Ronaldo or Messi whenever they're expecting signing news. It genuinely never fails to cause tears of laughter, such is the hilarity.
  12. He'd be far more likely to be a martyr for their cause if he was killed in the attack, and the trial of Thomas Mair didn't do anything to rally people to Neo-Nazism. I take your point about the surrounding publicity of any trial acting as encouragement, but having him arrested and tried is clearly the best option.
  13. Great header.
  14. Laurie Ellis always kicked, cheated and whined his way through games. A horrible niggly shite of a player.