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  1. For years we've talked about how great a Parma style Morton top would be, and we've always fondly remembered the greatness of the original tartan top. Combining the two creates a strip which is truly worthy of being worn by Brian Wake. No fan of any club will be able to resist the brilliance.
  2. If we actually paid a fee that big for him it's ridiculous on our part. I expected 'nominal fee' to be somewhere around 5K. Back on the away strips competition, just look at this glorious creation from pedrodelawasp on the Morton forum: http://www.greenockmorton.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=42981&page=4&#entry1041468 That would undoubtedly be the greatest strip of all time.
  3. Put Young Frankenstein on last night as soon as I found out. Frau Blucher!
  4. He was excellent against Kilmarnock so I presume he's being judged on that one game. The jury's still out on him but if we're actually offered a transfer fee we should take it and run. Unclear if this is desperation on the part of the interested clubs after their dreadful starts to the season or desperation on the part of Sunday Mail journalists to find any kind of story.
  5. Excellent to see another young Scottish player going abroad rather than staying in the comfort zone of the UK. For all that they throw a fair bit of money about that's their second most expensive transfer this summer, they aren't putting that kind of money down for a player who'll be gradually eased in to the side. He'll be playing regularly and it's a great move for him.
  6. Except they're all viable just now playing at a national level, not a regional level. National football is sustainable for the clubs playing in tiers three & four, ergo there's no need to force them into a regional setup.
  7. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of how we arrived at this point, if you want to advance a pyramid from where we are now and get the current LL clubs to agree to an East/West split you can't seriously expect the likes of Threave and Stirling Uni to just accept being demoted from Tier 5 to Tiers 6 or 7 through that reconstruction to East/West taking place. There has to be give and take from both sides here. If current senior non-league clubs want Junior clubs to join the pyramid they have to accept that an East/West split at Tier 5 is necessary to get them in. If Junior clubs have a genuine interest in joining a pyramid and are offered one with an East/West split, they can't possibly demand clubs who are currently at Tier 5 be demoted immediately to accommodate clubs who've only committed to the pyramid several years after them. Splitting the LL into 16 team East/West leagues would allow the top 8 Junior sides in each region to go into Tier 5 from the off, and 16 team leagues with a proper Tier 6 beneath them rather than the unsatisfactory guddle we have now would allow three up, three down straight away. Any clubs who were too high in the system as a result of having joined earlier would sink to their natural level extremely quickly, with plenty of opportunity for advancement for the clubs in Tier 6 who feel they should be at a higher level.
  8. Mind he demanded a promotion bonus from Partick despite not getting them promoted, all while Dundee United still hadn't paid the compensation? Scenes. Ratty scenes.
  9. Is the manner of defeat not relevant? Realistically no one expects us to be going to Easter Road and winning but to take a 4-0 pumping while conceding every goal from a cross is unacceptable. The fact that we'll not be the only team in the league to take a pumping from Hibs doesn't mitigate our complete failure to compete with them or adjust throughout the match to limit their threat. The failure to win any of our first three games is a bigger issue than our failure to keep the scoreline respectable yesterday, but it creates an overall picture of a dreadful league campaign so far. No wins in four games, with poor tactics surrendering our control of games and as a result a winning position twice. Seven goals conceded, all seven of them from crosses. Only three goals scored with our strikeforce of youth players and ringers only contributing one, while the manager has the budget to sign more players and has said publicly that he's choosing not to, despite this dismal start. Ayr is must-win.
  10. Cheers folks.
  11. Anyone listened to the new Sabaton album? I'm liking it. Late to the discussion here but I'm not too keen on that new Metallica song. It's nice to hear them going for that heavy but put that on Kill 'Em All and it's the weakest track there. Not that I want them to be making Kill 'Em All again, but that's clearly the sound they're going for with that one and in the grand scheme of thrash songs it's very meh. The lyrics
  12. Hleb wasn't the scorer in that Belarus game in 2005, he set up Kutuzov to score. Macedonia was Burley's first competitive game in 2008. In both games we conceded after five minutes.
  13. It's a massive leap from that to wildcards though: Milan haven't finished in the top four in three years and Inter went four years outside it prior to last season.
  14. It can get a bit tiring to hear the 'Red Tories' insult thrown around, but McTernan really is the epitome of it. He doesn't have a left wing bone in his body. Abhors state involvement in anything, pro-NHS privatisation, virulently anti-Trade Union, argued that tax avoidance is a fundamental expression of freedom. He's also an absolute failure - everything he touches turns to shit. Julia Gillard's Director of Communications and Jim Murphy's Chief of Staff The purges get more ridiculous. Someone has been banned from voting as they 'shared inappropriate content on Facebook on 5 March'. Having checked through their Facebook, they found their sole post on March 5 was... "I fucking love the Foo Fighters." The Foo Fighters are the biggest threat to democracy in this country, IMO.
  15. If your form continues to be this bad, how early is Rae realistically going to be under serious pressure?