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  1. Glorious.
  2. They're obviously the favourites but we saw last season how vulnerable their defence can be, and if they happen to play as badly as they did yesterday we could take them. Having the first-choice midfield available will be essential. Looking forward to seeing Russell and Nesbitt double up on the Blue Cafu.
  3. 1998/99, no?
  4. Hahahahahaha what a miss!
  5. This is the first time I've seen Hearts under Cathro. Are you this bad every week? No top flight club should be making such hard work of beating Raith at the moment, never mind a side expected to be keeping up with Aberdeen and Rangers.
  6. Abysmal positioning from M'Voto there, to the surprise of no one who has watched the diddy before.
  7. This is almost as bad as Rangers v Motherwell.
  8. I've still not been to Pittodrie or Tynecastle so wouldn't mind that, but Aberdeen or Hearts away would be among the few ties I wouldn't be confident of winning and with how we're playing just now we should be looking at another cup run. I usually always want an away draw in the cup, but with our home form in mind an easily winnable tie like East Fife, Stirling/Clyde or St. Mirren at Cappielow would be pleasing. Though it would be a total minter to blow our unbeaten home record on a tie like that.
  9. Falkirk were the better side for the first 30 minutes but as soon as we scored we took control. That second half was a joy to watch in the way we controlled the game, completely dominant in setting the tempo and even when Falkirk had the ball we repeatedly forced them to lose it cheaply with the way we kept our shape and gave them no way through. All they had in that second half was Sibbald floating crosses into Gaston's arms. I love this midfield. Gary Oliver though, what a performance.
  10. Has he got a club lined up, to your knowledge?
  11. The whole set was exceptional, but Farewell Mona Lisa was particularly great. Absolutely wild gig.
  12. Looking forward to this. As boring a draw as it is, at least it's two evenly-matched sides. Regardless of what choice Duffy makes on who to put upfront with Oliver - McDonagh, Scullion , move Nesbitt up - I really hope he sticks with Russell at left back rather than bringing Lamie in and putting Russell in midfield. Our games with Falkirk have been tight and having both full-backs capable of overlapping could be crucial in breaking them down, rather than putting Russell in midfield and allowing Falkirk to double up on him with Lamie not overlapping, making it easy for them to negate any threat from our left.
  13. Aye, he's got potential but so far in his career he's doing nothing to suggest he's reached the same level as a good Premiership player like, say, Jamie Walker, never mind one of the best players in the division like Hayes. Six million pounds indeed.
  14. As did I. Being wrong all the time is magic.