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  1. You literally just equated yourself to murdered children in terms of being victimised, because of something someone said to you on the internet. You utter c**t.
  2. He was seemingly well-liked by the players and the club didn't want to lose him, but he'd only been with us for two years so it's hard to say how much players breaking through has to do with him. Since he arrived the only youngster who's established themselves is Quitongo, who we picked up after he was released by Aberdeen at 16 rather than coming through our youth system all the way, although there are a few others on the fringes who look promising.
  3. I'm more bothered about Bannan somehow continuing to get picked after not having a good game for Scotland for about six years rather than McLean.
  4. Last managed in the second tier in 2006/07 with Partick. He's never actually completed a full season in charge at this level. He was sacked by Dunfermline in October 1999 after taking over in January and relegating them from the SPL He won the Second Division with Brechin in 04/05 but left to take over Partick at the same level He took Partick up through the playoffs in 05/06 after finishing fourth but was then sacked in March while sixth in the league He was sacked by Ross County while top of the Second Division in October 2007 after only 12 games in charge Took Forfar to the promotion playoffs four times but only reached the final once (he got them promoted from the Third Division in 09/10 though) He could arguably be seen as a good choice for getting you promoted, but for the long term aim of re-establishing yourselves in the Championship it's obviously a bad choice.
  5. Just to confirm, they're definitely still doing the seeding based on the previous season's league positions even for promoted/relegated sides? So Inverness Caley Thistle will be in Pot 1 with Hibs in Pot 2 as @HibeeJibee has it, rather than the far more sensible method of having Hibs in Pot 1 and ICT in Pot 2?
  6. BBC on Burke: God forbid we can bring on a substitute who's accustomed to having to make an impact as a substitute.
  7. Putting 'Don't risk it' next to 'Vote Labour' isn't the smartest design either.
  8. Fair guess that the Dumbarton and Raith jobs will be filled by Stevie Aitken and Darren Young but we don't know which one goes where?
  9. Just a day after she had the Works and Pensions secretary saying they wouldn't reconsider the policy. She's getting as bad as Trump.
  10. Players under contract to Summer 2018 unless stated. Greenock Morton Goalkeepers Derek Gaston (30) Jamie McGowan (20) Defenders Lee Kilday (25) Tam O'Ware (24) Ricki Lamie (23) - offered new contract Mark Russell (21) - offered new contract Michael Doyle (25) - offered new contract Lewis Strapp (17) Midfielders Ross Forbes (28) Michael Tidser (27) - offered new contract Andy Murdoch (21) - offered new contract Scott Tiffoney (18) Forwards Gary Oliver (21) Jai Quitongo (19) Robert Thomson (23) Ben Armour (19) - January 2018
  11. Undoubtedly. If it was just a few people ordinary members of public on twitter digging up old social media posts from another member of the public who'd asked a question at a debate, no one would care. It would be pretty shitty behaviour on the part of those doing the digging, but it would bring no massive amount of attention on the questioner and wouldn't reflect on any party in any way. When MPs, MSPs, councillors or any kind of official party twitter accounts get involved, they make it a story. Sturgeon dealt with the question competently enough and the story would have gone away after today if no one had dived on the 'plant' line. As it is, members of the SNP with a public profile did dive on the Tory plant line, it has made it a bigger story, it does reflect badly on the SNP as a result and any victories Sturgeon scored over Davidson in the debate itself are now forgotten about in media coverage. For a party who were once accused of keeping too tight a watch over what their MPs and MSPs were doing on social media, that impression has really fallen away over the last couple of years. A lack of discipline on twitter by an MP has given the media and other parties ammunition for days of criticism of the SNP, with hints at not tolerating dissent and the revival of the 'one-party state' line, where they could have been focusing on the shambles of a manifesto the Tories have put forward in what's been a shambles of a campaign for May so far, as their Scottish leader completely fails to address Tory policies. The story will have gone away by June 8th and it's hardly going to derail the SNP juggernaut, but it's still an own goal.
  12. That was itself a u-turn on saying he'd resign if you went down a couple of weeks before! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/918224/former-dundee-favourite-jim-mcinally-reckons-sacked-boss-paul-hartley-deserved-more-respect-from-the-dark-blues/ Personal pride is something Jim clearly holds dear.
  13. Well I've certainly never seen McInally u-turn on saying he'd resign after failing in a playoff second leg at Balmoor before
  14. Aside from feeling Foran shouldn't be going public with comments like that in the first place regardless, do you think it's fair to say some of the squad haven't been putting the effort in? Or is it simply a poor excuse from Foran who's attempting to deflect from his own failings?