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  1. Does the six month rule of being free to approach without notifying the club not apply to managers as well?
  2. Unfortunately the PFA don't seem to have posted it anywhere, but going by clubs who have congratulated their own players who were included it seems Wiki is actually correct for each division: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PFA_Scotland_Team_of_the_Year For those who can't be arsed following the link: Neil Alexander Ryan Williamson - Craig Halkett - Thomas O'Ware - Liam Smith Cammy Smith - Stephen McGinn - Iain Vigurs Gavin Reilly - Stephen Dobbie - Lewis Morgan
  3. That seems reasonable to me. In the PFA one I couldn't read beyond the centre backs due to the tears of laughter at O'Ware being in it. Not even the best centre back for the team who finished seventh.
  4. The Metalhead thread

    Every band on that bill is tremendous. I still hate sitting down but I do really feel it the next day after a gig, particularly if it's one like that where I'll be in for every support band. I was suffering badly in work the day after Trivium last month. On that note, Machine Head tonight.
  5. Hopkin dropping a division for us would be hilarious. Proof that The Famous are box-office, as if it were needed.
  6. Yes he did. I heard the same one, both last summer when Archibald was linked with Swindon and throughout the season whenever there were rumblings of him being sacked. Of course, it had became apparent that they were going to give Archibald the full season no matter what before it became apparent just how much of a mess Duffy was making of our season, so it's possible that would now put them off, and there's no guarantee they'll even sack Archibald either.
  7. I didn't even try that bar this season having been knocked back it from the previous season, being told it was home fans only. I accept that may have had something to do with me being a reprobate whose face stewards didn't like rather than away fans actually not being allowed.
  8. Don't plan too much, it may not come out right.
  9. So we have two trips to Inverness, Dingwall, Dumfries, Ayr, Dundee and Glasgow next season? No trip to Livingston which means the ground furthest from a pub is Falkirk?
  10. I can't fucking wait for Willie Miller's attendance tantrum when he's sent to Almondvale for Livingston v Hamilton.