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  1. Dundee being shite doesn't stop Lee Clark being a clueless failure.
  2. Wick away is the dream tie and Hawick would be great too, but I'd be delighted with most of the non-league sides away - only ones I'd want to avoid are EK, Spartans, East Stirling and Cumbernauld Colts. I'd be happy with Arbroath, Elgin or Montrose away as well. As HJ says the draw is on Tuesday, 6pm at Cappielow. Warren Hawke is doing it; if we get a Championship team or a home tie he's getting hounded out of the club.
  3. That League Cup bit at the end with analysis of the OF game and nothing but a mention of the result in our game helps me understand why St. Johnstone fans are seething all the time.
  4. Only insofar as they acquiesced to the EU's demands to f**k Greece over.
  5. Right, there's no denying McSpreader's a dick while Scotland and Greece is a ridiculous comparison on a multitude of levels so it's irrelevant to how the EU would treat Scotland, but Greece absolutely was fucked over by the EU. They were the guinea pig for the worst of the austerity, a sacrificial warning to Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and indeed France of what would happen if they didn't tow Frankfurt's line. Refusing to let them default was an absolutely farcical decision that served the interests of no one but the Bundesbank. The notion that Greece would be absolutely fine if they'd just made cuts sooner post-2008 and had an efficient bureaucracy that ensured all taxes were collected is based on a complete misunderstanding of the nature of the Eurozone crisis.
  6. Imagine leaving the ground when you're 1-0 down in a semi-final. What an embarrassing club.
  7. Tremendous play from Griffiths, but how fucking bad are Rangers to allow him into that position from one punt up the park?
  8. Brown
  9. Celtic doing everything in their power not to score here.
  10. I can't remember the last time I saw a referee penalise a defender for obstruction, which is ridiculous since it happens about 18 times a game. Aberdeen or Morton would be beating either of these mobs about 8-0 based on this display.
  11. Aye, after booking McKay he really has to be booking players every time they look for a foul and he doesn't give it. Shite refereeing. I'm watching with the sound off, is Sutton tearing into him as per?
  12. It's easy to be scunnered with how the game petered out for us when we were starting to look more likely to win at 0-0, but I'm pleased we competed well for so much of the game. That can sound defeatist as we don't want to shrug the defeat off and say it was just nice to make it so far like some diddy outfit when we should be aiming to win the tournament, but it was a good sign for the rest of the season for us. We started off in relegation form for the first five games and then have won three of our last four - the hope is that the first five games were just us finding our feet and we can maintain our recent form rather than being wildly inconsistent. Being able to compete with a team as good as Aberdeen is encouraging, for all that they weren't at their best yesterday, and gives further hope that this team has a chance of a playoff challenge. Looking back through the thread, that banner is a total minter at first glance but it was made by the Reggiana fans who come over to watch us every so often, so no one with English as their first language was involved in the spelling.
  13. You're missing my point m9
  14. u wot m8