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  1. I assume then the BBC are talking nonsense when they describe Brian McLean as signing for Hibs on loan, and he is in fact signed permanently, as that would give them two at the same time? Or is the 1st January 1995 restriction also irrelevant if signing loanees from outwith Scotland?
  2. This could well backfire on me horribly, but knowing how bad Ayr are I took 0-0 at 12/1.
  3. No way m9, where did you hear this?!
  4. No, no trialists allowed in the Premiership or Championship.
  5. ^^^doing it right Emergency loan is just the terminology used to describe a type of loan outwith the window - it doesn't actually need to be an emergency, so Hibs were within their rights. Raith were also within their rights to get one but failed to do so not because of the SFA not allowing them, but because they're so incompetent they left it to the last minute, then seemingly pissed about trying to get the game postponed rather than doing all they could do find one before it was too late.
  6. Fairly sure the rule is only having one overage loan at a time rather than only being allowed one throughout the season which is why Hibs are fine, so there's no loophole there and you're out of luck. It's going to be a laugh when Raith fling in some ringer from the Juniors then Ayr fail to get a shot on target anyway.
  7. England's obvious superiority showed in the end, but that was a great watch. If Italy can cause that many problems...
  8. Thought they'd managed to make a mess of that for a second
  9. TMO made a complete mess of that.
  10. Bloody hell, what a game this is. If they end up losing by less than six points after those missed penalties in the first half...
  11. Aye, he's had a good game overall but that's a shocker.
  12. At this rate 10 tries is still on
  13. The typical Italian collapse coming in record time here.
  14. I think it's going to be too easy to exploit to become widespread; here it's working because there's such an element of surprise along with the execution, but when teams have knowledge of it, the rules around it and how to react then any teams trying it will be picked off too easily - you're leaving yourself short defensively if you have 3 or 4 players going beyond the tackler and if a team just repeatedly try to pick and go quickly they'll get through.