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  1. Montrose v Queens

    Its a bad miss but he will get over it. He said it bobbled up just as it reached him. There is a pretty good photo of it on the match gallery on the OS.
  2. Montrose v Queens

    Performance was disappointing, improvement needed no doubt, but we certainly weren't "lucky to get a replay". Like last time Montrose had their moments first half in particular and they pass the ball neatly with a high energy game. They have some good players with Callaghan again standing out. But they never really looked that much like scoring this time and we had the two or three best chances of the game, including the great chance for Fergusson to win it in the last minute. 0-0 was probably fair enough, don't think we did enough to win it. Certainly didn't deserve to lose it. Could have done without an extra midweek game but better that than being out!
  3. TNS v Dumbarton

    Their game against Elgin in the last 16 was played on a Saturday on live tv.
  4. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    Maybe but nearer to their home base there wasn't much tolerance for suggestions it was unsustainable. Can only talk from experience. The chances are there were actually less people paying the second time you went. As noted they were giving hundreds of tickets away every week in the Mileson era. Every school in Dumfries had armfuls of them.
  5. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    This. It's revisionism to suggest everybody could see through it from the word go. Pretty much everyone signed up to the fairytale to begin with and questions only started being raised when Mileson's behaviour became increasingly erratic and his appearances became less frequent. Around about the halfway stage in their last promotion campaign. I know it was said in jest earlier in the thread but the idea that Gretna breezed through three seasons of promotion is misplaced. They breezed through two and a half seasons (though unlike Rangers didn't have clubs the size of Hearts and Hibs to contend with). Their second half of the last promotion season though was awful and I think they won only 2 or 3 games. They fell over the line with a last gasp win over a relegated Ross County having all but blown a lead well into double figures of points. Dumfries was absolutely full of people taking about what a breath of fresh air Gretna was an how brilliant everything was. I appreciate we were somewhat nearer the epicentre of the thing and maybe nobody mentioned it across the Central Belt (though it got plenty of press coverage) but there was a time when QoS fans were very much swimming against the tide locally and any words of warning were absolutely taken as bitterness without foundation. To be fair there was a lot of similar accusations flying about when Dundee fans were later warned about the similarities of Calum Melville. Graeme Muir was a fish out of water in that role to be fair. I know him well and he's a terrific youth football coach. He went back to doing that and he's doing a great job running Greystone Rovers amongst other things. But like a lot of people who helped out at Gretna he ended up in a role he wasn't ideal for and in no real position to question the sustainability of the funding.
  6. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    That was Alibi. He still posts on here though I expect the thread itself is long gone.
  7. This thread was going fine The Day Before You Came.
  8. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    Ah, Gretna, where to start............................ Here's a post from me on the QoS thread a year or so back: There's a lot more in this thread: The Club That Vanished
  9. The Queen of the South Thread

    We'll be in the 'Advanced Youth' Level one below the 'Performance Level' Dundee, Queen's Park and Morton are at. No idea why the SFA have missed that level off their press release. As MT says, the criteria for Project Brave are way, way out of our reach. Far bigger clubs than us have conceded it's not realistic. We were on the bottom level of the Club Academy ladder too. It doesn't stop us actually producing the odd decent player. It's all a bit up in the air at the moment until we see how it's all going to work but I don't think anything will fundamentally change for us. As far as I know we'll be running the same three age level squads we currently do and our youth funding levels are guaranteed for the next few years.
  10. If we had won would we have been Dancing Queens? (Someone had to quote the obvious!)
  11. There are only certain competitions using ABBA as an experiment. The Irn Bru Cup isn't one of them (though TNS did beat Livingston on an ABBA shoot out earlier in the competition after the referee got himself confused about which method was in use).
  12. Sons' sorrow

    They had put some bar stools out immediately in front of the press area for the visiting officials. The team trained at Palmerston on Saturday morning then travelled down to Oswestry in the afternoon. They did return immediately after the game. Back in Dumfries by 10:30.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Ach get yourself there and make a weekend of it. When else are you going to have a competitive "foreign" semi final? We had over 400 there on Sunday and they had a great day / weekend. Just disappointing we couldn't actually get the result. It's a weird setup down there and it is effectively a sports centre. There was a band playing in the bar and a children's birthday party on in the soft play area before we played them! No Boardroom. Hospitality guests walk out on to a balcony to stand up and watch the game. Couple of small stands both at the same corner of the park and the rest is flat standing. It's a 3G pitch. Very hospitable people though. They'll make you welcome. Football wise I'd make TNS narrow favourites but there's no reason Dumbarton can't win. You've conquered bigger challenges. They knock the ball about well and have decent pace from overlapping full backs out wide in particular. Their keeper is really good too. A little bit toothless up front. Your biggest problem will probably be finding much footage of them. The League of Wales isn't filmed and they don't film their own games. There will be footage of our game and the previous ties with Elgin and Livingston available but that's probably about it. They'll be able to get a lot more on you which gives them a slight edge in that department. They started like a train against us, probably at least partly helped by having more idea than us about what they were facing. Took us 20 minutes to get to grips with it and make a couple of tactical changes to address it and we were maybe lucky not to be behind in the first 20 mins. Thereafter I thought we edged the game over 90 minutes and certainly battered them in extra time. Couldn't get the ball in the net though with Dobbie and McFadden both missing great chances and Rooney having one headed off the line. Also denied what looked a lot like it should have been a penalty near the end of extra time. Good luck. I will have my #Sonhamers hat on.
  14. In the hot seat

    07/10/11 - Jim McInally (Peterhead) 30/01/13 - Alan Archibald (Partick Thistle) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 22/03/13) 07/04/13 - Derek McInnes (Aberdeen) (officially confirmed 25/03/13 but didn't take charge for a fortnight) 10/06/13 - Tommy Wright (St Johnstone) 22/01/14 - Gus MacPherson (Queen's Park) 19/05/14 - Jim Duffy (Morton) 05/01/15 - Ian McCall (Ayr United) 09/01/15 - Martin Canning (Hamilton Academical) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 23/01/15) 01/02/15 - Brown Ferguson (Stenhousemuir) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed on 02/04/15 to be manager from start of 2015/16 season!) 08/05/15 - Allan Johnston (Dunfermline Athletic) 27/05/15 - Stephen Aitken (Dumbarton) 10/06/15 - Darren Dods (Brechin City) 21/12/15 - David Hopkin (Livingston) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 05/01/16) 08/03/16 - Dick Campbell (Arbroath) 20/05/16 - Brendan Rogers (Celtic) 09/06/16 - Neil Lennon (Hibernian) 04/10/16 - Jack Ross (St Mirren) 11/10/16 - Jim Goodwin (Alloa Athletic) 09/11/16 - Dave McKay (Stirling Albion) 04/12/16 - Stewart Petrie (Montrose) 06/12/16 - Gary Naysmith (Queen of the South) 23/01/17 - Stevie Farrell (Stranraer) 28/02/17 - Stephen Robinson (Motherwell) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 15/03/17) 18/04/17 - Neil McCann (Dundee) (technically left position between 29/05/17 & 01/06/17) 08/05/17 - Brian Kerr (Albion Rovers) 30/05/17 - Barry Smith (Raith Rovers) 02/06/17 - Peter Murphy (Annan Athletic) 03/06/17 - Darren Young (East Fife) 14/06/17 - John Robertson (Inverness Caledonian Thistle) 28/08/17 - Craig Levein (Heart of Midlothian) 29/08/17 - Robbie Horn (Berwick Rangers) 28/09/17 - Owen Coyle (Ross County) 29/09/17 - Stevie Findlay (Airdrieonians) 01/10/17 - Jim Weir (Forfar Athletic) 01/10/17 - Gavin Price (Elgin City, caretaker initially, officially confirmed 12/10/17) 04/10/17 - Paul Hartley (Falkirk) 10/10/17 - James McDonaugh (Edinburgh City) 14/10/17 - Steve Clarke (Kilmarnock) 08/11/17 - Csaba Laszlo (Dundee United) 13/11/17 - Danny Lennon (Clyde) 14/11/17 - Gary Bollan (Cowdenbeath) Vacant - Rangers (Pedro Caixinho sacked on 26th October - Graeme Murty in caretaker charge) New post to update Danny Lennon's appointment at Clyde and Gary Bollan's appointment at Cowdenbeath.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    I cheated insofar as I couldn't remember who took and scored the first (which turned out to be Lyle). I knew the rest of it without looking including who missed and that Dzierzawski scored. Nope, barking up the wrong tree there. Reilly said on the night he wasn't confident and didn't want to take one.