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  1. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    I'll look for the Rooney one again and I've already said he was pretty lucky not to get booked for the foul on Morgan (which you scored from). Like I say though none of that changes the fact that for me Stelios is pretty lucky. His booking is not remotely debatable. I think a lot of refs would have red carded him for that. I'm not moaning about it. Just making an observation that considering it was in the middle of the park, not a desperate late challenge, it's very early on and you are already very short of defenders it's a criminally stupid challenge to have made. He could have had no complaint if he had gotten a red card for it. He gave the referee a question to answer.
  2. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Not sure I'd blame Kerr for much on the first. He stands strong and actually prevents Reilly getting a clean header. He's fortunate it kind of runs down him and deflects off to Smith. Brownlie should react quicker to stop the shot coming in and Martin obviously has a nightmare. 2nd one I blamed Kerr for the backheel earlier but it's Brownlie actually. Still no idea why he doesn't play it the way he's facing out for a corner or back out where it came from for a throw. Dykes also gives the wide man a yard he never gets back. Wouldn't blame Martin for it at all. 3rd one Brownlie really has to clear that ball. It's a sweet strike and Martin is full stretch. I'm not convinced it's one I'd hold against him. People are looking to blame him after the first one but it's not one I'd expect him to save. If he saves that he's done very well.
  3. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    I don't recall any studs up challenge by Rooney. Want to give me a time for it and I'll have a look? I did see the one on Morgan. It's a poor challenge and he's lucky he wasn't booked for it. Said so at the time. The shirt pull was just a shirt pull. He's not going to get booked for it unless it's for persistent offending but presumably the referee didn't see it since we got the free kick. Not sure what your point is anyway? No idea what relevance any of that has to whether or not Stelios was lucky not to see red? I don't recall nominating Rooney for a humanitarian award. It's not ok for Stelios to rake his studs on an opponents' shin because someone else committed a foul or two and wasn't booked. I'm making an observation that he was a wee bit fortunate not to get red for it and it was very early on whilst still 0-0 and you are already short of defenders. A silly challenge. And no, I haven't watched the second half yet being as I'm at work and have been since I posted the previous comment. I'll try to watch it tonight.
  4. In the hot seat

    Thanks, that one completely passed me by (obviously!)
  5. In the hot seat

    30/01/10 - Gary Jardine (Edinburgh City) (initially as co-manager, sole charge from 31/05/12) 07/10/11 - Jim McInally (Peterhead) 30/01/13 - Alan Archibald (Partick Thistle) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 22/03/13) 07/04/13 - Derek McInnes (Aberdeen) (officially confirmed 25/03/13 but didn't take charge for a fortnight) 10/06/13 - Tommy Wright (St Johnstone) 22/01/14 - Gus MacPherson (Queen's Park) 19/05/14 - Jim Duffy (Morton) 27/11/14 - Jim Weir (Elgin City) 05/01/15 - Ian McCall (Ayr United) 09/01/15 - Martin Canning (Hamilton Academical) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 23/01/15) 01/02/15 - Brown Ferguson (Stenhousemuir) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed on 02/04/15 to be manager from start of 2015/16 season!) 08/05/15 - Allan Johnston (Dunfermline Athletic) 27/05/15 - Stephen Aitken (Dumbarton) 10/06/15 - Darren Dods (Brechin City) 21/12/15 - David Hopkin (Livingston) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 05/01/16) 08/03/16 - Dick Campbell (Arbroath) 13/05/16 - Ray McKinnon (Dundee United) 20/05/16 - Brendan Rogers (Celtic) 09/06/16 - Neil Lennon (Hibernian) 04/10/16 - Jack Ross (St Mirren) 11/10/16 - Jim Goodwin (Alloa Athletic) 09/11/16 - Dave McKay (Stirling Albion) 04/12/16 - Stewart Petrie (Montrose) 06/12/16 - Gary Naysmith (Queen of the South) 23/01/17 - Stevie Farrell (Stranraer) 15/02/17 - Lee McCulloch (Kilmarnock) (caretaker in theory) 28/02/17 - Stephen Robinson (Motherwell) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 15/03/17) 11/03/17 - Pedro Caixinha (Rangers) 18/04/17 - Neil McCann (Dundee) (technically left position between 29/05/17 & 01/06/17) 08/05/17 - Brian Kerr (Albion Rovers) 29/05/17 - Jim Chapman (Clyde) 30/05/17 - Barry Smith (Raith Rovers) 02/06/17 - Peter Murphy (Annan Athletic) 03/06/17 - Darren Young (East Fife) 14/06/17 - John Robertson (Inverness Caledonian Thistle) 01/07/17 - Billy Brown (Cowdenbeath) 28/08/17 - Craig Levein (Heart of Midlothian) 29/08/17 - Robbie Horn (Berwick Rangers) Vacant - Airdrieonians (Mark Wilson left by "mutual consent" on 17/06/17) Vacant - Forfar Athletic (Gary Bollan sacked on 18/09/17. Stuart Balmer & Barry Sellars in caretaker charge) Vacant - Falkirk (Peter Houston "mutual consent" on 24/09/17. Alex Smith in caretaker charge) Vacant - Ross County (Jim McIntyre sacked on 25/09/17. Steven Ferguson in caretaker charge) So, Jim McIntyre lasted one solitary day after replacing Peter Houston as Scotland's 8th longest serving manager and the merry go round starts up again. Not sure if the new 8th spot manager, Jim Weir, should be worried! Anyway, a new post with four clubs currently managerless, including Airdrie who have been managerless for over 3 months now.
  6. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Thought Samson was excellent yesterday apart from one horrific kick he got away with. His kicking has always been a bit suspect but he controlled his area very well yesterday.
  7. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Fair enough. I watched the first half when I got home last night but haven't seen the second half yet. There was plenty of complaint at the time and I saw some of our fans from behind the goal say it was never a corner. Meant to add that from the tv coverage I did see I thought Stelios was a bit lucky to ONLY see yellow on that tackle on Rankin. He takes him out with studs up high on the shin, though he was being pulled back by Rooney just before it to be fair. It was a stupid challenge though.
  8. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Strange game. We didn't play very well (obviously) and the goals we lost were pretty criminal (probably - I need to see them again). St Mirren were clinical and deserved to win. Lewis Morgan haunts me. I've never seen a player so accurate at hitting the bottom corner of goal except Dobbie when he's at is best. The sooner St Mirren accept a big money offer from Preston the better for the rest of us! Alex Neil was at the game, I'm presuming Morgan is the most likely player he was watching. All that said, I didn't think St Mirren were all that good either and without having seen the stats I suspect we probably had more efforts on goal. They didn't look like they could defend a set piece all day, which is understandable given the makeshift back four, but we didn't take advantage. I thought we started reasonably well and could have been two up before the opener. Lyle should score when he prods one past Samson unmarked five yards or so out and Samson got lucky it bounced back to him off a defender. He also put one in when offside from Dobbie's ball in. I presume he was offside but he certainly didn't need to be. The opening goal was a horror sbow. Smith should never be allowed to get the shot in and Martin appeared surprised by how bad a shot it actually was. It's a bad error from him but it should never have got to him. Second one followed quickly and wasn't a whole lot better as St Mirren got down the right too easily and again I'd need to see it but not sure Jason Kerr really had to backheel it out of his own box instead of turning it behind for a corner. I thought we started the second half decently and Lyle should have done better from a close range shot which presumably should have been a corner since he Dobbie and Rankin were going ape at the referee about it. Then St Mirren get a corner that never was, make a mess of it and still score anyway with Morgan hitting one from distance into the bottom corner again. Samson made good stops from Rooney and Fordyce, Kerr pulled a goal back from a fairly unmarked header, Dobbie went close with a free kick, Kane was fouled just outside the box and McFadden should have done much better with a late opportunity. We had chances but you can't give St Mirren a three goal start and expect to get something from the game. We really need to get something at Inverness to stay in touch with the playoff spots now.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    Usually a couple of trays of sandwiches and some tea and coffee I think. Maybe some pies / pastry stuff. Certainly not a cooked meal and clubs will bring their own bottled water to away games with them. The kind of stuff you can grab and munch in five minutes. I think most clubs still take it when available. You often see players leaving the ground munching on a sandwich or something. Some clubs order their own pizzas for delivery at away grounds I've noticed. It's supposed to be good for replacing carbohydrates after exercise.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    It's exactly the same kit they had last year except with a change of sponsor. It's just an off the shelf Macron catalogue kit.
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    I presume all four of them are Trust members. Noticed the Trust issuing a comment on Facebook wishing them luck and highlighting that point. There's no Travel Club involvement either officially though it may well also be the case the one or all of them are also Travel Club members. Ideally it would have been good if the group involved had also had representation from the New Bazaar and Barflies groups too. Maybe even the Disabled Supporters Association though they have their own separate representative in Eric Slaven as DAO. However, you can't force people to get involved. Hopefully the group who have agreed to do it can make some positive progress. Some of them post on here.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    John Paterson in the shop runs the programme sellers. He would be the one to ask. Are there "disused" turnstiles? I think all the turnstiles are still usable and might be used if the game was big enough to justify it.
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    I have no idea where they sell programmes from.
  14. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Stephen Finnie Only if you presume he'll win the appeal. It will be heard on Thursday no doubt. I think he signed a one year extension last January did he not? If he leaves under freedom of contract Morton will get a compensation though he hasn't actually been there that long. He was at Aberdeen until a couple of years ago was he not so compensation would be limited. If he moves domestically they'd get relative peanuts. Obviously a lot more for a cross Border move but they'd likely get a lot more by selling in January than any compensation payment in the summer if he is out of contract then.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    74th minute for our 3rd goal according to the referee's report. 4-2 down with 16 to go. Penalty was scored on 77 mins and the 5th was on 79 mins so three in six minutes. Defending certainly wasn't great. Morton were extremely quick in the attacking half. Don't know if they slowed down later or we just learned to deal with it better. As I said I had to leave at half time. I thought it was pretty obvious there was a bit of a disconnect between our back line and the rest of the team. The back four, Bell and Fergusson were the only regular 20's players playing, with Murray, Stirling, Rooney and McFadden in front of them and Leighfield behind who although age qualified, hasn't been training or playing with the 20's so far this season. I guess it took them time to settle down with each other? Stirling made the 2nd goal and had a couple of good runs halted by cynical fouls in the first half. Again, I don't know how involved he got later on.