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  1. Well yes, but affecting them more doesn't change the fact that your income is dropping significantly and therefore your budgets have to. Others may also be dropping their budgets but the marginal effect when they have far bigger home supports is less. If you have less physical cash to spend on players then contract offers will have to reduce.
  2. It's slightly ironic that in the scheme of all time player discussion, Stephen Dobbie would certainly merit debate for the best player in modern history at least whilst John Stewart would be lucky to make the top 1,000 but in the biggest result in our near 100 year history, one was a bit part player who limped off after 40 minutes whilst the other had the game of his life, made the second and scored the winner. Not the way around you would have imagined!
  3. I'm not a Dumbarton fan and I know little about your club's finances but the below was what I posted in reply to someone else questioning it about half a dozen pages ago: They may or may not be, and I'm not getting into the whole stadium debate, it's nothing to do with me, but given they are so far as I am aware not actually taking money out of the club, I don't think that's relevant. They aren't responsible for the external factors that reduce your income by maybe as much as a six figure sum on comparison with the last couple of years and they have no reasonable grounds to expect it to come back up any time soon either so even if they had cash reserves to plough in they would be doing so with no reasonable expectation of getting it back. I don't really think any owner should be required to do that. It's how clubs get themselves in big holes in the first place.
  4. I get all that, and it's all fair comment but I think you are allowing a horrible end to the season after top four was clinched to cloud your judgement a bit. In the end you ended up where you did but as late as April you still the most credible rivals to Hibs and that's quite an achievement added to the cup run. You had what always looked too small a squad for a sustained challenge and in the end that told but you certainly gave it a go. Jack Ross achieved something tremendous at St Mirren but he was massively helped by spending a pile of cash to improve his squad in January and also by the horrible winless runs both Ayr and Raith had. Without those he'd still probably have failed. As it is they recovered to stay up on goal difference. Like I said earlier, it's easy to find reasons not to vote for pretty much any of them. And I wouldn't have any great issue if Ross or even Aitken had got it, but I think on balance I'd have given it to Duffy.
  5. Paul Burns was a far far better player in two spells for us than he apparently was with you. Bear in mind too that we've not played at Premier level in the colour tv era and haven't quite got the level of superstar to look back on that Dunfermline have over the years. I'm not utterly convinced by the argument that he's our best right sided midfielder in recent memory but right at this moment I can't think of anyone I'd pick over him. Dom Thomas was good but it was a short spell, not the decade or so Burns played for us. Danny Carmichael too at times has been outstanding but not as consistently good over the number of years Burns was. John Stewart was a dreadful footballer over the piece but for that one contribution to a day of absolute magic he will NEVER have a buy a beer in Dumfries again. Not if he's anywhere near me anyway.
  6. I'd probably have Jamie MacDonald ahead of Zander Clark (just). I'd definitely put Chris Mitchell ahead of Eric Paton. He wasn't really a centre half as such but if we're including him there because his best games were as a sweeper then Stuart Lovell was by miles and miles our most skilled centre half in my time. Brian Reid is probably as good a shout as any to partner him. Kerr and Young played the same position. Wouldn't include both of them and it's a tough call which. I'd partner one of them with either Ian McShane or John O'Neill in terms of sheer ability. McShane was the better of the two when we didn't have the ball though. Or Tommy Bryce? I'd have Jimmy Robertson ahead of Willie Gibson too. Just off the top of my head, might think of different ones later.
  7. I tend to agree (and I know I said exactly that about Mitchell). It does however depend how you see a full backs role. The "modern" full back seems to be an auxiliary winger as much as he is a defender. Players like Ashley Cole and Kyle Walker for England, Andy Robertson for Scotland have made international top level careers out of being full backs far better with the ball than when facing it. It is ultimately why Eric Paton, for all his qualities on the ball, was dumped to the bench and replaced with Ryan McCann who was a better back post defender for the Scottish Cup run. And it's why McIntyre at times preferred to put Dowie in there than Mitchell.
  8. Alan Gray never remotely looked like making the step up to this level though. His stellar season was in the 2nd Division title year. To be fair he struggled with injury in the 1st Division but he wasn't good enough for it.
  9. No, you are right. I remember the Challenge Cup semi final at Love Street being his debut and thought that was in about October and he returned to Hearts last week in December I remember. However having checked, the semi final at Love Street was on 22nd August. I forgot they raced through the Challenge Cup early rounds much quicker back then.
  10. You made that up. You aren't fooling anyone with that fishing trip.
  11. Whilst this is absolutely true, he was on loan to us for about two months and was never "our" player. I probably wouldn't count him in this debate. Thought he was unlucky to only get one Scotland cap.
  12. That's true. For the life of me I've no idea how the appeals panel managed to let him off with that. I don't think even he expected to win it, they clearly appealed because the timing let him play in the Cup semi final. However, that doesn't change the fact he'd lose an appeal on the first dive. You know, I know it and Simon Murray knows it;
  13. Well he could but he would lose since it was a dive. And hopefully they would make a point of hearing it before Sunday in that case.
  14. Jeez commentator "Its possible to appeal a yellow for diving but could it be held before Sunday?". It doesnt need to be. If he appeals the suspension is set aside until the appeal is heard a la Scott Brown. Presuming the booking was for diving not dissent he would be clear whether the appeal was heard or not.