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  1. I think thats exactly why Tapping was brought on, and he did. I thought Mercer going off was a surprise unless either 1 - Rooney was a nailed on penalty taker or 2 - he was being protected from reaggravating his hamstring. Since Rooney didnt take one of the first 8 pens I presume it was the latter.
  2. This. I was beginning to think I had been at a different game from everyone else but not quite everyone it seems. Accies arent a top end Premier side but they are a level above us and we came and gave it a go. We didnt work the keeper enough but the one Alan Martin palmed up onto the post apart we made the better chances for me. The back four and keeper were excellent and encouraging, though Marsh should have dealt with the one that led to the goal. Jacobs was terrific and I was obviously watching a different Rankin because I thought he had a good game. Stirling had a poorer game though and while Murray had some good moments he didnt offer enough cover to Mercer behind him. Dykes worked away manfully all game and his efforts undoubtedly get the credit for the equaliser even if Dobbie was the quickest to react and turn it in. Cant believe we lost the shoot out again especially from two up but to be fair to all 16 players nobody missed the target. Keepers had to make saves. The winning one from Brownlie in particular was a terrific save. Brownlie has done nothing wrong there. If we had managed a goal on Tuesday or won the shoot out today we would be all but through. Instead we are probably out. Small but costly margins. Very unlikely to get through now. Would take some remarkable results for 8 points to get in and thats the best we can do.
  3. He was getting released from Celtic and we were offered the chance to have a look at him before the summer. Hard to see the down side for us to be honest. I thought he played really well in that one start but we lost at home to Dumbarton and he was left out the next week and then recalled by Celtic to play in their final Development League game. I presume the manager didnt see enough in training to offer him anything for this season though. I guess he preffered to keep Tapping.
  4. A few did, notably rjc. But its been pretty much universal "he was rubbish" on this thread so far which appears to be more based on the player we saw against us for St Mirren last season than the one we saw play for us.
  5. There is a fair bit of retrospective appraisal going on here. Hutton did fine for us. He was probably over-rated by most of us but he won Player of the Year, did enough to be offered a two year extension at the time and turned it down for a better two year deal at St Mirren. Apparently it all went pear shaped after that but he DID do well with us. I wouldnt take him back now though. We dont need a tidy possession central midfielder. We have those. He doesnt have the inventiveness to his game we could do with. He will probably do okay with Dumbarton though.
  6. Dom Thomas was on loan to us for the second half of last season from Motherwell. He'd been with Motherwell since he was 14 though. He was a Celtic youth for 2 or 3 years but he left them long before he was an adult and was never on loan at Motherwell. Cracking player though. I'm surprised they let him go to Kilmarnock.
  7. Really? it's a surprise you don't mention it more then. In case of any doubt, my view here is my own. It isn't necessarily one the Board would agree with.
  8. I said fairly unaffected (and Dom Thomas wasn't a Colt eligible player anyway so that wouldn't change). Clearly though if it were to go ahead the chances of getting good young players on loan from bigger clubs (in reality the OF) will be reduced. However, that doesn't change my view. I'm against it but if the majority of the League One and Two clubs were for it I don't think it would be right for us to vote against it. I don't believe for a second they will be though.
  9. I agree with pretty much every word of the Cowdenbeath statement. I think it's spot on, and would be surprised if it doesn't reflect the views of the vast majority of League One and Two clubs. However, without entirely wanting to step outside having an input on the future of Scottish football. I actually think if by some chance the majority of the two lower divisions members actually wanted this to happen then those of us clubs in the Championship and Premiership shouldn't vote against it and prevent it. Whilst I accept that we will probably not always be a Championship club, it's a fact that the proposals made do not allow Colt sides to get as far as the Championship and we are therefore currently fairly unaffected by whether they do or don't come in. If those who ARE affected wanted it to happen then we shouldn't prevent it. All that said, I cannot for the life of me see why such clubs would want it to happen. Hopefully it will be binned as an idea.
  10. Officially 11 went in the away turnstile. However some may have gone in the home turnstile and there were certainly a good handful in the Main Stand. Probably 20 to 30 in total.
  11. Jacobs was Livingston's regular penalty taker. He took the one against us that kept them up. Dobbie apart he was tbe most obvious pick out there. Terrible penalty though. We hit the post FOUR times. Rankin and Lyle first half. Murray and Dobbie second half. And Kyle Jacobs headed over at an open goal. We werent good. You are spot on. It was too pedestrian and lacking invention. But we should still have won very comfortably. We had absolutely no luck. I still have no idea how Lyle in particular missed his chance. Thats a disaster of a result. Fair play to EK though. Rode their luck and took their chance. Well done.
  12. I assume this is trolling but, it's not that difficult to establish a team and make progress up the Leagues. The South of Scotland League is at the bottom of the current pyramid and accepted new teams this summer so if you are willing to play there, then entering the pyramid isn't difficult. You don't even need to be initially licensed, though you would need a licence to move up to Lowland League and then League Two. Initially you just need to persuade the South of Scotland committee you have enough players, funding and access to a pitch to make it work. In due course you'd need to comply with the SFA's Club Licensing manual to get promoted. Main issue with that will be security of tenure over a ground that will need to be compliant if it isn't already. It's not especially difficult. With enough money thrown at the project you could probably take a team from non existence to the SPFL in 2 or 3 seasons. Of course you need good enough players and management to actually win the Leagues and playoffs too.
  13. They are not supposed to put highlights up until after midnight.
  14. He certainly wasnt a regular starter in his first couple of seasons. Spent most of his time in the reserves.
  15. Just use the search function on one of the older surnames. Searching for "Patterson" got me the above in about 10 seconds. The above was after the Falkirk game so add two starts and two goals for Dobbie. Lyle has come on as a sub in both games I think but not added to his goals. Dobs is now on 83, 6 short of a spot in the top 10 and 17 away from becoming the 5th player to reach 100. Given he is 26 behind Del 5th is probably about as far as he can get unless he stays longer than the current season.