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  1. Your own run in analysis on the other thread shows us within a point of the relegation play off on form and you think now we "know which division we'll be in"? I'm fairly confident we'll still be in this one but we're a long way off proving that yet. We need at least three and possibly 4 or 5 points to be safe.
  2. I don't think it looks particularly likely that the top four will ever have "nothing to play for" other than Hibs who will alsmost certainly win the title with 2 or 3 games to spare. It's fairly unlikely that 2nd will be clinched before the last week and even 3rd/4th is still a benefit worth having.
  3. I don't know where all this peddling of the "5G" line came from with respect to us. Your guy is correct (of course) there is only 3G in terms of top line grades but there are different technical developments within that. Our pitch was the 5th generation of 3G pitches and someone ended up claiming that it was 5G and it stuck. I imagine there are probably 6th generation ones around now. As it was explained to me it's basically just like your Windows software on the computer. The latest Operating system is Windows 10 and all new computers will have that but that doesn't stop Microsoft issuing product updates etc under the Windows 10.1, 10.2, etc banner. Same thing. Our pitch is effectively version 3G.5 There absolutely ARE 3G rugby pitches being played on around the country up to and including professional rugby (there's a story on the BBC website today about the burn injuries caused to players who played on one that hadn't been watered enough pre-match). As I understand it the difference is the blades of grass are a little longer and therefore the rubber crumb used is more which makes them slightly less hard. Most of the community pitches around the country, certainly those in the South West, are in fact rugby pitches so that they can be used for both sports, but because the "grass" is a bit longer they aren't as good for football. Clearly ours is a dedicated football pitch, not a rugby one. The 3G at Greystone Rovers in Dumfries however is a rugby pitch.
  4. Appeals have to be lodged by 3pm on the first working day after the game so if it wasn't lodged Monday you can't do it now. And even if it had been lodged Monday, the appeal would be held Thursday and outcome known before Saturday. It's a nice dodge sometimes if you have a midweek game you want someone available for. Doesn't work between weekends (except at Xmas time). There's a fee for the appeal (£250 at this level) which is returned if the appeal succeeds. I don't think they do. The additional punishment for a "spurious appeal" is an English thing (I'm not sure even they still have it), It's never been used in Scotland.
  5. It's great skill from Murray out wide and a well guided finish but the keeper absolutely shouldn't be getting beaten low down at his near post from that sort of angle. It's not struck all that hard and it's not difficult to see how his manager would describe it as "ridiculous". It's a bad error.
  6. Go forth and multiply!
  7. Agree. I was reasonably surprised Allan was so keen to get Nicky signed up when he took over but to be fair he saw something the rest of us hadnt and changed his position immediately. It was an inspirational change though.
  8. Probably. He is pretty much before my time so not sure. Only picking up other people's stats on him. Working my way through researching club history slowly but have only reached 1945.
  9. Nope, he scored once. In a cup match against Forfar I think from memory.
  10. Reilly played in that league too and Clark scored cup goals against Rangers, Hibs, Kilmarnock, Morton & Partick Thistle in that period. Clark played about 20 odd of his appearances as a midfielder. They both have decent goal records with us. I have no idea why so many Queens fans are desperate to pretend Nicky Clark isnt a quality striker. He was outstanding when converted to a striker regardless of what level he was playing at.
  11. Also for what it's worth: Nicky Clark, 42 goals in 69 starts (13 sub) appearances, 2011 - 2013 Gavin Reilly, 45 goals in 83 starts (60 sub) appearances, 2010 - 2015
  12. 1 - Jim Patterson, 251 goals in 462 appearances, 1949 - 1963 2 - Bobby Black, 120 goals in 346 appearances, 1952 - 1961 3 - Andy Thomson, 114 goal in 196 starts (35 sub) appearances, 1989 - 1994 & 2006 - 2007 4 - Derek Lyle, 108 goals in 253 starts (75 sub) appearancs, 2002 - 2004, 2004 - 2006 & 2012 - Current 5 - Jocky Dempster, 98 goals in 342 starts (13 sub) appearances, 1970 - 1979 6 - Tommy Bryce, 95 goals in 283 starts (14 sub) appearances, 1985 - 1987, 1994 - 1998 & 1999 7 - Stevie Mallan, 94 goals in 233 starts (32 sub) appearances, 1993 - 2000 8 - Tommy McCall, 93 goals in 264 appearances, 1925 - 1934 9 - Ian Reid, 89 goals in 192 starts (5 sub) appearances, 1973 - 1978 10 - Jimmy Robertson, 89 goals in 378 starts (22 sub) appearances, 1979 - 1987 & 1989 - 1993 11 - Jackie Oakes, 81 goals in 457 appearances, 1936 - 1947 & 1951 - 1960 12 - Iain McChesney, 79 goals in 587 starts (28 sub) appearances, 1961 - 1982 13 - Rowan Alexander, 78 goals in 165 starts (18 sub) appearances, 1978 - 1983 & 1995 - 1998 14 - Stephen Dobbie, 75 goals in 123 starts (17 sub) appearances, 2007 - 2009, 2016 - Current 15 - Billy Houliston, 74 goals in 155 apearances, 1945 - 1952 16 - Jackie Law, 71 goals in 226 appearances, 1936 - 1948 17 - John O'Neill, 70 goals in 143 starts (52 sub) appearances, 2001 - 2003 & 2005 - 2008 18 - Lex Law, 68 goals in 316 starts (18 sub) appearances, 1964 - 1975 19 - Jimmy Rutherford, 66 goals in 65 appearances, 1930 - 1934 20 - Willie Dougan, 65 goals in 88 appearances, 1922 - 1925 Points of note: Dobbie has made fewer appearances than everyone else on the list except Rutherford and Dougan who played in the early 20s and 30's. He's averaging better than a goal every 2 appearances. Only Jim Patterson, as well as Rutherford and Dougan can claim that, though to be fair Andy Thomson, Ian Reid, Billy Houliston and Rowan Alexander aren't far off it. McChesney's 12th position is pretty remarkable considering he was never a striker and usually a defensive player. It's testimony to a 20 year career though. Others such as Tommy McCall, Bobby Black and Jimmy Robertson were wingers rather than strikers so their totals are also pretty impressive. John O'Neill played the occasional game as a forward in his second spell but by and large he was a midfielder. He has 27 penalty kicks in his total though. Likewise Tommy Bryce was a forward in his first spell with us but a midfielder by the time of the other two. Dobbie was the designated penalty taker for a period in his first spell but doesn't have many spot kicks in his total. Lyle has been designated penalty taker for the last three years when on the pitch (since McGuffie left) so he has a few penalties in his total too. Jackie Oakes and Jackie Law would probably be much higher if World War 2 hadn't robbed them of six years (of course had they been playing regularly in that spell they may have moved on). Fair chance one of them might even have gotten as high as No 2.
  13. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if Gavin Reilly comes back before the end of his career. He is local and his family have an affinity with the club. I've no reason to believe he'll be back soon (does he not have another year at Hearts?). A lot of the players on that list had more than one spell at the club (Thomson, Bryce, Lyle, Robertson, Dobbie, Alexander, O'Neill). But no, I was just messing with Stellaboz.
  14. Not yet. No Nicky Clark either though.
  15. Thought it was worth updating the top 20 scorers as that hasn't been done for a while: 20 - Willie Dougan (65) 19 - Jimmy Rutherford (66) 18 - Lex Law (68) 17 - John O'Neill (70) 16 - Jackie Law (71) 15 - Billy Houliston (74) 14 - Stephen Dobbie (75) 13 - Rowan Alexander (78) 12 - Iain McChesney (79) 11 - Jackie Oakes (81) 10 - Jimmy Robertson (89) 9 - Ian Reid (89) 8 - Tommy McCall (93) 7 - Stevie Mallan (94) 6 - Tommy Bryce (95) 5 - Jocky Dempster (98) 4 - Derek Lyle (108) 3 - Andy Thomson (114) 2 - Bobby Black (120) 1 - Jim Patterson (251) Notwithstanding the debate as to whether it actually crossed the line or not, Saturday's goal was Dobbie's 75th for Queens and moves him clear of Billy Houliston as our all time 14th top scorer. He's now 3 behind Rowan Alexander and 4 behind Iain McChesney. A place in the top 12 before end of the season is still possible. As it stands he'll need 25 more in 6 games + 1 season to become our 5th scorer of 100 goals. Meanwhile Derek Lyle continues to creep towards Andy Thomson's total. Now 6 behind in 4th spot.