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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    There will be nowhere near 300 entries. The record is 210 the season that we had just beaten Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup semi final the week before the draw. Last year's total was 165, which was in itself the 3rd highest total ever. I doubt it will be that much different to last year.
  2. Longest since last meeting between two Scottish clubs

    Updated list for QoS: 05/09/90 - Celtic (11/09/01 - East Stirlingshire - No longer a League Team) 07/02/04 - Motherwell 25/04/09 - Clyde 09/10/10 - Peterhead 29/03/11 - Stirling Albion 14/02/12 - Aberdeen 05/05/12 - Ross County 03/11/12 - Edinburgh City (whilst a non League team) 01/12/12 - Kilmarnock 16/03/13 - Arbroath 20/04/13 - Forfar Athletic 27/04/13 - East Fife 25/03/14 - Dundee 02/08/14 - Elgin City 07/02/15 - St Johnstone 21/03/15 - Cowdenbeath 28/03/15 - Heart of Midlothian 25/07/15 - Stranraer 01/08/15 - Annan Athletic 16/07/16 - Queen's Park 20/09/16 - Rangers 12/11/16 - Alloa Athletic 25/04/17 - Raith Rovers 08/04/17 - Ayr United 15/04/17 - Hibernian 15/07/17 - Stenhousemuir 22/07/17 - Hamilton Academical 29/07/17 - Albion Rovers 15/08/17 - Airdrieonians 02/09/17 - Berwick Rangers 21/11/17 - Montrose 20/01/18 - Partick Thistle 10/03/18 - Dumbarton 17/03/18 - St Mirren 24/03/18 - Livingston 31/03/18 - Dunfermline Athletic 03/04/18 - Falkirk 07/04/18 - Inverness Caledonian Thistle 14/04/18 - Morton 21/04/18 - Dundee United 28/04/18 - Brechin City Here's ours updated to the end of the season on the assumption the Brechin game on Saturday coming goes ahead as planned.
  3. In the hot seat

    It's a very long time since I've looked near this thread for a variety of reasons. I don't think it's changed much in the 4 or 5 months since I last updated though. Clearly Owen Coyle departed Ross County on 1st March and was replaced by Steven Ferguson & Stuart Kettlewell on a caretaker basis which was made permanent this week. I don't think anybody else has changed but please let me know if I've missed anything in the lower Leagues? 07/10/11 - Jim McInally (Peterhead) 30/01/13 - Alan Archibald (Partick Thistle) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 22/03/13) 07/04/13 - Derek McInnes (Aberdeen) (officially confirmed 25/03/13 but didn't take charge for a fortnight) 10/06/13 - Tommy Wright (St Johnstone) 22/01/14 - Gus MacPherson (Queen's Park) 19/05/14 - Jim Duffy (Morton) 05/01/15 - Ian McCall (Ayr United) 09/01/15 - Martin Canning (Hamilton Academical) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 23/01/15) 01/02/15 - Brown Ferguson (Stenhousemuir) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed on 02/04/15 to be manager from start of 2015/16 season!) 08/05/15 - Allan Johnston (Dunfermline Athletic) 27/05/15 - Stephen Aitken (Dumbarton) 10/06/15 - Darren Dods (Brechin City) 21/12/15 - David Hopkin (Livingston) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 05/01/16) 08/03/16 - Dick Campbell (Arbroath) 20/05/16 - Brendan Rogers (Celtic) 09/06/16 - Neil Lennon (Hibernian) 04/10/16 - Jack Ross (St Mirren) 11/10/16 - Jim Goodwin (Alloa Athletic) 09/11/16 - Dave McKay (Stirling Albion) 04/12/16 - Stewart Petrie (Montrose) 06/12/16 - Gary Naysmith (Queen of the South) 23/01/17 - Stevie Farrell (Stranraer) 28/02/17 - Stephen Robinson (Motherwell) (caretaker initially, officially confirmed 15/03/17) 18/04/17 - Neil McCann (Dundee) (technically left position between 29/05/17 & 01/06/17) 08/05/17 - Brian Kerr (Albion Rovers) 30/05/17 - Barry Smith (Raith Rovers) 02/06/17 - Peter Murphy (Annan Athletic) 03/06/17 - Darren Young (East Fife) 14/06/17 - John Robertson (Inverness Caledonian Thistle) 28/08/17 - Craig Levein (Heart of Midlothian) 29/08/17 - Robbie Horn (Berwick Rangers) 29/09/17 - Stevie Findlay (Airdrieonians) 01/10/17 - Jim Weir (Forfar Athletic) 01/10/17 - Gavin Price (Elgin City, caretaker initially, officially confirmed 12/10/17) 04/10/17 - Paul Hartley (Falkirk) 10/10/17 - James McDonaugh (Edinburgh City) 14/10/17 - Steve Clarke (Kilmarnock) 26/10/17 - Graeme Murty (Rangers) 08/11/17 - Csaba Laszlo (Dundee United) 13/11/17 - Danny Lennon (Clyde) 14/11/17 - Gary Bollan (Cowdenbeath) 01/03/18 - Steven Ferguson & Stuart Kettlewell (Ross County) (Co-Managers, caretaker initially, officially confirmed 24/04/18)
  4. Championship Goal Of The Season

    I did wonder when I heard that which goal it was for. I didn't see the actual awards on Saturday so don't know if it was said which one it was for. He's scored 6 goals for us this season: 05/08/17 Home to Brechin 07/10/17 Away to Montrose 28/10/17 Home to Falkirk 24/03/18 Home to Livingston 14/04/18 Away to Morton 21/04/18 Home to Dundee United He received the award before scoring the 6th so we can ignore that one, and presumably the votes were in before the Morton one too. I suspect it's the Livingston one which was a really nice passing move and a sweeping cross from Thomas. The Falkirk one deflected over the keeper from a tight angle. The Montrose one was a nice finish rounding the keeper but hardly goal of the season and there was almost nobody there. I can't really remember the Brechin one?
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    This. He is a good character and exciting when he has the ball at his feet. A set piece threat too but the reason he hasnt played that often (many of those 23 appearances were late sub appearances) is because his defending just isnt good enough for this level. Positionally unaware and so many silly free kicks. I would have been strongly tempted to persevere with him in a right wing role to keep him away from the back line. We tried it a couple of times but didnt stick with it. Will be interesting to see if thats where Robertson plays him or if he thinks he can coach defending into him when Naysmith and McNamara couldnt. Sorry he is leaving but not probably currently in our best eleven.
  6. Championship Goal Of The Season

    We've had a lot of crackers this season to be fair. Connor's would be up there. Dobbie at Falkirk early season (as linked above). Dobbie at Montrose too. Andy Stirling at Livingston. Joe Thomson at Dundee United. But for me, for a really good team goal with some tremendous football, Chris Kane's first at Dunfermline in the 5-2 game. Best opposition goal by a mile Quitongo for Morton. I don't care what Monkey Tennis says, nobody was getting near that.
  7. Championship Goal Of The Season

    ^^^^ Either suffers from medium term memory loss or wasn't there when Dobbie ran past half your team and curled the ball into the top corner from outside the box at the end of August.
  8. Queens v Dundee United

    Yeah excellent from us but United were completely ineffectual. They probably had more of the ball but we were fairly comfortable throughout. They hit the bar late on and Jack made one really good block at feet but I never felt threatened with our lead. Both full backs at fault for our first I expect. During the 9th minute Derek Lyle applause. Thomas got in down the right and had all the time in the world to pick out the unmarked Dykes at the back post to fire in via Mehmet. 2nd one we had a number of men over again and though the ball fell behind all of them there was time for Thomson to turn back and collect it before meandering across the box and netting via a deflection. Third came when Connor Murray finally did with his first touch what he has threatened most of the season and volleyed in from distance over the keeper from Dykes knock down. Thomson and Jacobs won the midfield battle. Brownlie and Fordyce completed dominated Mikkelsen this time (& Lyng and Mohsni when they went up there). Dykes gave the back line a hard time. United's only occasional threat came from McDonald dropping into space between midfield and defence and playing some clever stuff but nobody else was on his wavelength. If Mehmet is a better keeper than Lewis then Lewis must have really regressed from his early season form. Deniz was shaky all game. Much as I love Dobs, man of the match was laughable. Sponsors must have been fanboys or heavily drunk. I think I would have gone for Jacobs but Thomson or Dykes or either centre back would all have been decent shouts. Good day at Palmerston though. Just frustrating we havent produced that more at home. If we had we would be playoff bound.
  9. Queens v Dundee United

    Mohsni moved up front. Mikkelsen had a knock a while earlier. Might have been partly enforced.
  10. Queens v Dundee United

    Who cares, its 2-0 to the South either way.
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    He's quoted on the back of the Standard today saying he'd intended to retire with us but now thinks he'll go somewhere else for another year.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    You are Micro eligible but you filed Small company format accounts, not Micro ones. The accounts on Companies House show a full Balance Sheet including retained profits figures. The profit and loss account at 31 May 2016 was overdrawn by £596,111. At 31 May 2017 it was overdrawn £643,255. That makes for a loss for the year of £47,144. Of course it may be corrupted by direct adjustments on the P&L which aren't reported such as dividends but that seems unlikely.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    I dont understand this part. How is there less financial pressure a League down? 10th in the Championship gets much better prize money than 1st in League 1 never mind what 8th in it gets. Presumably your gate income will drop. Away supports at least will be much lower and you probably wont be able to charge £20 in League 1. All of that surely makes for greater financial pressure. It would be a more even playing field granted but your playing budget would be bound to be slashed.
  14. Championship Play-offs

    Its not easy to get to from Dumfries and I couldnt care less about changing ends or chippies. Arbroath eould be the worst option for me. All things being equal I would probably rather keep Dumbarton. Although fine with Alloa too.