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  1. Given what happened at Rovers and what we heard from most Raith posters it sounded like we had drawn the full chamber in a game of Russian Roulette in appointing him. He did what was asked of him and kept us up. We also managed to play a bit of decent football at times. Perhaps he is still on a learning curve and will develop as a manager. This level may be where his strengths are. I have no idea but I am grateful to him and the guys supporting him. To hear that Brown flew back from holiday to help and then flew back is extrodinary. I was physically shaking yesterday when the pens were being taken. Never experienced anything like that before. I'd bite your hand off if you could offer us a boring mid table place for next season just now.
  2. Frankly I was stunned when Locke was given the job due to his record in management. He has however turned a terrible team around and helped save our bacon big style. For that reason alone he deserves to at least be offered the job for next season on an affordable contract. He has shown that he can motivate players and get them organised and full of fight. Perhaps he has had help in that respect but he was the manager and they take the stick when things go wrong so IMO he should be given the chance to stay on.
  3. I suspect that EK's manager would have reacted in a slightly different manner if they had won but gladly for us that didn't happen. I do feel sorry for the EK supporters who had a soaking today and lost in such a painful way. Hopefully you get an easy win against Berwick next season .
  4. At least Big Jim still loves us.
  5. Sounds very interesting.
  6. You do seem to be extremely interesting.
  7. I can only gawp at the interesting content of your posts with envy.
  8. Thanks for your input. I will look forward to your further insights keenly.
  9. Great. Cheerio now.
  10. I promise to buy it more often next season. It is a great programme. Often is sold out by the time I arrive with my old Dad however. Arrived at the ground around about 1.30 today and they were all gone . You should consider doing a book now the our famous author refuses to do any more.
  11. Same goes for the Rovers Zen. Hope you didn't mind slumming it today. All the best for next season.
  12. Surely you have something better to do than troll Cowden threads ffs?
  13. You turned up at the wrong time. The dwarf convention mustn't have finished yet.
  14. Strangely, the raging Zoomer who started the Cowden Countdown thread has locked it. Heres a wee message for the few Cowden hating p***ks on this forum ;