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  1. Damage done well before today. Credit to Arbroath for seeing the game out today. Their experience showed and Renton was a huge miss for us today. It shows how much he adds to the team. For me the ref gave virtually every decision to Arbroath for most of the game. Our defending of the first goal was truly horrific though. The second was also a poor goal from our point of view as we failed to clear despite three chances to do so. Even when we pulled one back I knew the game was gone. CJ coming on summed it up for me. I won't be at the game next week. Forfar grubbed Clyde with Badpenis in their team so our prospects don't look good. Hopefully we can go into the last game with a slim chance.
  2. I was expecting our usual huge home support myself after such a magnificent last 3 seasons and our brilliant league position.
  3. No. Now f**k off.
  4. Word salad. Now f**k off.
  5. That's such a pity. Now f**k off.
  6. Exactly. The entire league would be utterly pointless if you never wanted to win it for fear of being promoted.
  7. She wasn't the daughter of anyone who supports Clyde FC. As long as he scores goals, who cares?
  8. Hopefully ewes make the play-off promotion final.
  9. Told you the cream would work. Best applied with a pinch of salt .
  10. Glad to hear that. Sounds like we both feel happy tonight. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
  11. That has yet to be decided. How do those sour grapes taste in your mouth ?
  12. Gary Locke and his back room team have now had time to settle in and I have to say that I have been very impressed by the difference we now see in our team. When he was announced as the new manager we were at an all time low and given how things had gone with Raith Rovers under him I certainly didn't feel positive about his appointment. He has however managed to change our players attitude and application fundamentally and brought back the fighting spirit which we all identified with as Cowden supporters. Seeing the players throw themselves into blocking tackles, clear out every ball , show creativity in passing and show pace and threat on the break today reminded me of how were once able to play. We are still up against it and to honest I'm scared rigid that we could go out of senior football like everyone else who cares about the club. If we can keep fighting like we did today against a team who were on a good run in the league then we could well be ok.
  13. Has your fungal infection come back again ?
  14. He's been locked away in a box by the pie and bovril sheriff. Sad as he was such a great poster .