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  1. I found the news on BBC GAD. In other news, it's confirmed that Callum Gibbins is joining on a 3 year deal. He's a back row. Centre Huw Jones and prop Oli Kebble are the other signings 4 nxt season. As for Scotland, Alex Dunbar appears to be fit for Sat.
  2. Toronto is the discussed venue and a roof's due to be fitted to combat the weather. Vancouver is also an option. Hardie, Barclay, Brown, Wilson, Bennett and Maitland all passed fit for Wales game.
  3. Regarding this Atlantic league caper, the media are talking like it's utter concrete. However, there's alternative rumours that Germany want to enter a franchise. We would still need to find one other team to create an even number. Been looking through Glasgow's results this season. Can't help but notice that, barring the defeats vs Munster and Cardiff, all these defeats so far have come during the Autumn Tests and 6N. Rumour has it that after the 2019 WC the calendar will be overhauled to improve 'player welfare'. Glasgow's welfare aswell imo!!
  4. EK can only throw it away in fairness (hopefully they do) though I look forward to another cracking day out in Rosewell next season as you were great hosts. Just like a lot of the LL teams.
  5. Reid's off to London Irish.
  6. Pity I couldn't make the game as this trip fell on an inconvenient time but it would be interesting going back to Raydale Park. Some of the away trips in this league are belters and Gretna would be one. We've almost played a full season and the novelty still hasn't worn off. Whitehill and Strollers (especially Strollers with the buffet) were exceptional hosts
  7. Off to the Warriors game tonight. George Clancy reffing tonight. Meanwhile in Belfast, Nigel Owens is taking care of Ulster v Edinburgh.
  8. It annoys me that the new rugby league season's starting. A game for softies too scared of the proper sport and/or that can't get a game of professional football
  9. Leicester are a team in disarray with no permanent gaffer. However, they were playing for pride especially since not losing a European home game since 2006. It was their strongest side with 3 lions starting. They also recently beat the mighty Munster at home. I was at the game. To be frank, it was frightening how terrible the Tigers were. However, we were clinical and snuffed them out at every opportunity. Great display from the guys. Been up since 5am for the flight down so having an early night. My TV in the hotel room doesn't work at all but I'm too delighted to care.
  10. I was at the game last night and I am absolutely gutted. We can argue about how far we've come that we're now equal to these famous teams but for the game itself it was a sickener. First thing I thought when I woke up this morning was how disappointing yesterday was. I'm going to Leicester where we MUST win to stand a chance. I don't know if this is wrong, but I'm hoping that Leicester put out a strong side so that we need to earn our win. Turning up and gubbing a 2nd string side might not blow yesterday's defeat out the window tbh. I thought we played well and it could have gone either way. Just a shame it went the wrong way though.
  11. Happy new year everyone. I was at the game and that was the last Pro12 game for over a month so a win was very important. The fact we got a BP is delightful. Cardiff were surprisingly very poor and their stand-in captain Sam Warburton was nowhere to be seen. Rey Lee-Lo was thankfully quiet too. We were clinical and bounced back well from the Russell/Seymour error for the first try. A bit annoying that we switched off right at the end to offer a bad line-out to offer Cardiff a consolation try. It happens when you're safe and over-relaxed though. Elsewhere in the Pro12 Ospreys got a BP win at home to Connacht. Expected tbh. In Europe, Munster went and got a BP win at an under-strength Racing. Again, fully expected that tbh.
  12. I hope not. Europe is extremely important but the league's the bread and butter.
  13. What pleased me about Boxing Day was how we didn't play excellent but our workrate and attitude was spot on. I was pleased with how we fronted up in bad weather and how we coped being on the wrong side of the ref in the 1st half and how good our defence was with 14 men. Until right at the end Edinburgh never looked like scoring a try. It would have been nice to get the bonus point but after the Autumn Test league games I'm just delighted to see Glasgow winning. Also, Edinburgh were always going to raise their game and make it stuffy. What I noticed though was how ordinary Edinburgh were. Gilchrist got in about us but that's really about it. Ben Toolis is no Jonny or Swino and Cornell du Preez is no Strauss. The few internationalists they have do raise their game for Scotland which is great but they'll have to get their act together if they want into the Champs Cup next season. Moving to Myreside MAY help. Hopefully it won't be like taking out a membership at a new library. As for us we should really be aiming at 5 points in Treviso and a win at home to Cardiff next Sat if we want to stay aiming for the play-offs before Europe again. Europe is HUGE for us but the Pro12 is the bread and butter.
  14. Can we pull out all the stops to sign the person who makes the pies at the Strollers? They're the best pies in the league.
  15. Good news about Lewis Wynne and his academy colleague. We must get 4 points minimum at Edinburgh, 5 in Treviso then 4 points minimum at home to Cardiff Blues before Europe starts again. Europe is very important and it's crucial to make the knock-outs but the league is the bread and butter.