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  1. David Denton was in the squad. Personally speaking we have Strauss, Wilson and even Adam Ashe who are proven No.8's. Denton really shouldn't be getting a look in tbh...
  2. I'll be in Galway on the 1st weekend of September for Connacht v Glasgow Warriors. If the times allow I may pop up to Sligo in the north of the province to watch Falkirk. If anyone goes back to Dublin to fly home keep in mind it's the GAA Final at Croke Park and County Galway are in the hurling. Expected to be a sell out. Good weekend if you like your sport
  3. That's a great working title for Star Wars Episode 8
  4. I think that is all just around the corner. I'd then go with a 12 team top tier where you play home and away. Then you can have promotion/relegation to a similar division below that. 2 go up and 2 go down to keep it simple. Below that you can have another suchlike division if there is a sufficient number. It looks like being a world-wide affair so then we go to regionalised zones where teams can play to enter the main league set-up.
  5. I'm thinking of the Connacht away game but wanting to make a weekend of it. Last time I went I visited the nearby town of Athenry for the hurling. Does anyone here know if the season's still running in hurling coz I was thinking about it
  6. Then of course the North American team(s) may well join just to make things even MORE complicated lol.
  7. Very soon I'd hope. Yep, from next season. However, the 2 SA teams are ineligible at this moment in time.
  8. Starts 19th August. Australia v NZ 11am UK time (I think) then at 4pm UK time it's SA v Argentina.
  9. Agreed. A lot of folk on that Facebook Scottish rugby forum who thought that we could stick a leash on him and get experience in France for a couple of years then then call him back to manage Scotland like a "good dog" were deluded. My argument that he's fluent in French, could become a millionaire within a couple of years what with all the cash flying about down there and he could just say "nah guys, I like the lifestyle, I'm staying long term" fell on deaf ears. Tempted to leave the group if I'm being honest...
  10. Yep, Eurosport Italia. However, BBC Alba is showing the Zebre away game. Treviso not on the TV but that's at home. In related news, Treviso are the stronger of the Italian teams so they can be tricky over there. Delighted to get them at home. Also thrilled to get the 2 SA teams at home. They're an unknown quantity so best to get them at Scotstoun and learn about them. SARU have said they'll each receive 5 SA internationalists. However I can't see their flagship guys such as Etzebeth leaving the richer Super Rugby franchises. Rare to win in Dublin so glad to get Leinster at home. Ulster have a new coach and no Paddy Jackson (this season at least) and Ruan Pienaar so they're in transition. Therefore I'll settle for a trip to Belfast. Having to go away to the champs Scarlets isn't ideal but you can't have everything lol. People on that Facebook Scottish rugby forum calling Jackson a donkey and suchlike don't know much about rugby imo. Maybe not international class in relation to the likes of Russell and Hogg but can still be a stalwart at pro club level. I think he'll be mainly used to cover injuries, the bench and will start during the internationals. Won't be surprised to see him become Mike Blair-esque and eventually take up a coaching role. Are any of you guys on that forum? Imho, there seems to be a lot of flippant rubbish spouted on it from time to time.
  11. I think his international days are gone. However, I'm hoping he'll be solid at club level going into the new season. He can play 10 and 15 and can cover injury, bench and start for Glasgow when the internationals come around.
  12. I heard that it was today that Rounds 1-13 were being released by the Pro14. I think that it is a good idea that the semi-pro project is happening. I think that Mark Dodson has got it spot on as there has to be a bridge between the top amateur level and the professional game imho. I think one of you fine fellows (Dogmc IF I'm not mistaken) made reference to how his child gets taught rugby and it's come on leaps and bounds to when I was in the Falkirk youth set-up and that was only the very late 90's. This is very good to hear coupled with how good Glasgow have been generally (up to now at least) and the resurgence of Scotland due to the talented players we have now. However, the current Scotland team will be ready to hang up their boots in about 10 years time so this new model will hopefully allow for just as talented players to take their place. Without this it'll just be a flash in the pan which would be very sad. New Zealand and SA have similar models, albeit on a bigger scale, with the ITM Cup and Currie Cup respectively. Over time it has grown to pay dividends. The B&I Lions had to work very hard to overcome ITM's Baa Baas in the summer for example. As for the league, Rounds 1-5 have been leaked. As a Glasgow fan, the interesting thing is that Rounds 1-4 are vs teams in our own conference. We open at Connacht 1st w/e of Sep, followed by our first home game vs Ospreys. This is followed by a trip to Cardiff Blues then Munster visit Scotstoun. The 5th game is the 1st game vs a team from the opposite conference. Outside the play-offs you'll have to wait till the following season for a trip to Treviso if you're a fellow Glasgow fan lol. I prefer this as Treviso are the slightly better Italian team and can be a nuisance at home so I'd prefer them in Glasgow. The 2 Irish teams in the other conference are Leinster and Ulster. Leinster away only would be a nightmare as it's rare to win there so home to them please. I'd fancy our chances if we go to Belfast this season as Ulster are in a bit of transition. If I mind right, they've changed their manager and Paddy Jackson will out for the season at least I'd think. Plus Ruan Pienaar's away and he really made them tick. Finally, due to the unknown quantity, I'd prefer to be at home vs the Southern Kings from the opposite conference. 2 home games allows us to size up the new teams for the following season where it'll be 2 away games. They're each being given 5 internationalists from SARU. However, I think we can safely say all the major SA internationalists will be happy staying in SA Super Rugby where all the money is. I can't see the likes of Eben Etzebeth moving to the Pro14 in the prime of his career. My final point is the possible introduction of a North American franchise(s) the following season. I'm all for expansion but if it grows further then we should consider a promotion/relegation format like England and France where 1 (preferably 2) go down which can syphon down through World/Euro divisions then further into regional systems.
  13. It'll be chopped and changed every season. Two at Murrayfield and 2 at Scotstoun.
  14. I think the set could be ok if we give it a chance. Overall there are slightly less games which puts player welfare into consideration plus will help us during international time. At first I was cynical about 2 conferences as they play home/away in France with a 14 team league. However keep in mind the French give little heed to away league games traditionally so put out more developing sides. As a Glasgow fan, teams such as Leinster and Ulster will not particularly want to potentially go away to the likes of Ospreys, Munster and ourselves in the same way that we don't want to go to these places either. Therefore, it's like swings and roundabouts. Also, I thought it'd be a more even home/away split but it's not. This gives us more value for money. Glasgow are at a deficit with 10 home league games whereas the following season we'll get 11. This means we still get 4 home games from the opposite conference then the following season we'll get 5. This season we get a free ticket for the 2nd Edinburgh away game along with a +1 which sounds a good deal to me. Then the following season we MAY also get the American team joining too.
  15. There's a shout. A drink before the supporters bus leaves. I'm working through the day so don't want to make a concrete commitment but can HOPEFULLY get away at a reasonable time for a refreshment. What pub you chaps going to?