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  1. We need to up the ante here. Just not doing it at all atm. Great rolling maul leading to nice try from Ross Ford but that's about it. Jackson's ok but doesn't have Hogg's flair but Price needs to get on to inject some pace and threat. Pyrgos isn't bringing much to the table atm.
  2. I really can't support this team. I sincerely hope that NZ give the British an absolute hiding. Fortunately it's a strong NZ team. Here's hoping that the AB's get in their faces and let them know they're in a bloody hard game.
  3. I really wouldn't have minded the Chiefs getting the win here. Dave Rennie's Glasgow Warriors team will play against a lot of the Lions guys in the Pro12 and Europe so a win might have given him a wee boost going into the new job. Having said that I don't think it was a particularly strong Chiefs team.
  4. From the outside looking in I hope it all goes smoothly and all Celtic fans travelling over get back safely. I reckon after the game the police will escort the Celtic team bus to the airport whilst they will do the same with Celtic fans to the airports and ferry port. The Orange Lodge members have always been fine imo, the trouble comes with the idiots who tag along for the marches. The police had better start organising it all just now. There's no way Linfield are going to slip up to a team from San Marino.
  5. Again I agree with a lot of what you say and Toony could easily become a more successful Scotland coach than Cotter. However, Cotter should take credit for developing a more positive approach which allowed us to win more tight games. For example, I think previous regimes would have lost those games over in Japan. He also developed the confidence amongst a good group of players to believe they can win 6N games against teams other than Italy with a bit of panache to boot. He had his faults but he delivered some good developments imo. In other news, there are reports circulating that Russell will sign a 3 year deal with Montpellier from the 2018/19 season. Hmm...
  6. Very true that Lineen and Toony developed the guys for Cotter but they generally weren't transferring that form for Scotland and the national side were a mess. It was a tough, long job for Cotter but these home 6N wins over France, Wales and Ireland were a testament to his dedication and patience. We finished 4th purely on points difference in the 6N and could have been 3rd or 2nd. When we played Japan the climate was an advantage to them but most importantly it was at the end of a very long season where players had been in world cup training camps since the summer of 2015. Brutal stuff.
  7. We're 5th in the world, we had a very respectable 6N, we've just beaten Oz in Sydney, Toony looks to be building on the great foundations that Cotter built (so far at least) and we'll win the tournament with a win on Sat then the players can enjoy a well earned rest. The U20's are doing grand too. It's looking good so far I totally get that but here's my concerns: We've won the toughest game in theory and the Fijians 15 aside game is relatively weak as they focus their energies on 7's. However, we're playing Fiji in their own backyard in a tropical climate that gives them the advantage. Seymour, Laidlaw and Russell are now with the Lions and Huw Jones is injured. Now Toony has just let Dunbar head back early. Fiji have just shocked Italy too. I hope we're not taking a win for granted. Has the potential to be very tricky.
  8. The Lions beat the Maoris, Wales beat Tonga, England beat Argentina and Ireland hammered Japan. Fiji beating Italy was a bit of a shock though. We'll have to win the forward battle vs Fiji next weekend and keep Nakarawa quiet. If not their quick backs could run us ragged. I'd still maintain that Scotland have had the best win. England have won 2-0 with a weakened team but Argentina just seem lost at sea barring the rare Rugby Championship win and raising their game for world cups. Lethal at going forward vs England but their organisation when defending and penalty count, at home too, was lamentable as per the norm! Game vs Fiji live on Scottish Rugby's official website. K/o at 3:30am UK time on Sat morning
  9. All true. However Cotter built great foundations which Toony looks to be building on
  10. The Lions beat the Maori who were absolutely howling in the 2nd half. You'll need to give Barnes and Greenwood time to climax before the Scotland highlights start though. Absolutely outstanding defence today. We've just won, in theory at least, the toughest game of the tour. First win in Sydney to boot. I reckon the Scots that go to the Lions, if at all, would be rested for the Fiji game anyways. However, I'm hoping we'd have the strength in depth to go to Suva and win. However, we'll be up against their home crowd and tropical climate. They are weak at 15's as 7's is their baby, but Italy lost this morning in Suva so need to be respected. For now delighted though
  11. Come on Scotland! Going to be very tough though. In other news Fiji beat Italy in Suva with an 80th minute drop goal.
  12. The BBC website stating that the Lions SHOULD and must win this game. A few 1st team AB's in the Maori squad, including the odd World Cup winner. No guarantee that the Lions will win whatsoever imho...
  13. I've just had micro-looks at the team as I've been busy at work. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it
  14. Woops. Just noticed Duncan Taylor at centre. I reckon Alex Dunbar and Pete Horne are being rested to combat the very,very quick Fijians.
  15. Still a lot of good strength in depth overall. Duncan Taylor looked to pick up a knock vs Italy so is perhaps inured? Jones, Tonks and Hughes are young and learning the craft internationally but have been doing a sound job domestically. Lee Jones ran riot over in Paris vs Racing mind. Some summer games can be experimental after a long season anyway. We'll need to wait and see what happens.