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  1. Now that the 6N is over I was thinking about the round ball. Traditionally at least, I've never followed our footy team strongly. However, I was fancying the game tonight vs Canada, but they want £22 for a ticket. I was considering the Slovenia game on Sun night but the cheapest ticket (inc. booking fee) was £35. Aint the cheapest imho...
  2. Now that the dust has settled on this year's 6 Nations I think it was a successful one barring Twickers. A wee bit annoying that we finished 4th on points difference when 2nd, 3rd and 4th all finished on 14 points. However, we done our bit with excellent home wins vs Ireland and Wales, a winning BP vs Italy at home and a losing BP vs France away. We have a lot to thank Cotter for as he's laid excellent foundations that I hope that Toony can build on. He has to take credit too. Cotter shaped them at Scotland but Toony made them at Glasgow. It'll be interesting to see what squad Gatland picks in April for the Lions tour after a few curveballs throughout the tournament. Scotland 5th in the rankings so in Pot 2 for the WC draw in May. That means we can't draw SA, Wales or France which is very handy. Though from Pot 1 we could draw NZ, Oz, England or Ireland. In Pot 3 we could draw Argentina, Italy, Georgia or Japan. What are your thoughts on that? Anyone with any idea who we could possibly face from Pots 4 and 5? Back to the domestic game it's been announced that Pascal Gauzere will ref Sarries v Glasgow. Before then though a tough game at home vs Connacht to think about. We may not make the play-offs but we want to finish as well as poss in the Pro12 to avoid Pot 4 for next season's Euro Champs cup draw. We'd get an awful draw with no chance of an Italian team to boot.
  3. Good result for our ladies and Under 20's. As for the Swinson-gate scandal, I think we have to look between the lines perhaps. The Gray bros have dominated the 2nd row this campaign but Swinno has been coming in and playing well. However, Cotter obviously feels that Gilchrist deserves his chance after his injury issues. I'd go for Swinno personally but I wish Gilchrist all the best. Also, maybe Gilchrist has impressed in training. As for the game I think it's a potential banana skin. Simone Favaro and Michele Campagnaro aren't playing which helps, but Parisse controls that team and Francesco Minto can be handy from the bench.
  4. I didn't get to K Park this season haha. Maybe next season
  5. Would have preferred a cracking away trip to a new away ground but hey ho.
  6. Fair point. However the team will want to give Cotter a good send off and after great home wins vs Ireland and Wales and a BP in Paris the guys will want to finish well. If we grab a win on Sat (hopefully with BP) it'll have been an excellent 6N barring Twickers. In other news, World Rugby have announced massive shake-ups post-2019 world cup. Take a look at their website. Basically summer internationals will take place in July to allow Super Rugby to finish. Autumn tests will start a week earlier in Nov. July tests will be limited to 2 games after a world cup season. Tier 2 nations are going to be given 39% more game time vs Tier 1 nations. This will allow emerging European nations to develop besides just Romania and Georgia. Rumours abound that Jonny Gray could leave early to join Richie at Toulouse to replace Yoann Maestri. I HOPE that's just speculation.
  7. Absolutely delighted with that team. Shame for Bennett but Jones is an able replacement. Brown was daft but he has played a lot of rugby and Cotter may feel that he's due a rest. When it comes to the home nations and France in the 6N, it's traditionally vs Italy where they may make changes and experiment anyway. With respect, I'm not sure if I agree with that. Awful defeat but the tournament is played over 5 games not 1. We were perhaps a bit unlucky to have to settle for a losing bp in France and we've beaten Wales and an excellent Ireland side. People seem to have forgotten this suddenly.
  8. Maybe just the way O'Shea works. It's a bit odd when it may be up for public editing if, for example, an injury occurs at training on the lead up to the game. If we can keep Parisse quiet we should HOPEFULLY keep the rest quiet. This is where having Strauss out and maybe even Wilson is a big blow. Parisse's one of the best 8's in the world. I'd bring in Barclay at 8 if Wilson doesn't make it and give Harley a chance at back row again.
  9. We need a win (preferably with a bp) to finish as high up the table as poss. What's worrying me is how I've been so confident that will happen. It'll be a huge job for O'Shea but I just hope it doesn't bite me. Italy are used to being stuffy only at home but even at Murrayfield it could be a banana skin. At least you KNOW Leinster, Ospreys etc are great sides but it's the opponent that comes under the radar that's the most dangerous. I'm like this when Zebre and Treviso (especially Treviso) play Glasgow.
  10. Victory for common sense and a waste of time to boot. Landed on his back and dealt with by yellow card at the time. Rule of thumb is that if it's late, it's a penalty only (unless continual), lands on his back is a yellow and it's a red if it's his neck and/or head. TV footage showed it was the top of his BACK alk day long.
  11. I have been to umpteen rugby internationals as that's my game but I don't follow the footy team that closely (only been to 3 games but I still want to see them win). Therefore, I couldn't talk about the footy team with even a modicum of authority. However, I DO know one thing. The 2 industries in Scotland are so, so different. The way they are run are different, the leagues they play in are different. It is ALL so different. Instead of looking at another sport, look at another country's footy set-up. Spain or Germany for example. However, that would be a long-term plan. In the meantime let's just get behind ALL Scottish teams/athletes.
  12. I think the merger offers a great chance to (hopefully) bring the 2 sets of fans together to create a bigger club that can hopefully attract other new fans from Paris. A new club may appeal to young people getting into rugby, or sport in general, for the first time. Let's keep in mind that the south of France (particularly the Basque south-east) is the real French rugby heartland. Paris, despite being a very cosmopolitan city, is utter footy daft unless the French rugby team are playing generally. Let's see what happens before we knock it. I'm humoured by the imagination of a Rangers-Celtic merge in footy. A nuclear apocalypse would be a joy compared to that potential fallout lol.
  13. As a Glasgow fan I would hope that Russell et al will be ready for Connacht's visit a week on Sat. Even if they're not ready for Italy game I would sincerely hope that we would have the players to get the job done. Fingers crossed...
  14. Fingers crossed the North British footy players get a win vs Slovenia. If not at least we've taken part.
  15. Just to round off the bad news for fellow Warriors fans: Mind the Ulster v Zebre game postponed due to poor weather? Well that was replayed on Sat evening. Needless to say it was a comfy bonus point win for Ulster.