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  1. One of those days where the performance was reasonable enough but we struggled to break down a well organised and stuffy Queens defence. Nade was given a tough time of it but you can't fault the defenders if the referee isn't willing or able to see it as a foul. Some of the manhandling was ridiculous. The big man took his goal well but I'm not connvinced he's yet fully fit. Unfortunately when Thommo came on our attacking threat all but disappeared. Harvie had a poor game but inconsistency is to be expected in a young player so I wouldn't be overly critical. He'll play better next week if fit. Vaughan is a very worthy addition to our squad and played well yesterday, but at times tried to do it all himself. Was unlucky not to score. Overall I think a draw wouldn't been a fair result but Queens took their chances and we didn't. However, if a team playing badly and winning is a sign of a good team, what is a team who play well and continue to pick up nothing? Morton, Hibs and QoS; three consecutive games where our play arguably deserved more, but we've taken 0 from 9 points. Let's hope that's not a sign because if we go through another dip in performances we could be in real trouble. Some crucial games coming up.
  2. Sometimes there's no justice in football. On another day Dumbarton take at least a point from that. Thought Hibs were off the pace slightly and Dumbarton took the game to them well. Vaughan excellent and well deserving of his MotM, Carswell did well and Docherty again outstanding in the holding role. Commons tooo his goal well but other than that I thought Hibs were disappointing. For us, it's another game where the performance has been encouraging but we haven't taken anything from the game.
  3. As the bigger club, Ayr prpbably offered him more cheddar.
  4. He could have cleared up any confusion then by explaining that to the ref. Didn't. We'll mark him down as a cheat then.
  5. Shame to see Fraz go but our budget doesn't cover sentiment and it was obvious he wasn't able to offer much on the playing front for the remainder of the season. It should free up some decent wage for (hopefully) the imminent arrival of a good quality centre half. Big thanks to him for his efforts, been a very positive signing and played his part in keeping us up last season. Harvie's extended loan is a boost, as is the arrival of Vaughan. Pleased with the business concluded this far and credit to Aitken and his team for that.
  6. I walked out of the Bonnyrigg game (the home game) convinced Aitken had lost the dressing room, such was the lack of fight and desire from the players that night. That being one of the reasons I was an advocate for him being removed from his position in the immediate aftermath. The recent results against against Falkirk, Queens and now Ayr may not have been vintage performances but have proved me wrong in terms of the players willingness to compete and grind out results. I said before the match today that a win would be massive but a point would be no bad result if scores went out way elsewhere, and so it proved. Ayr may well rue their inability to see out today's game if, as looks likely, they're dragged into the relegation dogfight with ourselves and the slightly improving Saints and Pars.
  7. Well if today tells us anything it's that the players are still playing for the manager and have a fair amount of fight about them. Good to see after recent poor performances. Too come back from 2-0, 3-2 and 4-3 is impressive, especially when down a man. onwards and upwards.
  8. Feel a bit more positive after yesterday's well deserved result. Thought the players gave their all, however it'll take more than a 1-in-whatever win ratio for me to fall back on the side of Aitken. The Bonnyrigg performances were unacceptable, as have been the tactics deployed for a large part of this season. If Aitken learns anything from that match is that we should afford our opponents less respect than we do. The gap between us and the others isn't as great as he'd let us believe. Yesterdays win was a welcome boost, particularly with the results going out way elsewhere, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There was still areas of our game that could've been better, most notably our ability, or willingness, to get men forward when we have possession. It's no conincidence the winning goal came from one of the few times we drove at the Falkirk defence. Stanton did well, and Fleming's finish was excellent. We do have players who can open teams up when our tactics allow them to do so. It just doesn't happen often enough. We need to build on this win or it becomes another one off result sandwiched between too many inept performances. We need consistency. A win at Somerset and maybe I'll start believing Aitken has it in him to keep us in this division. On a slightly different note; I took my brother-in-law along to the game yesterday, along with his two kids. When he tried to enter via the child and parent gate he was told he needed to go the the season ticket door to buy a parent & child ticket, then return to the turnstile to pay for the additional child. Unnecessary hassle, unprofessional system and not a great first impression of the club's set-up sadly. Wanted to buy a club scar for his son, non available. Add to that the price of over £30 and it's not hard to see why we don't attract many walk up fans. The club really do need to address the overall match day experience.
  9. Money shouldn't come in to it. If he has any level of self respect he'd do the honourable thing and walk away. Tonight was the final straw for me. An absolute shambles from start to finish.
  10. Aitken should do the honourable thing. A set-up so devoid of direction and any form of game plan it was criminal. The players must also take a fairly hefty wedge of criticism. The lack of desire, the lack of responsibility and the complete inability to match Bonnyrigg's hunger was completely unacceptable. A few players were found out tonight; McCallum, Smith, Stevenson, Robert Thomson and Stirling being the most notable. None of them good enough, but ultimately the buck stops with the manager. I could handle being put out the cup in a one off match, but really, at the second time of asking we should enough professionalism to do what's needed. 180 minutes of dross. Bonnyrigg deserved that tonight and I'm genuinely pleased for their supporters. Particularly those with long standing family ties to the club; two of whom I spoke to at the fiist tie. Genuine football men. Enjoy the night lads and the next round tie which will really boost the club coffers.
  11. Absolutely never in doubt....
  12. Would take a point today. Notwithstanding our injury problems and regardless of Queens current form our away record is atrocious and anything we take from this should be considered a bonus. I've never seen is win in Dumfries so can't say I'm running high on confidence ahead of the match. I'd expect an even more defensive set-up than normal given our lack of attacking options. A 0-0 borefest is probably the best we can hope for. Hopefully Falkirk can do is a favour and take maximum points from St Mirren.
  13. Felt exactly the same. Sanding at Wembley watching fans clapping players who have just been far too easily swept aside by a bang average England side. Fans dancing in the concourse having just watched us lose 3-0 to our greatest rivals. No time for that at all. An embarrassment.
  14. "We have therefore identified that residential development at Young’s Farm is the only way in which the stadium development can be funded, and we have updated our proposals to make provision for this.” or "We have realised we do not have the financial clout to fund our fairytale but propose to press on regardless as a return on our investment is far more important to us than the future wellbeing of the club". Brabco are in this to make money. Fair enough. But let's cut out the crap and tell it how it is please. Don't take the fans for mugs. We're heading up the Clyde in a banana boat here; having sold the only paddle we had for a bag of magic beans.
  15. Not wanting to take the focus away fro the transfer speculation but having read this earlier I thought it would be worth sharing. "Paul Goodwin of the Scottish Supporters Association said: “Dumbarton is the club that is giving us the most concern, given that a vast shareholding is unclear. It is back to that transparency thing. How can the punters who go along every week understand what is going on? If something is offshore, we have to ask "why?"." Basically the article raises concerns over the ownership of Scottish football club by anonymous offshore companies. This isn't exactly new and we'll all be familiar with the concerns raised by fans of our club in the past. Interesting however that it's now being picked up by the national press. Alan Jardine continues to peddle the 'saved the club' line without giving any further detail as to why this may have been the case. The setup doesn't portray the club in a great light to be honest.