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  1. Not in my leafy suburb they weren't. Backies and only one in the box at any one time. Mon Ayr fair's fair.
  2. This is real fitba, none of that champions league everyone in the right position modern nonsense. If Ayr had any class they'd take off a player and just play with a backie
  3. If Ayr don't win this automatic relegation should follow. saying that, would love to see Stevo crack home a 89th minute free-kick winner al la thon Paraguay boy Chilavez or whatever he was called.
  4. It makes last weeks collapse to Ayr all the more frustrating. Back to back defeats to ourselves and now St Mirren would've been a massive blow to their morale. The only reservations I have is that we're still to go to both but agree that there shouldn't be any cause for panic at present. I'll pin my colours to the mast now and say that 1 or 2 more wins will see us safe from 10th, probably from 9th as well if results elsewhere go out way.
  5. At the moment Ayr and Raith look in a far worse state than both ourselves and St Mirren, but we're in no way safe. Had we held on to win last week against ayr I'd have been saying we were a knitter win away from being safe of bottom place. We're close but still work to do. For what it's worth I'd expect the Saints to kick on from this. It's a massive blow to Ayr's morale.
  6. Dunfermline haven't won since January, and both Ayr & Raith are on 16/17 without a win. Contrast that to our current run of four unbeaten, averaging 2 goals per game in last 5. We've done well to pick up points during an awful spell for our nearest rivals. More importantly we've played St Mirren, Raith and Ayr recently and haven't lost. Maintain the gap and chalk off another game. The most positive aspect for me is that we're scoring goals and competing well. Stirling has been outstanding and helped us become a far more offensive outfit. We also have a settled back 4 which shouldn't be underestimated. If we continue in a similar vain for the remainder of the season we'll be fine. I'm confident we can pick up more points than Ayr over the run in and although I expect st mirren to start getting results I think we've probably done enough to keep them out of reach. The pars looked like a well drilled outfit last night at Easter Rd and will be a tough test but we should go there with confidence.
  7. Lovely jubbly
  8. A nice little flashback to the Scottish cup final there.
  9. Do you realise the LMA are a recognised trade union? Which means there backing gives Warburton and Co significant support, particularly in relation to access to legal support with financial contribution? To put it a way you may find easier to understand; for every £1 Rangers 2012 were to spend on legal fees Warburton et al could spend five.
  10. Its fair to say we will always struggle to attract the majority of football fans in the area when most are drawn to the old firm. Even more important then that you look after your existing customer base. A few years ago I was one of a group of six season ticket holders. This season I'm the only one left. One jacked it in as a direct result of, in his view, the way the club treated the fans with disdain. After 40+ years he'd had enough. A couple others fell away as they have young families and the cost becomes harder to justify when time with the family at weekends is at a premium. However everyone, including me, have had substandard dealings with the club in the past and it'd be naive to think that wasn't a factor. We're run like an old boys bowling club. Mr Jardine is our chairman and is ultimately accountable. Sadly I don't think he's willing or capable of changing how the club is run.
  11. I actually thought Lang did pretty well when he came on, although maybe I was slightly biased sitting next to his family. Nice folk who were delighted he got on. He did well overall with the exception of trying to be clever and giving a foul away when a ball back to the keeper was the safe option, and St Mirren's second goal where most of the defence disappeared. Looked strong and quick though. He'll improve with game time/experience and be a decent addition to our squad. Overall a draw was a fair reflection of a game where the heavy pitch made free flowing football impossible. I thought we were ok, nothing decent and fell short of the performances in our games at home to Hibs and QoS, yet on this occasion we take a valuable hard earned point. As others have said we suffered from losing Carswell who's done well for us so far. When he went off I felt Stanton dropped deeper and we lost that attacking threat. Another influential contribution from prince Nade. Headered the ball harder than most could kick it for the goal and a cute header in to Thommo for the 2nd. Top boy. Another game chalked off with the gap being maintained is good enough for me. Another win will see us safe from 10th imo.
  12. Absolutely. In the context of the other results today our win is a big step towards safety. But it's more than that. Our three previous games had seen us put in good performances (last week less so but still arguably deserved something from the game) and take zero points from 9. My fear today was that we'd put in another good performance but that another narrow defeat would have impacted on the confidence of the players, and before you know it you're in a real dip, questioning where the next point's coming from. Instead we've halted a run a defeats with a comprehensive away win. Three goals will give the players confidence ahead of next weeks crucial match with St Mirren. In contrast the Buddies will be on a downer. After a positive cup result last weekend and win for them today could've seen a bit of a run kicking in. Instead they're back to losing with the gap to 8th extending further. likewise Ayr. Both lose at home while we win and chalk off another tricky way tie. Plenty to be positive about, more so when I hear we're upsetting one half of the old firm arse.
  13. Just need Falkirk to keep St Mirren at bay and we're looking at a massive result in terms of the overall season.
  14. One of those days where the performance was reasonable enough but we struggled to break down a well organised and stuffy Queens defence. Nade was given a tough time of it but you can't fault the defenders if the referee isn't willing or able to see it as a foul. Some of the manhandling was ridiculous. The big man took his goal well but I'm not connvinced he's yet fully fit. Unfortunately when Thommo came on our attacking threat all but disappeared. Harvie had a poor game but inconsistency is to be expected in a young player so I wouldn't be overly critical. He'll play better next week if fit. Vaughan is a very worthy addition to our squad and played well yesterday, but at times tried to do it all himself. Was unlucky not to score. Overall I think a draw wouldn't been a fair result but Queens took their chances and we didn't. However, if a team playing badly and winning is a sign of a good team, what is a team who play well and continue to pick up nothing? Morton, Hibs and QoS; three consecutive games where our play arguably deserved more, but we've taken 0 from 9 points. Let's hope that's not a sign because if we go through another dip in performances we could be in real trouble. Some crucial games coming up.