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  1. 100 yards from the England fans yesterday. I'll take those two moments to the grave.
  2. Interesting to note people's views on maintenance of the stadium. With the exception of the fairly significant slope at the near side corner of the pitch, I don't see too much cause for concern with the stand itself. In a structural sense. It could do with a bit of cosmetics but is that the general concern or are others seeing more serious issues I may be missing? In terms of cosmetics, is this an area where the support could lend a hand? I know you need to be careful in terms of insurance, H&S etc but for low complex works like painting, general joinery etc maybe a volunteering day over the summer could help the club and reduce labour costs? Just a thought. On the Aitken interview, I agree he comes across very well. As he always has done. I'm glad his situation has been resolved and although it's disappointing to see players move elsewhere the hope is that we can now move forward and get the squad shaped early. Ben Gordon would be a useful signing if available but I'm sure Aitken will have his own targets lined up. Of course the quality we attract will be the best indicator of available budget.
  3. Sincerest condolences to you and your family. I spoke to your Dad briefly on a few occasions and he always came across as a very genuine person with a real passion for the Sons. Best wishes to his family and friends.
  4. I honestly don't think we'd need as many as 7 points. Would be lovely, but not necessary. Another win would give us a four point lead on Raith and a six point lead on Ayr, arguably 7 given goal difference. With 5 games left I think that's too big a gap for both. Raiths remaining fixtures are Pars, Morton, Hibs, St Mirren and Ayr. With Raith and Ayr meeting on the last day that's one less game where both can take maximum points. Raith could also be going to easter road on their title day. Maybe im being over optimistic, but we beat that mob from the wrong side of the Clyde yeasterday and the suns oot. Life's on the up.
  5. With Raith in freefall and Ayr shambolic against anyone other than us I'm confident that we're only one win from safety. St Mirren next week will be tough, but I'm confident with our remaining fixtures we can do enough. Yesterday's win was massive.
  6. Morton fans having a dig at our single stand whilst Cappielow remains a h&s bombscare you wouldn't walk your dog in. sit down boys.
  7. Worried about how big Robert Thomson would play today given his pre-contract with Morten. Shouldn't have, big man was excellent. Won plenty of headers and generally linked well with the midfield. Thought McCrorie played well. Worked hard, broke up play and covered a lot of ground. Vaughan did well and Stirling again did looked dangerous on the ball. Smith was solid. Morton were unlucky not to score but didn't do enough overall to complain. Really important win after last week and one that drags Raith back into the mix and opens a gap on ayr. Lovely.
  8. I'll happily concede goals if we're banging them in at the other end. Well, not happily, but you know what I mean. We've had a marked improvement in performance and results since the cup game that shall not be mentioned. Almost certainly due to a shift to a more positive attacking system. What frustrated most during the early part of the season was that most of knew the players we had were better than the system Aitken was imposing on them. He deserved criticism for that, and credit for identifying and changing it. On today, that's a tremendous result given last weeks performance, the utter shambles that was heidbuttgate and the 'six pointer' feel of the game given Raith's result midweek. I missed today but followed it on BT. not often you get four chances to cheer our name on the screen in a single afternoon.
  9. Not in my leafy suburb they weren't. Backies and only one in the box at any one time. Mon Ayr fair's fair.
  10. This is real fitba, none of that champions league everyone in the right position modern nonsense. If Ayr had any class they'd take off a player and just play with a backie
  11. If Ayr don't win this automatic relegation should follow. saying that, would love to see Stevo crack home a 89th minute free-kick winner al la thon Paraguay boy Chilavez or whatever he was called.
  12. It makes last weeks collapse to Ayr all the more frustrating. Back to back defeats to ourselves and now St Mirren would've been a massive blow to their morale. The only reservations I have is that we're still to go to both but agree that there shouldn't be any cause for panic at present. I'll pin my colours to the mast now and say that 1 or 2 more wins will see us safe from 10th, probably from 9th as well if results elsewhere go out way.
  13. At the moment Ayr and Raith look in a far worse state than both ourselves and St Mirren, but we're in no way safe. Had we held on to win last week against ayr I'd have been saying we were a knitter win away from being safe of bottom place. We're close but still work to do. For what it's worth I'd expect the Saints to kick on from this. It's a massive blow to Ayr's morale.
  14. Dunfermline haven't won since January, and both Ayr & Raith are on 16/17 without a win. Contrast that to our current run of four unbeaten, averaging 2 goals per game in last 5. We've done well to pick up points during an awful spell for our nearest rivals. More importantly we've played St Mirren, Raith and Ayr recently and haven't lost. Maintain the gap and chalk off another game. The most positive aspect for me is that we're scoring goals and competing well. Stirling has been outstanding and helped us become a far more offensive outfit. We also have a settled back 4 which shouldn't be underestimated. If we continue in a similar vain for the remainder of the season we'll be fine. I'm confident we can pick up more points than Ayr over the run in and although I expect st mirren to start getting results I think we've probably done enough to keep them out of reach. The pars looked like a well drilled outfit last night at Easter Rd and will be a tough test but we should go there with confidence.
  15. Lovely jubbly