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  1. The Sons 2018/19

    I’m led to believe Ross Forbes will be working with C&G Systems this season who will be supplementing his part-time wave with us. Given the also employ Hutton and Carswell, and latterly Stewart, they are becoming an excellent partner for the club. I really hope this encourages more fans to take up season tickets now. A real statement of intent signing Forbes but we can only continue in that vain if the fans back the club with cold hard cash. If you haven’t done so already...do it.
  2. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    Hospitality awaits today, the last time I was in there for an important game we put Hamilton to the sword. 4-1 if I recall and ruined their promotion party. An omen maybe. 66/1 for that scoreline today...
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Nothing wrong with showing respect to an ex player who gave everything he had for the club. Thought Fleming did ok in the deeper role but it’s clear to me that League 1 is his level now. Good player for us in his day though.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Most clubs will have 2-4 fundraising events per year. We should look to do the same but the novelty soon runs a bit thin when it's the same old sportsmans dinner type event. That's why I was pleased to see us try something a bit different with the Murder Mystery night. Not everyone's cup of tea which is fair enough but equally it will hopefully appeal to a different demographic. The club needs events like this to work so hopefully the fans get behind it.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    Whilst I understand that line of thinking it’s not an opinion I share. I’ve never bought a season ticket on the basis of saving money over 18 walk up prices, or not bought one because I’d miss x number and therefore tip the balance away from what I’d perceive to be value for money. I’ve bought a season ticket because it’san investment in my club that allows season long budgets to be set. If the reality is that I win or lose by a few quid either way I’m not that bothered. The club have made a pretty bold move here imo. They’ve listened to fans views on pricing and reduced them as far as practicable, but that comes at a risk. Reduced pricing needs an increase in sales or we’re looking at a financial deficit and this a reduced playing budget. I’d encourage fans to reward this move by buying STs and show the board that reduced pricing can work. If not, we can’t have any complaints when the price is back up next year.
  6. Sons' sorrow

    Well, maybe now is the time to draw a line under that and look at how we can make things better. For generations the board at dumbarton have failed to reach out and engage with the support, never mind the wider community. I think that is acknowledged by the club and there is now a realisation that things need to change. Now we can either stand on the sidelines and moan about it if we can get involved and try to make things better from within. I know what position I’d rather take. This Saturday the club have live music in the bar pre-match, the local poet in, post match awards ceremony including the chairman and gaffer making an appearance, and there’s even a few things on this planned for the kids. Big kids too. The local estate has also been leafleted to try and encourage a few along. Its a few small things. But its a few small things in the right direction. If the club is to improve off the field these things matter. Better fan engagement, better match day experience and (crucially) a more proactive community engagement policy. That should be the baseline going forward regardless of what division we find ourselves in next season.
  7. Sons' sorrow

    Good to see the club marketing this and the new chairman (and gaffer) willing to come out and talk to the fans. Hopefully plenty of fans head along after the match and give the players a bit of a boost ahead of the play-offs. Despite all the doom and gloom I here, we’re not down yet.
  8. That really does sum Rangers up. No long term plan, no recognition that living within their means is the only viable option, even if that means playing second fiddle to Celtic for the foreseeable. Just a demand for a large investment, from someone, anyone. A big juicy warchest to bring them the instant gratification they desire.
  9. I’ll critise Aitken if I believe he is worthy of critisicm, regardless of his past achievements. He’s a big boy. His team selection at the moment deserves to be scrutinised as we are not performing and some players who are under par continue to start. It is easy to criticise yes. That criticism is fair though when your able to back it up with fact based opinion and offer potential alternatives.
  10. Shocker of a result today and one that won’t help our confidence ahead of the inevitable play-offs. Im getting more and more frustrated every week with Stewart sitting on the bench while Stevie opts for Gallagher or Nesbit. Stewart is an experienced and well established player at this level. His positioning, off the ball movement and finishing is far superior to anything the other two can offer. Like BBPF said, if he’s fit enough for the bench he should be fit enough to start. Handling was a liability at Tannadice and offered nothing against Livi. He’s not working hard enough in the middle and we simply can’t afford to be carrying passengers in our position. Burt ahead of him for he remainder please. We’re scoring goals again which keeps eternal optimists like me hopeful we’ll survive the playoffs, but the defence has now became the main concern.
  11. Surprised to see Morton fans unhappy with Duffy. From the outside looking in I’d say 5th in the Championship would be a decent season for Morton. Exactly where they should be. Albeit there’s every chance they’ll leapfrog a woeful United between now and the season end. Nothing lost yet and I’d fancy Morton to sneak 4th before losing out in the play-offs. Hopefully Dumbarton can put in another strong performance tonight but two games a week will be taking its toll. I’d freshen things up with Burt in for Handling and Stewart starting instead of Gallagher. A win would be great but I’m resigned to a playoff spot regardless so avoiding defeat and scoring a goal or two wto keep the confidence growing would do me fine.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    If that signals the departure of Les Hope then by all accounts that’s a very good outcome. As far as I’m aware he has brought absolutely nothing to the table in terms of business acumen.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Exactly. All today has given us is a platform to build on. We’re going to need plenty more battling performances both on the pitch and off it in the coming weeks and months.
  14. Dumbarton v Dundee United

    Laurel and hardy at left and right respectively. Hardy wearing the Stobie mask well. Great to see us with a bit of fight, sadly lacking in the last three games. Today was the Dumbarton from last season. Not afraid to put it about a bit and willing to get men forward when in possession. Dowie was colossal today, as was Dick who had his best game in a Sons jersey. Also thought Hutton did well to stifle Stanton and Gallagher had a good game albeit could have had more had he been more clinical in the first half hour. United looked as cagey at the back as they did on Tuesday night, but this time we punished them. Not convinced they’ll make the play-offs but wish them well. Good support through today. All about confidence for us now. That’ll do for starters.