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  1. Sons' sorrow

    I'd be disappointed if we took anything less than 2000. The novelty factor alone will bring out many, plus our standard 5-600 hardcore and many exiled Sons who will fancy a trip home for the big one off games. The club really need to play their part here though and capitalise on the clubs first major final in lifetime. As does the local papers. I had a Dumbarton based Celtic fan at my desk today asking me about the final. A decent guy despite his allegiance to one of them, and general apathy for the club. Saying this morning he fancies coming along for the final. Slightly condescending maybe, but welcome nonetheless. There will be a fair few who fancy the day out.
  2. TNS v Dumbarton

    On the bus home with Moonster. I can report he's currently unconscious, head supported by a window. There's a faint pulse, so I reckon he'll make it. worth it imo.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    As disappointing as that would be I think Nade's ability to influence a game is now all but over. With a small squad and finite budget we can't afford to carry anyone who isn't capable of giving us a full 90mins. The signing of Andy Stirling is a major boost.
  4. Matched Betting

    If anyone is new to this and fancies giving it a go Profit Accumulator are offering commission on new members if signed up through existing ,ember affiliate codes. Happy to provide ongoing guidance to any newbies in return.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    I'm a huge admirer of Nade but he's at the tail end of a decent career and it's clear he's no longer able to offer enough. At our stage, with a small constrained budget we can I'll afford to carry players who aren't able to give full 90 minute performances. In that regard I see Russell as an improvement on the squad but it can't. E a straight 1-in-1-out unless we add another. Lyle would be lovely of we could make that happen.
  6. Sons' sorrow

    No issues with the ko time for me. Allows for a reasonable set off time on the Saturday, a night out and a leisurely journey home on the Sunday. Far better than a Sunday ko which was the only realistic alternative.
  7. Sons vs Livi

    Slightly harsh on Gallagher. Granted he sold the jerseys for the equaliser, and its abundantly clear we need a new keeper assp as his mistakes are costing us points. However one man didn't cost us that game, the other 13 need to take their share of the blame too. We were never at the races yesterday and beaten by the better side. Gallagher did save a penalty, so credit where's its due, but I'm beginning to think his motm award against Falkirk was for simply not making a howler. A few things became clearer in my mind after the last two matches; 1. We don't have the strength in depth necessary to compete with a depleted squad. No real surprises there but more worrying was when we brought Nade and Froxy on at ht the performance didn't improve. 2. Callum Gallagher is no better than a squad player. Offers us very little and should be moved on in January. 3. Johnson isn't good enough. An earlier poster suggested he was a little boy in a mans game. Thin that sums it up perfectly. 4. The aforementioned keeper. We can ill afford his mistakes. Hesitant and prone to the fumble in game 1. Consistent since. Replace in January please. 5. We badly miss Stewart who's work rate and contribution is often underestimated. Boomer being out is also a blow. I'll finish on a positive. We remain 8 clear of Falkirk and it was good to see Handling back playing.
  8. Kilmarnock v THEM

    Just popped in to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Killie for kick starting my Saturday. I watched the game in a pub semi populated by your typical sevco supportingnuckle dragging morons. Thoroughly enjoyed that winner. The seethe making my cold cider taste even sweeter. Youve got some man in Steve Clarke. An excellent appointment for any club in Scotland; the gruesome twosome included. All the best for the rest of the season.
  9. Pondered watching the game on the house but decided to watch it in my Celtic supporting pals house instead. A glorious piece of decision making. Surprised I wasn't asked to leave. A DVD of this weekends SPFL premier league highlights would make a glorious xmas present. Make it happen, Santa.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    It's been an incredible 6/7 years when you think about it. There will come a time in the not to distant future when we'll look back on this era with fond memories. There will be younger Dumbarton fans who will never have seen us play at a level below Scotland's 2nd tier! In that period we've made the Scottish Cup quarter finals, beaten established championship teams regularly, taken points from Tannadice and Easter Rd and now with a comfortable gap from 9th in the league and a national semi on the horizon. Heady times indeed. We really should enjoy every minute because the cyclic nature of football means it can't last forever.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    As much as losing a late goal is always disappointing I'm happy with a point from today's game at Tannadice. Didn't make it up there but by all accounts we did well enough. I'll let those who were there expand on the performance but there does appear to be a better balance to the team than a few weeks ago, just need to avoid any more injuries and get everyone fit. We now go into a run of three tough but arguably winnable games. Brechin at home really needs to be our first win of the season and if we can get the points hopefully we can build on it with ICT visiting the Rock the following week. These are games we need to be looking to win if we're to pull away from 9/10th. Livi away round off the three. Another one we shouldn't fear if everyone is fit.
  12. **** v Hibs

    I would literally never tire of punching that face. well done Hibs, proud of ye'z. Hope you all get laid tonight.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    feet like a hobbit
  14. Sons' sorrow

  15. Sons' sorrow

    Kudos to everyone involved in organising yesterday, both the football and the comedy night. Paddy Flannery is some boy. Good banter and down to eart. Was a pleasure playing in his team, and with the other fans, yesterday. I'll probably put 'being subbed for Paddy flannery' in my cv. Although the missus isn't too happy that the 'popped ligament' in my ankle has turned out to be a ruptured Achilles' tendon. 4-6 weeks apparently. Two in a special moon boot. The comedy was very good value I thought and the crowd seemed to have had a good night. Dumbarton as a town has a gap in the market for this sort of evening, it would be good if the club/trust could exploit that gap on a more regular basis.