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  1. "We have therefore identified that residential development at Young’s Farm is the only way in which the stadium development can be funded, and we have updated our proposals to make provision for this.” or "We have realised we do not have the financial clout to fund our fairytale but propose to press on regardless as a return on our investment is far more important to us than the future wellbeing of the club". Brabco are in this to make money. Fair enough. But let's cut out the crap and tell it how it is please. Don't take the fans for mugs. We're heading up the Clyde in a banana boat here; having sold the only paddle we had for a bag of magic beans.
  2. Not wanting to take the focus away fro the transfer speculation but having read this earlier I thought it would be worth sharing. "Paul Goodwin of the Scottish Supporters Association said: “Dumbarton is the club that is giving us the most concern, given that a vast shareholding is unclear. It is back to that transparency thing. How can the punters who go along every week understand what is going on? If something is offshore, we have to ask "why?"." Basically the article raises concerns over the ownership of Scottish football club by anonymous offshore companies. This isn't exactly new and we'll all be familiar with the concerns raised by fans of our club in the past. Interesting however that it's now being picked up by the national press. Alan Jardine continues to peddle the 'saved the club' line without giving any further detail as to why this may have been the case. The setup doesn't portray the club in a great light to be honest.
  3. Send him a selfie of you riding his daughter with her wearing a Jason Cummings mask.
  4. Think they do tattoos up at the castle mate
  5. Any year now. I can feel it.
  6. Disagree. I make no excuses for the Hibs fans who headed for the Rangers end and attempted topic revoke a reaction. Why they did so rather than celebrate their clubs historic cup win with their own fans is a mystery. However this type of pitch invasion occurs on numerous occasions every year up and down the country, with the violence that followed today's. There isn't "only one set of fans to blame", there is fault on both sides. Had Rangers fans not reacted we wouldn't have had the on field fighting. In addition the police and stewards would have been in a far better position to protect the players/officials and deal with those Hibs fans intent on trouble, rather than having to focus on separating rival fans. The Hibs fans who did attack players/officials will hopefully be identified and dealt with, but let's not kid ourselves on here. Both sets of supporters deserve criticism. The biggest shame in all of this though is the fact we are discussing the behaviours of fans after what was a tremendous football match.
  7. If you can't take a bit of goading at the football without resorting to violence you shouldn't be allowed to roam free in society never mind head to a match.
  8. They're are plenty of valid reasons for why people have very little sympathy or tolerance for the "certain element" of Rangers fans. I'll make the point again; pitch invasions happen all the time. Very seldom do they resort to any sort of physical violence. Apart from today. The difference being the opposition fans complete inability to take the goading on the chin and go home like normal balanced adults. Had they not entered the pitch there would have been no violence.
  9. Celebrating fans encase the pitch all the time though. Never usually a problem, unless Rangers are involved. What is it about that club that attracts the absolute dregs of society?
  10. Hibs fans running I the pitch in itself didn't cause any trouble. A bit of goading yes, it's the football after all, but no trouble. The only trouble was when rangers fans also invaded the pitch. They had no reason to other than to cause trouble. Suck it up.
  11. Done that myself last night and made £127 profit. Planning on hitting it again for the Scottish cup final. Out of interest, did you place all you're bets in the same shop? All the £25 max? I basically covered the ht/ft market Liverpool/Liverpool, Draw/Draw and Sevilla/Sevilla. Overlaid the Sevilla bet after 20mins to ensure no loss as long as they didn't score before half time, which at that point they didn't. Laid the draw/draw 5 mins before the goal which was lucky I guess. Then laid the Liverpool bet when they went ahead, underlaying as I fancied them to win it but ensuring a break even if they didn't. Also backed 1-1 which I laid off after the equaliser. So a bit of risk in there but nothing I wasn't prepared for. Decent offer. I'll likely use a similar strategy on Saturday.
  12. Had a good month hitting just under £800 profit after only two weeks. My average monthly profit since Decenber being £400 so can't say I've been hampered much by the so called dip in offers. I would expect the euros to be great for offers. Plenty of competition and loads of televised matches should see us ok.