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  1. Fifespud do the honorable thing and close this ASAP
  2. I'm rarely on Facebook, mate. c***s like Nizzy keep sending me photos of their dong, it's a total nightmare. Yas! I think my account's inactive at the mo. Next time I switch it on I'll accept your request, ya angry wee ride ;-)

  3. Confirm my facebook friend request before things get nasty

  4. Can we get this thread moved to the correct forum please?
  5. I just made the train on Thursday. Threw myself on while the doors were closing. A close shave, but anything to escape.

  6. What are you basing this assumption on?
  7. L A C

    Nizzy does that mean that our fans are somewhat credible now??
  8. L A C

    They're fine.
  9. L A C

    Section B are a bunch of faggots.
  10. L A C

    Na, if it was on the internet then maybe pal.
  11. L A C

    Nicely put hat man.
  12. L A C

  13. L A C

    If you had anything better to do would you be here?