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  1. So....you didn't like it then?[emoji1]
  2. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    Well done Croatia.... Argentina are shit[emoji16]
  3. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    Cue moans about a feature on England......
  4. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    What do Croatians eat? Fish and squid or some such shite?
  5. Iran vs Spain

  6. Iran vs Spain

    Has there been fisticuffs?
  7. Samsung Screen Repair - Glasgow

    I cracked the screen on my galaxy S7 couple of months back and a tour of my local repair shops had the cost of repair from £140 to over £200! Eventually went through my bank account insurance with £50 excess and back within 5 days. Just a pain that it came back totally wiped and I had to load it up from scratch.
  8. Tunisia v England

    So many knickers well and truly twisted[emoji1]
  9. Tunisia v England

  10. Tunisia v England

    3-0 England.
  11. General Motor Sport Discussion

    I'd love to see Alonso doing the full IndyCar season next year. He's obviously going to do the Indy 500 anyway.
  12. Netflix

    This is on my watch list when I have the time. ETA........just made an arse of double quote!!
  13. Netflix

    Watched this over the last two days and really enjoyed it. For a change I could follow all the twists and turns and who was who. Which sometimes I struggle with and if some series are too complicated it just pisses me off.
  14. MLS 2017

    I was wondering this earlier.
  15. Is the App fucked?

    I've only started getting that recently. Other than that it's working fine. Sent from my SM-G930F using Pie and Bovril mobile app