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  1. Dance Songs

  2. Glaswegians

    What is your exact address again? Just so I can have a friendly nosey on Google maps out of interest.
  3. Champions League 2017/18

    I thought Hoddle was bad but McManaman does my head in!!
  4. Glaswegians

    Did he not say Bud and was picked up wrong?
  5. Champions League 2017/18

    Can't decide if I'm bothered who wins between Chelsea and Barca.
  6. Glaswegians

  7. Football League 2017/18 season

    Don't see it on any alternative source.
  8. Just watched first 2 episodes of first series of Mum from 2 years ago as I saw trailer for series 2 which begins tonight. Toe curlingly good I'm parts.
  9. FA Cup 2017/18

    Boom boom.
  10. League Leaders V Brechin City

    Most appropriate username on P & B.
  11. FA Cup 2017/18

    Who does?
  12. FA Cup 2017/18

    Ref didn't come out of that too well.
  13. Peaky Blinders

    No worries. Not a great surprise just don't tell me anymore. Finished series 1 and will start series 2 later.
  14. Life and Death Row....four part documentary on BBC. Compelling stuff.
  15. General Motor Sport Discussion

    Exactly. 2 or 3 years ago, Nascar decided to take a step back on driver discipline and more or less told them to sort it out themselves on track. Since then blocking seems to have become the accepted norm that you just don't get in any other series. The established drivers always complain now about the less experienced ones of being way too aggressive too early. Looking forward to seeing Almirola punt Dillon into the wall sometime soon.