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  1. Fife Cup

    Dunfermline will have a reserve/development team next season though? I did think it was a shame that Dunfermline didn't have a team for the youth cup this season considering it was the 30th Anniversary of them winning it.
  2. Fife Cup

    Dunfermline player Splaine got a bad injury, waiting on ambulance for him. Looked like a leg break.
  3. Fife Cup

  4. It was yourself that quoted the period 65-66 to 85-6 , 21 seasons in which you won four titles., so I was correct in my post. I am perfectly aware that Oakley have won more titles as well. No idea what youre meaning with the Rangers post, any body that knows me has absolutely no time for that rubbish.
  5. Fife Cup

  6. Fife Cup

    For townie fans who are a bit worried about travelling to Kelty, its ok there aren't any turnstiles.
  7. I wasn't Lee was mentioning Star Hearts success in the amateurs, I was just mentioning the Kennoway side of things was decent at that level as well.
  8. Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

    First time I remember seeing Dougie was Fife cup semi final Thornton v Kelty in 1996. Kelty were one nil up and Dougie plays about five minutes of stoppage time for some reason and Thornton score with last kick of the ball. Kelty proceed to go 2-1 up in extra time and he does the same again at the end of extra time and Thornton score with last kick off the ball again and win on penalties, Kelty team was going mad. Think he was involved with one of the Oakley amateur teams as well? Good guy.
  9. The Kennoway side of things won a few trophies as well,
  10. East Region South League 2017/8

    That page looks familiar, im sure I provided some of the league tables.
  11. East Region South League 2017/8

    So Glens dominated and Oakley won it four times in twenty one seasons so youre trying to take some of the limelight of Glenrothes. Oakley league winners 4 times in 21 years isn't dominating anyone. Im not having a go here, four league wins in that spell is good, just not as good as you claim it was,
  12. East Region South League 2017/8

    Well your club website gives a grand total of six trophies won between 70/1 and 79/80 seasons. Given that there would be usually four local cups and a league to be played for in that time six out of fifty isn't dominating. I'm pretty sure Oakley's record in the period from 64-70 wasn't any better than that either. Eighties were clearly when the most successful for Oakley , before that you were not any more successful than the likes of Newburgh, St Andrews, Lochgelly Albert etc.
  13. East Region South League 2017/8

    Historically yes, Oakley and Glenrothes were winning trophies consistently in the 80s and 90s, Glenrothes from 60s onwards were top team in Fife. Apart from a few trophies its only recently Dundonald have been as good as they are now.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    If you join EOS league and go to Peebles, beware of bearded men bearing gifts.