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  1. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Yeah Shotgun we're gonna need you to move down to the basement. And leave that stapler as well
  2. Week 3

    I only watched the game to see Marshawn. He achieved more yards standing on the sideline than he did on the pitch.
  3. He's pished, leave him alone
  4. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Pretty sure I'd posted this earlier but it seems to have disappeared. Sexy 6, knew 2
  5. Week 3

    That wasn't your starting RB? Holy feck he was immense, at least at catching a pass!
  6. Standing Bowl XIII

    No gif? Wow you've changed man, and not in a good way. Indeed 3 through safely (Dee4Life1893, irvine_buddie & Silvio who all selected Patriots-Packers) and 1 (Sloop John B) praying for a Cowboys win.
  7. Have I got Local News For You

    Found a day before the last London attack yet just being reported now? Get a handwriting expert onto the case. I bet it was her.
  8. Week 3

  9. Known my wife for 21 years and only just found out she's a massive racist. Whilst bathing the kids (5yo & 2yo) she was deciding who was getting their hair washed first by "eenie meenie minie mo catch a n...eh tiger by its toe" Shocking stuff.
  10. Singing monkeys? Is this the new Planet of the Apes film?
  11. Week 3

    Will lose by 18pts imho