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  1. Craig Barr I'm sure runs a wee web design business so the part time element probably suits him a bit more.
  2. The media are trying really hard to make fixture announcement day a thing. A total non-event.
  3. I hate when we get a new manager and he refers to us at Raith in his first interview. Gary Locke did it, and, well, look how that turned out.
  4. He was said to literally do the opposite of what he was told every time he was allowed on the park, that's why he disappeared. The goal he scored against Ayr took a massive deflection, it wasn't the wonder strike many remember it as. Not good enough, talk of keeping him "at all costs" is mental.
  5. It'll be Lennox, 99% sure of that. Constrain was bad, I'm really not sure what people saw in him.
  6. I assumed this would be the general response so deleted the post but it seems you caught it in time. I didn't say I knew exactly what he earned. I heard from someone at the club a ball park figure, one which, as I said, was significantly more than the number quoted.
  7. Skacel was only partially funded. We were also contributing to his total sum.
  8. I'd hazard a guess that it won't be far off that, having heard what M'Voto and Skacel were on last year.
  9. This year is going to be great fun.
  10. I've never used the block function on here but reckon I could be making an exception pretty soon. Do folk's posts still come up if they get quoted?
  11. Ok, we get it.
  12. Bambino for mod.
  13. Barr, Vaughan, Buchanan and Spence in League 1. Really can't argue with that whatsoever. All hail king Barry.
  14. Thank f**k i'll be out the country for the "challenge match" against the Pars. Who thought that was a good idea!?
  15. Hardie signing is pipe dream stuff, he'd walk in to any lower half Championship side and probably a few a bit higher up than that. If we'd stayed up then we'd have probably been in with a shout.