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  1. [emoji23] Jesus. We need to empty every single person at the club. Unmitigated disaster of a season. Hughes was appointed with good faith but it's become more and more evident as he weeks have rolled in that he doesn't give a flying f**k. Don't bother waiting to the end of the season, just go now.
  2. I've been bitterly disappointed by Hughes, truth be told. I thought when we got rid of Locke and he came in that he'd get us to 7th pretty comfortably. Instead it's been a fucking slog and his press interviews are bordering on shambolic of late. Given that he was, as agreed by just about everyone, the best possible candidate at the time I'm not sure what else we could've done. I see Albion Rovers have announced Young is leaving at the end of the season...
  3. As suspected, no push on Thompson. What a decision he's made there.
  4. Cracking decision from the linesman to rule Hardie onside. They get a hard time but that's a tough one to call due to the players crossing over like that and he got it spot on. Didn't realise at the time that M'Voto has a complete fresh air swipe at the ball after it's travelled 70 yards at Holt's goal. Can't expect to win matches with defending like that.
  5. I heard, and posted as much, months ago that we'd been making enquiries about Stanton. If we go down you've got to imagine that'll be off.
  6. Did you get to see the handball by Thompson to give the free kick away? He seemed to be gesturing that he was pushed and that's what caused him to handle it, but I'm not so sure. Looked like he just had a brain fart and punched the ball.
  7. What the f**k happened to McManus when Stewart went off? Hitting the inside of the post with a great in-swinging effort then a ridiculous overhead kick which Laidlaw had to tip over the bar. Disappointed with tonight, obviously, but if we can show the application on Saturday as we did in the second half today we can give ourselves a chance. The defending at the Hibs second goal was catastrophically bad. A straight punt from the left back area evaded all of our defenders and Holt ran right down the middle and flicked it in. That happening whilst being well on top was a sore one. I've done the free kick thing to death on here, so I'll save you all another round. Something needs to be done about it. Everyone can't be that good at free kicks. The loss doesn't really change anything mathematically, so whilst it's disappointing to lose a game in that fashion it's not the end of the world. Saturday is absolutely arse clenching, though - make no mistake about it. As an aside, Jonny Court looked pretty handy when he came on today. Seems to have really filled out in the last year or so.
  8. It's been a thing for us for the last 5 years to be honest.
  9. It's been fun, chaps. See you all in 2045.
  10. Someone count up the goals conceded from direct free kicks this season please. Unbearable.
  11. A goal from a direct free kick. Really harsh on us, that. Saturday is absolute squeaky arse time now.
  12. Genuine typo.
  13. Absolutely pummelled the goal for 20 minutes and Hibs go up and score from a straight kick up the middle.
  14. Hubs bringing Bartley to shore things up.