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  1. f**k off [emoji23][emoji23] Please not another injury cursed season. I don't think my ticker could handle it.
  2. I have the half and half in a medium mens. £250 and it's yours.
  3. They're still ten a penny cause it was fairly recently. Lucky to get more than £15 each.
  4. It barely ever had anyone at it other than the marquee games. Running at a loss.
  5. Happy enough to win, score three goals and to be told that we're not as impressive as we should be every week tbh.
  6. This thread, though. There's a few decent East Fife supporters on here but the vast majority seem to be mouth breathing puddle drinkers I'm afraid; entirely incapable of constructing even a semi-coherent sentence. As for the game, I'll be in a semi-comatose state in a field near Liverpool but will try to catch the result come 445. I fancy us to win, but not by much. It'll be cagey and EF will be right up for it. I'd be tempted to bring in Matthews for Barr to give us the extra bite in the middle, though Barr has done well the past few games. I'm cautious that the same players are just playing 90 minutes every week. I realise we have a small squad but that doesn't last forever, certainly not for all of them. I was initially concerned that Lennox was out injured but young Rory Brian did very well yesterday, I'd be more than happy for him to be between the sticks again, though obviously it'd be nice to have the first choice GK back. In the final third we're certainly firing, without looking like we've fully clicked. Spence hasn't made a clean connection with the ball since he signed and Buchanan drifts in and out of games. Vaughan clearly is our star man, probably him who'll make the difference. If the EF fans could refrain from posting complete fucking gibberish for the remainder of the thread, that'd be great.
  7. Callachan the best player on the park again today. Him and Robertson dictated the game from start to finish, calm and collected probing of the deep Forfar midfield and defence, going side to side just wearing them down and eventually it paid. We as fans are going to need to be a bit more patient, especially at home. We're going to win a lot of games in the last 15 minutes and us not being on the team's back when it gets to that time can only help. Shout out to number 7 for having the longest red mist I've seen for a long time. Boy was absolutely seething for about 20 minutes before getting hooked for his own safety.
  8. This is almost impossible to play through. Jonny Court on now please.
  9. I knew George, worked with him a good few times when my brother was at the club. Such a nice guy, a real shame.
  10. Someone get an FFP bought and post the article.
  11. I for one welcome our new pervert overlord.
  12. Ticklefeet, Yes he was, Quite the freak. Andy Ticklefeet.
  13. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] What a terrible c**t he was, eh?
  14. Stone wall penalty not given there, somehow Lad has just punched it out for a corner under pressure from Vaughan.
  15. Vaughan again. 2-0.