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  1. He’s fucking unbearable. I usually have a look at where they all stand at games then position myself as far as away as possible.
  2. I’ve said this for months. No tactic whatsoever. We don’t work it wide and get down the flanks, we don’t pick defences apart through the middle, we don’t have a target man to knock it long to or anyone fast enough to go in behind. We just sort of pass it around and hope Vaughan can create something.
  3. Our away form is what’s going to keep us from winning the league I’m afraid. Absolutely not good enough.
  4. Smith at fault for another few goals I hear. What is it with us and goalkeepers. We have a real, capable, non-decrepit goalkeeper on the bench. Fucking play him.
  5. Most frequent away day.....

    Been to Alloa probably ten times over the years, Central Park about the same.
  6. Raith Rovers vs. Alloa Athletic

    Did Vaughan play centre midfield yesterday? How did that go?
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We seem to get absolutely mauled with injuries every year but this year is taking the piss.
  8. Paul Lovering was a horrible elbowy w****r for a lot of years.
  9. Raith Rovers vs. Alloa Athletic

    I posted as much in the QP game thread, but in case anyone missed t there - I’d heard from someone at the club that Barry Smith really likes Graeme Smith and that he is likely to remain number one going forward. Lennox isn’t quite fully fit yet but is definitely fit enough to play.
  10. Rovers v spiders

    Ground out a win today. First hour was really grim, absolutely no surprise that we sprung into life when we took Herron off. I’d be keen to try Vaughan in there alongside Robertson. At least he’s got that bit creativity about him which has been sorely lacking. Matthews also looked a bit more assured than he has been of late. Zanatta did well when we came on and took his goal well. Imperative that we win again next week as Ayr show no signs of slowing down. Fear for QP, they’re the worst side I’ve seen this season. No punch whatsoever up front. A shame because their fans are all good folk.
  11. Rovers v spiders

    Zanatta been the spark the team needed, somehow. Wish he’d do that every week.
  12. Rovers v spiders

    This is really bad.
  13. Rovers v spiders

    I’ve heard that Barry has a boner for Smith and he’ll be number one for the foreseeable.
  14. Rovers v spiders

    Jonny Court straight back out the team. We must be going for a new, radically changed tactic of passing the hall on the ground today. Can’t wait.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Glad to see that his agent, Raymond Sparkes, gets a mention. I’d hate for his agent, Raymond Sparkes, to be left out of the equation.