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  1. Albion Rovers V Raith Rovers

    I like Bobby. When he plays well he’s a pivotal player for us, his assists especially in the early part of the season were key to our success. However, he’s in a bit of a bad run of form and I’m not sure taking to open media sources to call the fans arseholes is the best course of action. I’d like to think that the players at the club are professional enough to let it slide. Of course they all read this forum and twitter, who wouldn’t? Needs to be an element of water off a ducks back as a football player. As I said, I’d like to think that someone at the club will have a quiet word in his ear.
  2. Albion Rovers V Raith Rovers

    Someone at the club is needing to have a word with Bobby Barr. He’s on twitter replying to fans and arguing with folk. Horrific PR.
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    An unofficial, in no way connected to the club, forum where you can’t swear or tell someone they’re a fud. It’s full of people who think, “it’s ma opinyun!!!!!” is a valid retort to what they’re saying being called out as nonsense.
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Which thread? I don’t fancy scrolling through that place to find it.
  5. Albion Rovers V Raith Rovers

    Actually quite liked the look of the number 11 for Albion last week. Good touch and quite direct. Who is he?
  6. Ayr vs East Fife

    Was that the second or the third one off freak result at home this season for Ayr?
  7. “Provocation and enticement” [emoji23] It’s football, flower. If you’re getting wound up at a player cupping his ear at you maybe this isn’t for you.
  8. You’ll have been one of the ones caught on camera foaming at the mouth after he scored, then?
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    The signing of Willis Furtado really seems to have swung the momentum of the season back in our favour. The difference in having him up front instead of Spence is absolutely massive. That’s not to say that I don’t think Spence has done OK - he has - but the physicality of Willis has definitely made us a far more menacing attacking prospect. Obviously he’s scored a few goals so he’s clearly dangerous, but the thing i’ve been most impressed with is how the ball sticks when it’s played up to him. He’s got a great touch and the strength to hold off defenders which means we can get far higher up the pitch and the midfielders beyond the strikers, as shown in Herron’s first goal against Albion Rovers. His anticipation of the second ball also helps us keep pressure on the opposition high up the pitch, generally forcing mistakes which have led to goals. He’s made a big difference to the way we play. Really strange situation to have Buchanan and Spence, who were so prolific in this league just last season, probably not part of our current best XI.
  10. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

  11. Livingston v Dunfermline

    Jordan fucking Thompson, eh?
  12. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

    We really do seem to be shite when we need to shoot the wrong way first half. This is absolutely peak Rovers; strongest possible team out and a great chance to put real daylight between us and Ayr - 1-0 down at half time.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Where are you pulling this £100k a year figure from?
  14. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

    I’m just looking forward to seeing the Airdrie strip tbh.
  15. Rovers v Rovers

    Am I being daft, or does the highlights not show Furtado’s 25 yards shot off the underside of the bar?