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  1. We have a bit of a knack of raising our game against the big teams in the division, so I envisage a straight forward 3-0 for Falkirk.
  2. Didn't get on with is a far cry from being bullied.
  3. It's my pet hate with going to watch us, feels like we concede about 10 a season whilst scoring 1, maybe 2 of we're lucky. Over the last few years I can recall Sloan against Brechin (THATS NIVIR TEN YAIRDS) and Conroy with a wind assisted howitzer v Cowden at Central. Must be more than two..?
  4. Hits the keepers hands? What?
  5. Those of you who are saying that's a goal - at what point does the ball cross the line? It can't have ben between hitting the post and the ball bouncing, and then it lands on the line, and then it can't have been between bouncing and then coming back out, because it came back out...?
  6. Yeah, that's not gone over the line, and that's a penalty.
  7. Quite annoyed that Skacel is still getting to play to be honest. Contributed to one goal (against Hearts - shock) in his whole time here, yet here he is coming on now in a vital game.
  8. Horrific leg break, easily one of the worst I've seen. His leg is fucking mangled.
  9. Not a chance we'll keep a hold of M'Voto, and he probably knows it unfortunately.
  10. They're in free fall and we've been decent at home of late. I'm hopeful of a win.
  11. Swing and a miss. I'm not saying it's an evil practice, I'm saying it's strange behaviour for fully grown men to be carrying a wad of stickers to a game of football.
  12. Aye the coin thing is pretty out of order tbh. If that happened in a Rangers Celtic game it'd be on the back page. On a different note I was wandering down Pratt Street behind a group of fully grown men who were putting Dundee Utd stickers on lamp posts and signs. Real, fully grown adult men.
  13. It seems awfully early in Naysmith's QoS career for this patter. What's happened?
  14. It looked like Penska had the ball in his hands, he had it kicked from his grasp, corner got given and then it all kicked off. Impossible to be sure from our end but looked like Craig Barr rag dolled someone in to the net.
  15. Huge win given the results else where. Disappointing to see the Pars lying down at home to Ayr. Dundee Utd as poor a team as I've seen at Starks this season.