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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    "Westminster" was very much pro-remain. If you wanted to stick it to the establishment, voting leave was a logical conclusion. I doubt any other considerations mattered to these voters. If you feel ignored by the government, why would you vote the way it wants you to?
  2. Sounds like the Arbroath players are taking this well.
  3. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Strachan Reduced to blaming genetics, saying Scots are the shortest in Europe after Spain. Yes, that's right: Spain. World and twice European champions within the last decade. Even the excuses can't stand up to scrutiny. f**k off, Gordon.
  4. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Worst of both worlds, this; non-qualifying streak extends past 20 years and our recent form will keep that Strachan around to f**k up the next campaign.
  5. Buchanan's not injured as well now, is he? Very much a depleted team but still stronger than this tournament deserves.
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I'm concerned. Control is becoming too centralised at the club. I've been ambivalent to the previous emptyings/resignations, but this one has me a bit worried.
  7. Airlines

    We flew out to Zagreb with Monarch on Wednesday. Had reservations about it knowing they were having trouble, though saw they were ok until the first of October so just booked it. It was only through googling the destination that I realised they flew that route, and they were cheaper. We're flying back from Venice and whilst I'm not sure if Monarch fly that route, I wasn't going to take the risk so booked with easyJet. A wise choice, almost could've been me type post tbh. It's a real shame. I don't mind easyJet but thought Monarch were much better, if only as I found the seats to be more comfortable with a little more elbow room. Sounds like they are completely done for, sadly.
  8. Catalonia

    Astonishing that a UK govt press release managed to get out without condemning the violence, even in very vauge terms to avoid blaming Spain directly. Seems to have been aimed too closely at not upsetting Spain. Dismal stuff. The lack of EU response is very strange. Again, they seem to have veered too far to trying not to upset a Member State by interfering in domestic politics. Strangely, this didn't stop them from criticising Poland a few months ago for changing the way judges are appointed. Seems as thought this is a problem they don't want to deal with and will just ignore it, hoping it goes away. Dismal stuff. Thanks to the Spanish state's actions today, this is not going to go away. It was never going to, but the fallout from an unconstitutional referendum can probably be managed. Cracking people's skulls in at will almost certainly cannot as there will be a pushback, probably with similar force in return.
  9. The wee Rovers v Big Rovers

    Poor stuff, perhaps one injury too many has cost us.
  10. The wee Rovers v Big Rovers

    Has Alan Trouten ever played against us and not scored? Probaby none as easy as our third-choice goalkeeper thinking he can play football, right enough.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Seems as though Eric Drysdale has ended up Dundee. Poor Dundee.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Well, the simple choice is that we play McKay or move Murray into the middle and play either the dev squad LB or play someone out of position. I think my preference would be to play McKay and leave Murray. LB is particularly hard to fill with an out of position player as most are right-footed. It can be done and you do get right-footed LBs, but if an unfamiliar player is put under pressure with the ball on his weaker foot, that's asking for trouble. Bit of a nightmare, this. If Thomson/Davidson get injured or suspended, we're screwed.
  13. The Spiders v The mighty Raith

    Sorry chaps, it was a joke from a now long forgotten thread when we played QP previously. Possibly the day we won the league, right enough. I shall slink off now, having failed.
  14. The Spiders v The mighty Raith

    It's been a while. Very fond memories of us winning the league at Hampden when it was still Division 2. Which train station is it again?