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  1. Can't be, no dig at the fans.
  2. Looks like it's Sim, then. No idea what that means for us, but if he'll have the stadium and the club that could be concerning.
  3. McHattie seems the obvious candidate to get caught out when teams invariably sit in against us then hit on the break. He isn't a bad player at all in terms of technical ability, but he is far too prone to not being where he should be.
  4. In other words, no one else wants him and we can't attract anyone else. Great.
  5. Well, this is new to me. Also interesting yet slightly alarming... Hopefully we will hear further soon.
  6. Please can we sign a player and put an end to this nonsense.
  7. For all his flaws, Locke never seemed to struggle to get players in. Shame about his judgement.
  8. The question of who replace a player with is almost secondary to the question of who will actually come here. Already, Craig Barr has left to go PT and a signing target joined East Fife to stay PT because we couldn't offer enough to make it worthwhile for them. Are we suddenly going to up our offers because we receive a derisory sum of money? I doubt it. There is the loan market, of course, and look how our reliance on that went last season. We really, really cannot afford to lose anyone.
  9. We'll get about £20k if we sell him. Can't stand in the boy's way, eh? We're also pretty much bottom of the list when it comes to players wanting full-time football as well. I'd rather non of our players were sold as we we aren't really in a position to replace them with better.
  10. Barr has a web design business so will be OK. Again, our insistence on being fully FT has cost us here. We can't offer enough to make it worth his while, and the result is we lose a player who would utterly stroll it at this level. I still think we should've left the door open to allowing a couple of PT players.
  11. Got asked a few weeks ago where about in Texas I was from as I was boarding a plane in the US (Newark). Definitely the most bizarre one I've had. That's a very distinctive accent, so would pretty much be like someone in the UK thinking I was from Liverpool. Other than that, I've had English and Irish. I've also had a few Americans speaking to me in Spanish thinking I was Mexican, but that wasn't on account of my accent.
  12. Completely fed up with how regular this has become. It's almost become a part of regular life, which is absolutely disgusting. The only one positive I can take is that the terrorist hasn't been shot dead and won't get a free pass by not having to answer for what he did. It's sadly also only been a matter of time until muslims were specifically targeted.
  13. I don't think it will let them off the hook at all - the damage has already been more than done. The legislation clearly wasn't sufficient and that is a failure or government; they can't escape from that. In saying that, that doesn't excuse the council, management association and contractors, and whoever else made the choices that contributed to this.
  14. I still think there's a case to answer. Yes, they may have done the minimum of what the law required, but in doing so they put people in danger and have ultimately cost lives. The speed limit on the motorway is 70 mph, but if I end up ploughing into the back of someone at 70mph in heavy fog, I can't use sticking to the limit as an excuse. I was going too fast for the conditions despite keeping within the regulations. I think the same is true here and that sticking with the regulations is not good enough - the cladding used, although permissible, was not appropriate for a building of that size. Someone really ought to have identified that. If the building was 3 or 4 stories high, fair enough as it's easy enough to get out if you need to, but 20+? Not a chance. To me, this seems a bit like the Titanic and the lifeboats - legal, but not appropriate and I don't think it is good enough as a defence. They have breached their duty of care and have not acted properly in making the choice that they did.
  15. Whilst it isn't directy May's fault, she as the PM needs to be in control of the situation and get on with trying to help people. Again, shortcomings in legislation clearly need to be looked at and as PM this is something she ought to be getting on with. The government does bear some responsibility for this, and she needs to acknowledge it. Instead, she hung Leadsom out to dry and has continued running away from people while doing nothing. It's appalling leadership and whilst it may not be her fault this happened, her handling of it means she deserves every once of flak she gets. Hope this doesn't make me a snowflake or a SJW, tbh.