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  1. Germany vs Mexico

    Boateng is an absolute donkey. Is there really no one better?
  2. Germany vs Mexico

    Germany have looked woeful at the back, richly deserved lead for Mexico.
  3. Do you like the English?

    Can't say I've ever had a problem. The only people down here I don't like are the ones that have that really awful, grating Essex accent that makes them sound like they were born in a sewer. Not only is the accent annoying, but it seems to go hand in hand with the person being a complete roaster.
  4. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Interesting tactic from Nigeria to grab onto all the Croations at the corner there. Dangerous game.
  5. Argentina vs Iceland

    Awful penalty. Messi has always been suspect from the spot, why wasn't Aguero on it? Big let off for Iceland - shocker of a penalty to give away.
  6. Argentina vs Iceland

    Surely the ref stops his watch for it? Or would if it worked on a request basis Not sure. The clock keeps running so really up to the ref to add it on.
  7. Argentina vs Iceland

    Guess we shouldn't be surprised given Argentina are the highly-strung champions of imaginary card waving. I'd give them two and work it like tennis - if you're wrong, you lose it but keep it if you're right. If the appeal is found to be completely without merit, the player requesting it it is booked for time wasting also.
  8. Argentina vs Iceland

    Argentina's players wanting the VAR anytime something remotely contentious happens is both irritating and highly predictable. It's about time players started getting booked for frivolous appeals.
  9. Portugal v Spain

    Unbelievably stupid from Pique.
  10. Portugal v Spain

    This is fantastic. All action and a couple of nasty challenges. Good potential for a red card
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Last season was really his chance with us and he didn't take it/never got a look in depending on who you ask. He was rightly released in my view. A physical presence, but didn't see much more than that from him when he played.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    A full back is on a hiding to nothing if he's having a nightmare. At CB you can be bailed out by the other CB if youmake an error, but at full back you're on a hiding to nothing. Of course the nearest CB *could* cover for you, but then some very large gaps appear... I think Watson still has a lot to learn and maybe isn't quite ready yet. Would definitely be more comfortable with a RB signing as well.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Schedule 3: the Drysdale clause.
  14. Helsinki

    No, you'll need one before you travel (will take around a couple of weeks).
  15. Helsinki

    We went the other way - St Petersburg to Helsinki. Just over three hours and very reasonably priced if booked in advance. Think it was around 56 Euros for both of us. The major draw back is that you will need a visa, and the process is a bit of a pain in the arse and quite pricey. Look instead at getting the ferry - it'll take longer but if you can get a ferry you might be able to stay in St Petersburg up to 72 hours without getting a visa. I'm not quite sure how it works and what restrictions are in place, but it's worth a look A few hours in the day isn't enough for St Petersburg - it's an absolutely stunning city.