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  1. This was great while it lasted.
  2. Vaughan up front with Furtado gets the thumbs up from me. Only part of the story, of course - we need a performance in midfield too.
  3. Everyday scummy behaviour

    People who put their feet on the seats on public transport. There was a man and woman last week on my flight who both did this, which enraged me. Being a woman, she wasn't wearing socks and so it was her bare feet on the seat which is even worse. Clatty, clatty b*****ds, with her being a bigger clatty b*****d.
  4. General Politics Thread

    Bashing the press is a popular pursuit no matter what the political persuasion. Outside the supporters, plenty of people who will never vote for Corbyn are in favour of the government regulating the press, or are at least of the view that the press are awful and can't be trusted. Much of the latter has been brought on the press itself for publishing stories that are false or sensationalised, which in turn feeds the former. Threatening the press for me reflects very poorly as it is comes across as the toys going out the pram for bad things being printed , but it will be generally popular. Calling them out for falsehoods is however perfectly right and I'd be pretty pleased if he did end up suing given the serious nature of what was alleged.
  5. General Politics Thread

    The correct response to the press printing lies is 1) counter the lie and 2) sue them when the lie is something that would cause serious damage to your reputation. The press are awful but it's better than having them at the mercy of the government of the day as per Corbyn's threat. I don't think he understands what a free press is at all - it's not about who owns them, it's the freedom to criticise the politicians/government of the day without reprisal for the State. At any rate, no one is forced to read the Telegraph, Mail, Express or the Sun - plenty other papers and media out there. The point about social media is an interesting one because I the habits of many of those sites are exactly identical to the mainstream press in terms of fanatic devotion to their cause and the lengths they'll go to.
  6. Jo Cox MP

    He resigned from a charity a few years ago for allegedly being a bit handy. This isn't new information - it's been out for sometime, although was admittedly published in lesser known web-based blogs that are best described as politically hostile to Brendan Cox. Following the Oxfam scandal, he resigned from the charity he set up in his wife's name, probably before a whole pile of further allegations were made in the charity sector. It backfired on him as his previous resignation and the cloud he left under previously was promptly picked up.
  7. Albion Rovers V Raith Rovers

    Barr has a lot of previous for telling fans to shut it, sometimes it's been justified. When your contributions have not been up to scratch for months, it's never going to end well for you. He needs to learn to let it go.
  8. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

    Quite like the look of this flag, personally.
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    That article makes me even more convinced that the plastic pitch is a bad idea. £500k outlay, funds "being sourced" by SPP (details needed of this) and modifications required because the current pitch isn't big enough to accomodate the desired surface. I can't see how the revenue that will be generated by community use will offset the cost of installation and maintenance. But it's the part about the modifications that's especially alarming - that's asking for trouble. Just because something has the potential to make money, doesn't mean it won't cost you more. We need to be careful here.
  10. Rovers v Rovers

    Herron on a hat-trick.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    He demonstrates the key quality of producing shoddy, bullshit excuses for failure to deflect from his own failings, so I'd argue he's a shoe-in.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Hughes tutoring on the SFA course is even worse than his application. That's another generation of Scottish managers fucked. Imagine coaching 101 with Yogi Hughes after his disaster here. Still, we'll get some gid oanest loddies wi PASHIN that aren't afraid tae take the baw in the dish and go mano a mano. When it all fails (again) society is to blame.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    If there are drainage problems currently they aren't going to disappear on a synthetic surface.
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Sim is paying for it. I can't help but think this is a dreadful idea. Will save money in replacing the pitch and in terms of training facilities, but that is a huge cost and I don't think the community use aspect stands up to any scrutiny - there isn't a shortage of this in Kirkcaldy as it is. It also isn't just free money either as you need staff and facilities open to accommodate that. What is the lifespan of the pitch? 5-10 years maybe? The cost of replacing it needs factored in as well as it won't last forever.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Liam Buchanan