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  1. That's how they got into this mess in the first place.
  2. Why isn't the "Find Madeline Fund" picking up the tab?
  3. Not sure what to make of this. Confident we'll score, but that in itself doesn't win games. I had a look at East Fife's squad. I'd say ours is stronger but that's without knowing anything about most of the players. Ben Gordon was a very good player at Championship level and Chris Duggan seems to score a decent amount of goals. Then there's Kevin Smith, who was our stop scorer when we won the league. Other than that, I don't know much else - a few names I've heard but nothing in particular I remember. It can't be far off a year since we last won an away game in the league, so if we could start now that would be just grand.
  4. If a 3-1 win is the worst game someone has ever seen at Starks, I suggest that person stops going to the football immediately because a game we don't win will probably result in PTSD.
  5. Thank f**k for that. Ayr just gone 4-3 up as well.
  6. Still, our 'keeper getting injured is definitely worth the glamour tie against Ross County U20s.
  7. Brucie Bonus on its way for many of us.
  8. I'm sure our ex-CEO can sort us an emergency goalkeeper, given his vast experience in SPFL matters.
  9. Petitions, and now this. What a bunch of soft c***s Rangers fans are.
  10. Aye, but we can sell him for £40k and sign a couple of absolute fucking jobbers who haven't kicked a ball for months! Two players instead, man!!!!
  11. Cannae stand in the boy's way though, eh? I think it's safe to assume Vaughan won't be with is next season no matter what happens. However, even if we were somehow offered £100k (lol, frankly), I'd rather we turned it down and lost him on a PCA with a small development fee in January. As several people have said, promotion is worth more than £100k to us. Vaughan himself won't get us promoted, but let's turn down the quick buck and give ourselves the best chance possible of going straight back up.
  12. Nah, not having that. No way that bunch of snakes would offer near that. If they want him, they'll do what they did with Toshney - low-ball us to unsettle the player and get him for some derisory fee.
  13. Coutinho will be gone, just a matter of time. Having exhausted the required steps now with his transfer request rejection, I imagine next up is the big strop. Liverpool and Dortmund both know what Barca got for Neymar - their players want to go to Barca and they're holding out for as much as they can. The same will happen to Liverpool when Coutinho goes, only Liverpool will proceed to waste it on the vastly overpriced and overrated Van Dijk. Incidentally, Coutinho and Van Dijk both have to take a look at themselves for their own part in this. No wonder their clubs don't want to sell when both signed 5-year deals only a matter of months ago.
  14. The reality here is that for everyone you see painting a rosy picture, there will be another in a miserable relationship or fighting a custody battle with a dick of an ex boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse. Comparing yourself to others, particularly from carefully-filtered social media posts, is not a good idea. My own moment of jealousy came from someone I was at school with buying a fairly expensive car whilst I'd just graduated and barely had a pot to piss in. He had a job that was just over minimum wage and I was utterly fuming about this wondering why I bothered. Turns out a relative died and left him money, and he ended up having to sell the car a year later as he couldn't afford to run it. But on the face of it, I'd only seen half the story. Take things at your own pace. Marriage and kids in particular are not for everyone, and shouldn't be rushed into just because society thinks that this is "normal". Same with buying a house, tbh. For the record, I turned 28 this year. I've been married 3 years and own my flat, but don't have kids. But then, I am a right boring b*****d. My own sort of existential crisis came last year when I was concerned I'd be stuck in a decently paid, but dead end job. I got out, have a job that pays well and has excellent career prospects. But it want as easy as that - it involves a 1hr30-1hr40 each way commute every day, and an obscene amount of money spent on travel (the extra pay only just covers it). Sometimes it also involves long hours, which are not ideal. It was a big change in lifestyle and one my wife wasn't overly pleased with given it means less time at home. But, it has been worth it and I'm enjoying my working week a lot more despite the travel. This was a move I had to make before we had a family, or I'd have been stuck where I was, unable financially or practically to make the move, as the adjustment would be too difficult. My situation is obviously a lot different to others on here given the posts so far, but I believe the core message is the same if you're in your mid 20s. Make the changes you want to now before it's too late.