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  1. The Tories had their worst performance in Scotland (in vote percentage terms) for quite some time in 2015. Even before that we were looking at a low base that really only saw them drop 2% points. I don't think these voters returning home will make much of a difference.
  2. It sounds painfully realistic tbf.
  3. Hearing "Edinburgh" and "Glasgow" in an estuary accent irritates me every time. It just sounds so wrong. Beyond not pronouncing the "r", Aberdeen usually sounds fairly normal, I think.
  4. I, too, am shitting it about this game, though the extent to which I'm shitting it will depend on Wednesday evening. It's a must not lose rather than a must win for us. No matter what way Wednesday goes, we will still be above St. Mirren if we don't lose this. A nice thought, but our away record is utterly honking so I'm far from confident.
  5. Le Pen's only real chance was if Fillon made the run off, so we should be grateful he hasn't fluked it. She was never polled ahead of him, but was within striking distance.Looks a bit like Melenchon's late surge has dented her support in the first round. Macron should win the run off without too much difficulty.
  6. I like Curtice but can't quite see how the Tories will get 12 seats. I expect them to hold Mundell's, gain BRS and quite possibly take Dumfries as well, but then we start running into "maybe" territory. East Ren is a good shout, as is the Kincardine seat (Can't remember it's full name) that they won at Holyrood. But, then what? That's 5, and then the bar is set very high - which other seats look vulnerable - Moray? Banff and Buchan? Angus? Stretching it a bit out there, I'd say. I can't see an Edinburgh seat or one of the Ayr seats going blue.
  7. It's reminding me of Nick Faldo's Ryder Cup, to be honest.
  8. How on earth can you justify 12 players from a side that finished 5th in the Six Nations? Biased arsehole.
  9. Even if he wasn't a rapist* I'd still rather we didn't sign him. Too many failures (probably resulting from an attitude problem) and scoring a hat-trick in League 2 doesn't exactly mean he'll cut it at this level. His efforts, if we can call them that, at Plymouth are probably a better indicator of hiw he would fare. *At least by civil standards of proof. No suing, thank you.
  10. Just back from 3 nights in Copenhagen. Thoroughly enjoyed it, although it is indeed very expensive. We knew this when we booked it, so it wasn't really a surprise. Two days is probably enough to see all the sights and if you're pretty determined and not bothered by museums etc. you could possibly just about do it in a day. We also went to Malmo/Lund in Sweden where it was very cold and, in the latter case, was snowing as we arrived. Lund I liked quite a lot - very quaint. I enjoyed the snow as well, as it only lasted 5/10 mins and I haven't seen snow for ages. Both were very quiet, although that may have been because it was absolutely baltic outside. We used the metro/S train a couple of times, but the city itself is very walkable and the attractions themselves aren't too spaced out they way they are in London or Paris. It is cracking city to walk around, and I was very impressed with how well preserved it has been in the centre. We went to Tivoli Gardens on Sunday night and despite our fears (it was heaving on the Saturday night) it was actually very quiet which made it very pleasant to walk around and see it all lit up. I never found it too busy generally while I was there, though most the tourists I think used the Easter holiday to go to sunnier climates. Eating out, like pretty much everything else, is really expensive. If you like kebabs/shawarma then you're in luck as you can find stalls selling these everywhere and they seem a fairly cheap way of doing lunch. For breakfast, we visited the Andersen bakery ICTChris mentioned, which was excellent. I had an hot chocolate and cinnamon swirl. We also went to another bakery called Lagkagehuset (I had too google this and c&p it!). I had the same there and preferred the cinnamon swirl (it had icing and the Andersen one didn't) but found their hot chocolate to be a bit too rich. Again this was pricey compared to what you'd pay here, but the quality was much better so I didn't really mind. I'd recommend it. I probably wouldn't hurry back as I think we managed to see everything we wanted to, but it's a great place to visit.
  11. A fair point. Would have to be utterly substantial losses for that to materialise though (IMO). Assuming these are under the old boundaries, there are probably about 7 or 8 seats that the SNP can realistically lose. The most telling thing for me is voter turnout, which highlight support/opposition to another referendum. You can certainly see voter fatigue playing its part.
  12. Can't help but feel if there was going to be an election it should've been before the Article 50 notification was handed over. Other than an attempt to utterly bury the Labour party, it seems a bit pointless now, really.
  13. General Election on the 8th of June - Beeb running with that now.
  14. The only thing I think is off putting about Hartley was when he was at Alloa and just decided to chuck it after they were spanked. A real life rage quit. Still too early to plan for next season, although recently unattached managers are always likely to raise eyebrows to a club in our position.
  15. Gary Locke is available at 7/1...