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  1. We're being wound up, right? RIGHT?
  2. Vaughan is the type of player who could make all the difference in League One - we have no one else that offers a decent link between midfield and the strikers like him. How many times did we see teams come to Starks and sit in against us, for us to fail to score and get hit on the break? Not saying he'll be the saviour, but he offers us something no one else does. The alternative, of course was resorting to just lumping it. If anyone would care to suggest some other players we could go after who would be a good replacement (and happy to go to League 1 club) then please do offer some suggestions. As I've said several times now, the harsh reality is that aomewhere in the region of £20-30k will get any of our players worth bothering about because it's buying out their contract. Well, that and the fact the board can't stand in their way, eh? More likely it'll be £20 and a Mars bar, perhaps even upped to a king sized Mars bar if the board use their super negotiating skills.
  3. Crawling over broken glass seems like the only appropriate way our board can apologise for the shambles they inflicted upon us.
  4. Another fantastic indictment of "Lockey's" managerial qualities.
  5. Locke signed far too many players - are we sure he actually kept to the budget? Frankly, I bloody well doubt it.
  6. So, D-Day today, apparently - should be some news on where things are heading this evening. Meanwhile, below is a list of people accepting any share of the blame for this hideous excuse of a season:
  7. Must be nice when your media pals have your back. Let's see what Bill has to say if he relegates Cowdenbeath.
  8. Thoroughly looking forward to this interview. Hoping for honesty and perhaps an apology. The only decision I'm prepared to exonerate Drysdale for this season is Hughes' appointment. An experienced msnager who has had past successes and was a popular choice with the fans. Sadly, it didn't work, but it was worth a shot.
  9. There was a delay in getting the highlights up when we emptied Locke. When they were put up, they showed nothing more than Morton scoring and then a shot of Locke walking towards the tunnel receiving a chorus of boos. Simple, but fitting, I thought. Same again, please - Brechin's penalty and the manager walking towards the tunnel about to be sacked.
  10. What are Sim's connections to the Rovers, despite the obvious stadium mortgage? Much as I'd like to see changes, I'd quite like the current separation between paying the stadium mortgage and the board itself. Not sure I'd want someone with substantial interests in both on the board. We have been there before, after all...
  11. Well if that's true, Tuesday is probably going to be pretty fucking grim. We should be trying to run as close to FT as possible, though I've certainly no objections to us doing as we did under McGlynn when we were promoted. But if a player who actually is under contract is applying for jobs outside football, it is very worrying. Staying FT will involve a massive hit and I don't think we've anyone willing to take that hit. We've probably burned our bridges with extrrnal investment also due to the fucking Skacel debacle. What an utter waste that was, and frankly embarrassing after a public begging canpaign.
  12. I'd rather we didn't bring McGlynn back. He got us back up here and consolidated, but by the end had certainly run his course and I'm not sure coming back would be the right idea - it seldom is where managers are concerned. His style of play was indeed horrendous, but I think that's likely to be the case regardless of who gets appointed.
  13. I certainly wouldn't blame him if he left. He's young, talented and shouldn't be wasting away in League One. At any rate, cuts need to be made and if an offer comes in it may be difficult for us to refuse. Couple this with the "can't stand in his way" nonsense that saw us give David Bates to Rangers for free, it would be hard to deny a player any player under contract a move if the offer is reasonable. Basically, offer us a year's salary and they'll go. I really feel for him, even though none of this is his fault. Craig Barr allegedly had a go at him about it today which, even in the heat of the moment, is out of order.
  14. They can be let go for free if another club wants them, if the club is happy for them to do so. All rumours, however. No one knows. Sounds like Tuesday is the day we start to hear things.
  15. A low five figure sum will be enough to get either Vaughan, Callachan or Matthews given our relegation, unfortunately. As for the players themselves, they'd be mad to stay if they can get a better offer.