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  1. Please flag up any problem ads and we will work with the ad guys to resolve any issues. The number of adverts being displayed hasn't changed in years, but the format the ad guys demand is a continual challenge, Users of the site can take out a Platinum Subscription using the Store link at the top of the site. For under £1 a month you can enjoy the site free of any adverts at all. We also have a mobile app, funded by the ads and subscriptions, that is completely advert free. We get around 20 or so new registrations every day. In short, stop fucking moaning
  2. Week 48 Show

    The show was all about Scotland and our failure to get to another major tournament. Steven and Ray were joined by comedian Mark Nelson for his thoughts, and a full look ahead to the weekend in SPFL. Teams Around The World and It Was Just Banter was back too!
  3. Week 47 Show

    It was all about Lee Mair, Scotland and cling film sex festishes on this week's show! It was just Banter and Teams Around The World is also back. Check it out, and share and like on iTunes!
  4. Adverts (Again)

    Yeah sorry about that, you already have an outstanding renewal on your account because you used to have a Platinum Subscription that you let expire. I've re-sent the renewal invoice for that which you should have got by now. You can re-subscribe through that or if you click Store, Orders you'll now see a payment button there to renew. Appreciate your support!
  5. Adverts (Again)

    Looks like there are some problematic ads in the pool, I will speak to the ad guys. You can of course view the site completely free of adverts by taking out a Platinum Subscription. £1 a month! Buy here; http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/store/ Otherwise, the ads keep the site free!
  6. Week 46 Show

    Sorry this is late this week. I am a forgetful twat. Another belter of a week on Soccer FM, with Jim Paterson our guest on Where Are They Now! Plus we spoke about shumpers, Teams Around The World, It was Just Banter and a full look at the sackings in the SPFL!
  7. Looking forward to doing the Ayr one
  8. Hoping to get a few more League 1 themes done tomorrow
  9. Weekend Betting

    St.Mirren have a bit of a defensive crisis this weekend at home to QoS with Harry Davis & Gary Mackenzie injured and Gregor Buchanan and Adam Eckersely suspended. Whilst our home record is amazing in recent times we do concede in pretty much every game. Even East Kilbride and Hearts Colts managed to find the net in Paisley! QoS are obviously no mugs anyway, but they do love a trip to Paisley. They scored six goals there in two convincing wins last season The St.Mirren No Clean Sheet on offer at 1.33 (BET365) on Sunday is far too good to miss IMO.
  10. Last unread Android App issue

    Understand frustration with the Android App. We have a micro-update to push out but there is also a very big upgrade to the Android App that is going through beta at the moment. Things will improve. Until then you can also of course use the mobile version of the site on your browser which is working perfectly.
  11. Hibs theme has been updated with user generated backgrounds and a unique logo! Thanks to @Mon Dieu for supplying these
  12. webmaster [at] pieandbovril.com will do mate. They better be decent!
  13. Actually one of my favourite themes!
  14. Hibs theme has been updated, was a bit too minty before