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  1. What he said [emoji106]
  2. At long last the new app version is out on iOS. This fixes a bunch of stuff most notably the video crashing bug. Get it in the App Store now!! Android update coming in next few days.
  3. I confirmed with the club this morning that Lewis is under contract until May 2018. The official site tweet on 4th August 2016 was wrong I'm afraid. A typo or a mistake they should have corrected. My understanding is we would be due around £150K compensation if the player walked on a bosman next summer. Latest Burton Albion bid said to be around £250K. The club have rejected that, they really don't want, or need to sell Lewis and they've been talking to him for a while now about extending/renewing/improving his current deal with Saints. As always, every player has his price. If Burton continue to up their bid, or another club come in, then of course he could still go.
  4. I've just signed off on the latest release of the App so expect it to appear as an update on both Apple and Google Play stores in the next few days.
  5. Close the app and re-open. The ads will all disappear. The App itself has not been updated.
  6. The Ads on the App was a temporary thing as we flipped the apps over to a new update mechanism. If you close the app down and re-open there will be no ads now.
  7. GTF day is here, all parts of the forum and the site have been updated. Promoted and relegated teams should now move to their new sections of the board. Welcome to season 2017-2018!
  8. I'm going to outsource the publishing of the App. We'll be sticking with it. Just give me a couple more weeks to get things sorted then we should have a fairly regular app update programme going on. Sorry it's been shit for ages.
  9. It's the final podcast of the season and the lads were joined by journalist Kenny Millar to look back on the SPFL season. Steven also presented Ray with a beautiful present! The boys will be back in August- have a great summer!
  10. The penultimate podcast of the season contains an interview with Ziggy Gordon, and a story about a hairy Eggs Benedict. Plus, Steven laughs at Raith Rovers, and Ray gives an update from Teams Around The World!
  11. Thank you! I'm aware there are a lot of loose ends and things not working quite as well as they should, most particularly the App. I also know the ads are being a pain in the arse. I'll get through these, eventually.
  12. A bit like the goalkeeping farce as well where they could have applied to get a further loan in such an emergency situation, then said they couldn't. Someone needs their arse kicked at Raith Rovers.
  13. Very candid stuff to be fair, can't have been easy to do that less than a day after being relegated. I thought there was going to be tears at the start! The interviewer did well IMO, asked some tough questions. Only bit I'd question was the assertion that it was not possible to terminate the loan of Lewis Vaughan at Dumbarton. Any internal loan can be terminated by the parent club at any time is my understanding. "Loans" from other associations aren't actually loans, they are temporary transfers, so they can't be recalled, but internally within an association a loan can be terminated at any time as far as I am aware.
  14. This week Steven and Ray were joined by BT Sport commentator, Derek Rae. Find out all about his career, and why there is one ground in Scotland he will miss more than any other! It was also the week Dick Campbell brought the League 2 title back to Angus- much to Ray's delight.