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  1. My head hurts through all the ifs and buts. If we win we'll be 7th come 5pm and if we lose we could be 10th. Que sera sera......
  2. If Saints win on Saturday it doesn't matter what happens at Ayr, we can't finish bottom as we'd be two points clear of both Ayr & Raith.
  3. I'll look at this all tomorrow.
  4. Will have a look at the full screen ads. That isn't what was posted above though. The static ads haven't changed. At the end of the day if you don't want ads you can contribute to the running costs by opting out for less than 90p a month, or you can use the mobile app which is free and has no adverts.
  5. Difficult to say how Saturday will go. Recent form points to a home win with Raith the worst travelling side in the division by a country mile having only won 10 points on the road from 51 to date (the next worse is 4 teams all on 17 points) That said, only Ayr have a worse home record than Saints this season. When it comes down to this it's as much about bottle and nerves as tactics and ability. I'm hoping that the amount of "must win" games we've been through will stand us in good stead but I think the first goal is really going to be the key. We blew Ayr away with some early goals but somehow I don't see Rovers crumbling like that. Saints to edge a tight, nervy, niggly bum clencher by 2-0 I reckon.
  6. This week the boys were joined by former Celtic, Ross County and Motherwell midfielder, Paul Lawson! They were also joined by their hangovers as well. Enjoy! You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here
  7. The frequency hasn't changed in months. The ad in the picture might be a shite ad but it's not intrusive. By all means complain about the ads when they are causing a problem, but just carping about there BEING ads isn't helpful, and nor is it going to change.
  8. The stats say Tannadice is the hardest ground to visit in the Championship this season so, whatever their troubles on the road, Utd remain a force to be reckoned with on their own patch. That would suggest on the face of it, as one of the Arabs has mentioned, that teams go there and sit in and eventually get punished for it, whereas when they are at home and go for it a bit more, Utd don't like it. We won't sit in on Saturday as we don't have the players to play that way. We didn't do it at Celtic Park so we aren't going to do it at Tannadice. I'd gladly take a point right now but don't see any reason why we can't go there and win.
  9. Not sure how they are getting past the registration anti-spam measures, and the software anti-spam software, and the country blocks we've put in place at the network level. Suffice to say I'm going to manually review all new registrations from today for a bit until we get to the bottom of it.
  10. Today is the last time this will happen. I have a new plan.
  11. Yeah there is an issue with embedded videos that I've been working on today. I've updated the server side of the app files but it hasn't fixed it - so I'm now requesting new binaries to submit to the App Stores, will take a couple of days for Android and probably a few days longer for iOS. I'll keep you posted.
  12. The boys are back with a bumper edition of Soccer FM! This week's guest is Andy Barrowman, striker for too many clubs to mention! Plus we chat about Paul Hartley's sacking at Dundee, and Alex Schalk being a wee cheating diddy. Enjoy and share! You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here
  13. The Chat Room extension to the forum is being withdrawn by the software providers unfortunately so we have now closed it. Not sure anyone actually used it to be fair, but I'm from Paisley and I'm polite as fuck so this is me telling you all about it. With love and kisses, Div
  14. Thanks will have a look and speak to the ad guys.