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  1. This week the lads are joined by former Dundee United, Dunfermline and Ross County player Jamie McCunnie. They looked ahead to Soccer FM live next week, Scotland versus Slovenia and Canada was previewed in a 50 Shades sorta way, and Steven and Ray couldn't remember a certain film.. You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here
  2. I'll have a look. The big intrusive ads are supposed to be capped.
  3. There are no ads on the App if you want to try that, or sign up to be a platinum member at 87p a month and you'll see no ads.
  4. We restart some services every few hours every day, just to clear things out and stop anything running rogue.
  5. Sorry I found out what this was about, my fault. Testing ads out with the ad system. Someone confirm all now gone please!?
  6. I've made a change. Can you tell me if the problem persists please? Really sorry about this!
  7. I can see it now, leave it with me. Bloody advertisers!!!
  8. I cannot recreate this behaviour on mobile, can't see any ads at all when logged in with a platinum account. Struggling to understand where these are coming from as nothing has changed and all ad units are set to not display to Platinum users.
  9. WTF? I can't see anything like this at all on mobile. If that sort of stuff is coming up then it isn't coming from our advertising pool.
  10. I've raised this with the Ad Support team, hopefully we can get to the bottom of it and get these problem campaigns removed.
  11. There are intrusive ads running but these should be capped at 2-3 times per day per IP address. If there are particular ads causing a problem please try and let us know the advert in question, and what platform you were browsing the site on when it caused a problem eg; Mobile, Tablet, Desktop etc.... The ads are a necessary part of the site, but shouldn't be causing usability issues.
  12. This week Steven and Ray look back on all the big stories in Scottish football. They also revealed more details about Soccer FM LIVE (Buy tickets here www.glasgowcomedyfestival.com/shows/1732). Plus, they found out the facts you want to know about Rangers new manager, Pedro Caixinha. All that plus much more on Scotland's funniest football podcast! You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here
  13. The URL to embed a YouTube clip needs to be in this sort of format; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEroekNww8k It doesn't matter if it's http or https but it needs to be in that format. Any other sort of shortened format will just appear as a link and not as an embedded video.
  14. The boys are back with the worst podcast they've ever produced- BUT for one man. That man was Jean-Yves Anis. He has an amazing story about how he signed for Chelsea and played with Gerry Britton. There's more form our teams around the world, and full round-up and look forward in the SPFL. You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here
  15. At this stage I'd reckon there must be a chance that Cuthbert might play. Maybe giving him to the last possible minute?