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  1. Is the App fucked?

    Are you running iOS 11.2?
  2. Is the App fucked?

    No issues with the iOS app that I am aware of. Working fine on my iPhone and iPad running iOS 11.2. There’s an Android update coming out shortly that should resolve any issues on that platform. I’ll also check to see if there are any outstanding updates for the software that connects the app to the forum and apply those tomorrow. Apologies for any inconvenience but meantime just use the mobile version of the site in your browser, works fine.
  3. Week 55 Show

    This week the boys were joined by podcaster and journalist Jonny McFarlane discussed everything that's happening in the SPFL, as well as Communist Russia, spy of the week and teams around the world. Enjoy, rate and share!
  4. Week 54 Show

    Steven and Ray were joined on the show by former Hibs and St Mirren full back, David Van Zanten. Find out about John Barnes' bionic arm plus the best player he's played against. Also, Teams Around The World returns along with Spy Of The Week and all the SPFL chat.
  5. Week 53 Show

    Steven and Ray were joined by former, Gretna, Dundee, Livi and Morton striker Colin McMenamin. Spy of the Week was back and we crowned this week's winner. There was a full chat about the weekend in the SPFL, plus all the Scottish Cup results and reaction.
  6. The Apprentice 2017

  7. All League 1 Team Themes are now live. If I've done this correctly and you have a League 1 team in as your profile team then you should already be seeing your new team theme. If I've fucked it up however you'll be seeing something completely random Same goes for any other clubs fans who are suddenly seeing a random team's theme. You can change the team themes on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, chooser is in the bottom left. Only place team themes don't apply is on the App. 32 themes now in place, mind if you don't like the default background on your team theme there are five alternatives including two plain colour blocks which you can pick using the little picture icon at the top of the page. Any errors, issues or complaints, you can fuck off log a support ticket using the link at the top of the page I'm off for a beer, that took fucking ages. ps: Cheers to @itzdrk for the design of the Ayr backgrounds. pps; League 2 to follow, at some point.
  8. Week 52 Show

    The boys welcomed the youngest manager in Europe onto the show, Lewis Fraser. Find out about his story, who won Spy of the Week, why Steve Davis is a DJ and Steven's rant on Falkirk.
  9. Account Locked Emails

    See announcement on two-factor authentication mate. Please enable that on your account.
  10. Profile photo

    There was a limit of 200K on the size of a profile photo. I've upped that to 2Mb.
  11. We are now offering two-factor authentication on logging in to the community as an option if you want to protect your account and ensure nobody else can ever acccess it. This is very simple to setup if you want to use it. Download the Google Authenticator app from the Android or iOS app stores and install on your mobile. Then login to the forum on a desktop. Click the picker next to your name and choose Account Settings Click Account Security Enter your password Click to Enable Google Authenticator Use your Google Authenticator app to scan the QR code to set this up Enter the code when prompted and Save Your account is now protected by two-factor Authentication When you want to login to the board you will be asked for your password as usual but then you'll need to also enter the code from Google.
  12. Week 51 Show

    Colin Stewart, former Livi and Morton keeper, joined Steven and Ray for a Where Are They Now this week! Spy of the week was debuted, Scotland was chatted about, and we spoke about Orcs and Nutella. Enjoy and share!
  13. Think this one has well and truly run off course. Time to close it down.