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  1. 47 pages. About dots. Glorious.
  2. Dundee Utd have scuppered the Friday night plan, game will now be on the Sat 25th March at Fir Park. Either lunchtime or early evening kick off.
  3. Venue hasn't been decided yet but looks almost certain to be on the Friday night anyway.
  4. Believe there is a good chance the final will be on a Friday night, 24th March. Firhill is a possible venue. There are no restrictions on who can host it but actually every club in the SPFL entered this year anyway.
  5. The large "takeover" ads should be capped at a couple of times a day per IP address. I've made a change that should now resolve the issue where there has been a problem closing them down. Please do keep reporting issues, but provide me with as much information as you can, really helps us track down the root cause of problems when they arise :-)
  6. Can we be a wee bit more specific when complaining about an ad please. We churn through literally millions of adverts, so what would be good to know; 1) What was the advert for that caused the problem 2) What was the issue caused 3) What sort of device were you on when the issue happened eg; Mobile, Tablet or Desktop Just telling me the adverts are a pain in the arse doesn't really help me unfortunately.
  7. Your question in the support ticket you raised was "wil people get banned for saying fuck". I didn't think that was worthy of a response to be honest.
  8. With Ray in Oz touring his comedy, he met up with former St Mirren, Motherwell and Ross County player Steven McGarry. They chat about life down under and all the ups and downs form his time in Scotland. A fascinating interview! Steven and Ray will be back with a full usual podcast next week- Enjoy! You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here
  9. We've had a technical issue the last few days that meant our word filter was not working. This has now been fixed. Needless to say if you type a particular word on the forum and find it has been starred out when your post has been made that means we don't want those terms to be used on the board. Those are the rules you agree to when using the board. If you circumvent the word filter for whatever reason, you can expect warnings/bans to follow. Play nice please.
  10. Steven is joined by guest host and Falkirk centre half David McCracken this week! And in a double whammy for the Pars fan, Lee Miller joins them for a Where Are They Now! Some great chat from the former Aberdeen, Hearts, Dundee United, M'Boro and Bristol City Striker, plus Ray Bradshaw on the line from Australia and all the chat from the SPFL! You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here
  11. People have been banned for less!
  12. Yeah it should be. I need to look at the App actually as it's due a decent upgrade on iOS in particular. Leave it with me!
  13. I've sent an email to the ad team to opt out of the auto-play sound ads, and also to ask them to look in to the forced redirects. This is a general problem in the ad industry when dealing with lots of pools apparently. Some fuckers don't play by the rules.
  14. Steven is joined by guest host Graeme Macpherson from The Herald to look at this week in Scottish football. They were joined by Ricky Gillies, former St Mirren, Aberdeen and Partick Midfielder, in a Where Are They Now- Plus all the not so big news from the Transfer Window! You can also subscribe via iTunes by clicking here