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  1. Dunno mate. I'd have thought Neilson would have been an obvious candidate, and since he's the bookies favourite plenty seem to agree. Fits the bill in terms of age and some experience of the top flight. I think we'll continue with a manager on the younger side.
  2. Interesting seeing Stewart Gilmour commenting on Neilson. Said he's spoken to some people at Hearts and they give all the credit for what Neilson achieved to Levein. Not saying that is right, but that's his take on it.
  3. No mate, I've no idea who that was. Assume it's on ice because of what's happened, either from the player or the clubs perspective. McGinn slightly different as he had already signed a PCA before all this happened.
  4. Thought he looked far from the Jags worst player in the Play Off Final, but concede that two games does not a season make. Decent age, plenty of top flight experience, not exactly one to set the heather on fire but still a decent player, no?
  5. Departure of Jack & James will be confirmed today, followed up with the confirmation of the signing of Paul McGinn. Feel a bit sorry for him tbh!
  6. It's always nicer to win with a bit of style and we were good to watch under Jack, no doubt about it. The Premiership is a different ball game though. We are coming up against many teams who will most likely have technically better players than us. If we try and play an expansive attacking game against them they will tear us a new one, as we saw glimpses of at Pittodrie in the cup. Whilst we don't want a return to the dogmatic days of Gus, equally there has to be a bit of realism that the challenges we will face will be very different from last season!
  7. Is the App fucked?

    No idea what the issue is with certain Android devices, but until then you'll just need to use the mobile version of the site through your browser I guess. Sorry, iOS working absolutely fine if that's any consolation
  8. A sensible take on things. I reckon fans only really get snooty about “style” when results are poor. Few would question the style of a side winning 1-0 every week. Winning really is all that matters and style is all relative at our level. Having said that, I don’t think Hopkin will get it but that’s just a gut feel.
  9. Anyway moving on from the Dunfermline Duo, I see there was some sort of hold up in the Sunderland announcement today. Kyle saying the announcement will definitely be tomorrow. Been unable to get any further info today from the club but the board do have a plan for this eventuality and so I expect them to move fairly swiftly to replace Jack.
  10. I sadly can't control how you interpret and twist things to suit whatever your agenda is. Maybe the other lad is your mate and you're sticking up for him, but the two of you are making rip roaring cunts of yourself here.
  11. You were the one offering advice on how I should be using Twitter. I thought I could learn from you. That’s you called me a c**t, an embarrassment and a creep. Keep them coming!
  12. Yes. Reading stuff on Twitter makes you a mentalist. Quite the one for the exaggerating aren’t you!
  13. You're the one who waded in here for no apparent reason, calling my a cunt, saying my twitter account was "embarassing" and offering expert advice on what I should be doing It took me two seconds to find your twitter account because it's listed on your profile. I didn't need to try very hard. Shame it's hidden, I'm sure I could have learned a few things.